Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Chelombitko to Edward (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend, American friend! I regret but in the letter you have not written your name. I will name you, my American friend. I think you are not upset. The first, that I want to make - to ask a pardon that i for a long time did not answer you. Please do not take offence at me. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to write to you sooner. Below I will explain to you why. Please forgive me for a delay. I hope, that you are not offended on me. I hope you write to me and will not hold evil on me. I am very glad that you have answered my letter. Thank you that you have found time for answer. I think that you have many questions about myself. I will try to answer them. I don't know what to begin with to tell you about myself. OK, I will try to begin. My name is Anastasiya. In my childhood I was called Nastiya. My friends call me Nastiya. You can call me how it is more pleasant to you. I am 26 years old. My birthday is on the 10th of August 1976. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. My weight is 115 pounds. Probably you will be very much afflicted when you find out that I live not in your country. But I very much hope that it does not frighten you, because I the same lady like many other ladies living in the different countries. I the same person with heart and soul. I live in the village of city type Stepanovka. Stepanovka is located in several kilometers from the city of Tomsk, Russia. Tomsk the big and known city. I began to get education in the secondary comprehensive school. After I finished it I entered the medical college. I finished it with excellent results and entered Medical University. At present I work in a small Gynecological polyclinic. I work as a gynecologist. We have a little collective, but very friendly. American friend, I shall have an opportunity to send you letters only from Monday till Friday, because I haven't got a computer at home. I use a computer at my work. On work I can use a computer almost freely. So it is more convenient for me to write you from my work. Though it too depends not from me. With a computer works another employee. I have not bad relations with her, but she can give me a computer only when she has a free time. For this reason I hope that you understand me. My new friend, answer my questions, if you can:
1. Do you like your job?
2. What is your favourite film?
3. What kind of music do you like?
4. Have you ever had a friend from the other country?(the friend on correspondence). I thank you for your answers beforehand. My new friend, you may not answer these questions if you don't want. In my next letter I shall necessarily answer other your questions. I will tell to you what music and what cinema I like. I send you my picture. I hope to you it is pleasant. Once again I am sorry that long time did not answer your letter. Forgive me, but I had no opportunity to take advantage of a computer. I will waiting for your letter with impatience.
Letter 2
Hi my soul Edward. Thanks for your letter. I am very glad. I now always cheerful because I think of you. The thought about you warm me. The commission has approved my visa. Soon it will be ready. Soon we will together and it will be wonderful. If we fated to become single whole, I believe that it will be. Our hearts are like two great oceans. They are vast and very deep yet calm an peaceful on the surface. Our feeling run very deep and they are very strong. Sometimes we get afraid we will be pulled under by the current. I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerfull wave that will shake the very earth. And when all is done there will be one vast beautiful ocean, beautiful, powerful and heart, one ocean. Edward you have given me much more than you can realize. You are my prayer, my shelter from hopelessness and despair, only you can keep the spark in my soul burning bright. I think you will love my kiss. I send it to you.
Your Nastiya.
P.S. Inform me the closest airport to you. I shall search for the cheapest tickets!!!!!
Letter 3
Hi, my LOVE. There is a fine news to me and to you - I have received the visa. I will receive a vacation on June, 14 or on July, 13. Today I went to the company which reserves airway tickets. I asked them how I can reach Detroit (DTW) and how much it costs. They answered me that the ticket costs $ 1,145.50 USD. I asked them to find cheaper tickets, because this price is expensive for me. They answered that they had a cheaper ticket and the beginning of the flight 18-Jun-03. It costs $ 1012 USD. I asked them to reserve a ticket. But they refused, because they have a lot of clients at this time and they can't reserve my ticket without advance payment. I spoke with them for a long time and asked to reserve the ticket for me without advance payment but they didn't agree. Then I wondered if it is possible to pay a part of the money now and the other part later. They didn't agree. I spoke with them for a long time and I managed to persuade them. They agreed. We agreed that I would pay a part of the price today and the other part later. I paid $ 615 USD. But it was little for an initial payment. Then I went to the pawnshop and pawned my silver and gold embellishments for $ 98 USD. It was my last money. The number of the flight on which I reserved the ticket is Aeroflot-Russian International Airlines 323 The time of departure from Moscow is 12,25 pm. The time of arrival in Detroit is 10.06 pm. I will change a plan in Seattle (SEA), number of the flight Northwest 216 After this I will fly to Detroit, to you. It is very difficult for me to tell you about it. But I have done everything what I could. I paid visa. I paid a part of the ticket. But this money is not enough. I didn't want to burden you. I wanted to reach you with my own money but unfortunately I failed. Now I have to pay the remaining part. It is only $ 299 USD. I have to pay this money before 5-Jun-03 evening. Otherwise I will lose my money and ornaments. If you need me, if you trust me and if you want to see me, please, send the money for the ticket before 5-Jun-03 evening. I understand that it is a difficult decision for you, but we must trust each other. Any union without trust is impossible if it is a union of wife and husband or union of boy-friend and girl-friend or union of business partners. I don't want to be hypocritical. That's why I want to tell you following: I do not think that you would like to give the love to the woman whom you won't trust. Also I would not like to give my love to the man which I won't trust. It's a first check for us. And much depends upon it, may be everything. We must trust each other. That's why I was the first who made the first step. Step to you. Of course if you don't want, you can not help me. It is bad but not fatal. I will lose my money. IT IS BAD TOO BUT NOT FATAL TOO. I paid $335 USD for making visa, and I paid a part of the ticket- $ 613 USD. It is big money for me, but I TOLD YOU ALREADY THAT MONEY IS NOT THE MAIN THING IN THE LIFE. But I trust you, and I know that YOU ARE A MAN OF HONOUR AND YOU ARE A GENTLEMAN. I don't want you top doubt in my honesty and that's why I am sending you the view of my visa. If you can help me I send you my coordinates. My girlfriend has told that you can help me with the help of some system. I have addressed in the nearest bank. To me have told that they have system the Western Union. They have told that It is very convenient office for me. There is other remittance system, but at present unfortunately it works not always because at present there is made some renovation and upgrade of the equipment and signalizing system. But system of Western Union works always and reliably. I give you necessary elements for sending money with the help of Western Union.
for Anastasiya Chelombitko To get the money, I should tell to employee of bank your full name, full address, exact sum which I should receive and some confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number). This number to you will give in your bank if you will send your help. Please forgive to me all my words. I speak so because I am in despair and confusion. Now, when only one step is separated us, I am afraid. I am afraid that you will not help, and all my diligence will have no use. I need you and I want to be with you and the word of honor, your help is necessary for me. I have not calculated my forces. But together we are much stronger. We will pass through difficulties and barrier, it is much easier to do it together. I want to present you all my infinite love and fidelity. I understand that it is the big money for you. I did not want to ask you. I thought that I can make all itself. The loneliness has made me strong. I have got used to live without help, and to rely only on myself. I ask somebody for help very seldom, but now I ask you to help me. I have made a step forward. Make your step towards me. I hope that I have not offended you something. I need you and I trust you. I know, that you will not throw me now when there is only one step between us.
I am waiting for your reply.
Kiss you.
Your Anastasiya
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