Scam letter(s) from Irina to Eddy (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend Eddy! I am very pleased that you have responded to my letter. My letter to you was quite suddenly ?!
And you were surprised by getting it ?! But let's say thank you, modern progress! It is now possible much of what we have not even thought of before! I am grateful to the modern technologies that have helped us to have a first contact. I am pleased that on the Internet there are services like search ideal partner !!! Probably, it remains a mystery who's his ideal partner that he is is for everyone.
I am also very interested in this question. Throughout his adult life, we were looking for the perfect partner.
Perhaps, once passed by without noticing the crowd right person, or something else.
We do not know what will happen, if you really found the ideal partner.
Now I have a great desire to open the veil of secrecy and learn all the same who is my perfect partner. I am very interested in communicating with you. I am very happy to see your letter, and all thoughts are messed up, do not even know where to begin! The fact is that the first time I decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet, up to this point, I never did not. But honestly, I do not even hope that you will respond, but still so fast! Well, now I want to talk a little bit about me. My name is Irina, I wrote to you my 42 years, I am a widow, my husband died 5 years ago. I live with my dad. My birthday is April 6, 1975. I was born and grew up in the depths of Russia, in a small provincial town of Velsk. This is a small provincial town in the north-west of Russia in 545 kilometers from the city of Arkhangelsk.
And 835 kilometers north of Moscow. My city is located on the beautiful river. In my city is home to only 25 thousand. Man. And where do you live? In what city? By profession I am a doctor (pediatric surgeon), I worked in the State Children's Clinic ?1, more than one year. I love my job very much. I was lucky with my parents, they are very decent people, and I have always been brought up in severity and respect. And I also need a good and kind man, the most-most, which is just for me. My other half, who is also looking for me. Call a dating agency recommended me my friend, I decided to look for happiness. I am pleased to say that I am a very serious, for me it all seriously and in truth. I'm an adult educated woman. I want to find a real man, regardless of age and social status. For me it does not matter, he is poor or rich, the most precious thing that he loved and respected me, and everything else possible get together, it would wish. As one very famous man, "Desire - a thousand ways, and do not desire a thousand reasons!" And I really like this sentence. Yes, I will say more than this as my motto in life. I'm not lazy, I love to work and always want to achieve their goals. I love to read, spend it on a lot of their free time. But I do not just read, yet all the time I fill up my collection of books. And they piled them is not enough in my apartment. To my regret, in my life 5 years ago there was a great tragedy, I lost my husband and was left a widow. During the last 5 years, I'm lonely and I do not have enough love. I really want to fix this in the future, I hope that you will help me in this? :) A very long time I was psychologically depressed the death of my husband, I did not have anything. What would you like that to distract from my tragedy, I worked a lot. Can you tell me a little information about you? With great pleasure I will answer all the questions that you are interested in! I hope that we will be interested to know each other !!! Dear Friend Eddy I'll look forward to your letter. Write to me at length about myself, where you live, whether you are in other countries and what you know about Russia? Well, I'll wait for your answer!
Please send me your photos.
Let me finish my letter.
Sincerely your best new friend from Russia Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Eddy! Reading your letter gives me very great pleasure. I am glad that we have the ability to communicate is very important and valuable to me!
I want to tell you so much about me and learn a lot about you. First of all, as you already know, I was born on April 6 is my zodiac sign - Aries. My height is 172 cm and I weigh 57 kg. I do not have bad habits. I do not smoke and do not drink. I have no children. I graduated from a medical college in the city of Archangelsk, and then the State Medical Academy, has received one of the prestigious entities in Russia and is considered to be not a bad expert in the field of medicine. I am also very loved and appreciated at work, as a senior colleagues and my patients. I also want to tell you that in order to connect to the internet, I use Usb Adsl modem, the speed of the system is very slow, and besides, is not cheap. I pay the downloaded megabytes, and if you download a large number of megabytes, it will be expensive. So I ask, please reduce the size of your photos. And that's why I prefer to just write you e-mail ... About these modern means of communication such as Skype and various kinds of messengers until I can only dream of. And unfortunately at the moment I do not have a cell phone, but I hope that this is a temporary problem and it will be resolved in the near future. Yes, I wanted to tell you that I am quite well aware of the English language, because for many years she studied it in school, and then in the Medical Academy.
Can enough to communicate it without much difficulty. I can well understand your letters. But dear Eddy I want to say that I can avoid spelling mistakes. I am glad that we are without difficulty found a common language and understand each other!
I will try to improve the knowledge of English. In Russia we say - "Live. And learn. " Do you like to learn? What is your education? Usually in initial childhood education creates stereotypes parents. I want this letter to tell you in detail about myself and about my parents. My dad Vladimir, his 65 years. He is now retired and does not work. He worked as a teacher of literature at school, and high school students is the honored worker of education and enlightenment. However, not any jewels or benefits it makes the exception to free travel on the territory of our city. But I am very proud of him, I remember his students and colleagues. He is brilliant always take responsibility for his work, and even now his name is to hold various seminars and lectures. My mother Irina, worked as a librarian in the same school with my dad.
They met at the school. It was very hard work. During Soviet times, the importance given to education, and a very large load lying on the part of teachers and pedagogical schools. Mom spent a lot of time in school, and even now I think she's at work and coming soon. She is taking care of us from the Pope. I was the only daughter of my mother (I do not have brothers and sisters), my mother gave me all your love, all its beauty and wisdom. Papa gave me the mind and learn to be honest and decent in everything.
