Scam letter(s) from Elena Tsaregorodtseva to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hi, how are you? Now I need to go to work. But if you leave me your email address I will contact you when I get back from work. I will be glad to chat :)
Letter 2
Hi, I am very glad that you answered my letter! I'm looking for only serious relations!!! I talked to many men online. But most of them wanted or ***** pictures!!! And some wanted too much from me! I want to meet a man who is ready and willing to create a family. For me the main thing is always the family love and understanding each other. If your intentions disinterested, and we are similar in search, write to me, I'd be happy to answer your letter with best regards Elena.
Letter 3
I have a smile from that that I see your letter it pleasantly for me it means that we are similar in our searches. John as I already spoke my name Elena. I not married also have no children. I live in the city of Barabinsk. I always considered myself cheerful and cheerful in the center of attention because I work with children. For me it is pleasant to communicate with people at me many friends and colleagues.
But so it has turned out that this active life I have not found the love in all. On it I here. John, I would like to know why you here?
What reasons at you? You are lonely? John at first sight people not always such with what seem, many know me cheerful and active all this from that that I often smile, respond on their requests I participate in many actions. I conduct a vigorous way of life. But only when I come into an apartment it is empty and cold, lays down in a cold pastel and to fall asleep only with one idea that have come tomorrow and I had new day. Before me it did not worry but in due course I became more adult and have started to reflect more increasing every day about it. I wish to find the person which will understand me in everything, and I shall have understanding to it. John, washing the soul is tired from melancholy, I hope to that that dialogue through Internet that that will change. John, I hope, that I was not sad in this letter and it to like you. Your new friend Elena
Letter 4

Thanks for your letter! How there was your day? I had difficult day and greater weariness, but not looking at it I have written for you. I wish warn you about that that I not with can write every day because I write from library it is not far from my house and but in holidays it does not work. As I sometimes leave to parents, but I shall necessarily warn you of it in advance, well? I would like to tell about the life. I was born and I have grown in the small city of Usinsk love it for its picturesque places. And for me the native land for each person this most favourite place seems. As there I went to school. Was engaged in active cultur-mass activity it it was very pleasant to have for me such employment as I went to school arts.
After leaving school before me has risen in first really important and adult choice where I shall go studies. Parents certainly helped for me in all but the final decision was for me. As I was such active my choice have fallen on institute Kirov State Institute for the Humanities. In our city there is no such institute and I had to leave the native city and to go to the city of Perm. John I am assured since that moment my adult life with its mistakes and decisions griefs and pleasures has begun. As now I remember experiences of my mother of its tear. We did not want such changes, but we understood that so it will be better for us, that so it is necessary. And here in 2005 I have started to aspire to the dream, student's years were various both heavy and poor and hungry, but more all from it to me was remembered fun and pleasure from this life in hostels, I lived in a room with four girls and to us was not when it is boring, it pleased me that for me the destiny has presented such acquaintances I appreciate them.
