Scam letter(s) from Marina Pavlikova to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Jose. I am glad to see your letter. Each your letter charges me energy, Also gives me hope for a fast meetingYou are very necessary for me in such difficult time. I to want to say to you bad news. I since February, 28 to be in hospital, you do not experience with me very well. At us in Russia on February, 23 it is a holiday, and all mark it. I too to mark it together with all on mine to job, We ate much, a little drank. And on February, 25 at me the stomach very strongly was ill, Me very strongly to stir up, there was a heat. I to go in hospital and to me the doctor has said that at me food poisoning. Me to put in hospital. To me to do injections in buttocks, I to drink many different tablets. Today and me to do nothing, I very strongly to want to write to you the letter. And I have gone to the Internet of cafe, I cannot write much to you, I to write full details in the following letter. Much to me your care and warm words which me is now necessary for me Warm and treat. I very much to wait for your answer. Marina.
PS. If you want that you can help me, But if you to not do{make} it I to not take offence.
Best regards, marina5555
Letter 2
Hello Jose Honey!!!!!!! Where are you????? Please, reply.....I'm missing you SO much...... I send you my sweet kisses and tight embraces... Please, don't break my heart! I need your answer...If you have found someone else, just tell me...Your Tanya, with lots of love...... Hello I'm feeling so lonely....without your letters... I hope you are all not onbusiness and will write me, my love... I love you and I'm dreaming about ourmeeting...Please, drop me a line, I can't do without you, your letters, your attention andlove...I send you my sweet kisses and tight embraces...
Your Marina, with lots of love, feeling lonely without you...
Best regards, marina5555
Letter 3
Hello Jose. Thanks for your warm and gentle words it very much to like me but I want that you to speak instead of write it to me. But very much it is very pleasant for me to read it. I am very glad that we to find each other. And I very much wait for our meeting. Which I think will be very fast. I am very happy that from set of people which we search each other Hearts have found the happiness. But this happiness not full as we should betogether. Thanks you for this photo to me very much is pleasant that you me to acquaintwith theRelatives (it that I knew them by face)My work this designing of outer clothing I the fashion designer. My work to me very much is pleasant to love very much also I it.I wake up very much early at 6:00 as as I go for my work. I have no automobile and to me to have to go for work by buses or trolley buses. It so begins my day. Where do you live, your address, the country.? It is my address: Russia 420000, The city of Kazan, Street Kremlevskaya 8. I shall wait for your letter but I want you to warn that if You to send me the letter on it the address that it can be lost. You know I to have a problem I to write to you letters from the Internet of cafe And it very much expenseve I very much want to have with you correspondence tome it very much Dear, but I have no on it money. I ask that you have helped me in it. It is necessary for me about $80. I grieve without you and me. I, want Your care, like and in your high To temperature. I cannot imagine, that I shall cost without you. I want To be with you. I demand you, my love. Every day I dream from Our meeting. I to want, be with you to begin yours The wife and to be with you always. My mum to sad, that we like Each other also should be together. In my dreams I see us together and When I am raised to me, become very bad, because I I see, that you not about{near}. We shall be happy only together. I want To do{make} by this happy in the world. I to study your language and to know Already very much. And I believe, that I shall yours soon, my love. I shall be To wait for your letter and to hope for a meeting. Love you. For ever Yours Marina
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