They think it succeeded because, as the Pope says, they have never been ashamed of me. My mom taught me to love books. They have always been at home a lot, and now all we can say thanks to me was going to a library. Now it is one of my main hobbies. The fact that we are living with the Pope only two of us, my mother died of lung cancer when I was 16 years old. My mother is from the rather cold climate in my town was often sick, chased by colds. My mother often was in the hospital, where she was examined by doctors.
Because of the imperfections of medicine mom for a long time could not make a diagnosis, doctors thought that she was often sick because of the low level of immunity, and they are assigned a variety of vitamins and do preventive injections. But Mother continued to hurt ... Doctors asked her to do the surgery, and doctors found lung cancer my mother during surgery.
It was a very dangerous stage .. I remember that terrible day in which my mother was operated. My dad came home in tears the first time I saw Dad cry. He stood in the doorway and did not pass, I went up to him and asked what was happening, and he was silent ..
Only 5 minutes later, he said that my mother and her cancer to live no more than two months ... I remember that I was very stabbed heart and I hugged dad cried. We stood at the threshold of almost an hour. One month after surgery my mother died. I am very hurt and sad to say it, now that I am writing this, tears fell on my face. After the death of my mother, I decided that I would be working in the medical field, and will help people to such tragic moments were not in people's lives. This was the main fact the choice of my profession.
Can you tell us something about your parents? Continuing the story about yourself! My favorite color is green, the color of nature and spring. I love nature and if possible on a weekend with friends to leave the city. I am very sensitive, thoughtful and romantic.
Friends think I'm cheerful, sociable, sympathetic and energetic woman. But I'm a little sentimental and sometimes it is easily vulnerable. First of all in people I appreciate sense of humor, kindness and sincerity. What do you value most in men? How do you see your soul mate? I have and favorite poets and writers. I love Pushkin, Esenin, Block, Vusockiy, Cvetaeva, Ahmatova. I think even a few letters is not enough for what to tell my favorite authors and their works. I love the land and clean air.
I like to plant flowers in my home and the whole conservatory of flowers. Sometimes I want to go from the city and experience the natural freshness of the air, feel the gentle breeze and see how the play leaves.
Important for me is the state of my soul. My dear friend Eddy, I believe in God. I visit the Russian Orthodox Church and our family respects all the laws of the church. We appreciate the value of the seed, and always help others.
Unfortunately, we do not have relatives in addition to the two of us with the Pope. Therefore, we firmly stick together and help each other as best we can. I talk too much about yourself) Let's talk about you) I believe that we should not worry about the age difference. A man as old as he feels, a woman as much as it looks! I believe as well, and so I was not important age difference. Most importantly, some people inside and how he feels! I believe that love for all ages. Tell me about your faith, and whether you believe in God at all. What are your traditions and canons, that you should follow ?? I end my letter. So you want to know more of you. So many of you do not know me. But I am sure that very soon everything will change and we will be able to become closer to each other. Write to me about everything. Ask me
about all the things I'll be happy to answer you !! I am waiting for your letter. Take care of yourself. Please do not forget about me. Our communication is very important for me. Be healthy!
Your friend from Russia, Irina!
Letter 3
Hello my dear Eddy !!!! I am very pleased to receive your new letter. It is very interesting to communicate with you and each of your letter I read very carefully!
When I see your line on my face always a smile appears. Thank you very much for this Eddy !!!! Tonight I slept very sweet. How did you spend last night? There is something new in your life? I very much like today's weather, the sun is shining. As I promised you in my last letter, I will talk about my work in more detail. As you already know, I work in pediatric surgeon "State Children's Clinic ?1» in the city of Velsk. Our clinic is not new, and the state is in no hurry to allocate money for the renovation and new equipment. As a joke, doctors in Russia - "We are the miners who came to the mine to work in the dark with only one flashlight." But this does not prevent doctors to give the perfect cure for people, because everything is done with the soul and care. My working day starts at 8 am and lasts until 18.00.
Occupation surgeon - one of the most important and the most difficult in medicine.
Surgeon - is the one who in the field of their specialization perfectly mastered the surgical method of treatment. To become a surgeon, you must obtain a medical degree, and then hands-on experience while constantly improving their skills.
Surgery today is not standing still. It is continually evolving, moving forward. In it, as anywhere, quickly and efficiently implemented innovative methods and technologies are constantly being developed modern techniques of surgical treatment. We doctors need to learn throughout their practice. I often travel to other cities for training and professional development. At work I get on the bus. In the morning, a lot of people in urban transport. Thank God that our city is not large, so there is no traffic jams. I am very busy, I have a lot of work in the clinic. Every doctor simply painted by the minute.
In the morning people from six in the morning took place at the reception to take place on the card to see a doctor. also coming out of turn a lot of people, and we accept them, but only those who come with acute pain. Who does not want to stand in queues to doctors, can go to a paid office, by appointment. But this is very expensive. In general, the service sector in Russia is very expensive and not everyone can afford it. Now I have so little free time, so I apologize in advance, which may not be able to respond immediately to your letters. One of the main problems of modern society, is that people lead a sedentary lifestyle, and it reduces immunity. Ecology is very spoiled and it affects very much on people's organisms. So I have to work a lot. In addition to the basic work I have to do every day of thorough cleaning and constantly clean the rooms.
