Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Torchik to Paul (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Paul!
Thanks for your letters and photo
You handsome man
Thanks for your virtual flowers :-)
I hope that you have serious intentions. I think, it isn't simple in our time to find the person who wants to create the strong relations. I don't know how in your country, but in our country most of people, avoid the responsibility connected about marriage and a family.
When I have my free time, I love sport, to read books, watch TV. I love the nature, the warm sea and to sunbathe on a beach. I am cheerful and optimistic. On television I like to watch melodramas, movies historical also
I hope for development of our relations. I look for trust, honesty, respect and loyalty that can be a basis of the strong relations and strong marriage.
I wait for your letters
Letter 2
Hello Paul!
Thanks for your letter
You very much are pleasant to me because I see in you very honest person.
I see that you have serious intentions. I think, it isn't simple now to find the person who wishes to create the strong relations. In my country most of people, avoids the responsibility connected with a family. I dream of my future, of my family.
I want to come back home with great pleasure and to enjoy every minute together with the beloved.
For good marriage - first of all, care of darling. I want to find the person with whom I can feel happy! But the most important thing is a love and feeling that it is mutual
I think that a family - the most important value of life. I accept only trust and honesty in the relations. I think, is useless to establish requirements because if you love then, you completely accept your partner if you don't do it, then it won't turn out true love and marriage. I am attracted with such features as honesty, belief, creative potential, common sense of humour.
Tell please about your work how you spend free time?
I look forward to hearing from you
Letter 3
Hello Paul!
Thanks for your letters
I now have holiday about new year and arrived to Belarus to my parents.
Parents want that I remained to live and work in their city. We will resolve this issue and then I will tell you, what decision we made.
I have pure and serious intentions. I want to have safety, confidence and to be happy...
I arrive from very representative and moral family.
I am a little timid also the silent, quiet girl. I don't love night discos and dances till the morning :-)). Now I dream to have the husband and marriage. I presented that if I will find my husband in other country, I need to start building my new life. Of course it is difficult to move to live in the foreign country far from friends, from a family, to speak other language, methods, rules aren't easy. The first year in other country can be very much, very difficult. But I will be not one, and together with the beloved. Marriage is a strong construction.
I also think that marriage - the most important thing in life, because where we can feel the safe. I like to have an entertainment in life, but I am very serious when it is required. I know that it - very much dificult to recognize the person at distance. I don't love people who pretend to be. I don't love people who are interested more in material things, than real feelings and life. Sometimes my kind heart receives me in trouble when people try to take advantage me.
I am the honest, kind and gentle girl.
You can recognize me soon such as I am. Maybe you will arrive to me on a visit. I will be very glad to meet you. I to run over a goov to the country of my future husband in the future.
I wait for your letters and your questions also
fine weekend for you.
Letter 4

Hello Paul!
Thanks for your letter
Today I worked much on the house, cleaning of the apartment in large volume made :-) Was tired very much, but I can't but write you some lines...
I have no brother or the sister. There is a grandmother and the grandfather. My birthday on November 18. Now I spend my holidays to Belarus at parents. About new year we will resolve with parents an issue of my moving to them here. I will tell then you about it.
I have a desire that our relations moved forward …
I look for true love and romanticism in the relations. I love, when the person, perfect, gentle and romantic. I have desire to have darling nearby. The feeling of care and continued support at a difficult moment that that aspires each person in life and me also. I have to entrust the person who will be my assistant to life. All of us need the second half to help us to rise when we fall to dry up our tears when to us it is sad, and to bring light and happiness in everyone to life of others. It - that all of us look for, and we ask that there is someone for us there that the special person who does our life full. What sits with you to a sunset, or till the dawn. And I hope that it - also your desire, and it - that you look for also. What can change your life, and whose life you can change, and together you do each life of others by life which has no place for loneliness, but only place for love, friendship, respect, understanding, proximity and a family.
It is my desire and my dream and if it - also your desire and dream, we can look at it together and to see how we can overcome it. We can bring love and happiness each other. But if we are honest and faithful with each other, we can overcome it.
I have hope that our correspondence can be the beginning of big vital history. I hope that our relations won't be limited to infinite correspondence and we will meet you really.
Good rest for you tonight and tomorrow
I wait for your letters
Letter 5
Hello dear Paul!
thanks for your letters
Your dog - a charm as is good!
We have a warm weather for winter here.
+ 2C. Weather isn't similar to winter.
Now I am in holiday and I will spend holidays and a holiday at my parents to Belarus
Perhaps I will remain here to work and live. We with parents resolve this issue now.
Here sometimes it is difficult to me to use the computer or to send and receive e-mails.
I - don't warrant anybody that internet is capable to reproduce precisely my style, my thoughts, words, my emotions.
I only hope that found the correct person who will love me. I think that various between cultures can do family stronger and interesting.
The difference of culture which we have, will create strong communication as it is necessary to respect culture of the husband and his value of a family also.
