Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Slipchenko to Jeffrey (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, my friend. I hope in some not very distant future I can call "my man".:) Because this is what I am here for:)
But let me start from telling some things about myself. I am Natasha, you can call me Nata (it's a short form of my name and my friends call me so).
I am quite young but also quite experienced in life, know what I want:) I am a bit shy and I was thinking quite long time what to write not to look silly to you while you read this e-mail:) hope I am not:) I am just a bit shy and simply new to all this correspondence! So I am sorry if I say something not appropriate:) You are welcome to ask me any questions about myself and I will gladly answer them.
I am also waiting the same from you, I need you to tell me about yourself and I want to see your photos in the next e-mail. I hope you are also here for the serious relationship like I am, and not for games,
I cannot wait to get your response,

Letter 2

Hello, Jeffrey! I hope this day is nice for you and you enjoy the communication with me. I am happy to introduce myself to you. I was born on April, 12th, 1986. I work as a hairdresser. I do enjoy the occupation as I like helping women look nice, I also do haircuts for men but I enjoy this less… I adore dying hair and always try experiment with mine. - I am 167 cm tall.
I like my long hair and take good care of it… Sadly I do not have a lot of clients in my town of Svatovo, it is Ukraine, Luhansk region. People are mostly involved in agriculture here and have little spare funds to care of themselves but I try to survive and always offer discounts or partial payment for my clients. I do have my own camera and take it from work from time to time. It is a good camera and when I have someone to help me with the photos the images come up perfect but I do not know properly how to use it so some photos are not distinct but I hope you like them anyway…. I never had parents. Of course someone gave me this life but I mean that I have never seen them. I lived all my life at the orphanage. These were hard days but I managed to survive. I tried to find my parents but never had luck in it. Anyway I value family a lot and believe to create my own one day How do you spend your spare time? As for me I like cooking, jogging and sewing. Ah! I have almost forgotten to introduce my doggy Kusachka to you. She is my roommate and best friend. I found her in the street 2 years ago and we are always close with her. I adore walking her and making her nice clothes. I live in a hostel room and it is hard to keep pet here but I simply cannot live without Kusachka, do you like animals? I have been married, now divorced, I do not have any children. I believe to meet my true love and create nice and united couple. I hope my English is clear for you as I write you on my own from the Internet cafe and believe we share nice communication. Have a nice day, Natasha

Letter 3

Hello, Jeffrey! I am glad to hear from you again.. How are you these days? My life is not really interesting here. I try to escape from the routine and walk when I have the chance. I especially adore summer walks and sunshine. You know, at first I thought that there is something wrong with me that I cannot find a right man here, but when I looked at my friends who got married and now suffer from rudeness, fights and offenses from their husband-alcoholics, who do not want to work and do anything about the house, I understand that I am ok, it is just not a place where my soul mate lives, that is why I decided to use the Internet in order to try to find a man here. Besides, I do have some good examples of women from Ukraine who did find men abroad and live happily there! I was born on April, 12th, 1986. My main dream in life right now is to meet a man who is willing to become my soul mate. I do not believe that a soul mate already exists, I believe that two people become soul mates by merging into one individual. I do believe that some people are better matches for others, but the most important thing is that each of them is willing to change for the other person and loving enough to accept the other if they cannot change. I believe that soul mates are created by unselfish acts of love. So, I am looking for an unselfish person who is ready to change with and for me as I will be for him. It would be incredible if this person was you! After this my goal is to live my life protecting, caring for, and providing for my soul mate and our children if we decide to have them. The qualities I find to be the most important in a man are compassion, passion, honesty, and fidelity. But I would probably give you different qualities tomorrow. I honestly believe that between a man and woman the most important qualities are honesty, faithfulness, and love. . . .
* Do you have an international passport? – no...
What are you looking for in relationship? What are the most important things for you? I think that first partners need love between each other, also love without good passion is not complete, do you agree? I also think that trust, care and understanding are needed? I believe that we will keep in touch together anyway, I kiss you and want to hear from you soon,