After study we came and had the cooking, John I think there I have learned to prepare independently. Looked as do others and repeated behind them, first time was heavy. But in after preparation of this or that dish appreciated more because I approached to cooking with interest and tried to add in each dish what that a highlight which will make better it. At night we on a duty did not fall asleep had conversations of dream on our further life. We tried to study, but it was not so easily and teachers understood it. They went to us on a meeting and arranged various concerts in which I took part. Every year all of you were more typed experience, in our trade there were acquaintances, it became gradually easier to study and live in unfamiliar city. And so in 2010 I have finished institute. It was feeling of the big pleasure that I with could pass and became completely the independent person. After study I have left home and have lead there all the summer long, at me was it is necessary I shall think that I to do further. The summer has passed quickly and I have decided to return back Kirov. I have removed a small apartment for myself. In a direction from institute I have got a job and have grown fond of it at first sight! It was greater pleasure for me. Now having turned back back I look at the beginning of the adult life with a smile. Though also it was heavy but I firmly stood on legs and aspired to the purpose. Without support I think I not with could achieve it. I am grateful to the parents for that that they supported me in all all this time and helped true advice. John you can tell about the student's years how you received formation? How you became the adult and made independently of the decision? To me it will be very interesting for learning. John I hope for you as interestingly to read my letter and to see my photo!!!! John I too would want that you have sent for me a photo that I could consider you if it was a photo of student's time it it would be healthy. I shall wait for your letter and I hope your photo!!! Your friend Elena
Letter 5
I am glad to see your letter John I enjoy it. How there was your weather? We all the day long had a sun and it was greater pleasure for me. And you love solar weather? My today has passed well. All put I has lead on work. I very much love and I appreciate the work it so pleasantly for me. I work as the teacher within 5 years. I teach a choreography and as I give lessons of game on a piano. John you are able to play on what or the tool? You would like to learn to play on a piano? I with could learn you to it, for me it would seem is very interesting. I have three groups of children in each group on no more than fifteen person. I so like to learn to their dances to discipline and music. To observe of them it so it is interesting, they I happen such changeable. And to see that when at them that that it turns out and to have pleasure together with them! It is very pleasant for me, I sometimes feel from a part I replace with it parents with some time.
Once in a half-year at us pass accounting concerts on which we we show that with could reach for last a floor of year. And often there are concerts in honour of various holidays. Parents of children with the second I am engaged express for me gratitude. John and it I think transferred sensations of pleasure which I test during such moments.
You feel that you do that that useful and necessary to a society. My day always is filled by vanity but when I come to myself home to me becomes so melancholy. You understand me in it? And I rescue myself only unique idea that there has more likely come tomorrow and I have again started to be engaged in the favourite business. But I try to not despond in this occasion and I do for people only good. I trust in that that sometime I shall meet that the man and between us the love will flash!!! I think that this feeling means in a life of each person and if it is not present that a life much is felt as that not completely not on the present. Also I think of that that each person should love!!! John, and you as think in this occasion? For you it is important? John earlier I thought of that that in a life all will come by itself and I shall be happy. But for that be in a full measure happy it is necessary to open the heart, to open it for love to have the big pleasure by a life. But not so that simply to make it not each person to be solved on it. And been solved can burn about roughness and indifference, on it I do not wish to study on the mistakes and I study on another's and I wish to open only for the unique person.
Which has understanding to me which I understand and I wish to be with it. John and you sometime tested love? Or you as wait unique? And in general that you think of it? In my life many forces and are necessary for energy for that that I could charge to it the pupils. On it I live by a principle " all that all is not done to the best ". It gives for me forces. Whether tell to me about the work more you Love it have pleasure when come to it. Or you do it from that to live? John, I could not understand what happened and how it happened that I could send one similar message since I wrote to you quite different and had a lot of questions to you!!! I had to contact the administrator of the library and he said that everything that I write, the computer saves the security purposes! John I was scared that I broke:) But as I earlier not when did not use e-mail for me is a novelty. I that be not to do so.... But not obrashaite attention to it I'm just still getting used to the fact that I met online! John if something is wrong or something you do not understand in my letters please inform me immediately about it, okay? I wait your letter, and answers to my questions it you will help me to learn better you, about what person!!!! I hope, that you as ask to me all questions which you interest. John, whether as I wish to ask you all you understand that I write to you? John, I learned at school English language and in institute, but all the same it not so is good, and I sometimes not understand all that you write. On it I wish you to warn what you did not take offence if suddenly I shall not answer your question.
Probably I simply have not understood, that it you meant. John, on such cases I wish you to ask what you have simply written this question anew!!! Ok? On it I shall finish the letter! !!! Yours Elena
Letter 6
I am glad to see your letter!!! To me it is very pleasant that you write for me such letters. I wish to learn you better more close and more. You are interesting to me, with you is about what to talk.