We were simply tortured by different commissions and inspections. Still a lot of patients in the toll offices, as if everything conspired. I am very tired, but it's my job, I have to help people. I do not get a big salary. The average salary of child surgeon in my city is 12,000 rubles a month, due to my very long experience I get 15,000 rubles per month (about 200 euros per month). But this money is enough to stay in my city. It is nice to know that I have a life made better. I always hope that my help, I will do it for the good of the people. And maybe someday I as someone able to help and do good. How do you treat others help? I love doing charity campaigns in children's homes and always give to children who have no parents of different toys. After my husband's death my only consolation was the work - it helped me forget about everything, do not think about anything as a job. But each person has a limit in his physical abilities. So you want to relax, go to the theater, to lie on the couch and sleep longer. Do you have a lot of friends? In Russia, we say, "Tell me who your friends are, I'll tell you who you are." I would like to talk a little bit about my friend Katya. She works with me, my right hand and my nurse friend. We live next to her in the neighboring apartments. She was a little older than me, but we all know about each other. We do not have any secrets between them. She always wanted me only happiness, just as I told her. Each one of us have a lot in common, because it is just as lonely. My friend Katya had a husband.
They lived with him for about 7 years. And in the early days of their marriage, he barely drank and drank and if it is not much.
But he began to drink more over time. She loved him very much and hoped that he would give up the habit. Because of this, he had problems at work, and he often changed his place of work. The more it became his problem, the more he blamed Katya, he began to beat her.
Once he hit her very hard she hit her head, and miraculously survived.
Her husband was convicted. Now they do not support no ties! How do you spend your free time? Do you often spend time with your friends? What hobbies do you have? One of my main hobbies movies! Yes, a lot of favorite movies and actors, even all not remember so just to list them all. I like roles that are played by actors - Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage. Because I like the actress - Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz. These actors are great professionals.
What's the role, then hit discovery and discovery for me as a viewer. Due to the large amount of work I watch television very rarely. I also love going to the cinema and to the theater. We are at the expense of the trade unions are selling discount tickets to the theater and cinema, and we are co-workers go into different sessions. I find it interesting all movie genres and happy to attend any session. But it does not happen often, this is not like before, and ticket prices are very high. Sometimes even have to choose, go to the theater, cinema or buy something from clothes. And how do you feel about the art of theater and cinema? How often you go to the cinema or theater? And how you fared with ticket prices? We have movie tickets are not less than 300 rubles (? 5). In the winter I like to ski and skate. In the future, I would love to go skiing. But, unfortunately, this is just my dream. I have never traveled outside of my country. You are about anything you dream, my friend Eddy?
Perhaps we will be able to spend a great time together in the future? In the summer, I like to do aerobics, swim and sunbathe in the sun.
I very much like to meet a dawn and see the sunset. I love nature. I like to walk along the river, feel the sand underfoot and the water.
Do you like nature? At this moment, unfortunately, I have to finish my mail. I look forward to your new message. I am very happy that our dialogue continues, and we can become closer to each other. I am sure that everything will necessarily have, and we can build real, long-term relationship. Sincerely, your friend, Irina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Eddy !! I am very grateful for the Internet, we have the ability to communicate. And today I would like to talk just about the Internet and its potential to create a serious relationship. I understand that online life goes its own special way, as usual, in many ways this life is quite different from the reality. Internet - is the element of contradiction it combines opportunities and threats. The internet can allow for the creation of a new family built a new love. But it may carry a threat that can destroy faith in love. Each user can enter this magical world and stay there forever. Communication on the Internet is connected also with big risks. We do not always know about who is actually your interlocutor. We can only evaluate what we see, we judge people by letters. But is it right ??? It's no secret that the Internet often occur deceptions. Today I would like to address such an important topic for our relationship in a letter, as the existence of various frauds on the Internet. The fact is that when I decided to meet you, I have been advised that on the Internet there are many men who are not looking for a bride or beloved.
Often there are some men who are looking for an opportunity to earn money. They are trying to trick to invite me to visit the women, urging them by any means come to them, promise to love and affection in a luxurious and rich life, but in fact the girl is waiting for only one thing - ****** slavery, prostitution. Women caught in a *** slavery a lot of these impostors - men locked women in apartments are forced into prostitution, even ****** cases are known when a woman tries to leave the slavery. And all for the sake of money. But on the other hand, there are so terrible as young women, who, under the pretext of looking for love, looking for only one thing - the ability to capitalize on people's feelings. Young beautiful girl that could be removed on the covers of magazines or participate in a fashion show say that they still were not for her husband, and the main reason is that all Russian men drink, in these words, little truth.
They promise to meet with a man, but never intended to do so.
All they need is financial assistance to men under the pretext of meeting. Kind and caring and honorable men from abroad are helping these women liar. They behave like real gentlemen who are ready for love at all. But do not get anything in return. I always despise people who play on feelings. I hate to look at those who are for the money ready to sell his feelings, it seems to me that this can only petty and vile people. This situation shows that anyone can be proud of and show those to hate. I have great respect for the love of men are willing to help the beloved. And I think that, despite the fact that they have been deceived - they were right. Since a man must always be a reliable support and support of the woman he loves.
And in any case need to help women. But those who ignored the trust, just a shame cause in my eyes. Have you seen such young women on the Internet? Familiar any cases of fraud on the Internet you? In my opinion, the main problem of fraud scenarios in one thing - money. We live in a capitalist society where the very important role played by money. Money provides the power and prestige, who have money can afford to buy them for all that he wants. And a lot of people are now in an endless race for savings. I believe that this is not right!
