Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Vasileva to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Nice to meet you, charming. I'm asking you do not be amazed to my text.
With your assent, I will report you more about myself.
I'm want to meet a man for a relation and spend time together.
I am friendly, optimistic girl. I really like fantasize and be thrilled of life.
I give preference to conduct recreation in friendly society.
But in my soul right now is cold. I want to meet a man who banish the cold.
I'm expect you can be my prince.
You know, I'm an soulful girl, so to speak, I'm without complexes and without harmful tendencies.
I do not consume alcohol or smoke.
If you have no complexes and get ready to embark in the universe of eternal felicity and fondness, if you are get ready outside of the unhappy bleak life keep shining unforgettable fairytale, do not miss this possibility, put all the work and contact me as soon as possible! We could write and send image, even intimate.
Subsequently, of course, you would obtain more of my image and can to know me even better.
I think that I could to get involved you and our friendship will keep on.
Your Lyudochka!
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Jim! Thank you for answering my letter back)) Seeing today, your reply letter, I was very happy. I hope your interest is, indeed, true and sincere. Now I will tell you a little about myself.
As you know my name Lyudmila. I am 29 years old. I live in Russia, in the city of Khabarovsk. It is located almost on the border with China.
But despite that I've never been to China. I have many hobbies. I love life in all its manifestations. Every day is an opportunity for me to become better and to learn something new. I learned the value of each moment in early childhood. Since then I enjoy every breath. I'm actually a very cheerful person. Jokes and anecdotes elevate mood and sincere smile is the best indicator of friendliness. For example, I now write to you these lines and smile! I smile at the fact that I was very pleased to get the opportunity to get to know you. Well... it was a small digression from my story. That is to say, the expression of my emotions) Despite my ease, I'm a very serious person. The order should be in everything: in business and in the head. Such a principle I adhere to in all that relates to achieving goals. It helped me finish school with a gold medal and the Medical Academy with honors. At the moment, my studies at the Academy are over and I received a diploma in the specialty of Dentistry. In the near future I will become a full-fledged dentist. Tell me about yourself, about the country, about city where you live. About your hobbies, about your work, what attracts you in people. Thus we can learn if we have something in common. I would also like to touch on a delicate subject. I dance a striptease. This is what allows me to feel, to feel my sexuality and beauty. I just say to you about it, because I don't not want in the future to meet a misunderstanding on your part. If it's contrary to your moral and ethical principles, we can save time to each other and to stop communicating. I can take criticism in my address. I can only hope that this is not a problem for you. In any case, write me about everything that is bothering you. If you decide to continue our communication, then I would like to ask for your telephone number.
This will give us the opportunity to hear each other and I will be sure of your sincere intentions. On this I finish my letter with hope for your answer. Thank you for read my words until the end! Don't forget me, please as soon as possible to write. Gentle embrace ...
Your new friend Lyudmila.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Jim! How nice to get your letter)) I am very grateful that you were understanding to my fascination with striptease. I am confident in myself and I'm not ashamed of this occupation. I do not engage in prostitution and do not sell myself for money. I know my own worth and it is not measured in material wealth. I have nothing to hide and so I at once decided to tell you everything. Honesty is a very important aspect in any relationship between people. In our world a lot of lies and misunderstandings. I have experienced this many times. Several times I have experienced emotional pain and suffering.
For this reason I always try to be honest to myself and to other people. I hate liars! In the past I communicated with a man via the Internet, but it didn't end well(( In the end it turned out that he needed from me only my photos of an intimate nature. I felt great pain knowing that I was just a toy in someone else's hands(( I'm asking you to be honest with me and answer my question. You only want my photo or relationships with me??? Your answer is very important to me! As for me, I want our communication continued and developed.Something I too delved into self-torture)) Most correct will be all the bad leave behind and live in today! If you don't mind, send me some your photos.
You're very nice to me and our communication gives me great pleasure.
