Scam letter(s) from Victoria Aleksandrovna Konevskikh to Jeffrey (USA)

Letter 1
Hello all over the world. I will say briefly, about my favorite hobbies and my life.
I love music, all kinds of music. I also love to sing, but of course at home alone :-)
lead a healthy lifestyle, I do not have bad habits. Well, of course there are exceptions to the days When I drink a little alcohol.
my favorite time of year, spring and summer, when the sun is shining and the weather is pleasant. I love the warm summer rain. though of course I love the winter as well, but that it was not as long and cold as in Russia. Only Christmas and New Year, and then immediately spring :-)
I like swimming, cycling, sometimes I do yoga. I live alone. Yes, I like different movies also often I watch various movies.
I have a few good friends, we sometimes visit the cinemas here.
really I love food and I love cooking process. I love to cook, I prefer the Japanese and Italian cuisine.
although I think I'm an omnivore. a course at all have any preference in dishes :-) Well, the rest, I will tell another time :-) If you are here for games, entertainment, just pass by and do not read this post. I do not want to waste my and your time.
I would like to start by saying that I want to find a real and honest people. I did the first time using online dating sites, but of course I've heard a lot of what the Internet is full of unpleasant and not honest people. so you want to find, no selfish ends, without ****** thoughts and hints, just polite, decent, with a good sense of humor people :-)
I'm single and I do not have any relations here for a long time. it makes no sense to talk and talk about something from the past, since it is only important today and what will be in the future.
For me, there are no age restrictions, or any other external criteria or search terms. Therefore, it does not matter how old you are, what your height or weight, if you are real, good and honest man, I am confident that we will create a good and pleasant acquaintance and friendship. and perhaps love and life together in the future.
Of course, my ultimate goal - is to create a monogamous relationship, living together, similar interests, etc. I appreciate in men and in people in general faithfulness in relationships, honesty, romance and perhaps a sense of humor. You need to smile more and everything will go well and correctly.
Well I hope that I meet here with nice people. rather, I believe in it. have a nice day, everyone.
Letter 2
Good afternoon, Jeffrey.
Thank you for your letter here, it's always nice to see and interesting to read. But it would be even nicer to see a few pictures of your life there, nature, street, house, river or lake can be and any other things. And of course your photos, from your life. There will be time and opportunity, send me an email to
How was your weekend? I hope everything was wonderful and with good weather. I'm fine, the weekend was pleasant and quite warm. But today the weather is even better and it pleases. I have the last working week, then I'll be on vacation, maybe 5-7 weeks and it's nice.
How did your new week begin? What will you do this week? How is your mood? What kind of weather is there? I hope everything is very good and you are smiling now ;-)
Yes Jeffrey - it certainly sounds very dreamy and beautiful to be able to live in different parts of the world, depending on the season and mood even. But more importantly, do it together, with the right person next door.
Have a nice day, Jeffrey.
Letter 3
Good afternoon, Jeffrey.
Thanks for your great and interesting letter and special thanks for the photos. I'm glad to see you. And of course for me it does not matter how you look in life or in your photos. For me it was and remains important that a person be completely honest with me, always and in everything. Then I will also be simple, easy and open. Honestly, I'm just tired of wasting time, on constant correspondence with some empty people who lead to nothing. I do not know, I have no thoughts, why do these people use the Internet at all? If they do not have a goal, for a good and polite friendship, or for the development of love and a common life in the future. I do not understand them. Well, I certainly had time to notice and understand that you are a sociable, well-read, intelligent and stable man. So of course our dialogue is pleasant and interesting for me.
Thanks again for the photo, of course I'll send a few of my photos, as well as a few words on the video, with my voice. In the process of communication, of course I will try to make more photos in the city, if you are interested in seeing it. My city is called Nizhny Novgorod.
Yes Jeffrey, I really like events such as going to the theater, or even for some simple theatrical performance, sketch. That is, there are places where people can show their talents and it costs cheap. Because for example some great theater numbers, with visiting actors - it's not cheap at all. And I just like different music concerts, because I really love music, and when I hear it live, I get goose bumps :-)
And I like even simple trips to the cinema. Sometimes I even go by myself and I'm used to it. Frankly, very weak and banal films are being filmed now, but the very fact of going to the cinema is a sensible event for me. Otherwise what should I do in the evening? I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not go anywhere in cafes, restaurants or clubs. In the evenings, I want to do something, but there is not always a thought what to do :-)
So sometimes I just read, watch different documentary or simple films, learn something new, go in for sports, or just cook some new dishes. Food is one of the greatest joys in life, so I love cooking. . . . It's time for me to work, I have my last working week. Now I ate my lunch :-)
Have a nice day, Jeffrey.
Letter 4

Good afternoon, Jeffrey. Thanks for your new letter, it's very nice to see, read and look at your photos. . . . . About my family. I have only my mother. Father has not been for many years. So Mom has a new family and relationships. She lives in Yekaterinburg - it's about 1050 km from me. So we do not see each other so often, but we always support good communication. Sometimes, of course we go to visit each other. And I have my cousin, he lives next door, also in Nizhny Novgorod. We communicate well and are friends. He has a family and a child, I visit them. He works in the rescue service here. Something like helping with a fire, saving animals, opening the door if the lock gets stuck, etc. Honestly, I learned a lot and it's even a little embarrassing that I just work in a dusty office. Well this is Russia, so there is nothing surprising.
