Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Petr (Czechia)
Letter 1
Hello. I'm glad you chose me to write, and don't mind to talk to. My name is Svetlana. The most common Russian name. I must say that I do not want to deceive the interlocutor, hiding behind false Internet nicknames. You know, many people want to look better than they really are, and to do this, choose something exotic, completely ridiculous names... I live country Russia town Irkutsk. I like my city, there is a very beautiful old architecture, even a nature reserve nearby. I'm 32 years, however, many people say that I look younger. Don't know if this is true. Here you are, looking at my photo, what do you think about this? If interested, I can say that with the growth of 174 cm weigh 52 kg, with such indicators can be a model, but this prospect, to be honest, I should be sorry. Just in country Russian this business is not very good reputation. Besides, I have a good work - I am a fitness instructor. Aerobics dealt with since childhood, I like to move under lively music. It's just great when work is a pleasure!
Boast is not in my rules, but I note that dance for me is life, not just a profession. Of course, this is hard work, and often, a clothes wet from sweat until the end of the lesson, but what a thrill to see that people learn from your example, master movement, first, then more complex, build composition. The main thing is that the work is rewarding, and this is no problem. It is easy to guess that such a tight schedule requires all the time to be in shape. So I have no bad habits, I do not smoke and do not use drugs, I don't really need it.
Sometimes it happens that during a vacation in the company of friends I allow myself a little light cocktails, and more for girls. Married never been, no children. Perhaps, will tell you later why. What I'm all about myself yeah! Please, tell us all what you think: how you live, where they work, what are fond of. I will gladly send you my photo! I hope that you will enjoy. And look forward to your letter, and your photo! I really want to look at them! Looking forward to your letter! Your new girlfriend Svetlana!
Letter 2
Hello Lorenz! Thank you for your letter. You asked me many questions, I will try to answer them in order. Of course, I was very pleased to hear that you are interested in how I live. So, I will tell about myself a little more. I am, as you have already understood from our correspondence, love sport. This allows you to be healthy and maintain your body in shape. But it is important for every woman - many sit on a diet, pace yourself to lose a few pounds. As for me it's easier, I am engaged in fitness and twice a week I go to swimming pool. Therefore, without false modesty I can say that I have a beautiful body, which I'm not ashamed, unlike many girls with complexes (there are, I hope they did you see anything). I love photo shoots, and if you like, I can send you some of the best in my opinion photos. After school my best friend, her name is Polina, I bought a good camera, and wanted to become a photographer. So we did a lot of photo session with her, and these photo we never shown anyone, and they were stored on your computer Polina. My hard drive on the computer recently broke and I lost all my photos, so I had taken the photo Polina. I think they'll like it. Unfortunately, Polina and could not be a photographer, because of the competition, so she had to sell in the future a camera. And now she has a family and children, she works as a lawyer. Tell me, please, how you feel about sports, do something? You may not believe this, but I love football, often watch the game on TV, if time allows. By the way, in Russian a lot of girls - football fans, this is not surprising, because football unites many people. But how is it in your country? Free time I spend mostly at home reading books. Love novels and adventures. Watching TV series like "Interns"it's a hilarious movie about the life of physicians, has just received a diploma and trainee at the hospital. From music I love to listen to Madonna, under her beautiful songs very incendiary dance!
With pleasure I go to cinema or a cafe with friends, love fellowship.
Although, of course, sometimes at work so exhausting that no strength to go anywhere. And how do you spend your leisure time? Probably with guys at the bar? Lorenz think you are interested in my character.
Itself is difficult to assess, but friends say that I am a very quiet person. In people I value honesty and integrity, and I hate when suddenly find out that the person I lied. What qualities do you like in people? What's important to you in a woman first? For me the main thing - that the person was good. So that I could care for others. Do you like cats? Or dogs? Well, now I'm bombarded with questions. I am glad that we continue to communicate, I am waiting for your letters!
Your passionate girlfriend Svetlana!!!
Letter 3
Hello Lorenz! I thought a lot about you, and decided that perhaps you can trust. Today I want to tell about your family. My father - his name is Georgy, he is 63 years old and he works as a children's football coach. Football is his life, and despite his age, he is engaged in his favorite thing. My mother's name is Elena - she is 57 years old, she is now on pension, and is engaged in household chores.
