Scam letter(s) from Leandra Pink to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I am a starry-eyed woman, very romantic, witty and intelligent. Some of my other traits are honesty, faithfulness, responsibility, enthusiasm for life, tolerance. I am always open to try new things.I cannot sit at home, especially when the weather is nice outside. I go out, meet friends, and we go walking. I am a simple and down to earth lady Who likes to see new things .. I like to visit beautiful and romantic places. I am a woman with a big and loving heart, with tender soul and strong character. I am able to listen, to feel other person, to sympathize. I am always ready to help. Due to my active style of life, I am very romantic and sentimental person, who values every minute, which I can spend with my family and surely with my beloved one. I am very kind-hearted, tender and gentle although I can also be very expressive and temperamental, charming and modest at the same time. I love to make my home cozy and neat, to create atmosphere of warmth and love. I have ! very strong family values!
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