I think we should appreciate the feelings and soul to live !! I think that the modern world has to pay great attention to the prestige of human values such as love, trust, respect and patience. How, then, to believe everything that happens on the internet ??? In my opinion, the answer is simple and obvious - you should always listen to your heart ... The heart is always able to tell the truth.
It is never wrong and everything is done with heart and soul achieves great success !! I think that this letter will help us to be more open to each other, you need to know that I'm listening to the heart, and it suggests that our fellowship with you Eddy going in the right direction !! We need to develop
our relations and achieve their goals !! And it is necessary for us to do in the mutual openness and trust each other, and most importantly, listening to YOUR HEART !!! I am confident that we can create a serious relationship !!! So sorry that I can not hear your voice and talk to you as simple as to correspond via the Internet. In our apartment, unfortunately, no landline phone. And the mobile phone at the moment I do not have too.
But I really hope that one day I can find a chance to call you. I liked the idea of one foreign writer: "Russia is rich, but the people are poor." The way it is. I'll look forward to your letters !!
Please answer my questions in my next letter, as this could help in the development of our relations. Regards!!!
Your Irina!!
Letter 5
Hello, my long-awaited Eddy! I'm glad to see your
new letter. Anytime your letter is able to lift my spirits even in the saddest day !! Your letters changed me and I am very grateful to you for it !!! Pope wishes you a good mood and health. You are very dear to me. I do not want to lose you, I want to develop our relations! Do you want this? You're a very good man, a wonderful man. I want us all was well. I believe in you with all my heart, you are not like everyone else, you have become part of my life !! My female intuition tells us that each of my letter, I try to fill not only information, but also to convey some feelings and emotions. I think that between us there's a connection that overcomes distance and connects our thoughts, our bodies. I totally spaced and trust you, in you I see the person with whom you can share any information and be sure that you will understand me and will never laugh at my grief. And I wish I was an integral part of your life. I want our relationship has been very clear and there were no secrets between us. I wish we could sympathize with each other in the tragedies that have been in our lives, be proud of, and rejoice in the happy moments of life. And I'm sure that we will be able to overcome any psychological barriers and overcome all fears and the fear that bother us !! Before I met you, the only thing that bothered me - the death of her husband. I am now afraid of what you might be afraid to talk with a woman who has experienced grief. It seems to me that the woman who has ever been married is not interesting to anyone, even despite the fact that I am a widow. Am I wrong? I very much hope that in spite of all, we will communicate and develop our relations. I think it would be better if I tell you everything about my life before meeting you. But please promise me that you with understanding react to my words. I never think of my husband's death, always I do not want to talk about it. For me it's like a bad dream. But you Eddy, I just have to tell it. The fact that we have with my husband had a daughter. Her name was Lena, she was 3.5 years. And 5 years ago, I lost not only her husband but also his beloved daughter.
I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, but I want you to know all about me. Now I close my eyes and remember that terrible day - January 12, 2012 (for more than five years have passed). As if it was yesterday, I remember when I wake up out of bed, going to wake up my little one Lena, she gets very pleased with a smile in his eyes and screaming beautiful words "Good morning, Mommy." I had to go to work, it was a Saturday afternoon, my husband slept, as he had the day off. I went to work. In the evening we had bought tickets to the theater performance for children, husband and my daughter had to meet me, drove a taxi, since the end of the day there was very little time before the start of the performance. All day I had a great mood, and I was waiting for a visit to the theater. After the end of the day I went outside. And in the distance I saw a taxi which stopped at a red light at the intersection. In our town are very few taxis, and I immediately thought that this was going, my husband and my daughter, Lena, I was very happy. I stood and watched as the taxi starts moving in my direction. When it started to move, I just froze as I saw that at the intersection on a red light goes a huge truck, and he is racing at high speed directly at the taxi .. All my heart sank at that moment, a truck hit a taxi .. I do not I could not believe it and said to myself - "in the taxi did not have my husband in the taxi did not have my daughter Lena». I could not believe my eyes .. I was completely petrified. Taxi was very badly damaged .. I was afraid to take a step towards a taxi, I was afraid that my daughter and her husband may be there. But still
went because I'm a doctor and I could help those affected by profession .. But reaching the taxi, I saw a terrible picture: a taxi hit a truck full, and all the taxis were creased ..
The only thing that I remember, as noted in the the backseat of my favorite toy Lena. When I saw it, I realized that this taxi was driving my husband and my daughter .. I did not want to live anymore .. I do not want to see this grief .. I .. very loudly sobbed and fell unconscious .. I woke up just in ambulance .. I immediately started screaming "please tell me who was in a taxi .. the entire medical staff, who sat next to me kept stony silence ... I have again and again shouted these words. And when someone said - "Your husband and daughter no more." I sobbed and tried to pull out all your hair from the head ..