Letter 4

Hello, Jeffrey! What have you been up to today? Here things are so hectic. I am tired like crazy but glad to have some time and write you)) It is highlight of my day:)))) I have lots of papers to be ready to order new ointments. It is always hectic time when I need to review all the stuff I have and make a list of what I need and what is the most difficult is to make my boss to cover the bill for them all but I hope to cope with everything so I have all the needed things when clients are coming... I would love nothing more than if I had a man to share my heart, soul, and life with during my free time. I want to meet a gentle man who has a very loving heart, a kind spirit, and is passionate in the bedroom. I like everything I know about you so far. I know that I could and would love you like you have never been loved before if you are willing to let me. And, I would do everything in my power to make your life the happiest it could be. As for my personality, I am a very laid-back individual. I am very easy-going, very slow to anger, and have a very good sense of humour. I would have to say that I am a very loving person and have a very big heart. I am also very forgiving and understanding.
* What type of music do you like listening to?
As for music, I has started listening to the classical music of the modern composers, like Debussy, Carter Burwell, but also like such performers as Lykke Li, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Yarabi and so on. * Do you believe in God? - yes, I do Is going to church at all important for you? - no
* What is your favorite dessert? - vanilla ice cream with strawberry:)
What do you dream about right now? I truly want to relax in a hot bath. I adore all the rose petals and candles, romantic music and nice dinner. I wish someone did this for me... Do you like this too? On this romantic note I am to leave for my ordinary dinner and my first food today, I have buckwheat for it, what about you? I kiss you,

Letter 5

Hello, Jeffrey! How was your day? Oh! For me it was just a perfect day for me today… No, it is not the truth, I suppose that the perfect day is when you and I are at the sea side… sharing romantic dinner and nice talk, what do you think? I believe this is truly possible to become true in the nearest future. I want our first date to be at the sea side, what is your idea? I want very long relationship, to the life end, if we can find that in our life we will be very happy. And with me you don't need to keep things in your stomach. I want to talk about everything with thoughts in real life, not keeping. Every day and always I want to know you have good days. Shall we have a good life together we must talk to each other about everything and I want to know every time you are happy. If not, we don't have a good life, but can we talk good and have very good communication I think we don't have any problem, do you agree? . . .
* What is the best present or surprise anyone ever has given you? - I hope it is in future.
* When you want to go somewhere to be alone and to think, where do you go? - to the nature Do you go to your room and close the door? - no Or go outdoors in nature? - yes Or go to a mall and shop, or to a cafe? - no
I like to sleep long time to morning I have free day, but I want to wake up with you and wake you up with sweet kiss all over you. Kiss your face and body everywhere and then you open your eyes I say good morning my dear. have a good time, Natasha

Letter 6

Hello, Jeffrey! How are you today? This morning was nice and sunny for me. It is a rare for this time so I decided to wake up earlier and go to walk a dog from a shelter, it is a nice park with lake nearby, the air is fresh and wonderful there, so I truly enjoy the walk. Thanks for the jokes, they were really funny...
* Did you have a favorite toy when growing up? - I did not have many toys at the orphanage. If so, what was it, why did you like it so much, and do you still have it? - I had a mouse - a toy I slept with, but I left it at the orphanage when I left it.
* You said you are slow to anger. When you do get angry, how do you behave? - trying to calm down. Do you yell and scream, or can you talk about why you are angry calmly and peacefully? - I am peaceful, you will see my anger in my eyes only:) It is nice to get your letter, my dear!! You know, I was waiting for it with such anticipation and with such an excitement!!! It is just great to wait for the moment when I have a possibility to see the answer from you! It is really an important part of the day for me and you know your letters always make my day and rise up my mood, as when I am feeling not very good, I start feeling better and when I am ok I start feeling even happier and inspired! I think that it is very important to have such a person in your life, the one who could present you positive emotions and pleasant communication, but you know, as time flies I understand that you are not a simple man from abroad who I am communicating with through the Internet, but you are becoming more and more important for me and very often it is very hard for me to imagine my day without your letter! I kiss you, Natasha

