Scam letter(s) from Olga Chulkova to Kevin (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello. How are you? My name is Olga. I'm 30. I found you at the dating site.
I even wrote a message for you there but you didn't answer. So I dediced to write directly on your e-mail.
I liked you and would like to know more about you. I hope you want the same and we can chat a little.
Sending you some of my pics. Hope you like it.
Waiting for your e-mail
Best regards
Letter 2
Hello. How are you? This is Olga again. I sent you a message recently. Did you receive it?
I really liked you and I would like to know you better.
I hope you think the same way and we can get acquainted.
Hope to hear from you soon
Letter 3
Good day. I wrote you yesterday. And wait for your reply.
But I do not see your letter. I hope all is well and you have mine
Letter and my picture. I will be glad to see your answer.
Letter 4

I am glad to receive your letter. I waited for him impatiently.
I thought you write to me or write. And when have seen that letter is happy. Even my mood has improved.
I am 30 years old, my birthday on April 5.
I live in Samara region. It's near Samara. In the small village Proleika.
What is your name? How can I call you? Can tell me your real name.
I work nurse in the therapeutic section. Doing dressings, give tablets. Care for the sick. But mostly all go to a big city hospital.
I went to work after college. I send from home to boarding school education in the College of Medicine. Then select a room and now I live here and work.
My parents I would never see. And do not know. At boarding school did not say anything. I tried to learn, but nothing was able to learn. Neither of the brothers or the sisters, about any relatives. I have many friends and acquaintances.
I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet, because we do not stay in the village of normal men. All alcoholics or already married. Others went away. I'm tired of living alone. And I heard on TV that can communicate over the Internet. And then live together happily ever after. And I decided to try it.
I probably have a lot to write and you are tired to write. What interests you? Ask. Will send a photo? I studied English in school and college. I hope you understand me.
Waiting for your answer
how do you like my photo? Like it?
Letter 5
Today I do not see your letter. I went to the internet cafe and You thought to write to me. But you do not. From where? You do not have
5 minutes to write to me? I hope this is not true. And Tomorrow will see your answer. I will be very happy.
Letter 6
Kevin I have to go now. I will write tomorrow and I will answer all your questions. I would like you about it too to warn. Do not take offense, and do not lose. Tomorrow after the Work I come in and answer you. A nurse was sick And needed to replace them. I hope you understand me...
Letter 7
Kevin, nurse who was yesterday in the service, sick, and I Had to replace.
I hope you wait for my answer tomorrow, and I write. I am sorry that it happened. How do you like My photos Kevin I want to learn more than you. Can you tell me about themselves?
I do not know much about you. But really want to know. Because They have me very much. And my interest in you every day more and more. You can send more photos?
Kevin How are you? Not working and in your spare time? What are yours Hobbies Where are you going to rest? With who? As? Do you like dancing? One Watch movies?
I love movies, mostly comedies. Sometimes I go to a dance. Usually dance. I guess so. I go to the park with Friends once went to sea.
I want it.
Kevin how was your day? I'm waiting for your answer tomorrow.
Letter 8
I am glad to receive your letter. It brings me good humor and I go home to know that you remember and about Do not forget me.
I'm glad to see your picture, I like it.
Kevin I would also like to get to know about your friends. They have A lot of you? Often meet? To celebrate holidays together? Are you going In the guests? How long have you been familiar with them? They help you At all, what? Do you play in a game that works together? What do you do You there together What connects you? They all help each other?
Do you have a true friend? Or many? And always ready, To help you?
Kevin I ask this because I am a lot of friends but real friends only two. They are always around me to support and help. You live in a neighboring city. But we meet at the same time Month of all time.
Second, Elena, lives in my house. It is the Teacher. She is married.
They have two children. I go to them She comes to me. Today it is the way to come should. I want to tell you to meet you. Kevin Necessarily tell you what she said.
How do you like my photos? Make this picture of my girlfriend.
Kevin I hope that do not torment you with questions.
Kevin I will go home and cook the cake. they Would like to try it? I think yes, maybe you can get it to attempt. I expect your answer. Do you have a picture? I'm waiting.
Letter 9
I am glad to receive your letter. Every day you become closer and closer to me. I want more and more to learn. The more I know about you, the more I want to know you.
Kevin i just want to know about your taste. What do you like to cook?
Or you do not like to cook? What dishes you like to eat? I love to cook and can cook a lot. Do you know what Russian dishes. Ravioli?
Borscht? Salads are different? I've heard about this?