I was so bad. I asked all - "Why the machine drove a taxi to this, for which I blame ?? I wish I knocked the truck "... I still blame myself for having asked her husband to call a taxi .. I wish we were on foot and missed the theater, I blame myself for what I did not run up to a minute before this Taxi. Perhaps then we could still save my husband and daughter .. And the most insulting that the truck driver ran a red light was not punished in any way, since he was not guilty. That day on the road was ice, and he just could not stop. The fine was imposed on the control of the city for the fact that they are not sprinkled with street drugs against the formation of ice, and they got off easy with a fine in the amount of 10,000 rubles (slightly more than 150 Euro), and that I was supposed to do with this money? Buy a new daughter and new husband ??? I did not even take the money, because I think that the city administration had to incur criminal penalties. After that day, I was just not his own .. .. I did not talk all the time crying .. I even thought about how to commit suicide ..
because I did not want to live anymore .. I wanted to be with her husband and daughter. I was prescribed treatment with a psychologist, I was treated for several months. But I still did not help. I opened my heart to you .. I had no one to not talk about it a terrible day, but I'm sure you must know it .. I can not write these words with indifference on my face a lot of tears, his fingers on my hands shaking from the experience. I often confuse letters. But now you know all about me !! And I believe that this information will remain just between you and me. Over the past 5 years all the time I went gloomy, sad, or anyone not notice except for work and their patients, and now you are able to change my life, I hope that you understand that because of this tragedy I could not communicate with men. Before I met you I have even heard of them I did not want to, but it is life goes on. It should even be said differently: "Life is just beginning." Time really cures everything. Of course, the scars on the heart, but we want to believe that they will not hurt. I will not bother you more than my problems. I think a lot about you. I just want to ask you, if I can ever hear your voice? Write to me, what is your time zone? We in Velsk we live according to Moscow time, then we have the time zone UTC + 3. What's your time zone?
Eddy, write, very interesting. Now I have so little free time, so I apologize in advance, which may not be able to respond immediately to your letters. Therefore, I ask you to understand me and do not be offended. I will try to answer you as soon as possible, I hope that my work will be allowed to do so. Anything new? How is your everyday day Eddy? I'm getting heat from your words, I smile all day and fly on the wings of happiness! Many colleagues began to notice the change in me, which was quite different, for the better.
But they do not realize how lucky I feel when dealing with you. I told only one of my good friend Katya about you that make friends and communicate with a wonderful and decent man.
And she told me that when I told her about you, and about how we communicate, I am just glowed with happiness. With these changes and chat with you send for me. I have a dream that you have made me the happiest man on earth.
Though you have made me so very happy.
I'm sure everything will be fine. I very much waited for it. Promise me, miss me! Promise me that you will think of me every day!
I'll wait for your letter. Wish you all the best Forever your Irina!
Take care of yourself!
Letter 6
Hello, my dear Eddy! Thank you for what you did not leave me no attention, and write letters.
Your line is always like a ray of sunlight that penetrates into my heart. I look forward to your letters. I read every word you write, very carefully. During our conversation you have become a very important person for me. I'm insanely happy that fate has allowed us to meet. How is your weather, Eddy? How are you feeling? That's all wonderful, because you're near. During our conversation, I recognize you very well. I realized that you're a smart, beautiful in mind, the intellectual and open-minded person. But perhaps you have some hobbies which you have not told me? For example, I quite forgot to tell that my dad often takes me with him on a fishing trip. And I enjoy spending time at the lake. This allows very good to relax and forget about everything. I was most fascinated the process of catching fish. Dad and I tried fishing at the end to let the fish back into the pond. But of course sometimes we bring it home, and make a delicious soup, it is called uha in Russia. Sometimes, I wonder what the people needed for full happiness, because we are all different.
Someone just craves financial gain, and who is it already has and buys expensive houses and cars, thinking only of themselves, betraying the feelings and spiritual values. Our world has become a huge lump of mud, which is already very difficult to clean up, but as long as the world will be at least one person who knows how to truly love, the world will continue to exist. For me, the spiritual richness and the balance is more important than financial wealth. I believe that true love can overcome any barriers and finance is only a means of life, but no more. I am pleased to communicate with you Eddy! I see that we are very similar, we have the same views and purpose to life. Do you agree with me?
With each your letter I understand that you are very dear person to me! I am ready to meet with you all my secrets. Now we know very well each other. I think that now we have to leave our past behind and where it should start a new life. Now we need to continue to live and look only forward, not stopping for a step. Now I'm sure you 100! I know that you will never hurt me, that you do not leave me in a difficult moment! I'm also ready to help you, what can I! I think that between a man and a woman, one of the most important senses - that trust. I believe that without trust there can be no love.
Trust is the key to a clean and sincere love. It is impossible to love a person without trust. Somewhere deep down, you need to ask yourself - "Could I trust the person close to 100, if I can do everything possible to love." I think that the person who really loves to find the answer without difficulty.
He proudly says, "Of course, yes, I trust your loved one."
I'm sure that we'll Eddy, just treat this particular group of people believe, cherish, and somewhere deep down, we love each other !! No wonder, all the staff tell me that I was the very cheerful and cheerful girl.
It's true. I am very pleased to know that someone is waiting for my letter, respects and appreciates me. I want to give all my warmth, love and affection for one man. I am a faithful woman. I was raised in a noble family, which has always been a mutual understanding and respect. I want to come home and see my man who will look at me with a smile on his face. Maybe God helps us? Maybe it's fate? Do you believe in destiny, my dear Eddy? Maybe all of this for a long time alone, we did not have each other? What do you think? Please open your heart to me.
Please do not hide anything from me. I want to know your opinion on this issue.
You really for me a very dear man! I do not want to lose you! You make me happy every day! Unfortunately, now I have to finish my letter. But I'll think of you and wait for your answer! In this letter, I will tell you my soul. My real thoughts.
Best regards,
Your Irina.
Letter 7
Hello dearest Eddy !! I have received your reply, and as usual I was very happy from your words again! Dear, I want to tell you that your letters have become more than just letters. I think about you all day and night. And you do not get out of my head! I always write to you with sincerity and care, and get back even more warmth, understanding and respect. You appeared in my life, and I get the pleasure of communicating with you. It seems to me that something more than just friendship. I've been afraid to admit it, but even more so to you. Write me what you feel? It is very important for me. I am sure that we do not rush things, and our relations are developing in the right direction. And even I feel that many years have passed, I know you as myself. And our thoughts converge.