Letter 7

Hello, Jeffrey! Thanks for being with me again. I know you are now making a trip, most especially with the mind. And, I know this trip is for reaching me. Don't worry, my darling, everything will be good. We are just simple persons, we never gave any pain to anybody in our life, there is no reason to think this could be impossible. Ok, I know you are most special a god, even if you try to hide all that, but your wonderful inner beauty is out of any discussion, and you know that very well. One day, when we will be together forever, we will smile about all that. It will be maybe nice to speak about how we were able to pass over all the difficulties and to reach our target. Our love is something difficult to describe, maybe it exists only in the books, when they are good books in fact. If not it’s something so special that only us we can live and to speak about that. Is your city part of the Lugansk People Republic, which is not recognized by any country of the world? - no, my town belongs to Ukraine. How difficult is it for you to leave your area and travel? - it is easy, but I cannot afford it.
Honey, I just want you to know that it is not such a good idea to send me anything with the post, as we have terrible post services here... It does not matter what but anything that you might send me will either be lost or stolen, I just do not want you to spend your time, efforts and money for this. Thanks, I loved the songs...
* Can you take me through a typical day for you... when you wake up, what you have for breakfast, how you get to work, what you do at work, what time you get home, what you do in the evenings, and when you go to sleep, etc. - I wake up at about 7, have yoghurt or eggs,
get to work by bus to be there by 8.30. I make men and women beautiful at work:) I get home by 19.00 in the evening, cook, have supper and go to work in my garden, I have a shower, read a book and go to sleep at about 12.00.
* Can you tell me more about your best friend? How long have you known her, what does she do for a living, and so on? - I have several best friends. 2 of them are far away, coming to my town very rarely, we communicate in the Internet, like with you. I have known them for 12 years already, most of the time I communicate with my work colleagues.
I kiss you, Natasha

Letter 8

Hello, Jeffrey! I am so sad to hear you are sick... Honey, I just want you to know that it is not such a good idea to send me anything with the post, as we have terrible post services here...It does not matter what but anything that you might send me will either be lost or stolen, I just do not want you to spend your time, efforts and money for this. Honey, I am sorry to write you this, you know how important our correspondence for me is... But I really need you to know that I will not be able to write you any more. It has nothing to do with you, it is my own financial problems! The matter is that we have a very difficult state of finances at work. The government raised up the prices for the communal services as well as for food and all the necessary products. I do not want you to think about my problems, I will take care of them, but I really do not have any more money to go to the Internet cafe and pay for the Internet to be able to write you letters... If you think you are doing a right thing, then I will appreciate if you could help me with these expenses, if not - I will not judge you - it will be only your decision.. With great hope,

Letter 9

Hello, Jeffrey!
I hope you feel better, I am worried about you. Thank you for your desire to help me, my dear! But I need to tell you that I do not have the bank account. I have been to the bank and I was told there that there are several ways of how you can help me, the safest and fastest is the Western Union. I was also given such ways for you to send me the money: Coinstar ria
If you agree, then next time you will receive all the necessary information from me to use it, ok? I will appreciate if you can help me with at least $100 for me to be able to write you in future.
With hope,

Letter 10

Hello, Jeffrey! How do you feel? Thank you so much for your agreement to help me. I appreciate it a lot. There is Oschadbank in my village and they have Western in it but they told me that all you need for the transfer is the following data: full name: Natalia Slipchenko country: Ukraine settlement: Svatovo Zip code: 92600. Yours, PS My full name is Natalia but I like the sweet way which is Natasha I need to know your full name to receive the money. I also need to the know the name of the country where you will send me the money from as well as the exact amount of money and the MTCN code for me to be able to receive it.

Letter 11

Jeffrey, I hope you will not have anything serious. I am really very worried about your health.

Letter 12

Hello dear Jeffrey! How do you feel? I am allowed to write you just this short e-mail. Honey, I miss you very much. I want to see you also! Please, try to send me at least a small e-mail in order for me to know that you don't forget about me and you want to continue our correspondence. Do you still want to meet me? I can't stop thinking of you, please, save me from this loneliness! Yours, Natasha.

Letter 13

Hello, dear Jeffrey! How are you? I hope everything is all right with you. I'm in despair and don't know what to do. What have I done wrong? Did I hurt you? Am I too naive that believed in all the things you've told me? I just need money, that you promised. I thought that you really wanted to have me by your side. Should I still hope or not? Please, tell me at least something, dear Jeffrey.

Letter 14

Hello, my dear Jeffrey! I am sorry you do not care about my feelings. Of course, you must have got much more important matters in your life, but I thought you cared for me.. I am very upset, you know how much I need your help, you know how much I need you, but I guess you do not care. I hope I am wrong. Though I cannot do anything else, than to let you go. I was too naive to hope that you keep to your promise AND HELP ME. Farewell,



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