Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Vagizova to Petr (Czech Republic)

Letter 1
Hello. It is Sofia twenty eight. I add u & would like to know better u. I for the 1st time try to meet friend in this method & I do not know about what to tell right now. I want to find a good man for relations, someone older than me. Relations is not a joke for me, I never play games. I hope that you are also serious. We can be away from each other, but I hope its not a problem? Do not write me if you not single or message was reached to you by mistake. If you like me too, I would be happy to have your answer. Sofiyusha!
Letter 2
Hi! I have received your letter and I am very happy to read it. I would like meet new friends. I think one of my friends can be my partner in the future. Thank you very much for your response. Now I see that you I am interested in communicating with me.
Now I want to tell you a little about me and my life. I was born in the Czech Republic in the beautiful town of Kaplice. Do you know where Czech Republic in the world? But now I live and work in the US for 3 months. I am 28 yars old. I was born on February 18, 1989. I'm tired of being alone. You know that feeling? I want to create a ton of good family with right person. I have a mother 54 years old who still live in the Czech Republic! She live in the same town. I miss about her so much and so I call her very often to Czech Republic. I came to New York to get a good education and earn a little money. I work as a nurse in Tolstoy Foundation nursing homes.
I'm pretty young and full of energy and desire to release all my plans. But most of all I dream to find true love. I want to have my whole future with that man in love and harmony. I love animals, children, sports, music and dancing. the main qualities that I love in a man is dignity, honesty, kindness and responsibility. I am romantic and sincere girl. I hate lies and playing with the feelings of a person. I say that because I know how it hurts when a very important person lie to you. I want to meet a man who will respect me and my feelings. Who will take care of me. I want to have and long-term relationships
I'm afraid of spiders, cockroaches and mosquitoes. I do not drink! I do not smoke or use drugs. I hope that this information will be of interest to you.
I'll be happy to continue our conversation.
I hope that you will tell more about yourself in the next letter. Where do you work, where do you live?
I look forward to your letters and photos.
Letter 3
Hello my new friend! I am very happy to get your letter today and I'm happy because you told me some details about you and your life too. Of course I was waiting for your answer with impatience. this is a new feelings and emotions for me. I waited your letter with impatience. it's so nice to open my email and read your answer. I'm glad to continue our correspondence and to move forward with our meeting.
I want to tell you that for me, age is not an obstacle. I hope you understand this and we will get good correspondence.
I want to continue to talk a little more about me so you can know me better. I live here in New York, in the apartment of my friend Svetlana. She was born in the Czech Republic too. Svetlana lived in New York for about 10 years and she has US citizenship. She has been married for 2 years, but 6 months ago she divorced. Svetlana has a little son Sean from this marriage. We know each other about 14 years, so Svetlana helped me a lot when I came to New York. Svetlana's my best friend. Do you have good friends? I am very romantic woman. And my big dream to find my man. The man who will love me and respect me, who will have a good heart. I dream about children but I don`t have. I am very sincere girl. That's why I believe in sincere love between a man and a woman. I think you should know about it. I fell that you are sincere and kind person. I'm right? Consequently I want to see your email. As any woman I try to find love. And I like to look Love on the Internet. Correspondence and waits for a response from the good Man - this is a very interesting and romantic. This type of communication helps to know a person better before meet face to face. What do you think about it?
If you have any questions - just ask me.
What I can tell you, more now - I am very good at cooking. I like to cook the most in my life. I can cook anything, I think;) I love flowers and gardening. I love fishing and camping. I love reading books, dancing. I can not tell you that I am a big fan of music and I have some special preference ... I like music that sounds good. But I do not like RAP. I just do not understand that style. But if you like rap I do not mind because it is not so important. I like music Mariconner (not sure in writing). if I am not mistaken he wrote the music for a many movies. :) I like watching films. My favorite "Phantom". Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore protagonists in it. Did you watch this movie?
I have several questions for you if you do not mind. Can you describe to me the woman your dreams? Can you tell me a little more information about your education? Your job? I will send you my picture. I hope you will like it. I hope to see your photos too.
I'm waiting for your answer!
Sofia. P.S. I send you photo with my friend Svetlana. I hope you enjoy to see us.
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