Therefore today I have removed all structures from a site. Also I shall communicate only with you. I would would like that you as wrote only to me! What do you suspect the account of it? John, thanks so much write to me in Russian I am very pleased. John, I am very pleased that you want to spend Christmas with me, I think that would be great.
I understand that communication in reality when we see each other and you can feel it is much better so you can find out a lot more I hope you understand me!? Yes you are right Russia is not so pay a lot at work but still includes a lot of missing work is better than no job and what not to have! Thanks for the photo I really liked Today in the morning I prepared to eat and have cut a finger after I have bandaged it I have recollected a case from my childhood when I ran on a ladder and have fallen. I very strongly was frightened to it and have begun to cry. My mum has heard and has carried away me in an apartment. On my leg there was a scratch, but for me seem it very terribly and that that I not with can go more. But my mum has calmed me and has redressed my scratch. In general in my childhood I often received grazes or bruises because was very curious child. Not seldom when I climbed on trees go down I could only by means of my father. My parents have made for me much and I appreciate their care their love about me! They have given for me good education have presented all love and caress. Mine mum and the daddy already on pension also live in small village It there was a dream of mine to live in small village in the house constructed the hands. And here 10 years prior to pension the daddy has started to build the house it there was a big project in its life, and in the end all has turned out as it wanted. It has stopped to build it two years ago. I love this house as because in it my forces have been enclosed also, but more for that that it is done all with loving care. For me my daddy is a kind of the present of the man. If it will lay down for itself the aim that it it will achieve, always makes firm decisions in disputes. It has devoted all life for me and mum. Now parents live in this village, there it is very beautiful also beside there is a pond on which goes to fish my father.
I as go with it but for me most of all it is more pleasant to float, it has a rubber boat and when you float on it feel itself as by the ship. It is pleasant for me. They are fine people which have made for me so much that I shall be grateful for all of them the life. At times they so do not suffice me and there are so melancholy on a shower, from that that we not together. But I often would go what to visit them!!! John tell to me about the family about the parents with whom you live? It is very interesting to me to learn about you. I shall wait for your letter!!!! Whether as I very much would wish to know I to you became little bit closer!!!! Elena
Letter 7
Today when I went to work I met one of my friends her name is Natalia.
With it we studied together. I was so nice to meet you. Because recently we cannot see so often as could do it earlier, I have a lot she family with two children. Since I was in hurry at work and could not talk good and agreed to find time for socializing after work. John During the day, and was excited about this meeting. We met at a cafe where frequented in his student years. It was a time of great memories. She also said to me about that soon will the reunion, I'm not much surprised because for all the time that has passed we still never met. After I asked her what it was new, she talked to me about it, I was so glad that she's happy. Natalia, asked me how my personal life. John I told her that I correspond with you, she was very surprised doubly why I till now not married and why I have communication via the Internet. I said that I wanted to have a nice chat with the man that he was pleasant and understood me completely that it was interesting that the man was with good manners. What very lacking in Russian men. the second time married, the first time she had a husband who treated her as a thing and without respect and feelings! It very much and often walked explaining it is all work. But Natalia understood all this but or what not to do and often came to me and cried from it, their life together ended when he allowed myself a lot and started to beat her! It was a bad person and at me with it only not pleasant impressions. But now she happy everything that's going on in her family life, she met a man who has great care and understanding they love each other. And this is important, they had children. And I enjoy when I see them together they are so happy. We talked a lot with Natalya. She told me that I was cautious with you, that I would not repeat it errors. At the end of conversation we have promised each other that, will be more likely to see each other and go to each other's homes. This is a very good girl we with it have passed together, in all troubles and joys, she was always with me. As well as Julia. With it we are familiar since childhood, we went to the same school and lived in neighboring houses. When I finished school we went to learn. We with it not when are not separated. Now we almost every day see, we go to each other. She's married. I think the fact that Julia, a very happy marriage. I am very happy for her! Husband's Julius name is Oleg, he often leaves to work on the North because in our the city is not so much work. And they want to have a baby In our country is very difficult to contain children. He is trying to earns for the family, for that would they were all good. Julia, understands it and with impatience each time waiting for his return. When Oleg leaves with Julia, we often gather at my house that would to sit and talk about life. When I have time, we go to walk somewhere. She's like a sister to me. I think if you knew it, you would have just said that she's a good person!!! I only have two friends, but they are loyal and I can always on them to rely!!! And you have many friends? Could you tell me about them? I hope you are not offended by Natalya for what she fears have treated you!!! And asked me to be careful. I think it's understandable, she's been through a lot. And she does not want that I repeated its mistakes. I I hope that you won't resent her for it!!! On this I finish my letter. I'll wait for your answer with impatience.
