Scam letter(s) from Kevwe Ola Nimmy to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
i am looking for serious relationship drop me your email will can talk better there okay....
Letter 2
Hi Dear , How are you doing? I hope you are really having a nice time out there..How is work and how has life been treating you over there.? I'm new at this online dating cos i was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online....Anyway, thanks for hitting me up with a message on here, i appreciate it..So how's everything been with you?...I think I"w take this chance to tell you a little about myself......Am Kevwe ola nimmy 27, 5'7 tall, black hair,brown eyes.I am single with no kids and currently seeking for a relationship, but not rushing myself.. Well,talking about my background I quite have a diversed background, My dad is a Native Of Zaragoza (Spain) while mom is from united greorgia jesup. I grew up mainly in ,fort myers florida, and had all my school days there and even my primary school days...I'm presently working as a nurse attached to UNICEF....that's a bit for now am gonna tell u more when i get your reply.I have some questions for you now I do hope you answer them before we move forward.How old are you ? Where are you located ? What do you do for a living? Do you live alone? Do you rent or own where you live or with kids? Do you have high *** drive? What are you looking for online, How long have you been in this internet dating thing ? Any luck yet ?And I hope you are not a cheater or lair like my ex boyfriends and most men out there trying to use me just for *** mate?and more you want to tell me i will love to know more of you.

I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me?
I look forward to hearing from you soon !
I care, Kevwe ola nimmy
Letter 3
Hi , how are you doing today? Its nice to read from you.i really love all you have to say about yourself. Well presently im on a working trip with the UNICEF team on a mission to war ravished countries in western Africa and we are going to be back in next week..Things are going well for us out here and I hope we can meet up then when i get back. I enjoy going to pool, watching movies,dancing mostly salsa, playing video games, reading magazine and novel. I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again, I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had. I believe inside looks would determine if couples are compatible, though attraction is part of it but the most important that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking for a man that's caring,understanding,faithful,honest, trustworthy,patient ,supportive ,gentle,responsible and intelligent. I don't know what you still wanna know, but I'd be glad if you ask.. Your turn? Things i love to do at my leisure time... 1) I love to watch golf games,watch football and also chill by the sea side and also playing beach volleyball.

2)Humm,I love the Italian and Mexican cuisines,French fries pizzas too . Fried rice, Chinese,chicken and chips too.

I am trying this online dating scene for the first time and i hope thing work out fine.. TTYL..Take care of yourself and be safe . Kevwe ola nimmy
Letter 4