First of all, I have a higher economic education. Then higher education architect and interior design. Then there are more simple courses and practice, like a massage therapist, a hairdresser, a cook. Like all that is necessary and valuable at the same time, then without good friends and acquaintances, it is difficult to find a decent job. No, of course I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. I've been working in the office for more than three years already. Usual work. Basically I take out orders and control the delivery of products. Baby food and other baby products. Manager is just a name here, in principle, I'm just an office worker. I do not know Jeffrey, what will I do during my long vacation. Not so many thoughts. Yes, if you can come here, then of course I'll be infinitely glad about it. I 100% see and understand that you are a normal and adequate person, a man. Smart, handsome, sociable, adequate, stable. I have no fear or doubt, in a personal meeting. And of course 30 minutes in real life, will replace 3 months of communication on the Internet. Yes, I was in Prague, along with my mom. I was glad to get out of Russia and see Europe. 100% sure that in the future I want and will live in Europe. Because there, I can open up, become what I want, achieve goals, grow, develop and be in love, with the right person. Here, I really had attempts at this, but it did not work out. It's silly again and again to try, in one place. You need to change something and I want to change something.
Yes, I already knew that you worked hard and had a busy life to become who you are today. it is commendable. In addition, very reasonable work to help people and save their lives even. I bow my knee in front of such people. You're a good person, Jeffrey. I believe in it.
Well, I wish you a good and productive day.
Letter 5
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter, I saw it yesterday, but I did not have time to reply. These days I try to finish with all the moments on the job, so as to calmly go on vacation. So I'm concentrating on work, and of course a bit of sport in the evenings. And sometimes, I take the time to think before writing my letter. Because I always weigh my decisions and actions.
Nice to know, Jeffrey, that you leave your profile on that site. Thanks for that, I feel my need. From myself, I can also say that I am certainly very pleased with our acquaintance, I see how you are a pleasant, honest and decent person. And of course I see immediately that you are different from most people on the Internet. For me, any sites do not have any value or need. I generally, only 3-4 months use the Internet and dating here. Before, I was generally deep inside myself, the past two years. But life goes on and of course is reasonable, to be happy again. Past in the past. And every man, worthy of love and happiness. So of course I will believe that we will really succeed in creating something real and eternal. Why do I think so? Because we are from different worlds. We are from different cultures and lifestyles since childhood. Local people probably do not resemble us for life and each of us has already made sure of this. I really believe in such things that people from different countries have a better chance of a monogamous relationship. Yes Jeffrey, of course I agree, go to Europe. 100%, without hesitation and without unnecessary thoughts and words. why? Well it's reasonable to move forward. We are adults, smart, full of ideas, thoughts, romance, energy. Of course in real life, we can give more to each other and accordingly create and develop feelings and attitudes accordingly. Besides, of course, I want to change something in my life. Just do not think about me badly or somehow wrong. I do not consider you, any kind of a ticket to Europe. I'm not one of those people. My main goal, of course is love and a common life. To understand this, we will be helped by time spent together. I hope you understand my words and thoughts correctly. You're an intelligent person Jeffrey, I'm sure you understand the course of my thoughts.
Today is Thursday, I'm still at work now. . . . .
I hope you have a good and productive day there, a pleasant mood and warm weather.
Letter 6
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. Thank you, for this great and very interesting letter, as well as nice photos. I definitely like your simplicity, spontaneity. You do not want to stand out for other people, you know who you are. Your style in clothes is also light and simple and I like it. We have many similarities and I am glad to understand this. I read your letter several times before I write you my answer. For me it is important to understand you and all your thoughts. Very thoughtful and dreamy. You're really smart man and I'm really glad that we met. . . . My father died and it was many years ago, I was little. He worked in the rescue service, mostly extinguishing fires. And one day he fell out from the 5th floor and crashed. No bruises or bruises. Just all the organs inside, broke away and came to an end. Probably because I was little, I could not fully understand and realize it. I had a strange time, a foggy head, the first weeks or months. Then everything became normal. . . . Many thanks, for your understanding. I will once again emphasize that I am convinced that you are close to me in spirit and thought. We understand each other, without a million extra words. it seems so to me. And believe me that every day now, I'm becoming more confident that with you, we really can create something right and eternal. I'm not talking about love at first sight, and that it will all be easy. Well, we are interested and comfortable with each other now, so I'm sure that all this will grow in real life. And in any case, we should be closer not only to thoughts, but also physically, is together day by day. Respectively, understanding how we feel and what is happening within us. So of course our meeting is reasonable and relevant. Yes, of course I have an international passport. Is active, about 6 more years, or even slightly more. New passports, were made already immediately for 10 years. Yes, I have received a Schengen visa before, but of course now it is not. And it was a single entry. And now I can easily get a multiple Schengen visa. They go a new sample, since there is a new rule, to hand over fingerprints. Probably because of terrorism and similar things, they want to control everything and everyone. Taking into account that I was in Europe before, of course for me it is not a problem to get a Schengen visa. The main problem of people, those who have problems with law or administrative violations. The authorities do not want to see people in Europe who are possibly dangerous to society. Visa prices, 100% are uniform for everyone here. I'm not sure, but maybe 35 euros or something. I need to take information about everything, since I just do not know now, no details about it. But the visa will be made on days 8-15, probably depending on the queues. Now quite a lot of
people are traveling to Europe. Well, there is always an accelerated process for a visa, which exists for people who need a visa urgently. But this is certainly for additional fees. I'll take the information of course and let you know. Honestly, I do not know how or where it would be reasonable to meet for us. Of course Paris, for every girl - this is a big dream. The most romantic place on earth. Although I have some concerns, because of the large number of migrants there, or I'm wrong? Of course it is reasonable to visit your country as well. Because if our feelings grow and develop, then in any case, I must visit your country as a tourist, before I can stay there to live and work, applying for a long visa, working for example. But in principle my visa will be multiple, so you can go to any country in Europe, which is included in the Schengen list. And this is almost all countries.
Yes, of course I have a bank account. I think in the 21st century, all people have a bank account. My birthday, will be June 24th. And now I understand that we can be together at this time?? Will be very pleasant, probably the best birthday, for many years. I'm young, energetic and of course I want love and the right person next to me. Here, I lost the sense of looking for someone and trying again and again. I really hope that with you, everything will be different, in a new, unknown way. I believe in this and believe in you.