When I read your letters, I understand them and always want them to be meaningful. I would like to read them endlessly. I think I'm falling in love with you. Fate has allowed us to meet. I believe that the shell of love there between us.
About love and I would like to speak in this letter. You probably ask, what for me, love? What is this wonderful feeling? I would like to tell you about the word love, in my view. Love is the most ultimate feeling on earth that will never die, love is eternal.
Love no one can destroy love, do not chop off a rope. Love for me is something that helps me after severe trauma to live. Love means never to deny, and to trust the person who is next to you. To love means to care for someone who is around you every minute of life, worry about him in difficult moments. Loving means doing everything possible to co-happy. Even animals know how to love.
Their love is the purest in the world, as the animals do not have obstacles in life. Love exists, despite the distance and barriers, because love is in the minds and hearts of the people! Love means trust. Love means never offend or deceive. This is the most important thing in the love between people. In this loving couple reaches intimacy - a sense of unity, in which all the private becomes public, and the total personnel. The man is happy, the happiness of others and upset, what, the other sad. I open my heart to you, because I trust you. I really think that my love for you is real.
But do not misunderstand me, I am writing you this with great care, respect and care. I do not want you to think about me, I'm a frivolous woman. No, all that is happening to me, it's all very seriously. From your letter, I also see that we care about each other. And every day I thank God for the fact that we were able to find each other in this difficult and spoiled the world. I am very happy and do not want to hide it from you. I can not have without you, I have become attached to you is getting closer and closer with each letter. I need you Eddy and you need me. When I was little, I used to make a wish when seen from the sky falling star and sometimes executed. I want to go back now to my childhood and do it again, and I want to think of us to be together forever. My dad told me that he did not even suspect that it is possible to find a man in this way on the Internet.
And I told him that this is possible, because I have found you! But then he asked me why we're still not together. I told him that we'll fix that in the near future, is not it? I was looking for a man, loved, full of romanticism, affection, trust, understanding and caring about me. And it seems to me, I had already found! As tools Archimedes said, "Love - this theorem, which have to prove it
every day." I want to do it every minute. I want to be with someone with whom you can live life and have a very happy family in the world. You Eddy - very good, bright, good, that's happened to me lately. "Life - this is what happens to us as we plan for the future." Love is all-powerful and limitless, its strength does not depend on the time of year, age, technical progress, religion and nationality. We met with you, and between us flared up feeling beautiful, profound and all-encompassing. I like this feeling! I have long dared to tell you, but for some reason I was embarrassed to admit you in this.
And now I can no longer keep his feelings inside. I want to tell you - I Love You Eddy! With the help of you, I began to see life, to feel her warmth and happiness. The sun is mine, my sweet, I love you! "I love you not because of who you are, but for who I am, when I dipped in your letters, I become the happiest on earth. What can I do to make it not over? I heard not long ago that you can with the post office using a calling card call to another country. Therefore I beg you to write to me in the following letter, your complete phone number with area code. Maybe I could try to call you. I do not want to live in a country where there is my man in the country full of deceit and dishonesty on the part of people and life.
Now I'm very careful not to let anyone or anything and did not destroy my happiness. I do not have much time, you know, but I understand that you are the best, the best for me. That's the kind of person that I want and that I will need! I'll look forward to your letter.
I wish you sweet dreams, kisses! I can not finish my letter. I sit and cry. I think, how it was possible to fall in love with a man on the Internet? Honey, you can not imagine how did you become my road! You are so far and so close at the same time. You're far only the distance, but always in my thoughts and in my heart. Come to me in my dreams at night, and wake up tomorrow I'll think of you again! Only for you my god, my happiness, my infinitely dear and beloved, I want to think about you. I do not know what will happen in an hour, but I will as long as I exist, think about my star, his desire, of the beam of light and heat - about you. Your favorite Irina.
Take care of yourself!!!
Letter 8
Hello, love of my life Eddy! In our life there is always a miracle! Now I tell myself that every day. Thank you for what you gave me faith in love. How are you doing today? How is your weather? Today in Russia it is very depressing. But, in my heart a lot of sun, since you came into my life - my only beloved man! I am very happy that fate bound us chain of love.
All my life I dreamed of such a man as you. And now my dream has come true. I found you among millions of people, single, with whom I am ready to spend all their time to give all the love and tenderness! Thank you very much for what you are, I have Eddy! Thanks to you I was able to forget all the problems and tragedies, I opened my heart and felt the main thing that I was missing for the past 5 years.
I felt love. I'm tired of the daily hustle and bustle, from work, which takes up all the time .. You do not believe it, but after the tragedy, which shocked me, the work helped me to forget all the problems and I did not even took never leave, I did not give the opportunity to relax yourself. 5 years I worked non-stop, of course, it is very difficult, but when it's almost all that you have you gladly go to work, that would help people. And now I love waiting for you, thinking of you, miss, and just know that you've got.
Almost every day I thank God for what he gave me you.
I never felt so good as it is now. My boss at work told me to take a vacation and relax. I do a lot of thought and realized that it was a great chance for us to meet. And we should certainly take advantage of it. What do you think about it?