Kevin can you tell me more to say about their tastes. Today I am at work doing nothing. I sat and thought about you. I wanted to know how you do. Ask how you slept. Ask when you get my letter and when the
Kevin i hope that tomorrow I will get your letter. How do you like my photos?
Kevin i hope your morning was fine and your day was good. I hope that tonight you have to find time for me.
I hope you reply soon.
I await your answer.
Your Olga
Letter 10
Your letter again like a piece of sweet cake. Bring joy and happiness that is now read it. I am glad that you did not forget me. Because I think about you constantly.
I like you, I'm glad to see your picture.
Kevin i am very glad to know that you love to eat. I think for me no problem to do it. I can cook any dish. Because I love to cook various dishes. I have a book of his recipes even.
Kevin i like any woman interested. How much do you love sports? What types? Do you watch football? Hockey? Have a favorite player? You watch the Olympics? Nobody understood me, but I know sports passion.
I'm in school to play football, aerobics and weightlifting. Then stop.
But I like to watch it. If we lived together. You do not mind watching sports? You love gymnastics? I was never, at any large event. But I
have a lot to watch on TV.
Kevin with whom you hang out every day. You can not just be one all the time. Who do you talk to every night? Who is listening? Who do you communicate? My neighbor, a floor room. Her name is Olga. If I'm not with her friends and she always comes home. Cape it often says a lot. She lived about 70 years and knows many interesting stories.
Yesterday she saw me your letters. I print them and watch them at home. And asked what it was. When I told him she was surprised. He says that if in its time it was possible, it would necessarily be met
by someone.
Kevin she asked me to send you their greetings. I read what you say about yourself. She says that she must always ask one question. How do you imagine a perfect first date. I also want to know. If not, you can
not say.
I send you a photo. If I had the same clothes as in the photo, on a first date with you. Did you like that?
I hope so. Kevin i hope that my letter as you lift the mood, and you feel fine. I'm already looking forward to your response.
Kevin i am sending you a kiss. Get it?
Waiting for an answer. Olga
Letter 11
Kevin i am glad to receive your letter. I was waiting for him. In the morning I go to work, and would not work. I wait for evening when I can get your letter. And here I am. I'm glad to meet you. I was curious to live, as we began to communicate with you.
My Favourite Season is winter. Yes, my picture was taken at home.
Kevin i am glad to know more about you. We have no secrets and mysteries of each other so we can easily communicate and understand
one another.
Kevin a neighbor's birthday. It does not mark it. Simply invited to tea. He says he does not want to celebrate. I send her greetings to
you. Okay?
Can you tell me about your past relationships? What you do not like them? What like? Why do not you together? How long have you lived happily? If you do not want to talk about it. Do not say. I would just like to know. To understand what you look for in a relationship.
Kevin i will tell you about myself. I meet with the guys. But for some reason we never did not work. One went to serve in army and stayed there. In college, I met with the other. He married a rich girl. Then came to me. But I do not skip it. I do not want that. I wish that would have been together. That there was no deception. I want to walk in the park, the evening together for dinner. Many of us drink much alcohol. Kill all of the house. Someone was going. Because of this, I have a lot of years. And now I meet you. And I like that we can communicate with you. We know each other. And you are to me very much.
Kevin and you like to communicate with me? I'll like it? I am sending you a photo today.
I hope that tomorrow will get your answer.
I was waiting for him impatiently. I like the way we communicate. More and more, to learn each other. And every day you're more to me like you.
I'm waiting ...
Letter 12
Kevin i am very tired today. But when I went to Internet cafes and see
your letter that fatigue is gone. And I felt good.
I like winter because I like to ski.
Kevin i am glad to know more about your relationship. In real life happens different. But can you and I will be all right? What do you
Yesterday I watched my photos. And I decided to send you this. Like it? I congratulated you on its neighbor. She thanked, and said she was pleased to receive congratulations from you.
Kevin and I am interested to know. How is your day? What are you doing? For example, I woke up, wash up, eat breakfast, got dressed and go to work. Then I work all day, go to the internet cafe and then home to supper, watch TV and then sleep. And always think about you. I do not know how much time you have, when I sleep. Do you understand the
difference in time?
Kevin and how do you imagine our life together with you? How are we going to spend days together. If you meet? How will it be? What will happen on this day? What we do? What we do in the weekend? Where will we go? Or are not going anywhere? What do we do? How to meet every
morning? How do you imagine it?
Kevin i'd like to know. For example, I think so. We'll wake up together in the embrace of one another, to enjoy the love and affection. Then I make a light tomorrow. We go together in the bath.