All her life she worked on the farm, because he loves animals. I love and respect my parents. In childhood, I, like all the children attended school. I really liked the school because I was able to learn something new. I have finished 11 classes with honors, receiving a gold medal for successes in study. I live with my parents, and I have my own room. Sometimes I wish I could find a man and to start a personal life. Because to live with their parents well, but I want more freedom. I always have an opinion, and sought itself only. Now look back on this period and see that in addition to the hardship of life has taught me a lot - to be independent, just to achieve in life itself. I never get anyone to count! So I studied well, that gave me a chance to enter the University. I was educated sports teacher, so I am now working on professions in Fitness club. Much effort spent to learn English, but still I need to improve. Now I have an interesting job and I fully provide itself. In the West for some reason there is a misconception that all girls from Russia, want to marry a foreigner because of money. As if money is the most important thing in life. I wonder what you think about this? Lorenz know, now I don't have enough understanding man who would listen to me, understand what I feel. I had relationships with guys, but, unfortunately, most of my fans were just sex. They saw me only an attractive body, and nobody wanted to know that in my heart. As soon as someone whom I trusted and hoped I cheated and broke his heart. That's why I decided to communicate with the Internet. Perhaps, in the correspondence will be able to better understand people. I am very glad that you came into my life. It is interesting for me to communicate with you, I'm looking forward climb into their mailboxes, to read your messages. Lorenz tell us, have you had relationships with girls? What purpose do you make explore the Network with me? You would just like to be friends or searching for your soul mate? I am tired to be lonely and looking for a serious relationship, I dream about good family with a kind and loving husband, a reliable companion of life. Maybe I want too much?
But I still believe in love. I want you to trust me and believe we should be honest with each other. I want to hear your voice, I want to talk to you on the phone. So I can call you from any post office, if you leave me your mobile Telephone number with country code. I wait for the answers to my questions. On it I finish the letter. Really looking forward to your answer.
Letter 4

Hi, my sweet and passionate man Lorenz. You can call it that? I am glad that we continue our fellowship, I wonder to know you. I want to warn you, I find it difficult to understand the meaning of your questions. I don't always fully understand the meaning of your questions, but I try to answer them. So do not be offended if you don't always get the correct answer to your question. Lorenz, letters, I try to give a detailed answer to your questions. Lorenz, asked me about Russian, will gladly tell you about my country in more detail.
Of course, I love my country because I was born here and have received training. Parents tried, I grew up honest and treat people with respect. I am still, in spite of the years spent in the orphanage. The same qualities I appreciate in other people. I think you are a very honest person and is not able to betray. Unfortunately, in our country there are very bad people, although I hate to write about it. There are those who are interested only in money, and to the needs of others they are indifferent. This is most likely because we have many poor people. Russian has a lot of talented people and many would like to work, but not all, unfortunately, there is such a possibility. The economy does not allow it, and you receive a lot of problems. Tell me, please, what is interesting about your city in which you live? There are beautiful places? Lorenz how they spend the days of the city from you? Lorenz, I recently started to use the Internet, so it's not until the end everything here is mastered. I have already said that my computer is broken, I go to an Internet cafe that opened one of the first in our city. How wonderful that there are technologies that connect people away! Before about this and we could never dream of! I guess you've got a lot of friends on the Internet? Today was very tired at work, but when I thought that I would communicate with you, the mood has increased. Tell me, what you feel for me? For me it is very important. I think I have for you a very warm feeling. Because you're a good man, a fine man! You like my photos? I won't show them, only you could see them! Lorenz, I will try to send you a more intimate photo, you want to see them in these letters? Really looking forward letters, hope for mutual understanding. Your charming girl
Letter 5
Hi dear Lorenz! I am very-very happy to receive from you the letter.
I am interested to know how you live, what we breathe. You asked me what kind of men I like. I've been thinking about this. I don't need any special quality, I don't need Superman. Maybe I, like most women, you just need a reliable man who would have cared about me. I should feel confident with him, know that he will always be able to protect me and will not leave you in times of need. Here is a portrait of the ideal for me, men. I, in turn, could create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort. I want to have a family, which would have devoted a lot of time! I see that you're respectful to me and I'm ready to show you more sexy photo! I think they like it, I'm not afraid to show them to you and hope that you do will not show due respect for me. For me simply a joy to cook delicious food for your choice. My favorite dishes - borsch and dumplings. Heard of these? And what cuisine do you like? Lorenz, tell us about your favorite food. From Mediterranean cuisine I love pizza and can cook many different versions of this dish. I think you would have loved it. You know, the workers at work started to notice that I have changed, I have always good mood, and I look happy. I, of course, they don't say anything, let it be my little secret. However, you can admit that ever since we met, I have the soul is easy and joyful. I trust you like, perhaps, did not trust anyone else in my life. I am very glad to have met such a wonderful companion as you. Lorenz, it would be great if we ever met. You asked what I like to do besides dances and parties at the TV. I love to travel, but with my work schedule is seldom succeed. In my youth, I sang in the school choir and even participated in publishing the newspaper, are?