Would you like to meet me in reality? You are the most expensive and favorite person. I have no one near you. I want us to be together. It's my biggest dream! I would like to see it become a reality. I understand that we shared a very large number of kilometers. But I think that for the present, pure love, there is no distance and barriers. True love overcomes all boundaries.
I believe in our love, and I am confident that we can overcome all boundaries. We can be truly together. You are my love-love on the tips of the fingers, love on a high note very tight strings of my heart, love in the last exhale and inhale on the first love in the depths of my troubled soul. Love to tremble at the knees, unconscious, to dark circles before the eyes, to the acute pain felt by physically. The love that kills and treats, which forgives and apologizes that hearing and the deaf. You're everything to me!
You are my heard completed, opened, rich in love Eddy. When you are in my life, it is easier to breathe, and the sun shines brighter, and it seems warmer outside, the problem does not seem to be problems, and the joy of a hundred times happier, jokes and fun morning is really good! I would very much like to be with you. I feel that come the time so that we could meet !! I already can not live without you. Sometimes I am frightened when I think of all the difficulties and barriers that divide us. Please
confirm to me that does not happen I can count on your help and support ?! Because only together we will be able to be together and be happy! I would hope that we think the same way! I've even talked to dad about what we might soon meet with you. Pope supports this idea and says that love must be real and loving people should be together. Do you agree with this? My feelings for you will not feel free, and I can not live without you. Today, I made a wish and smiled, let everything that I dream will come true soon.
But to all the dreams come true, I will keep the intrigue before we met, and when we look into each other's eyes you will understand everything. I have the need to sleep and wake up next to you, caress you and understand what you pleased that I do. Many things I want to say. But not all emotions will pass on the e-mail, many feelings and emotions required a personal meeting. I very much hope that we are both aware of the need to move to a new stage in our relations. My life is connected just with you, I want to spend it with you, that every day, every hour, every minute was filled with you. You are the best thing on this huge planet. And the most precious thing in my life. I love you Eddy! I'll be waiting for your letters. Kiss gently and firmly embrace. I loved how you do not want to even write good bye. Regards!!!
Your favorite Irina !!
Take care of yourself!!!
10000 kisses for you!!!
Letter 9
Hello my favorite Prince Eddy! I never thought that it
is possible to know someone so well, and at the same time feel that this man is still so much not solved, it must be corrected in the nearest person. I never knew that love words sounded each time the first time.
I have never met a man with whom I would never want to leave. Not are so close and dear person.
Darling, I never liked the way I love you.
My love Eddy! The heart can not be lonely and cold. It should coexist passionate love and true friendship. You helped me get out of the state of depression. You stole my heart. He became the master of my thoughts. I settled in my soul. He warmed his letters ice queen. My lips are looking for your wake up, kiss the pillow. I love you Eddy! What are you doing with me?! I'm going crazy. I dream about it that I can not even with all the details you write about it. I will try to tell you what I dreamed today. You were next to me, so close to what I've always wanted. Not daring to disturb your light sleep, and enjoying your beauty, I sat down beside him and could not take my eyes off you. On the horizon, the sun appeared, and minute by minute filled the room gentle morning light. It slowly step by step nearer to you, and here you already got squinting against the sun, waking up at you.
Few come to himself, I wish you a good morning. You cheerfully smiled and reached out, answer the same, and I understand that in this view and the smile I'm ready to give everything in the world. Unable to stop time, to always enjoy this moment, I tell you how much I love you. At that moment, your eyes filled with glitter. No, that would not reflect the sun, you just became the happiest man on earth. You quickly leaned to me and embraced me so tightly as if never going to let me whisper that you love me too.
I tenderly kiss and embrace you tenderly.
Two absolutely happy person, merged into a single kiss, tenderly hugging each other. The sun shone down upon our happy faces.
We were happy as anyone and has never been happy. Time slowed down its course and soon stopped at all. The hands froze around the silence in which only the beating of two loving hearts could be heard. This world was created for the two of us. At this moment, somewhere far away came a familiar call that destroyed the world we created - the fragile and yet no one untouched dream.
You involuntarily loosened his arms, looked into my eyes and vanished like the morning mist in my arms. The call was louder and louder. I opened my eyes and went to the table, on which stood the alarm clock, the dial that shows exactly 6.30. It's time to the clinic! Oh, I do not want to work today. I want to go to sleep and be back with you my love Eddy ..
It is necessary to get up .. Make breakfast. I very much want to be with you in real life, I want to feel the warmth of your body, the tenderness of your lips! My angel, we passed many steps in our love and was just one step, the most serious and responsible, I'm sure we'll make it - it's our meeting! Our relations must reach a new level! I am very strong and madly love you darling! And I keep telling you that, every day, investing in these three words unpretentious sacred grains new meaning. I LO-VE Y-OU Eddy.
Converted to thee these words is surprisingly easy to write my fingers, because, probably, are not burdened with confusion, uncertainty. I heard that the fate - it is the bridge that we are building in the heart of a loved one. But it's true. We are creating the fate of its hands - the stronger our love, respect and understanding of each other, the fate of the bridge is much stronger, and it is not afraid to go hand in hand with your loved one! I want to let go all this with you, love from beginning to end. Now I am ready to do everything to be with you. Do everything for us Eddy. But sometimes I'm afraid even to think about whether that's enough of my salary to me to overcome the external obstacles that divide us! It upsets me very much, but I know that I will go to the end! Because you're my love Eddy - The main purpose of my life!
For me it is like the Olympic torch and the slogan - "!
Faster, higher, stronger" I'll do anything! I very much hope that you will be my companion, and if I do it will be difficult, then shalt deliver my hand and be able to help. I will do the same !!