Letter 7
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new letter, of course, as always, I was glad to see and read it with interest. . . . No one will think and take care of us, except ourselves! So I'm sure that I want to try to be with you and develop our sympathy and feelings. I forwarded requests and received answers already. I mean about our meeting. As I thought, everything is pretty reasonable and simple. Especially for people who have already visited Europe before. Yes, I can get a multiple Schengen visa, which will give me the right to stay in any country, the Schengen agreement, from 1 to 90 days. In the period of six months. That is, within six months, I can visit many times, any of the countries, but stay there, no more than 90 days in total. A single price, for a Schengen visa today - it's 35 euros. Or 70 euros, if you want to do everything as quickly as possible. Accelerated work, certainly always paid extra fees. The consular fee itself, also single, and it was in rubles, 1900 rubles - it's about 30 dollars or euro.
Yes, I need a personal presence, for issuing a new visa, because now it's a must, remove fingerprints. It turns out that the law has been in force for two or more years. So I will have to visit Moscow, Kalashny Lane, house 6. I will issue a visa for the initial trip to Amsterdam. Although in principle there is no difference, since this is in any case, all European countries. But an obligatory condition is the purchase of two air tickets at once, there and back. Return air ticket, we can change there when we are together. Because of course I think that we will want to stay together for as long as possible. Just to get a visa, I will have to take the tickets back and forth at once. I hope you understand, my explanation about this. Air tickets cost there and back, to Amsterdam or Paris, prices are approximately the same, an average of 18-22 thousand rubles. Can be 300-350 euros, for both air tickets, there and back. Other documents are some references and papers from my work, all quickly and simply. Medical book and medical insurance. Certainly everywhere there are costs. Since I will have to go to Moscow and stay there for a few days, to visit the Embassy. I do not know how much it will be costly. Of course, all this in general is very expensive, in my opinion. But the main thing is that it is available and possible. If you have so much money now, and you decide that we can be together now, I will start to do everything and will arrive to you. Because I'm ready and my vacation started. . . .
Have a nice day, my dear Jeffrey. I hope you smile with my letter. kiss
Letter 8
Good evening, my dear Jeffrey. Thanks for your new, great and interesting letter, it's nice to see and it's always very pleasant to read, thinking about you. Today was quite a long and difficult day, as I had to finish with many things, but now I'm confident on vacation and it's wonderful. I think it's time for this, since probably I'm a little tired for a whole year. But I'm infinitely glad that you have appeared in my life, now I have new emotions, new mood, joy, motivation, feelings. It's cool, so of course I'm happy with all things now. .. . Also thanks for all your stories, quotes, thoughts. With you is incredibly easy and at the same time interesting. 100% I know that we will be very interesting and pleasant when we are together. To be honest, I'm not at all a supporter of the Internet and any gadgets. For me it is not close. I use all this, only for work. And dating on the Internet, I did only a few months ago, before, for me it was not at all interesting. But I'm glad now that everything has happened that way, now I know you and we are moving forward and I hope that this will lead us to love and relationships. Already at least, to a pleasant, honest and polite friendship. And this is a victory. . . . . Jeffrey, about money and data from the bank. Everything that I have been given, I will send to you. I was twice confirmed that this is all data, for sending money, in euro currency. I hope this will work. I have not used it before, but I often used and controlled it for work. So I do not think that something should be different.
Konevskikh Viktoriia Aleksandrovna
AO <>, 27, Kalanchevskaya, Moscow, Russia
40817978108030006106 (EUR)
swift: ALFARUMM I do not know how long this will take, but I was told that no more than 3-5 days. It's not for long I think. But please Jeffrey, tell me right away when you send money, what day, time and what amount. Since I do not receive notifications of this, so I need to know when I go to the bank and check my account. These details, for sending money in euros. There are still requisites for sending in rubles or dollars. I do not know how you would be more comfortable. Yes, now of course it will take time for me to organize everything with documents and visa, air tickets. Now of course we cannot know the exact dates, but definitely it needs to be done now, in advance. Besides, I have time and can go to Moscow also to organize everything. While you can figure out the work and find out more exact dates when I could come to you. .. .
I hope you had a good, productive and interesting day. Already later time, I think that soon you will sleep too. I think of you. And in advance I wish good night. kiss
Letter 9
Good evening, dear Jeffrey.
Thank you for your letter, as well as nice and beautiful music. Very nice to listen to this evening. I needed something like this to dilute my evening. Today was a little sluggish day for me, because I could not fall asleep last night and so I then slept for a long time. I do not like this mode of sleep. In the daytime, you need to be active, and at night to sleep. It's unusual for me, so I'm a bit sleepy all day :-))
But in general everything is fine and I'm in a good mood. . . . I'm sorry, Jeffrey. If I gave a little data for the bank - just that's all I know. But of course I can supplement with my data and the address of the bank. Bank address 27, Kalanchevskaya, Moscow, Russia. Index 107078. phone +7 495 620-91-91 I can take money from any branch of Alfa-Bank in Russia. My home address is Russia - Nizhny Novgorod. Il'inskaya st house 8. index 603001 Now I only have a working phone, well, I'll leave the number as well, if necessary. +79696274029.
I hope now there is everything necessary. And everything will work. . . . Two people, the main thing is to support each other and be close. In any things. Then everything will be right and equal.