We wash each other. I then put on your shirt and make a tasty dish. We eat together. And go for a walk in the park. Or be together at home and watch an interesting film. And the evening we will also be filled with love and affection. What do you think? Like it? What would you
have said here? What are your wishes?
I await your answer Kevin.
I hope that you will respond soon.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 13
I am glad to receive your letter. I was waiting for him. I wanted to get it today. I do not know how to begin. But when I got your letter, I had more confidence. I am glad that you reply to me today.
How do you like my photos? This I did when I was with my girl friend.
She took these pictures.
Kevin i am glad to know how do you imagine our days together with you.
I really like your idea. I think about it a must become a reality.
Kevin i communicate more with you. The more I feel that I am attracted to you. Such a strange feeling. I do not even know how to describe it.
When I wake up I think about where you are. When eating, I think that you eat. What is your mood. What we could do together. When I work, I think you're doing now. And looking forward to when I can get your letter. I do not know what happened to me. I do not know how it happened. I can not understand everything myself. I like this feeling.
What do you think. It is the love? Or what?
Kevin do you feel me? What are your feelings when you read my letters?
You look at my photos? If you want, what I would have had to have with you? What do you think? Do you think we would be happy together?
Kevin i worry about. Probably make many mistakes. But I hope you understand me and be able to answer tomorrow and tell all. I'm going to wait for a response. I hope that you respond right away. And
everything will be fine.
I think about you Kevin!!!
I'm waiting for you Kevin!!!
What's wrong with me?
Can you tell me?
Your dreams Olga
Letter 14
Kevin i will be waiting for an answer to my questions. It is important to me. I want to know how and what you think. You feel. It gives me strength and I understand that between us can be understanding. And we
can be happy together.
Kevin i would like to know how your relatives, friends and relatives think of me and if we meet. They will not mind. No one will be nothing bad to say about me? What they say about me now? How do you think they
would say if you see us together?
Kevin all my friends are already dreaming about what would rather see us together. A neighbor said he did not need to wait. Must already meet. But I'm still a little worry and fear. I tell them what you're good, smart, sincere, and understanding that I would would love to be
with you. I like you very much. I thought that these men do not.
I hope that tomorrow you will tell about what they say are your relatives, friends and relatives. How do you like my photos? Like it?
Do you want to be with me on it?
I'm waiting for an answer.
Kevin i'm bored. I would like more communication with you.
Letter 15
Kevin i am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you write. I am again in the morning to wait for your answer. I woke up as I had a good mood. I realized that you must answer, and I expect to receive your letter and write? Would you like my new picture? I'm sending it to you.
Thanks for the picture. I love. It's so cute with the baby.
I think it's very good that you spend time with your friends. I think that through letters, you can fall in love. Letters show the inner world of man. It's really an incredible story that you tell me. I also believe that if people are created for each other, no matter where they are. And their roads must overlap! What is Facebook Messenger or Google Chat?
Kevin i think about whether we can communicate quickly. More than once a day, and more often? Whatever I write, and you answer? On the phone? In our village no link no catches. But the Internet can do this? I do not see anything in it. And in the Internet the first time.
I know as soon as your receive the letter, print it out. Can you tell?
Tell me how to do this? I think it would be better. Or when I write you a letter do you sleep? I guess we have a big time difference. Or
Kevin can you learn about it and tell me. I'll try to do it. What do you think? It will be good? I think so. Should try to do it.
Kevin i'm so glad to meet you. All my friends send you greetings. I said that to pass. I want to send you a kiss. One. But the gentle and affectionate. I would like to feel your well. I hope that when you open the letter, then you get my kiss. And it gives you a good mood.
I'll wait for your answer. I'm waiting, can not wait. Do not forget to
learn about what I ask. Okay?
Kevin i expect and hope that it will soon have your answer. And what is writing? Immediately or several hours? Write how to get my letter.
And I'll wait. It may come at once? Try?
I'll wait for 20 minutes.
I hope this will turn out.
I look forward to
Letter 16
Kevin i am glad to receive your letter. I miss you. Yesterday I was waiting for your answer, but not received. And went home.
Kevin i ask that you speak with an administrator internet cafe. He said that it does not work. I asked why. He told me what that technical limitations. I do not understand this. May have still some
way then?
I like my job. I like to help people. I do not like just one thing, that you have to work very hard sometimes and on night shifts. What do I like to do in my spare time? I like to watch romantic films, read books. Walking with my friends in the park. I do not have a hobby. I just do not have time for this. I do not have stuggles. I like your whole picture. You're a handsome man. Why do you have stuggles?