But what he loved to do in your childhood you? Now read a book about the adventures and go to bed. I often think before you sleep, what you really are. Lorenz, just Write whatever you ask, I'll wait and be sure to respond. Send you pictures as promised! Goodbye
Letter 6
Hello my dear Lorenz! How are you? Thank you for such interesting and warm letter. You ask me why I did not of personal life here in Russia. I wrote to you that I had no luck with guys. My story is as old as the world, this is a story of love deceived. When a man is recognized in love naive girl, but actually loves another. I thought we fit together, but how bitter I was wrong! He secretly met with my school friend, can you imagine? I used to think that this story is only possible in the novels about love or women's magazines, but, alas, this happens all the time. Of course, what has happened has made me more cautious. Now I am very selective about the people and not rush to the neck of the first comer. We have a saying: "we are All smart in hindsight", but what to do? But now I'm not trusting as before. Of course, everything must be accepted with gratitude, because it is certain experience, which, perhaps, we need to move on. I have heard about this topic, but hesitated to try something similar. And finally I went to the Internet cafe, the blessing it is close to my house. I only know how to use their e-mail, and read the news online.
I am not on social networks, because the time in the Internet cafe I have limited. Speaking frankly, I did not expect that it would be, but I really-really like. Lorenz, I get a lot of emotions from our fellowship, as it is unusual! I also want to ask you a number, I could try to call to you with the negotiation clause. As I don't have my mobile phone, as the use of its Russia is dear and it is not necessary to me. With you is easy and interesting to communicate. Want to know why you decided to get acquainted through the Internet? Indeed, there are many good girls, which can be found in reality. And why you wrote it for me, because I'm not even from our country? Perhaps it for today. Write, I will answer you. Your sweet girl Svetlana.
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Lorenz! I am pleased to call you that way: my dear. I hope you like it? I think the development of our relations allows you to do this. Today, the girls gathered to celebrate the birthday of one friend, drank some cocktails, all the fun chirped, and I thought how great it would be to see you. I really wonder what you really are.
Tell us, please, what do you imagine me? How often think about me?
Lorenz, I must confess that often before going to sleep I scroll in memory with you our virtual conversation in the letters. I really want to learn about you more. What was your family? What is the biggest dream of your life? Perhaps now I would like to start a serious relationship with a worthy man with whom we could have a full understanding. I think I can judge you by your letters are so much interesting information, warmth and kindness! You may smile, but I feel it, me and is very difficult to deceive. Lorenz, wanted you to be that person? What a pity that we are so far from each other! I sometimes think that might be a good wife to a man who cares about me and loves me. Every woman need a man, who respects and loves it.
Without it is impossible happiness. I want to meet someone who will be a good father for our children, who will take care of them. Tell me, do you like children? Would you like to start a family? How happy the woman that is confident in her life partner! The head of the family should take care of his wife and in happiness and in sorrow, something like that, as they say in the wedding vow. And then the woman will be the happiest on Earth. And then she will be able to support her husband always, especially when he needs it. And what is your family happiness? Lorenz, what do you think about love? I think it is very important for harmonious relations between man and woman. I want to love and to be loved. I wonder what are your views on this? You know, I don't live in the best country and I want my children to have a better life than I have. I hope that our relations will continue, and think that you are the person I need. Waiting for your letters, dear.
Sincerely yours.
Letter 8
Hi my loved Lorenz! Thank you very much for such kind letter. I'm so glad we have a full mutual understanding on important issues such as marriage and the family! You're so amazing, even strange that even meet such a man with a good sense of humor, honest and caring. I see that you care about my life, and really appreciate it, really.