Good evening, Jeffrey. I think of you. kiss
Letter 10
Good evening, my dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new letter. Honestly, I'm incredibly strong, I'm waiting for your letters every day. This is an absolute truth, I do not know how it was possible for me to start living again. I mean, that the last two and a half years, I was at the bottom and could not trust people again. I just existed. I was hard and bad, but I tried to be strong of course. Found herself working and studying something new, sports, sometimes meeting with friends. But only with those who have really grown up. I'm very glad that I met you now. Because you're real. Yes, I have not seen you in real life, but it's just a matter of time. I believe you and I believe in you, in your good motives, actions, into your personality. I just want to thank you. I have not known people for whom I can trust confidently and accurately. Even friends today are not always honest and decent. The world is greedy and of course you can never know what the next day is, what is the next step, a new acquaintance. We are people, we are able to think, think, do. I absolutely agree with you that it does not make sense to close from people and stop believing in them. So after a while, I also decided that I want to be happy and find the right person. Now I really hope and really believe that it will be you Jeffrey. I do not have any secrets and secrets from you. I can even tell you a very big secret that no one in the world knows at all. During my loneliness, in past years, I was already thinking about stopping trusting men and stopping to get acquainted and look for love and happiness. I had an idea, start saving money, postpone it year after year, then just go for artificial insemination. You certainly know what it is. It was my thought, really. Now I understand that I just want life, I want a family. And once again I want to emphasize the fact that I'm 100% sure that if this happens, I will be ready for the adoption of children. Without hesitation and regrets. Jeffrey, I hope you do not think badly of me. I mean, about my inner world, thoughts, desires. Maybe I'm a bit peculiar, not like many people and girls in general. But I am what I am and it is important that two close people take each other in everything. I just want to trust you and share with you all things. . . . Jeffrey, if I understand correctly, have you already sent money to my bank account? Yes, yes, of course I give you what the clerk gave me in the bank, I mean all the data. So certainly everything should work and there are no mistakes there. 2000 euros you sent to my account ?? Well of course it's a lot. I think at least twice as much as I need to organize all things. Thank you Jeffrey - this once again convinces me, in your simplicity, kindness, honesty and simple reality. So we really will be together and try to build something more. I hope, a joint life together. I will certainly save all the money on my account. Of course I will have to do many things, and also go to the big city of Moscow, to the capital, where everything is always expensive and
becomes only more expensive. Since I will have to visit the Embassy, for a visa. Well, surely, more than enough money, for all things, along with air tickets. With dates, we will be defined a little later, when you will know more. I'll let you know immediately when the money is here, I do not know how many days it will take, but I'll let you know right away.
Jeffrey, I have such a request to you that you tell me more details about yourself. I mean the place where you live. Your home address, your real and full name and all of everything that you could tell. And phone numbers. First of all, I just want to know this for myself. But also I want to write it down in my notebook. I do not really trust the Internet and various gadgets in this world. Everything that is written in my notebook is certainly inside of me and always with me. . . .
Jeffrey, I want to tell you that you were happy and smiling every day. Please, even just for me. Because everything is good and the past is in the past. I hope that you really feel better after what you can tell me and discuss with me. I will always be there. . . .
Letter 11
Good morning, to be more precise, good day, dear Jeffrey. . ..
Thank you Jeffrey, for your candid letters and all the words and thoughts. I recognize you more and more. And many thanks for the pictures, I was pleased to see. Clean, comfortable, comfortable. Yes, I will make photos for you also in the coming days. Thanks for the explanation regarding the money and in general your position on this. I do not want to talk much about it, because in any case a man should always be and remain a man, and a woman a woman. Money, 100% should not get up between two close people. Yes, women earn less, so they can afford less. Now of course it was advisable to help us meet. Then, with the development of our relations, we will talk about this a little more. I mean about some costs and costs in the future. But I just want to say that I do not need any expensive things, gifts or restaurants. For me it is more important, a simple walk, to drink coffee in a quiet place, ideally with live music. Or a trip somewhere, for example, to the theater, cinema, opera, ballet or something like that. I'm just saying this to make sure there is clarity in this as well.. . .
Yes, of course everything should be mutual. I like your answers and your words. In that we do not impose ourselves on each other, do not praise and do not brag about anything of life. We are ordinary people. But I'll just say that I like your spontaneity and wisdom.
All people are different, of course, but to point out to the man his kindness and because of this leave it? Well, I do not know, for me it's even just illogical. But to be honest, it's just ******. I will leave a man 100%, if he at least once in my life, will hit me. There is no story, no scenario in which I support such actions, on the part of the man. I know people here and I was in such a situation even when a man allows himself to beat a woman. It's very low. Forces are never equal. Therefore I despise such people. For me it's the same as raising your hand to children or disabled people, or to pets. Well, this is my opinion simply.
But the kindness of a man must be in him. But of course absolutely exactly, a woman must motivate her man for some actions, actions, words, etc. That is, it turns out that both people motivate each other for all things and then, attitudes and feelings grow and develop. So of course a woman, should always remain a woman, motivating and inspiring, her man! . . . Jeffrey, thanks for your information. And I also would like to know your home address. Maybe you forgot to tell me. Or did not want to? :-))
I hope you have a nice day there, you are waiting for a delicious dinner and a good mood. Have plans for this weekend?
Letter 12
Good afternoon, my dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new and always pleasant and interesting letter. I always gladly read your letters, reflecting on the answer and just thinking about you. This is a pleasant feeling.
I'm sorry for the late reply. I hope I did not keep you waiting long.
These days, I'm a little in a bad mood. I just really do not like bad weather, especially in late spring or early summer. . . . Of course Jeffrey, we should always be completely honest and open with each other. There is no point in lying, because we will soon meet and any lie will become true. And in general, in principle, there is always a better bitter truth than a sweet lie.
The past is already in the past. Certainly we can and should know about each other as much as possible. I have nothing to hide, so I will always tell and tell about all things. And the past makes us stronger. We cannot go back there in any way, but we will always remember what was there. that is life. We already have interest and sympathy for each other and we always go forward and gradually learn all about each other. And all intimate things also. everything has its time.