Kevin when you watch TV, you see the way people communicate, get acquainted. About how they can travel long distances in a few days. It all seems so surprising. Our phone will only work soon. They say that should put a phone tower. And then everyone will have contact. It would be nice if it was today. What else can you do on-line? You know a
lot about him?
Kevin i would be very pleased. If we could, for example, to feel your hand. To feel your kiss. Already so much to communicate. So like, what would all this could be felt. Every day, I became more and more to attract you. I understand that I can get to know you better already if
only meeting. And I constantly think about it.
Kevin and you often think of me? I would like to kiss? You go with me
to the park? And go to dinner.
Can you tell us more about his feelings? How do you imagine our meeting? First? Do you think this will be a wonderful evening. I would be very worried. But I think it would be nice and wonderful day and
night. I have a dream about it. Nothing I can think of.
Again, I'll wait for your answer. I hope today to receive your letter.
I'll wait.
Kevin i'm bored, I'm looking forward to an answer. I send you my photo. Like it?
Your dreamy Olga
Letter 17
Kevin i am pleased to receive your letter. I am waiting for your answer. I wanted to talk with you. But it seems that there is no way to do it. They tell me that internet cafes such services are not
I do not have a family, I'm an orphan. I have neither brothers nor sisters.
Kevin i am so glad to learn about how you imagine our first meeting with you. I liked very much I wish that it would become a reality. I already know how this could happen for real.
How do you like my picture now? Girl friend to do it in that year.
Kevin i want to tell you how I present our first meeting. I leave the aircraft. I do not know what's there. I will never fly. BUT in the movie, I see that all are met when the plane arrives. And I also go.
And how come just to see you. And we go to meet one another and do not look anywhere. And we meet, kiss and with cheerful shouts go where you say. We go together. I give myself up. You're also preparing dinner together, I cook and you help me. We talk. Turn on some good music.
And then you take me in his arms in bed, where we were waiting for a long, passionate affectionate and most beautiful hot first night of love. I'm sure it will be the most beautiful, and we often avoid it.
Do you agree with me?
Kevin i hope you like my idea. I even blush a little. From what you write. I have never and no one does not already say. I'm so happy to meet you. Sometimes I think that you are born that would be me.
So you do not want and leaves. But what to do? You will answer soon? I wait for your answer.
I want to tell you some words. But I hope that you will not, laughing at me. I'm not sure entirely. But I think I love you Kevin!. But I'm not sure. I'm sure when I come to you, kiss and say it. And I will look into your beautiful eyes. And I want to hear only three words in
response. You know what?
I already miss you and await your answer.
Kevin i hope you do not make me wait long.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 18
Kevin i am glad to receive your letter. I was thinking like you or not. I'm so excited.
I never saw my parents, I do not know if they are alive or not. I was just left at the boarding school. And I was there until I was 18 years old.
Kevin i have seen this wonderful night sleep. We go to meet one another, and when to meet, then we have got wings and we flew up. We find a good cloud and looked down with her. I sit you on my knees,
because she was very small, and you hug me. We even kissing.
Kevin we looked all over the world. We rejoice, rejoice, all the talk.
And so it was all fine. I think this is the fact that if we meet, we bring a good time together.
So I decided !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I decided that I meet with you. I come to you. Are you ready to meet me? I'll go and tell all you know, when I arrive. I hope that you can meet me at the airport? Everything will be fine.
I'll be in your arms. We will be together.
We'll be happy.
Kevin can change it, this meeting is my and your life. And everything will be fine. What do you think?
You do not mind that I come? Can you meet me?
I think I've come very soon.
Kevin i am sending you my kisses, and she soon fly on the wings of
happiness !!!!!
Meet me !!!!!!!!!!
Your adoring and dreaming of your kiss and caress Olga
Letter 19

Kevin sorry that it happened. I even forgot to tell you about what I learned. I was so upset. I cry all night. I thought it was easy and without problems now travel. It turns out not so simple.
Kevin i was in a travel agency in the department of registration of passports. I know everything. It turns out the fare about 1250 dollars. I could not even imagine that so much. It all depends on the airport, where to go. And the departure date. All documents to do about two or three weeks.
Kevin i would be happy to wait and two or three weeks. And do have it.
But I do not know where to get money to pay for the trip. You're in another country. And you generally can not do anything. I am here. And I do not have that opportunity. So how do we meet. And while I was in the Internet cafe I was so upset. I was so happy when the dream of meeting, I was so happy. I think of your arms, kissing. passion, as we spend the days together. How would you cooking delicious meals. Now what? Now I'm alone again. And you can, you will not communicate with me, because I come to you I can not. And it took me so long to think that nothing would. Even at work did not go. I was afraid to come to the internet cafe and do not receive your letter. And I'm glad that you write.