Sometimes I think when I read your message, that I know you very, very long time... My love, today I want to reveal to you my heart! I a little embarrassed to tell you this phrase, but I took courage and ready. I want to confess to you, my Prince I LOVE YOU! I loved you from the very first letter. I felt that we could build a serious relationship. Every day I gave you my time. After we met I thought only of you. I love you for what you kind, tender, caring and affectionate man. I know that I can to rely on you in the most difficult moments! You will never cheat and not will betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world is that man, that I could fall in love for real. And I found you! My love to you the most pure and gentle. I kept my feelings for you in heart, but today I decided to open you my soul.
I hope that you take my feelings and reciprocate! I want to tell you thank you very much for what you never had ignored my letters and walked with me to the main goal - to build a serious relations. Now we are with you as a whole, as an unbroken chain! I I want our relations to develop further. My Prince, for me the word love is more than just a word. For me love is something the feeling which I now live and breathe. When I see your letters, in I wakes up a new life, in my soul birds sing, I want to live and smile! My love, I have revealed to you my heart and soul and I hope that you will not deny me! Please tell me what you feel? You ready to tell me that you love me? Now I have told you my secret, and able to speak with you on the topic of love. I want to talk about sex and sexual dreams! I will do this in the following letters. How sad that you're so far. Sometimes you want to talk to you in reality, really. To go with you to the cafe to chat, drink a glass of wine. And then to come home together, to lie in bed, feel your tenderness on his body. I would like to come to you in the future, at least for a while! For me you were not just a man, and the man of my dreams. Recently my girlfriend complained about her boyfriend, she had forgotten him to prepare him a meal after work, and he caused a scandal and insulted her. This story is ugly. Can it be that normal relations, when a man has no respect for women? Is it possible to love without respect? I am sure that there. What do you reckon? I believe that you understand me that you are a very sensitive person. I think you can make any woman happy, if you love her. Write, I love to read your letters, know that you have a very attentive reader. A whole. Your sexy thing Svetlana!
Letter 9
Hello my love Lorenz!!!!! Thank you that responded positively to my feelings. I am glad that we feel for each other strong feelings. I can tell that I am in love with you! This is the beginning of a great love every day my feelings become to you even stronger. Now I can open up to you completely. I was a bit shy to talk to you about this in previous letters. You probably already realized that I was a hot girl. And I love sex because it makes people closer. I believe that sex should be only with the man, whom you love! I also believe in the concept of friendly sex.
In bed, I'm not quiet man in life. Lorenz, I'm ready to give you every bit of her. I know how to bring a man to orgasm so he went crazy in bed with me. What is your sex? It is important in your life? Wanted you to have sex with me? I think my intimate photos, made especially for you, very much excite you. I'm young and beautiful girl, and of course at that age, I want to give her man! I think that on this issue we should definitely talk to you! I do not hide, that would like to come to you in the future. When we're together, we will deliver to each other unforgettable experience in bed. Men in my country are very shy and do not take maximum from sex, they are not sufficient for long. I love to have sex all night, to bring you to orgasm every hour.
I like the new positions, new perceptions, and new places for sex. I don't like the standard sex, when the man on top or Vice versa. I love these positions, which just give me a crazy feeling. I really excites your beautiful body, I want to caress her tongue. Kissing your strong chest, every inch of your body, to see how your penis is bigger. And closer to descend to him! And then, I will give you unforgettable feelings. I want we experimented in sex, I am ready to explore all love positions that are in the books! And then choose the 10 items, it will be only our positions! Where we are going to forget about the world and the problems, and only to enjoy the emotion of sex. This is my little dream, and every day they become more. I can't do nothing with you, because you excite me too much! I revealed to you more because you are my man. And between us there should be no secrets. Sex in a relationship is important, and we need to talk about it. I believe that we are created for each other. And I'm ready for you to give all the emotions and feelings that you need from women. Our love should be pure and strong, only then we will be happy. I send you an intimate picture, as I think our relationship has entered a new stage.
And I can open my beloved man. I have a beautiful body, and I have nothing to hide before his man. This is my personal photo, nobody had ever seen her! I also hope that these photographs do not see anyone but you. I will send you even more intimate photos that you did not look at other girls! And just admired my beauty, and thought only about me! If you, something confuses you can tell me this. I love you, Lorenz, and want sex with you! You are my only man and I am happy that you came into my life. I hope this gave you a lot of emotions, and you even managed to get excited. I would like now to touch your intimate zones...=) So sorry that we are far from each other! I shall end my letter! Tomorrow I will write you my new fantasies, and also I'm waiting for your opinion about my dreams.
Maybe they will soon become a reality? I am waiting for your letter as soon as possible! Your sexy girl Svetlana!!!
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