How was your weekend? What did you do? how is your mood? How is your health? What's new there? What is the weather like these days? I always think about you and I hope that everything is going very well and you are smiling now. Have a nice day, Jeffrey. kiss
Letter 13
Good afternoon, my dear Jeffrey. Thank you, for your new letter, as always, I read with great joy and interest. And also thanks, for clarification on all my questions, now I know and understand a little more. Yes, it is certainly reasonable to take housing immediately than to be constantly in hotels. In addition, really incredibly expensive. Talking about money, I just want to say that I checked my bank account, but so far no money has been received. this is normal? Or is this a problem? I mean, I've had enough time already, I think the money has come here. But they are not. I'm a little worried about this situation and would like to know and be calm. Well, I hope that there are no problems there and everything works. And immediately wanted to say about my vacation. I will be on vacation, even at least until the end of June or mid-July even. But in general, there is a chance to rest all summer. Since in the summer, there is almost no work. And it is not so important to return to work in the summer.
So you can decide when and where we will meet. And you will have enough time to finish with work and take rest as well.
Yes, talking about the weather again, here again bad weather today. It rains and I think it will go all day. So I stay home today. If the rain subsides, then maybe I'll go to the cinema in the evening. .. .
And today let it be just a lazy day :-)
I hope you have a more interesting day there, warm weather and just a good mood. I think of you ;-)
Letter 14
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey.
Thank you for your new letter. Always pleasant and interesting to read. . . . Thank you for explaining about the money and the bank. Yes, I already realized that it just takes time, for international money transfers. This was the delay I think. Money arrived last night and everything is fine now. I clarified this this afternoon to know and not to worry. I leave money on my account, since I think that I will start with all things, from next week. In part, I made documents and medical certificates, as well as a medical book. Just in advance so that I have it all. So I'll start with a visa and then book air tickets as well. We will discuss more when and where we meet. In any case, many thanks to you Jeffrey, for this opportunity for us to meet in person and have a real acquaintance and a real relationship. It is reasonable. I feel and understand that I want this, I want to meet with you. Because I like you and I think about you ;-)
Thank you very much for the story of your daily routine, I was interested in reading and of course it's just interesting to know you more and better. And I repeat, I like you.
Do you have plans for the weekend? And what are you doing tonight? I hope that you have a pleasant, kind and interesting day there and you are in a good mood too. My mood is average, given the bad weather. But in general, of course, everything is fine and I am happy and I am smiling now. Thinking of you ;-) Our first date? I need to think probably. But definitely I know that I would like to eat together and maybe drink something. And talk, no matter what, just talk and draw closer. Another thought, I would like to go together to some place, like a theater or a studio, where there are some theatrical performances, opera, ballet. Or just some kind of live music or a musical concert. I like it very much and just cultural events - good and pleasant activities. But how to end the night and night, we'll see ;-)
But of course I'm sure that it will end nicely. But for now, I wish you a pleasant evening for today. I think of you. kiss
Letter 15
Good afternoon, my dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new letter, as always, great and interesting. I read it already before, but I had to finish with my things here before writing an answer. Well, it's always nice to think about your letter and your thoughts. . . .
In this letter, most of all, I wanted to highlight and thank you, for these dreamy events. I will keep it all in my notebook and I'm 100% sure that I want all these events, with a visit to the Van Gogh Museum, then a boat trip, etc.
You gave me food for my thoughts. that's cool. I like to think, especially at bedtime, like all people in principle. But often come bad thoughts and thoughts about something. Now, I will think about it and present it all. Yes, in the middle or by the end of the week, I will already go to Moscow for a visa. First, I need to settle with some papers here and sign up for the Embassy. Then, we will determine where I'm taking the flight. But I 100% want us to be together, until my birthday, on June 24th. And we will certainly.
I hope you have a nice, warm and just a good day there. I think of you. kiss
Letter 16
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new letter and I always admire, your reading and knowledge. It probably very attracts me. The fact that you are so interesting and you always have something to talk about, or rather listen to you, makes me very happy. It's wonderful, when two people can chat about any things and draw something from each other, I mean mentally. To know something new, for me is infinitely pleasant and useful. Different quotes, facts, history. . . . Dear, I'm going for a visa already. I will be doing a visa to Holland, is that right? But of course, no problem, I can go to Paris. Or I first come to you, and then we go to Paris together. And certainly in any of the places where we will, we will find the time and opportunity, to attend cultural events. Closer to our meeting, we will choose one or more of them. . . .
Now I'm going to eat my lunch, I'm hungry. The weather is average, not hot, but it gets warmer these days. The mood is wonderful and I smile now. Time goes by and I know that soon we will be together. It gives me a feeling of joy and excitement, so every day, pleasant and interesting. With thoughts of you of course ;-)
And what are you doing today? how is your mood? What kind of weather is there? I hope all is well and you are in a good mood too. kiss
Letter 17
Good afternoon, my dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new letter. It's always very interesting to read. And today it's even more pleasant, since I see your new photo. Many thanks for that. You look very nice, easy and smiling. I like it. I hope and inside of you, everything is calm and comfortable. All in good time, Jeffrey. Do not have to worry much about the past. We will try to solve all this.
Yes, I will make some new photos and send you. Of course sometimes, it's not just pleasant, I just need to see a new photo of each other. Yes, I understood everything about the visa and I certainly remember and I know that I need a multiple visa, since we are going to neighboring countries as well. Yes, I will do it all, I think, next week. Do you have a vacation date? Whenever you could meet me? Which airport is best? I sure want to arrive this month, not later than June 23-24, if you do not mind? Since my birthday is at 24 and it would be nice to have dinner together already ;-) . . . Have a nice day, dear Jeffrey. I'm always there, always remember this. I think about you and I want every day of your life to be easy and pleasant. Soon we will be together and I really expect this. have a nice day. kiss
Letter 18
Good evening, my dear Jeffrey. Thanks for your letter - it's really always very pleasant and joyful for me. I apologize for the late reply, unfortunately not so much time these days. Although of course, I will always find the time to write you a few words and just know how things are there ;-)
Because you are always in my thoughts. Just today I was on the road, since I had to get to Moscow and visit the Embassy tomorrow. So I'm a little tired and I want to rest and sleep. But in general everything is wonderful, I feel good, because in any case we are closer to our meeting.