I'll help you in everything and always! And really I hope that it will be mutually! I can not wait any longer, I want to see you Eddy !!! Tomorrow, I will go to a very good travel company, which operates in the travel market for many years and know all the details about our meeting. You need to know all that is needed for our meeting and how much it will cost.
I am very serious about this issue, and I know more about the possibility of my vacation. You'll be glad to meet me, in your country? I want to spend with you the wonderful moments of our lives. Imagine the day when you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses. I wish that our meeting was soon possible. I know that you're a real gentleman, and together we can overcome any difficulty! I'm waiting for your letters. Please answer me my questions. They are very important for our future and our meeting. Otherwise, without you I'm sure will soon go mad.
All I run away. I love you, I kiss you.
Your Irina !!!
10000 kisses for you my angel !!!
Take care of yourself!!!
P.S tomorrow I'll let you know all the news from the travel company!
Letter 10
Hello, my dear and beloved Eddy! Thank you for your letter. It is like a ray of sunlight, among many clouds. You are very dear person to me. I am ready to give you all my life! You have no idea how glad I am that our hearts have found each other. My thoughts are only about you and our future life together.
I'll give you my soul. I want to be only with you. I love you! My dear, you know, today I visited a travel agency, in order to learn all the details about our meeting.
I went to an excellent travel agency, which is respected a lot of people in our city. I asked the manager of the company and described the whole situation. I found out what documents are required to officially take off in your country. travel company manager said that for the flight to your country will need a passport, a tourist visa, and, of course, tickets. The most important thing for me at this stage to make a passport and visa.
I will buy tickets only after registration of these documents. Tickets for I will also draw up a firm in which I order a passport and visa for an additional cost. Preparation passport takes about 1 week. The cost of passports (the state fee and a fee of 3500 rubles travel company 1,000 rubles) 4,500 rubles (about 80 Euro). But things get a visa. Visa is issued approximately the same time as the passport - 1-1.5 weeks. Visa is the most important document, without which I can not fly to you. visa fee of 16,900 rubles (about 270 euros).
When I learned that I would need 21,400 rubles, I wanted to cry. All my dreams of our meeting immediately destroyed, because I do not have so much money, my love Eddy. I do not know how to be, what to do. This amount is more than my monthly salary. I very much want to be with you! You are the most dear and beloved person in my life!
You're the air that I breathe every day. I walked down the street and thought only of you.
Now my eyes again with tears. These are tears of sadness and grief. I do not want to live without you. After all, without your presence in my life right now does not make sense! You are the person who gave me happiness, you're a man, which I dreamed all my life. Now I have only hope, your help is my angel Eddy. I believe that money is not the main purpose in our lives.
The most important thing is that we are happy together. We love each other, and nothing is more important!
Money is just paper, for which you can not buy people's feelings.
But now, in order to meet, we need this sum of money. My love Eddy, you are ready to implement our joint dream of love?
From your help depends on our future life together. Now our only destiny is in your hands !!! Please, take the right decision. God gave us a chance and we have to use it !!! I am fully confident in you. I know that you can help in any situation.
You'll never leave me in the lurch! You are a guardian angel whom God has sent me. You are my life. I want to feel the warmth of your lips, hug you, kiss, men feel your support. I know that you're the kind and honest person. I know what you are going through, I can see how you really want to be with me and it is very important to me.
I found all the qualities of the ideal man in you, Eddy. Now, a day without you is ****, and your letters to me is the sun that visits me every day. I'm madly in love you my dear Eddy! I am thankful, because it allowed us to meet. Today I also learned the best way to transfer money to me. I went to the bank where I was told that the best option is a money transfer money transfer system Money Gram. This is a very fast and reliable way.
I was told that this system is ten times faster and safer, bank transfer. I do not have to create an account and wait a long time to get the money. As soon as you send it to me for money, the same day I will be able to receive them. Moreover, this transfer system now is in any bank.
Money Gram is the most fast and reliable money transfer system in the world! You can visit the official website, where you will find the nearest bank branch in your town - My dear Eddy, for money transfer Money Gram you require my personal information. Once you make a money transfer, you'll have to tell me your personal data that you have filled in the form of threads. Also I need the money transfer control number, which is called briefly MTCN. After that I will be able to pick up the money. As soon as I get the money, I immediately begin the paperwork to your country. Very soon we will be able to be next to each other Eddy. I love you so much Eddy, you are my sun among the clouds. You are my whole life! I look forward to your good news, my love!
Your princess of Russia, Irina. I'm sure it will not be a barrier 350 Euro for us, and you can help make our future meeting a reality! This is about 420 US dollars.
Letter 11
I'm insanely nice to get your sweet letter. I am grateful to you for what you did not refuse to help me. Thank you for what you are doing is our future reality! Only thanks to you, very soon we will be able to feel the warmth and sweetness of our lips, I can come to you and whisper how much I love you! I want to look into your deep passion-filled eyes. I can not live without you, my prince Eddy. Without you there is no point in my life. I promise you that I will make our life together beautiful. I will always be faithful to you alone. Between us will not be able to stand up any barriers. The most important thing is that we were able to build a real, trusting relationship. Fate has allowed us to meet, and we did not miss this chance. I love you, and once again I want to thank you for what you did not leave me alone in this difficult, terrible situation. Thanks for your help. I will never forget your kindness. I look forward to your new letter to me. Your gentle princess,
Irina! 1000000 kisses for
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