Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Suraeva to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love
How are you today? I am very happy to read your e-mails.
My heart is racing "Happy Valentines Day
.................................I wish i could kiss you right.
I think, that you are the special person for me.
You are very handsome man and I constantly dream of you.
I have told all about our relations to my friends. They are glad to see,
how I become happier, than was before. I do not know, what else I can tell to you.
I am full of words of love to you and nothing else.
Every day I hope, that all this is real, that you are not only my imagination.
My friends say hello to you. I have some gift for you from them.
I was in travel agency, I wanted to learn, how I can arrive to you.
I hope, we can meet and I have given your e-mail address to my tourist agent.
He promised me to send you the information on my trip.
But there is one thing If we want to celebrate my birthday with you in your place,
you should tell to me, you will help me? They will sell cheap tickets if we shall meet.
Tickets will cost much more for us if I shall depart later.
They say, that it will be much more difficult that apply for a visa which is valid during 1 month. I do not know why they have told to me that.
You think of it, I cannot get it, because I earn only 200 $ here.
But you should not worry because of money.
I shall give you your money later when we shall meet because I shall work in some hospital and I can earn a few money for you.
I regret to tell you these things, but I very much want to be with you. I do not know what else to you to tell, you know all about me. Certanly, if I could ask,
my friends to lend me some money, but they have no such money.
Please, you understand me correctly.
I can speak with you all the day long and all the night long,
but I would better to speak with you face to face.
So we can better learn each other. Do not you think so?
If you want, I can arrive to you for a week and we shall see how things will go. Or I can stay with you for ever. All is in your hands.
I give you many kisses from me and I give you my heart.
You live in my dreams, I want to be with you soon.
I want to touch you and to kiss you. Bye. From your Maria Kuchkyldina.
PS. I shall wait your answer
Letter 2

15 February, 2006 Dear Sir!
Due to the request of Maria Kuchkyldina we send you the information about the tour from Norilsk, Russia to the USA Foreign passport - 100 USD
Tourist visa for a month , one entry - 120 USD We can offer the next flight on 26 February.
If this time is ok for You and Miss Kuchkyldina, you should make payment balance sooner. Since our travel agency has discounts, the total price for the trip 960USD is valid for 5 days only.
Roundtrip ticket with the registration of all the documents for Maria's flight costs 960USD.
We can't provide you with the information about the exact time Maria arrives to you until we get full payment for the trip. Total: 960 USD We arrange all necessary documents and tickets in 5-9 days after receiving the full payment for the trip. PAYMENT INFO: You can transfer the funds for the trip of Miss Kuchkyldina via MONEY GRAMM or WESTERN UNION systems. It is the fastest and the safest way to transfer the funds.
Our travel agency is officially registerred as a private businessman Iliya Mishniukow Jurievich, Norilsk, Russian Federation.
As soon as you transfer the funds on the name of our director,
will you please e-mail us your full name and MTCN (money transfer control number) and we shall get the funds the same or the other day after transfer.
Payment memo: Payment for Invoice ? 51-103-1007 Order Now You can also transfer the funds for the trip of Miss Kuchkyldina to our bank account and we shall receive the funds in 9-13 working days. To be paid by Bank Wire:
Beneficiary`s bank
"Raiffeisenbank Austria" ZAO Moscow 17/1 Troitskaya, Moscow
Intermediary bank: Wachovia Bank,N.A., New York USA
acc. 2000193460018
SWIFT: PNBPUS3N NYC Account number : 67301950103000151477 To get any other information you may contact us by e-mail. It is cheaper for you and comfortable for us, we will reply after receiveing your letter or by phone. Respectfully yours,
"Defender Travel" ----------------------------------- "Defender Travel"
Russia, Norilsk, Popova 34
tel: +7 908-928-7669
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