Kevin i hope you do not hurt me. Maybe you'll be able to come himself?
You can find out about how much time is needed and what is needed for this?
Kevin i want to meet you. I know that you are beautiful and the best man in this world. It would be nice if we could meet. For example, in Moscow? I would go there. Can you?
Kevin i hope that you will answer tomorrow. And say good news.
I hook wait for your answer.
I love you Kevin!!
I realized this when I realized that I could not come to you.
Your loving and Olga
Letter 20
Kevin I do not want to either cry or live alone. I Realized that if I sit and wait, then nothing will happen. Today I collected all the documents and pay for them Registration. Must pay another 431 dollars.
But I think, Tomorrow I will find the money.
Kevin I have decided to do everything myself. I do not want Yet expect hopes of a miracle. I come to you, how promised. And everything will be fine. I do not have a clear plan, But I'm sure everything will turn out. And we meet. I wanna see you. I dream about you I need nothing, only YOU. Like honeybee, I need you.
Kevin I want to know everything tomorrow. I will think about it, How to find the money. The main thing is that I started doing everything to do. And I think I will succeed. I will advise you With a neighbor, friend and colleague. What you think and do. And we will be together.
Of the word. I'm with you. I want for Joy jumping. My heart was beating with renewed force. Soon I will Be closer to you.
Kevin I am glad that you have an idea? How is it you? you are Still able to meet me? I hope so. Kevin I will to attempt. I still do. How was your day? Where and what do you eat? Today I cook a delicious salad. I think you liked it. This is from crab sticks.
I love you, Kevin. I dream of you Kevin. And look forward to Your visit. And I'll do it.
Your loving Olga
Letter 21
Kevin I really miss you. I miss that could not be right away come. But I gathered all the documents in his room, and Give everything to check. I got it on sale and I was Said that I had to buy about 1000 dollars. But the money is Not enough and had to wait. I think what to do. I need papers Subscribe for sale. And go to the bank that would be glad about Credit to know. Just try to get help from friends too ask.
Kevin I am a woman and I am very tired. But for reasons of encounter, I am ready for everything. I like to see you. Kevin What do you do, today? What should I do? How to wake up? What to eat? What do you think now? I collected all necessary documents for processing A required passport and a visa. Still need some Inquiries and everything will be fine. I was told that one of You must be able to listen. The fact that you invite me to visit. I hope that if it must be, can you write?
Kevin I will send you my kiss. What would they warm you and you Feel better. Now go home and see what else is necessary, That I could be with you. Kevin I miss you and wait Your answer.
I love you Kevin !!!
Promise me that you have read my letter, then I have Dreamed I'll wait.
Loving and gentle Olga
Letter 22
Kevin I am glad to receive your letter. I can not sleep. I need to improve my English conversation, I and try, To do anything that would be with you. Soon I will have an answer Over the space and can get started to do anything. I hope, Make sure that everyone is. And I can feel, finally, What your kiss, love, and tenderness affection. And you Kevin Content with it?
Kevin my angel, I'm so glad that soon we will be together. To be together we want to go. Can be lucky Never destroy anyone. Because we will be most happy. I do Everything that will make you happy. I'm sending you a photo. Were What you see, how I look, and get to know I can Me when I arrive at the airport. And I was in the Location to come to you in your sleep? Get What we have?
Kevin I will do everything. All fail. Yesterday, talking to A neighbor. She says that those who fight for happiness, To reach it.
The main thing is, that was going to be together. and then do it. I am sure that you and me, if necessary, will help, too support. What must be giving you some of paper. Together we can be! "I love you Kevin!!!!!
I miss Kevin. I'll send you a lot of my kiss. Look to the sky. Night.
Stars do you see the? With every star, chic I give you a kiss.
I hope that my kisses will make your day better, and your sweet dream.
I miss Kevin !!!!
Waiting for your answer.
Letter 23
Kevin I am pleased to tell you the good news. I have 1000 dollars for his room. I was told that I can be here until next month. I am so glad that I have a greater portion of the Required quantity. All received, and we will be together. I am convinced of it because I saw wonderful dream. Were you saying how? Already evening and can tell you. I am Walked along the road, I saw your silhouette. Kevin I ran And stumbled and then see your hand is to catch me. And We hugged each other. I felt so good. I felt your concern and Tenderness. And you kiss me. I probably even in mine Dreams licked her lips. I so liked your kiss to get to to attempt!!!