If we are together, we can have a double culture in the house and therefore a double dose of love, and happiness :-)
I want to tell you that not all men in Russia or Belarus is so bad, and all foreign men so good. It - everything depends on identity. Actually I really very warm, original, compassionate, sincere, comic and the interesting person who sincerely looks for the new partner of life. I always was sincere and loyal to all people whom I loved and who loved me. I have big sense of humour, is optimistical without bad habits, I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. I think that you are very special person to me, and I would like to continue our relations. And of course I would like to find the person whom I can love and trust.
Why we have to meet in Moscow? You can arrive only to this city? You don't consider arrival option directly to the city where I live?
I will wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully.
Letter 6
dear Paul!
Thanks for your letter
Yes, people went from the houses in fur coats to float in an ice-hole. Then put on and went back home.
I am glad that our correspondence has development
I started dreaming of our real meeting once
I dream how we will meet, we will cook food together, to walk in park and to travel also.
I would like that you taught me how to cook food of your country, I think that we can teach both each other a way of life of our country
You will love my country, and I will fall in love with your country because you were born there and perhaps I in your country will be very happy …
I am sure that our dreams, will be carried out and will be full of happiness and the world, our lives will be full of pleasure and love.
My parents send you greetings. They know about our correspondence and approve my dreams
Fine weekend for you.
I wait for your letter
Letter 7
Dear Paul!
Thanks for your letter
I think of our future much. I am the woman who would clean any concern and the conflicts.
You can rely, trust and count on me which will always be on your party for a long time. I say that if I really love that man very much, all men can't force me to leave my husband in the world. I dream of it all the heart and soul.
I hope that you will make necessary preparations for visit for me. At the end of your visit we can travel to the capital of Minsk.
Tomorrow weekend!!! I am glad!
I plan to do housework on Saturday, then to have a rest.
On Sunday I have no plans. Everything will depend on weather.
Happy to you weekend!
I wait for your letters
Letter 8
Dear Paul!
Thanks for your letter and photo of your apartment. Very beautiful!!! I congratulate you on a holiday of all lovers!!!
Thanks for your flowers.
I will ask parents if they are at home that received flowers. dear, I worry that you spent money for flowers. But many people to be afraid to assume others gifts here.
therefore I can't ask neighbors about it. Please, don't worry if attempt doesn't turn out. I will try to warn parents, but they I have no great friendship with neighbors. I spent weekend at home. weather bad - snow with the rain...
Tomorrow again beginning of working week.
tomorrow I will have conversation with my boss on small holiday for April. Also I will tell you!
I wait for your letters.
Polina kiss
Letter 9
My love Paul!
Happy Easter!!! Dear, you have written that you have received travel documents from Minsk today.
What enters this package of documents?
Your visa isn't ready yet?
I appreciate your desire to learn Russian! I will be your teacher!
I also tremblingly wait when our eyes meet and we will embrace each other!! Our worlds will be integrated soon as, we have to make it our dreams, and wishes are carried out. Face to face we will speak about everything and to do our dreams, wishes and our future by reality.
I expect our meeting very much to be together and to divide our lives together. I know that it will take some time and it is necessary to expect a little time to our meeting.
Our open communication and feeling we have divided in our letters to each other and have laid the foundation to the serious relations. I have desire to divide our lives together. For us to build our relations together and to hold our communication to each other, to open and share our feelings and our requirement to each other. And what ever has to be made, we will make it soon to be together. Dear, our relations are based on an interconnection which becomes stronger as we know each other better. Sometime in our future together we have to have open communication with each other, I hope this communication will be a basis of a strong and close-knit family.
These are my dreams of us you.
I wait for your letters always!
kisses.... love.....
Letter 10
My dear Paul!
Thanks for your letters
My boss doesn't smoke. He does a healthy lifestyle. Don't think previously of a souvenir for the boss. If you have a desire, then we will buy the boss here for example a wine bottle.
Dear, tomorrow Thursday. I wait for receiving yours the visa!!! I hope that everything will be good!
I plan to spend other part of my life with you and our future family. I plan to live with you together in your country. I want to give you the most remarkable life of performance with me because then I will also have the same.
When I think of us together, I think of every moment which I can imagine. In the house, the apartment going down the street, cafe, everywhere and anywhere, weather, can be hot, cold, damp or with the snow. Doesn't matter where we that we have or the leading role, you and I so far nearby, having joined hands, then we will be happy, knowing that we together, nothing will be able to take or change our happiness and love. If We intend to be together, to join and live as one, then we can build our house, a family and the future together.
I just dream to sit near you, to speak, laugh and I watch people as they pass by. To be happy with each other, to tell or be silent, and in the silence knowing that another thinks. To look at each other and the nobility, without pronouncing words that we mean for each other. Big things it is easy to see and understand, but trifles between two cheloveka which love each other, these trifles, a look, a touch, a kiss on the cheek, they are important as it shows that there are a love and respect between them.
I look forward things which will be ours as the walks which together are holding hands and having laughter soon. During a rain to be turned together on a couch..... :-))
So I will check my mail tomorrow and I hope to receive news from you
your Polina kisses....
Letter 11
Hello my husband of Paul!
I think of you. I love you very much.
On the next week I will go to the consul. You the most beautiful, the cleverest and the best in the world!!!!
I want to marry you rather.
With love your wife of Polina
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