I just want you to know that I very much appreciate reading your letter every moment i check my mail. You are a very special person who I SERIOUSLY want to explore the possibility of building a long term friendship with, that will in time turn into a marriage and family. That is my dream, and I hope to make it come true with you!. In my heart I feel you have all the qualities it takes to make me very happy... Actually i was posted to East Africa after our mission in Liberia,Iraq,and Sudan..So UNICEF posted me and a UNICEF team to come down one country called Nigeria in west Africa..The people are so lovely....My dad is dead.Oh i wish i had someone back home to talk but unfortunate i have no one..My dad is dead and mum left me me after dads death and got married to another man which i don't get to see her again..I was raised by my aunt who is now caught up in drugs and alcohol,i really love her and its pains me that she chose to live that way that was why i decided to stay alone and work with my team. cos i didn't feel comfortable living with her anymore..I just had to tell you about my personal life,cos i want you to know what I'm facing in life.But anyways I'll not and I'll never allow that to pull me down/back in life..I just have to be strong and move on in my life..I pray the Lord guides and protect me and lead me through the right path...This is my first time of coming over here..But they look at us like angels...I'm new at this online of a thing cos i was introduced to it by a friend out here in the camp she told me that she meet her husband online that i should try it.Your are the first person am meeting online..And i hope you will not hurt me i want to be your best friend and i also need your advise in life and your support as well to archive my goals. and i don't want to be hurt any more..Hope all this make sense to you? Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to build this special chemistry. You will be rewarded for it through the passionate love that makes up my heart and soul!. I am so excited to be able to do what I do best and that is, romance you with all the passion that makes up my heart and soul!. My special friendship with you is something I want to make permanent and eventually build into a family to call our very own!
Directly from my heart to yours!
Your Future Queen! (I hope!)
Letter 5
HI, Woow! Thanks for the lovely email and thanks for taking your time to email me and tell me alot more about yourself again,thats really nice of you and i appreciate that. Thanks for the word of encouragement and the lovely comments you made on my job out here in Africa,thats so sweet of you and i appreciate that alot....Anyways, I really love all you have to say about yourself,i see you have a really bright prospect and i like your outlook on life..I can see you have such a wonderful goals in life,thats really good and i pray you achieve all of your goals real soon..Well I'm sorry i cant give you a proper reply now as i have to go on duty in about 3mins so ill have to send you an email when i get off duty. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't send me an email back when you get this:). I'll have to spank you if you have to go now though...Take care of yourself! Be safe
Letter 6
Humm! Its really nice hearing from you again.Well sorry about the last time that i couldnt give you Normal reply,i was running late for duty then Well,one of my goals is to have a very happy and God-fearing family in the future with lovely kids and also have a successful career and run a midwifery clinic for pregnant women,its really something i have always dreamt of and im really working hard towards that direction. I also want to have a very happy family,a happy home with 4 kids,2 boys and 2 about you?...Im sure that cant be complete without a honest,responsible and caring husband,someone who really know the true meaning of what we call a Family. Well,hopefully fair enough everything works out good for me:) . Anyways,I see relationships as one of the most natural things that can happen in life and i believe a good relationship is built on trust,honesty,togetherness and prayers. I have had my fair share of relationships and i have been hurt too but it doesn't put me off me totally its only made me wiser. I like having fun and i like going to the beach to watch the sunsets with my man and also going for a long walk on the beach with my man. I really like that and i like privacy a lot too but it just have to be with my man:). Much to say but so little time..I have to jump in the showers now and then get something to eat and get some rest..I'll be hoping to hear from you soon..Take care of yourself and get back to me when you can...
Letter 7
dear,i lost my wallet today on my way to the store to get some food for myself..I have been crying alone in my room and i am scared to tell you because i don't know if you might be willing to assist me with some few dollars for food...honey when i arrive to state on Sunday i wanna meet you and return the money for you...please help me with some amount you can cos i am suffering out here and i need to get my food
Letter 8
okay dear i will be very glad if truly you can help me, i love you so much and i cant wait to meet you in person.. 200$ is okay and if you can help more than that for me to buy some other things i need. hope to read from you sonest
hugs & kisses
Letter 9
Name..Kevwe Nimmy Country..Nigeria State.....Lagos City.......Ikeja Zip code.... 23401 Question.. my color Answer..... Pink
Letter 10
Okay love, you don't need to go to the bank before sending the money through Western Union.. It's something you can do online.. Or can you help me send it to my lawyer in the state because i still have some money with him and he his gonna send everything together to me. Please help me baby i counted on you so much I love you so much.
Letter 11
Yes! okay i read it baby, you know i have nothing at hand to use and buy stuffs..
Letter 12
Okay love but i'm thinking of you calling my lawyer and talk to him for me please. Can you do the help me ? You will tell him you are my fiancee ok maybe he can consider me sending part of the money his owning me after you talk to him.. I love you baby.
Letter 13
+1 (902) 200-3187
Letter 14
okay do you try to call him on that number..? text or call him on whatssap if is going to go through okay..
I love you more more and more.
Letter 15
Alright my love.....i love you
Letter 16
Baby call him okay, that's his number or maybe i wait till when you are able to send the money tomorrow..
I love you baby.
Letter 17
I love my life because it gave me you
I love you because you are my life
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