Kevin I am so boring without you. I was told that one Letter from you not needed. I will arrive without them. Just have to To gather information from the employer. And everything will be fine. I Be able to make themselves, and we will be together. they Are in the stars? Do you have my kiss? Now how? Want To try this? I'm sure you want.
Kevin I have a contract and pay the first part. The rest. Part of the pay they must be known after the date and the Airport where you fly.
Can you tell me? At which Airport will you be able to meet me? I would Said that you have a better city and the name of the airport need. Or code. I do not know what that is. Tell me what I am And I will tell them. OK?
Kevin I am so happy that I could start. If everything is good It turns out, it means that everything will be all right. I What it is. Because we are made for each other. Because we Together will be fine, and we can make each other happy. What do you think? I can make you happy? I know, That you can. Because I am happy that you are fulfilling. I think, That everything will be all right.
Kevin I miss you and want to see you.
I love you Kevin!!!!
That's why you soon wanted to cuddle !! Very very!
Your lovely and gentle Olga
Letter 24
Kevin I am glad to receive your letter. I'm very bored without it. I believe that today you write. I saw a beautiful dream about us with you on the island. I would like what would it become a reality. And I'm sure it will happen.
Kevin Thanks for letting me the name of the airport, tomorrow I'll go to a travel agency and tell them this information. I hope the tickets to you is not expensive, and I can find the money to pay for them.
Kevin I just asked if I have friends who can meet me. I said I have.
And I was told that I would write down a phone number. You can tell your phone number? I was told that the airport is no problem to call And I could do it even from Moscow. And I do it as soon as the chance.
You can tell your exact address. Whatever I could tell where and to
what address to go?
Kevin I hope you meet me at the airport and nothing bad happened. And it is not necessary. But it's better that I would have this information. What do you think?
Kevin I learned about the progress of documents. Said that everything will report later. What I would come in two - three days. I so want more already feel your hugs and kisses. And I'm sure it will happen
very soon. And we'll be together and happy forever.
I love you Kevin!!!!!
Kevin Soon we'll be together !!!!!!
I really want to be with you.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 25
Kevin I'm so happy that everything turns out. I really miss and think of you constantly. I'll go and learn about what is going on and may soon be known to date in our meeting with you. And I'm really happy and I believe it will happen very soon.
Kevin I All evening to prepare for the interview. Study questions.
Repeat answers. I'll be well prepared. That everything was fine. That there would be no problems, and I was able to get a visa and to be
with you.
Kevin When I close my eyes I see beautiful dreams. I feel good.
Sometimes I do not want to wake up. I want to sleep and see beyond dreams. Because I'm with you. And it's all unnecessary.
Kevin Do you prepare for my arrival? I'm so excited. I think too much about it. And every day our meeting is getting closer and closer. Soon all our dreams will come true. Can you imagine? All of what I think, imagine. Kevin I think it would be a great time.
Kevin My friend and neighbor, prepare for your gifts. I'll take them with you. They are not expensive. But it's nice to get such things.
I'm sure you'll like. They send you greetings.
Kevin I send you its tenderness and affection. And believe it give you strength and you feel better. I really want to be with you. Only with you forever. And I believe and I'm doing, what would it happened.
I miss you and await your response tomorrow.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 26
Kevin today I broke down and go to the agency to find out what and how to travel to you. And they told me that is still being processed, which will soon be answered, and knew all the time. I so want to know more, when will I be able to try your kisses, passion and tenderness.
We celebrate the New Year on December 31. Christmas is in Russia on January 7. When I find out the date of flight, I'll let you know.
Kevin I am even a bit thinner. But I hope that you will not be disappointed. Really? I really want to be with you. I dream about what we with you were together. I hope that you will not be upset when I arrive. I think I can surprise you and make happy. We will be happy
Kevin You have a camera? I think we should do a lot of photos of us together. What would then watch them and remember. I do not have a camera. I hope you have it. Or we can buy it, when will be together. I think we're going to look good on a photo together.
Kevin My friends and a neighbor asked to teach them how to use email that they could communicate with me. But I do not know what is your keyboard? I can write on it in Russian? They are poorly know English.
And therefore will not understand. We can do it?
Kevin I'm bored. When I go to bed imagine that you're with me. I hug the pillow and fall asleep. I hope that it will soon change.
I love you Kevin!!!!!!
Kiss a sweet tenderness. Feel?