Unfortunately, I am unable to use modern means of communication such as Skype, Facebook, and various types of messengers, while I can only dream about them. Simple E-mail for me the most acceptable and convenient option. I use a USB ADSL modem. This system does not work well, and it is extremely expensive. I pay for every downloaded megabyte. And when downloading a large number of megabytes, the cost skyrockets. If you're not tired to read my letter, I'd like to give you more details about me) My height is 170 cm, weight 54 kg. my date of birth 6 December 1988. My childhood was different from most children. I was in the orphanage and it was the saddest chapter of my life. I have lots of different experiences during the time spent at the shelter. I can say only one thing - Children are sometimes very cruel. Maybe someday I will be able to tell you more about my childhood, but not now. Excuse me, but it's too personal and painful memories. When I turned 18, I was so insanely happy!!!! I finally became free!!! The government gave me an apartment on the outskirts of Khabarovsk. At that moment I felt like a HUMAN! From that moment began my new life)) You're probably wondering why I wrote a man from another country?! In fact, everything is simple. I got a grant for international internship in your country. I graduated from Medical Academy with honors and I was offered an internship abroad. 6 months I'm doing my internship. If all goes well, I will have the opportunity to continue working in your country. In the following letter I will write you more about this, ok? ;) I thought that in a foreign country, I want a friend or beloved?!) That's how lucky)) However, if you have no objection, then soon we will be able to see each other face to face. Write me more about yourself, about the most important moments of your life. I want to believe that you read my letter till the end, never not fallen asleep from boredom. In any case, I thank you for the time you spend on me. Gentle hugs and kisses...
Your Lyudmila !
Letter 4

Hello my friend Jim! Have you not noticed that between us there is some connection?? I dont know if you felt the same, but I definitely have a craving for you. Every night I remember your letter, and try to imagine your way of life, to feel your perception of the world. I understand that nothing can replace real communication, visual and tactile contact. Touch, glances, touches, voice. Without this it is impossible to obtain real pleasure from communication. Any one fulfilling relationship are impossible without physical sensations, without sex. As corny as it may sound. Sex allows you to feel the partner, to experience an emotional connection. I love sex! Rare to meet people who wouldn't love sex)) I hope that soon we will have the opportunity to see each other)) And we don't miss this chance! I hope my candor is not too embarrassing. Sometimes I think I'm too openly express my emotions and feelings. If it's for you is a problem, then immediately tell me about it. Now I would like to return to my internship programme. You probably have a misunderstanding about this issue. Firstly, very soon I will be in your country) For me it's all very thrillingly, as I never was in other places, in addition to Khabarovsk. I was a little scared of the language barrier, but I think my English is not so bad. Although... maybe only I think so)) Each year the government of Russia gives the opportunity to the best students to obtain international practice. During the study I was the exemplary student at the Department of Stomatology, in relation to learning and attendance. As I said earlier the result of all this was the Diploma with Honors and internship program abroad. I chose your country for the internship not by chance. You have a very high rate of professionalism in this field and use the most advanced technologies.
While in Russia, people are still afraid to visit the dentist because it is pure sadism, not a comfortable treatment. This is the paradox of Russia. There is knowledge, but there is no possibility of applying them in practice due to the lack of modern equipment. The duration of the internship is 6 months. The first 2 weeks I will be in the capital, to listen to the course of lectures. Next, I will have to choose the city in which my entire practice will take place. In the event that I dont have certain preferences, then the place of my practice will be chosen by management. Even now I am writing to you and my heart is racing with joy. I am madly looking forward to this trip! Such a chance comes once in a lifetime! I think you agree with me. Under the agreement, the whole trip paid by my government. A complete package that includes accommodation, food and clothing (if necessary). I have another delicate question for you. How do you feel about more intimate photos? If you don't mind, I'd like to send you more sexy photos. I must know your decision. I believe that we can achieve a closer relationship than just friends. You're very very attractive) We need to trust each other 100. The more we communicate, the more understanding there will be between us. With great trembling waiting for your letter. Kiss! Your Lyudmila !
Letter 5
Hello my sweet Jim! More and more I become addicted to your letters.When I don't see a new letter from you, I open the previous letters and reread them. If a year ago someone told me what lies ahead of me, so many highlights, I would have just laughed and not believed it. I never was reaching for the stars and always tried to feel the ground under my feet. But now I'm so happy that everything seems a particularly beautiful and harmonious. Perhaps this is the so-called "white stripe" in my life. Despite all the turmoil and anxiety of the trip, I feel calm. I know that "There" in a unfamiliar country, I have a friend is You! Thank you for reading my letters and answering them.
I believe that soon our acquaintance will become closer and closer.
