Letter(s) from Marina Pavlikova to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my lovely Jeff
I am happy to receive your letter. I to like you to like you me to write. I to think, when we shall be together you will speak me these words every day.
I am very strong, to want to be with you. I to like you and to me is very sad so you and I still not beside.
When I to think of you, my heart every minute to beat all fastly and fastly, I wait your kiss, but I understand what is it no lovely I to have news is very good so to me yesterday to call from Moscow to speak What is the documents to be ready and and this week I to receive mine the visa And it to mean that you and I to be fast together both you and I can embrace and kiss each other.
Lovely it is the biggest happiness for me it that you and I to be a number So I very strongly to like you.
The visa of really two months since March, 15 2005 on May, 15 2005. I to remember what to write to you what is it should be for 3 months but I to think That when I to receive it and you and I to be together.
Lovely I now need to pay for it of money 390 $ and it no me And consequently to ask you that you to me to send me of money I very much to ask that you to do you it through the western union Where I to receive the address of bank of money
KAZAN, 420126
Lovely I to think that you to help me in it so when you and I very much to like each other.
I to send you a copy of mine the visa that you to see it and to know that all the truth and that I you to not deceive.
You my destiny, my life. Know, that I wait only for you and your love. I to want to be with you. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Know, that I like you and only you. I like you my Prince.
Yours Marina