Romance scam letter(s) from Ksenia Pronchenko to Jim (USA)
Letter 1
Hello !!! How are you?
I was waiting for today to see your letter very much!
Last night I wanted to read a letter from you, but my laptop at home broke, because my nephew spilled juice on my laptop and in the
repair service they told me that cannot make it work again! I plan to buy a new laptop when I get salary at my work.
I hope it does not influence on our communication and acquaintance. I work as a secretary in one of the state companies in our city.
Mostly I work with papers and behind computer. I have a college degree.
I graduated from the Faculty of Economics. I live in the city Nefteyugansk, Russia. You can see my city in the Internet.
Moscow is the capital of Russia. The distance to the city of Moscow is about 2800 kilometers from my town.
Have you ever been to Russia? When I decided to try to meet a man through Internet in dating agency I looked a lot of profiles of men. But I wrote to you alone. It''s hard to explain my choice, because I''m doing this for the first time.
Probably my heart told me so that I should write a letter to you exactly. I always trust my heart.
For me age difference is not important, the main thing is that a man should be kind, honest and know how to treat a woman.
I want to ask you about the sincerity and respect. I want our relationship to be based on trust.
Now we are just getting to know each other. I hope that over time the trust will be between us.
In the future, I can give you my cell phone, but now I want to know you better, because the calls will be very expensive.
I will tell you a bit about myself. I like neat and clean and for me it is important to take care of myself and always be in good shape.
I am interested in your life. Please do not forget to answer my questions.
What do you do in your spare time? Do you like to cook meals? Today I send you my photo when I was getting ready to work and I''ll be glad to see your photos in a new letter.
I must continue to work now. If you have a skipe, write it to me, I soon plan to buy a new laptop and make a skipe, I do not how to use this program, I never used it before because I never needed but have heard about it.
I hope that my letter was not boring and that you enjoyed it!
I wish you a nice and sunny day!
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