There is no problem dear, if we do not meet on my birthday even. In any case, we will meet! And of course the main thing now is to make my visa. Since it will take time in any case, so we will have time to know more about the dates. Air tickets I can take any day and at any time. Multiple Schengen visa, will be active after arriving in any of the Schengen countries. She will be active for six months. So we have time, for all things. So you can focus on work and your internal everyday affairs. I am infinitely grateful to you Jeffrey, that we in general can meet and get to know each other closer, be together, and try everything together. This is already a victory. If it's a little later than I thought, then this is also normal. Because during the summer, I have enough free time. But of course do not delay with this, because inside of me, I already really want to meet ;-) . ..
I hope that your day was pleasant and interesting and you will have a good and long sleep. I'll eat something and sleep. good night. kiss
Letter 19

Good afternoon, my dear Jeffrey. And thank you for your new letter, always interesting and wise words, suggestions and generally your thoughts. It's always nice to read and think about you. Yes, in principle - it is also a good proposal to meet for a few days at first, and then meet again, for a longer period. I will think about it also, while there is still time. And in any case, first I have to make a visa. And of course I'm sure that on my account, at least a little money will remain to be able to pay for air tickets twice. We will see how to make it more convenient and better.
At last I rested and slept, so I'm full of new strength, energy and mood. The weather is average, warm, but without the sun today. Well this is normal. I am focused to do all things quickly and correctly. Today I visit the Embassy for a visa. And I think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will return home. Because in Moscow, everything is always expensive and I do not like it here at all. A big city, too many people, cars, buildings.
How did you sleep? And what will you do today? I hope that you have a pleasant and productive day. kiss
Letter 20
Good evening, My Dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your new, great and interesting letter. And for these wise words and quotations.. . . .
Many thanks too dear, for all these words and thoughts. I develop with you and I like it. Right now, there are more important things, so I'm talking about this now. With the documents all right and the visa is already in the process. In principle, it will take from 3 to 8 working days, depending on the order. I can ask a special travel agent to then send me a passport with a visa, or take it all away on my own. But the problem is different. The first and most important thing is that for a multiple Schengen visa, a certificate from my work sent to them was not enough. I mean, about solvency. I'm single and never married. I get a multiple visa for the first time and authorities ask me to provide checks and statements from my bank account to make sure that I can live in Europe, travel there, eat, sleep, etc. The visa is multiple, therefore I must provide data for all 90 days that I can be on the territory of the Schengen zone (in any country). And this is quite an incredible amount of money for me. Since the living wage of one day, an average of 60 euros. If multiplied by 90 days - this is too much money. So I do not know what to do now. I was worried even. Well, I wrote to lawyers, they even say that this is really a legitimate and reasonable rule for tourists. I certainly first of all visited my bank and spoke with the clerk to take a quick loan. So that they transferred the credit to my account immediately, I took an extract from the bank, provided it to the Embassy for a visa and could immediately return the loan back. But this is impossible, since banks now do not give out loans to people who are going to travel in the near future. So this attempt failed. Of course I'll try to contact my mom and some friends. But I do not know what will happen. And I cannot delay it either, because if I take the cancellation of my visa, or after a time it will simply be canceled (my application), I cannot apply for a new visa application, one year. Incredible conditions and laws. The laws have become much tougher, because of terrorism. But I went to the security service and this is good, so I have no violations of the law, neither criminal nor administrative. So a visa is allowed for me. But what to do with money, I do not know. I need to get out, take coffee and think about solutions. Honestly, the mood is bad today, I feel sad and at the same time exciting. Although of course I understand and I know that any problems have solutions. And second, the fact that I need to immediately book air tickets. Since I also need to attach them to the visa. . . .
I hope that you feel better. As time will be, write to me. I need your thoughts. Otherwise I feel a little weak and defenseless. have a nice evening. kiss
Letter 21
Good evening, my dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter. . ..
Dear, of course you are right that a person grows as a person, when he develops, reads and acts. Many people consider themselves smart, being lying on the couch and leading an empty and meaningless lifestyle. Certainly such people, in principle it will be difficult to achieve something and become someone. They think that they are already strong and free personalities. For example, a man, is generally appreciated in when he can act. A man who just talks a lot, but does not, just tries to create a good look, but inside there, it's empty. Well this again is just my opinion. I just wanted to say that I really agree with this that apart from self-development inside, people must act and always go forward. Thank you for the advice and opinion on the visa. I will try to solve this problem. For today, I contacted some friends, but so far I have not received a positive result. Yes, I need to borrow money from someone, put it in my account, take all the extracts and then return it back. I could not get in touch with my mother, maybe she was somewhere outside the city, without access to any connection. I'll try again tomorrow. While there are strengths and thoughts, I will try and fight to solve this situation. It would be ******, just retreat, when there is sympathy and interest between us. No Jeffrey, I already learned from lawyers (from several different ones) that there is no other option for me (an unmarried girl) to just go to any of the countries of Europe. It does not matter whether the Schengen zone is or not. I was even told that if I go to Bulgaria or for example Israel, and Finland as well, then the authorities of any of the countries can demand such an extract from the bank. Just for reliability and tranquility. These are the rules. If I had known before, it would certainly be simpler. But neither you nor I knew about it. There are always some "pitfalls" in different life situations.
Please Jeffrey, rest more, sleep, eat light food and be outdoors. I have some fears and generally the opinion in general that your pains are aggravated, because of your nerves. In particular, about situations from the past. Believe me, everything will be fine. have a nice evening. My days are gray and sad.
Letter 22
Good evening, my dear Jeffrey. It's been a long time, but I have not received any letters from you and I do not know what happened there. Maybe something with your back, or a pain in your head? I do not know. But I really hope that everything is fine and you are healthy. it is most important.