Your Elena
Letter 8
Hello John. I'm glad to see your letter! When I read your letters my heart starts to beat faster. John I've been thinking about our meeting and for the expense of Christmas and I took action! I agree and I want to spend those big, beautiful and bright holidays to you! But I don't know how and what to do as I've never flown abroad and I'm afraid of planes!!! I have a lot of questions. You meet me at the airport? You want me to spend my life because I'm tired of living alone I want a man who can love me such what I am. John I don't need money and wealth to me the most important thing for me beloved man who will always be there with me provides I can rely on and feel safe in strong man's shoulder..... I'll give you my heart and soul for your love forever. I hope do you understand me about what I'm telling you.... I'll wait for your letter your Elena.
Letter 9
Your letters delight me. And no matter what mood I came in and how my day went, after I read your messages to me it becomes easier and more enjoyable. It so lifts my mood when I go home I recollect still long that you have written to me and it pleases me. How was your day? What did you do? to me to listen to you about your friends. I am glad that you have them. John, I'm glad to hear that you want to come to me!!!
John is so cool I really want to see you in reality feel your gaze and your breath! It would be so cool to see each other! Thanks for the support at the expense of the aircraft as I never fly and you are right I'm scared! But for the sake of this I'm not afraid to fly I am a strong girl and can handle it. John, you asked me my information and I'll write whatever you need. Russia. the city of Barabinsk of the Novosibirsk region. 26. Meadow Street. My full name is Elena Tsaregorodtseva. John, you'll have to fly to Moscow is Domodedovo Airport. And from there we will be able to go on the bus with me. John so you don't need to spend money on a hotel you can stay at my place I think I will be better than at the hotel. I understand that I have to go to Moscow to meet you, but then we'll leave together in my city.
John I would like you to tell me about your friends. I hope that you will do it in the next letter. John today I went to the hairdresser I usually cut at one woman but today it was not me cut, another. After she trimmed me. I'm not much embarrassed as she trimmed me. But after I came home and looked in the mirror I thought that I began to look more cheerful. John but I think that it's not the hair, but the fact that I have fellowship with you! And you attach great importance to his appearance? you to have short hair in a permanent place? You ever in your life permanent? John I know when I was little and went to school me my mum cut. As well as it did for me in all that I looked good. In school they call me the fashionista. John and you had at school any nickname? Kids always come up with something. Even now my girlfriends have nicknamed me the baby. John and how you call your people? ll look forward to your letter! Your Elena.
Letter 10
Hi my favorite. Book this flight,I love you so I'll wait. Today I went and found out how much it will cost my documents and how long they will do. My documents will do 3 weeks and the cost of documents will be about $ 1,000. I have in stock $ 170. I'd like tomorrow to start to do documents that would be when you get to me I was ready and I wouldn't have to run with all the papers. We could just walk and relax and then fly to your home town. What do you think about this? You can send me money what would I do documents? I will some time in the library to wait for your answer,if you read it quickly . Right write me back,maybe I'm still here. Your and only your Elena.
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