Scam letter(s) from Alena Zubok to Dwayne (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my dear beloved Dwayne)))) Thanks for your photos)) I'm so happy to get answers from you all the time .... this feeling is inexplicable ....
inside everything turns over, the heart knocks more often and breaks out of the chest ...
It wants to you to my sweet! I do not know what will happen to me when I see you .... I'll faint probably)))
Beautiful landscape)))
You can see Texas cacti) I am fine!! Today is a quiet working day, I have time to dream))) And you know what?))) As we go along the night city around, beautifully played romantic music, we drink tasty coffee and just enjoy each other ... I have a lot of funny stories about me, about my childhood and adolescence)))
I want to know everything about you!!!!!
I crazy like to laugh, I often have a good mood, because I'm a positive and active person in life, I do not like being bored and sad !!!!!!
I want to want you in your arms, you're always in my thoughts .... Liked let's not waste time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And plan my arrival after Christmas !!!
The first step was made, this is our desire to enjoy each other))) The second step is my passport, so to go abroad I need a biometric passport !!!
When the passport is ready, we need to buy air tickets !!! There should not be any problems! kisssssssss
your girl Lenochka
Letter 2
Hello my darling sweet man Dwayne!!! Im glad you and photos your son))))
Is insurance an indispensable condition? How is your day? My well today and the morning was wonderful, I thought all night about our meeting, what it will be, as we meet again! Where we will spend a wonderful time ... I want to collect your bags and go to you my honey ... I want you to prepare a delicious breakfast and a coffee specialties))) I am happy that I met a man who seriously wants to build a happy future developments with me !!! You're the man I was looking for a long time and I want to and I wish we did it !!!!!!!!! I told my aunt about you !!! She responded well, she just wants me to be happy! I want to feel secure, safe to be confident in the man !!! I believe you and trust and opened my heart and soul !!!!! Dear, I went in the morning to find out the cost of a passport and I was very disappointed !!! In our town a huge influx of refugees, they are all trying to go abroad and apply for a passport, then the huge queues at four months ahead ... I am very very upset by this (((((I dreamed of our meeting !!! !!!
But I tried to talk to the head that would speed up the process and help me !!!!!! Yes dear help !!!! What would you do for 10 days- it's worth $ 300 for 5 days- $ 400, and one day- $ 500. Of course, I was very happy that !!!!! But now all depend on you, we meet or not !!!!!!!!!!! A quick transfer of Ria or Money Gram! To transfer the money you need to know: first name - Elena Sergeevna
last name - Zubok Svyatogorsk city street Lesnaya 8 Apartment 2 Index - 84130 Of course, I was very happy that !!!!!
If you send today, today I received and I started to make my documents! Honey, we need to hurry up, because there is a queue forms to a month in advance !!!!
People stand in line for three months .... and I was lucky that my friend works here my sister, I postponed it forms a couple of days !!!
Generally is not allowed, but I really asked, he said that decided my fate and I want to see on your favorite !!!!!!!! He walked towards me !!!!!! kisssssssssssssssssssss
your Lenochka Sweet my sending you a photocopy of my passport and with him and a receipt for the payment that you would not think that I have come up with something !!!!
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