It's warm and sunny, but sad and lonely these days. The mood is not at all. So I do not want to write much, so as not to spoil your mood either. I hope that you spend time pleasantly and pleasantly and in good health. I'm still looking for a solution, but so far there is no good news. Have a nice evening, Jeffrey. I always think about you. kiss
Letter 23
Good evening, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter, although of course I understand that your state and mood are far from the best these days. . . . In any case, protect yourself and take more rest and less nerves and worries. I have nothing to brag about or give you good news. it's a pity.
The weather is also different, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy. I saw two rainbows at once, maybe this is a good sign? I hope so. Another 2-3 days, I will be in Moscow. If I cannot fix anything with a visa, and find a solution, then I will have to cancel everything and go home. Since I could not find additional money for my bank account. There is no other way, I already found out about all the options here. And I also spoke with lawyers personally about this situation! And they told me also that I needed an extract from the bank in any case. . . .
For now, concentrate on your health please. There is nothing more important! I wish I could be there right now, be close to you, cook food and take more care. I hope you rest now or even sleep. kiss
Letter 24
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. I wanted to write you a new letter already, but at that moment I saw your letter here. Thanks for always nice letters and kind words . . . but the mood is still not the best. . . . Because now, I need your opinion and decision about the situation with the visa. I once again, clarified about the sponsorship letter, or even the hotel reservation, apartments, any apartments. No, it will not work. I go for the first time to your country, we are with you, we are not relatives or husband and wife, or even former husband and wife. So the invitation will not work. More precisely, you can certainly do it, but the authorities want to know about my consistency, that I can take care of myself personally. If this has been said many times already, then I do not think that I can do anything differently. So I was looking for money. Now, in my account, about 1400 euros. Plus last night, my cousin phoned me and said that he himself would not be able to help me, but his colleague in Moscow would lend me about 1600 more. But I have to return them as quickly as possible, since this is money for work as well. In general a disadvantage, it turns out about 2300-2400 euros.
More I do not have options where I could lend so much money. So I need your advice, answer, solution. If you have this money, and you can give it to me now, then everything will be decided with the visa. And next week, I will be able to transfer back, all the remaining money in my account. I mean, back to you. With the exception of money for air tickets. If you cannot give me this money, then I will cancel my documents and visa and go home tomorrow night. Because every new day in Moscow - it's just incredible prices and just a waste of money. So give me an answer please, preferably as soon as possible.
And please be careful and take care of your health. Kiss
Letter 25
Good afternoon, my dear Jeffrey. How is your health today? how do you feel? how did you sleep? I hope that everything gets a little better and you can smile and go for a walk. Yes, yes, of course I can send you my civil passport, no problem. I am posting now, with this letter.
Again all morning it was raining, and now it's sunny. Strange weather. I still need to do a few things. I hope that you have a nice and warm day there. We speak later. kiss
Letter 26
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter. Sorry to hear that your back is still in such bad shape. I hope that everything will gradually improve. Thank you for your clarification of the whole situation. Of course I will not argue or persuade you about something, since it's just not reasonable. You are an adult and an adequate person and you know what to do in your life. So I do not encourage you to do something that you doubt. Probably lawyers there, it is better to know about the laws and regulations here. But I will say one thing, that besides the certificate (in Russia it is called 2NDFL), which confirms the stability of my work and my salary, is not enough to get a multiple Schengen visa. So they had the right and did it (they demanded an extract from the bank). Well, I did everything I could, borrowing as much money as I could. But probably everything was in vain. Well, it's a shame of course, but I will certainly cope with this. It's a pity that we could not be together and it all ended so quickly. I really believed in us, Jeffrey. I found you a real man, someone with whom I really can try a full and monogamous relationship. It's a pity that the world is so arranged that the Internet has long become a resource for distrust of each other. Everything is collapsing, because of simple things, and is also created on simple things. In any case, thank you for everything. I'll take the ticket and go home tomorrow!
Have a nice day, Jeffrey. Take care of your back and health in general. kiss
Letter 27
Good evening, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your answer. How is your back now? I hope a little better. Otherwise there will be more and more excitement for you. We have not met and probably you as well as me, hurt and sad. But certainly this is not the end and maybe we will meet later. Well, I will write down the details of your bank account in my notebook and of course I will return back all the remaining money. it is reasonable. Only when I get home. Since I do not have an online bank, so I cannot do this via the Internet. I'll let you know of course, when the money is on the way.
I take a walk around Moscow, many different thoughts. I take coffee also. The weather is moderate, but not hot at all. I hope you have a pleasant evening there and I wish you good night in advance.
Letter 28
Good evening, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letters and kind words and congratulations. My birthday today, June 24. But I'm not idle, since I was busy with different things here. I stayed in Moscow, since I found a solution for the visa I hope. So for me today, just an ordinary day. Although of course a lot of friends, friends and relatives, congratulated me and said different wishes. And also said that they are waiting for me at home :-)) But I hope next week to solve everything with a visa and then our meeting will take place. Just a little later, in July for example. I will see and will certainly tell you how it all goes. . . .
In general today for me just an ordinary day. Although I bought myself some pink wine to drink and relax a little. Alone, of course, but it's at least something that looks like a holiday.
How's your back? I hope that everything will improve for you and your health. And there's a nice Saturday night. Kiss
Letter 29
Good morning, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter and this nice story. Of course it was pleasant and fun to read about it. Sometimes, in life there are really cute or funny things that make the heart - sincerely rejoice and smile. . . . I just do not want to, even think about it, that you are sad, having pain there every day. I want to see you smiling and happy, because you're a good man! With the visa everything should be easy now, since I just found where to borrow money for a while, to settle with all these documents, extracts and certificates. I think that the visa will be on Thursday or Friday, then I will return home.
The weather is surprisingly good, although I saw the news and promised rain today. But it's still sunny and I'll take a walk.