How cool would it be to talk on the phone, but lately I'm a little scattered. I don't know what happened to my phone, all day can't find him. This morning I got up from the phone alarm clock and went out for my daily jog. Then I packed my clothes and prepared to eat and remembered about the phone only closer to the dinner. I tried to call my number, but it looks like it's battery is flat. The most important thing is that it's not lost(( There's a lot of personal information including photos(( I hope that it will be found. Something thoughts on the phone haunt me(( Now is not the time! Need to switch attention to something else. Dear Jim, today I will show you my immodest photos)
Tell me if you like it! It is very important to me! I need to know am I attracting you as a woman, physically? May my photos bring you only positive emotions and a little passion;) In fact I try to keep my body and figure. Almost every day I run, 3 times a week doing home workouts + mandatory stretching exercises. I believe that grace and plasticity adorn a woman. Sometimes I compare myself with a cat. Soft, flexible, graceful cat that sometimes can scratch the offender)) I Almost forgot to ask you how you feel about Smoking? I don't smoke and think it's a very bad habit! I can afford a little bit of alcohol. I love red wine or some champagne to relax, but no cigarettes! Don't know why, but now I want to share with you something very personal. I tried to hide it from everyone and never talk about it( But I think I can be honest with you. In my childhood I was a very notorious child and the children mocked me as I could. From all the bullying I received emotional trauma and closed from all ceasing to talk. I spent the whole year was silent and suffered all the attacks from the children from the orphanage. But thanks to the psychologist that was there for me all this time, I slowly began to recover. This woman taught me to fight back, learned to love myself. I still consider her as the main person in my life. Unfortunately, it is no longer in this world((
But I'll always remember her!!!!! I really wish we had something personal that connects us to each other. Please keep my secret and open your heart to me. Looking forward to your answer. Gently embrace...
Your Lyudmila !
Letter 6
Hello dear Jim! How's your life? I hope you are all well. I have great news, all my travel documents ready. Tomorrow I will go to Moscow to be more in the place of my internship. Literally as soon as I heard the news, I immediately wrote to you about it. Each time sitting at the computer, I'm waiting for your letter. I feel that I miss you already. If I say in a few words my feelings- when I read your letters my heart starts to beat faster. It is a pleasant and sweet feeling! I feel a warm feeling and I am very glad that our communication with you continues. I think that you very good and kind person. I have a very long time not been in a serious relationship and in my heart there was an emptiness. Maybe I'm naive, but deep down I believe that I will meet my only man, Jim I'm a little embarrassed to write about this, but I hope you're not afraid of me. I don't think I'm doing something unnatural. I just want sex and I want it with you.
I think it's a natural need of the body. I see that our relations are developing very well, and we can study each other. I want to tell you that I am very sexy girl and inside me is burning bright the fire of passion. When I come to your country and we meet, you will be able to make me very happy. Men in our country, a very modest, shy and insecure. I love sex, I love to try everything new and unexplored;) I love the new poses, role play and new places for sex. I like oral sex.
I think this is one of the most beautiful types of sex is an intimate moment of intimacy between a man and a woman. I want you to cum on my face. I have never felt this great feeling. But I really want to experience it with you Jim . Psychology russian men are very conservative. I think that sex in the missionary position can very quickly become bored. It is very monotonous. I want something new, I have many ideas and I love to experiment! I need a partner to explore my sexuality. I also want to ask you, what do you think about oral sex? We will deal with it? But please don't think I'm perverse. You really make me very hot! I have a strong desire to you! To me this is the first time! I just can't control myself! If I see attention, care and love from my men, I will give all of myself without reserve to our relationship. I hope that person is you! I want to meet a man who is worthy my pure and sincere love. I want to send in this letter a more intimate photo. I'm a little embarrassed... I hope you enjoy my pictures. I also hope that these photos will not be seen by anybody except you. These pictures are only for you and not for anybody else.
I also hope that you correctly understood me. I'm freedom woman! I love sex and want to explore it with you. If something is confusing just tell me and I stopped doing it. If you want further communication, I want to see the picture that you end up with my photos. I think it's very exciting;) But it's just thoughts. I want to see the cum on my body and face! I love sex and I will tell you honestly, I really want you Jim ! I conclude my letter, and I feel a lot of excitement. Between my feet very wet and I urgently need to find my toy!!!!!! I hope this letter brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart and pants:)))) I really hope to see Your new letter soon! Hot kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!!
Your Lyudmila !
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