I await your response.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 27
Kevin I am today to create email friend and neighbor. I'm so tired. I did not think it is so difficult. But now everything seems to remember either. And I can easily get away with you a letter and a photo. Want to write to them? They said they will check the email after I leave.
And what would I tell them.
I like to drink fruit tea.
Kevin I believe that everything will be fine. We'll be together and happy. Nobody will ever be able to separate us. Our happiness will never end. We will do it. I can not tolerate and I go and everything to learn from them. I hope they will tell me more about what is happening and when will I receive the documents and when I fly to you.
Kevin I have a lot to think about what things to take. I never fly an airplane. I'm scared. But I'm willing to do anything that we would be happy with you forever. I've even overcome this fear. I'm afraid that I'll be in the air. I never fly. And you? What should I do? Can you tell? What should I do? What to do? Where to take a
parachute, if that?
Kevin I have a lot to think about it. And when you realize that at the end of the path I'll be with you. In your arms I forget about everything. Because I'll be with you.
I love you Kevin!!!!
And it's fortunate for me that is so good, intelligent, beautiful, and the best man on earth waiting for me. And I'll soon be with him.
Kevin I dream of your kisses. Can you send a couple in the next letter? I'll wait.
I love and look forward with genuine affection for your answer and kisses.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 28
Kevin I'm so glad to receive your letter. I'm up all night to prepare for the interview. English better? You do not notice on my letters? I write more clearly? Or not? I learn more colloquial English, and therefore probably change little. But to say I got better. I think that when we're together, then you can understand me without any problems. I really wish that we could understand one another. It is most important. What do you think?
My village is called Proleika, it is 100 to the north of Samara.
Kevin Soon we will have photos, which we will be together. And this is the best days for us. I think so.
Kevin I was at the agency. They say that I would come tomorrow or the next day. They let me know your flight details, which I will come to you. I'm so happy. Never fly the aircraft. The most important thing for me when I get that you were there. And wait for me. Most do not
want anything. Just to be with you. And in your arms forever.
Kevin I am counting the days before our meeting. I was not happy for many years since. A recent months for me months of happiness. Because I met you. And I will do everything in my power. And we'll be together. I dreamed to touch your lips, feel your hands, lips, passion, tenderness, affection, hugs. I want to be only yours!
I love you Kevin!!!!!
Kevin I am waiting for your answer. I hope that your answer can not keep waiting. Already write me an answer? I'm waiting ...
Your letters give me strength and energy that we had to you could be together.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 29
Kevin I am pleased to inform you pleasant news. I am approved for a visa, and I can come to you. Only need to get it in Moscow and have an interview to which I am so prepared. They gave me a flight on which I
will come to you. November 30th
12:00 Moscow 13:50 Los Angeles
Sheremetyevo SVO Los Angeles LAX
SU 106

transplant in Los Angeles - 4 h 5 min November 30th
Air Canada
17:55 Los Angeles 20:43 Vancouver
Los Angeles LAX Vancouver YVR
AC 557 Kevin I am so happy that soon I'll be with you. There are very few, and we will be together. From these thoughts I want to fly. To flap wings of love and to be in your arms. I love you Kevin !!!
Kevin I will only find $ 700. Tomorrow I'll go look for the money.
How to find the right pay and will come to you. I think it will succeed. My friends and acquaintances had promised to help. I think I
can collect all of tomorrow and pay. And we're together !!!!!!!!
Kevin I sell everything and how many do not regret it. Because I'll be with you. And for what to feel your tenderness and affection I am ready to give it all.
I love you Kevin !!!!!
I miss you and await your response. I hope that you will be able to meet me. I am sure that your days are good. Soon to be even better.
Because we will be together.
LOVE YOU !!!!!!
Kevin you are my man and I want to see you!
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 30
Kevin I'm sorry for the short letter. Nobody can help. Collected only 250 dollars. I will look for more. You need to go to her friend in another city that would have to ask her for help. Then everyone will tell you. Do not worry. We'll be together.
I love you Kevin!!!!!
Kevin I believe that all turn out. The main catch to pay for a few days. I do everything to be with you. You're the best. Our dreams will come true.
I just yours, loving and gentle Olga
Letter 31
Kevin I do not know what to do. I have been at all. We all ask for help. No one else can help. Left to pay 542 dollars.
Kevin I do not know what to do. Maybe you can help? I give everything and do not know what to do yet. Even I have nothing to sell. And do not feel like that would be our dream is collapsing. Am I wrong to sell the apartment, borrow money from all who know. Is it all in vain.