I hope you have a pleasant and successful new week and fewer and fewer pains and problems with your back. kiss
Letter 30
My dear, I forgot to ask, but I often reread your letters again. And I noticed it again. What do you mean, about the present? birthday present? I do not quite understand, but I surely did not get anything.
Letter 31
Jeffrey, I borrowed the money from a company that gives short-term loans. You did not give me any money. Probably you just do not want to trust me or you cannot trust me completely. Having doubts in me. It's just my opinion. So I was looking for options to solve everything myself. My apartment number 17. but what exactly is the question? which present? which letter? Please do not speak in riddles, otherwise I just do not understand what it's about.
Letter 32
Good afternoon, dear Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter. Do not take offense at me, at my words, thoughts, phrases. I'm a girl, do not forget about it. I'm more emotional, quick-tempered and I can say something insulting can be. But be sure that this is not from evil. I also used to be direct and open. And this was not a conviction - it was a statement of fact. Now I understand this even more. Why? Everything is simple. I explained the situation to you, and you knew that I needed your help! And I did not ask you for 5000, I needed it, already half as much and you know it. When I told you about this openly and directly, you asked for my passport. Having received it, you simply refused to do anything and help me. But you talked to some people who laughed at me and this ****** law. Do you remember this? And you simply refused to help me, accordingly not believing in all this situation. All is transparent! I do not take offense and accuse you of any things. You have your own life and you have the right to do everything that you think is necessary. Of course I'm grateful to you, for the opportunity to meet and get closer. And we will do it. It makes no sense to talk about what happened. I decided this situation myself. The main result! My phone is 100% turned on and running. And my Email works as well. Otherwise how would I send you a letter? :-) It does not matter now. I mean the delivery of the presentation. More importantly, that you wanted to congratulate me personally and it's nice. The joy is that there is sincerity in this act. So I'm very pleased. Thank you.
I hope your back is getting better and better. Take care of yourself. and a good day.
Letter 33
Did you receive my present or not? The order history shows it as delivered, but I don't know how this is possible if you were not home but in Moscow? Do you have a different phone than the number you gave me? +79696274029
Letter 34

I'm in Moscow and I'm staying here for the next few days. I did not receive any gifts or any presents, from any people. This is 100% information. Some of my friends and colleagues told me that they would give me gifts for my birthday, but when I return to Nizhny Novgorod. It would not be wise to send them to Moscow :-) Yes - this is my phone number. There is one more, maybe this will work with them! +79696274168
How are you today, dear Jeffrey? How is the back? mood? That in general new there? I think of you. I hope that everything goes well.
Letter 35
I have not heard from you for a month, nor have I received any acknowledgment that my birthday present to you arrived. It seems both the address and phone number you gave me was wrong . . . why is that?
Letter 36
Good afternoon. I was surprised today when I saw your letter in my mailbox. Why did not you write to me sooner?? You just vanished, disappeared, disappeared. And I was racking my brains to understand your motives and decisions. Why did you stop writing to me then?? I wrote you a few more letters, but I did not get any answers from you. I made the documents and I had to book air tickets. But I do not understand why you were silent and did not answer me. My opinion was that you just changed your mind to meet with me and decided to quietly leave. No, your gift did not come to me. And I have no idea what the reason was. But surely not that this is not my address. Since I gave you, my home address and my work phone. Worker, I mean that it works properly. I received a letter from some people who told me that it was flower delivery. This is your present? I answered them and left a phone number, but no one called me back.
In any case, thanks for taking the time to write to me. How is your health now? What's new there? I hope all is well in general.
Letter 37
Jeffrey, you are infinitely upset by the past! Do not need to think about all the people badly now. I am who I am. I know this for myself and therefore I will not even discuss or take offense at your words or facts. The facts created in your world are for you only. Again from the thoughts of the past. Okey, if you do not want to trust me, it's certainly your personal right. I have nothing to hide, I was and remain, an honest girl for you and any other people! This is my nature as a whole. Concerning money! Money was spent on documents and airline tickets before, on accommodation and daily expenses. They are very few. I do not know when I will accumulate more money. I return to day-to-day work and employment. When I have the opportunity, I will save and send back everything I can. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to take loans or borrow from someone to get your money back. Since this money, we used for a common purpose.
Letter 38
Okay okay, let it be your way. I'll let you know right away when I have the opportunity with the money. At the moment, I do not have the opportunity to tell you the exact date. Therefore, we will wait. Good luck to you Jeffrey, take care of yourself and your health. And I hope you will meet the girl, the one you want.
Letter 39
Good afternoon, Jeffrey. Thank you for your letter. And of course I remember about you and about all things! And this is not a fast process for me. I mean, about the work and earnings of such money. So you need a lot more time! I work every day and am always looking for work. But the work here has never been much and the work is always difficult to find, despite my skills and practice. Maybe I'll go somewhere to try to work more. I think about everything and meditate every day.
I hope that you are doing well overall, especially with your health.
Letter 40
Okey Jeffrey, I will try to send money in parts. Since I already said that I do not have that much money now and I need to work a lot. I did not spend your money on any of my personal needs. We wanted to meet and I did all this for this. It's not my fault that it turned out as nobody knew and did not expect. I mean, we could not meet, because of the laws and regulations. I understand that you probably do not have the interest to hear all this and this is not your problem. I just explain to you, as it was and is now. I do not quite understand the situation with interest. Do you want to take some extra money from me? I take time and work. Everything has its time.
Letter 41
Good evening, Jeffrey. Thank you for the letter and for your understanding. Then first of all, I'll take the data on expenses and send you in the coming days.
Letter 42
good afternoon. no documents, I'm not going to post. but about money, I remember everything. everything has its time. I do not forget anything and work every day.
Letter 43
I'm at work in another city. and when I get home, I'll send part money.
Letter 44
Shift method of work. For the first time, I'm going home, not earlier than 22-25 October.
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