If you can help it succeed. And we'll be together. And what we dream of these days will become a reality. I feel so bad. As if the earth went from under my feet and I can not do anything. Kevin I ask you not
to be offended. Please understand me. And help. And we'll be together.
Kevin You'll be able to do this?
I hope you can help. And all we can do it. I have not slept for 36 hours. I want to sleep. I hope that when wake up, go on the Internet in a cafe and get your answer.
And you can help. And after a few days, we will kiss in the arms of one another, make love, walk together. I've been waiting for this. And it really will collapse.
The only hope for you. Our happiness is in your hands. I did what I could. What else do I do not know.
Kevin I am waiting for your answer tomorrow.
I love you Kevin!!!!
I can not live if we are not together.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 32
Kevin I am glad that you agree to help. I will learn all about what and how you can make and I will tell you. I do not know what to do. I want to cry and cry from what you and I can not be together. But now everything has changed. I'll do anything for what would be our happiness never ends. I'll be with you. From this idea, both from happiness, to feel dizzy. I want to be with you forever. Only with you. And no I do not need.
My full name Chulkova Olga. Here are my documents.
Kevin my love, I have a contract with the tour firm. And I have a debt of 542 dollars. This is the US dollar. Because it is an international currency. And I have to pay it myself. I will have 2 tickets, there and back. Because I have a tourist visa.
Kevin I do not know how to describe my feelings. But I'm happy. I've been in my dreams it represented. And there is not much and it's going to happen. I'll be in your arms, I can see you, be in your arms, I can cuddle up to you. I could kiss you. I can feel your kisses. We enjoy, and make love. What do you feel? Just imagine that all this will become a reality very soon.
Kevin I want to say thank you. Thank you for that not to die in our dreams. For that help make this a reality. I'll find out. Everything and I will tell you. And soon we will be able to talk, hug, kiss, stroll along. Imagine how it will be cool! "I'm so happy. This does not describe in words.
I love you Kevin!!!!!
Kevin Will soon be together. I was not in vain to sell the room. I can not do everything wrong. I'll be with you. With BEST MAN IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!! Enough for me to be with you together. And I'll be the happiest woman. And I'll do anything, what would you be happy as well.
I love you Kevin!
I love you Kevin!
We'll be together soon.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 33
Kevin I am glad that you can help us. Yesterday I learned how and what can be done. I was told that having such a company. Called Money Gram. You hear about it? I need to go to the next town, to find out more. And tomorrow morning I go there. Tell me the address and I will try everything to learn in detail.
I will have a return flight with an open date. My flight is on November 30, and I hope that tomorrow you can help.
Kevin I have been told that this is a good way and that I could get your help in an hour, after you send it. You do not hear about this? I still know all tell you.
Kevin I'm so glad it worked out. And I'll be with you. And dreams will come true. And we all do and be happy forever. I woke up today with a very good idea. The fact that I'm with you. I sleep. And had a dream.
You carry me on hands in the house, the bedroom. And I so wanted not to wake up. But the alarm clock rang. I know that we will soon be
together. And it will be so. Really?
I love you Kevin!!!!
Everything will be fine.
Kevin I send you my kisses. And go home to sleep. Tomorrow I will find out and tell you about what I learned. And soon I will fly to you on the plane. I'm already looking forward to our meeting. I so want this.
I do not have words that would describe it. Soon it will happen. And
you see about what I say.
I love you Kevin!!!!!
Kevin I only belong to you. Because you're the most beautiful in this world.
Your loving and gentle Olga
Letter 34

Kevin my love, I'm happy that you did not give our dream die. I love you so much, I even tears of joy. Kevin today I was at Money Gram, and learned everything. Money Gram is located in Samara, Str. Dachnay 27 A, postal code 443096. And you have to find a Money Gram in your city and send your help on my full name: first name: Olga
last name: Chulkova and indicate the receiving country Russia.
Kevin that to get your help, I need to know your full name, country, city. And the money transfer control number of 8 digits. And then I can get your help without problems.
Kevin, I believe that all turn out, and soon I'll be in your arms forever! We will be most happy life together. And all of our dreams will come true.
I do not understand your question.
I think about you every day, I want to fall asleep in your bed, I want you to hug me and kiss when we go to sleep. I want to give you my kisses. I want to feel your warmth, your smell. I need you, you're my air! And if you are not next with me, I just gasp!
Kevin my heart belongs only to you, every beat of my heart for you!
You're all I have in my life! I kiss you a million times! I embrace you, my angel!!!
Kisss!! kiiSsss!!!
Your loving and gentle Olga
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