Scam Letter(s) from Lina to Eddy (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello, my sunshine Eddy! How are you?
Is everything good? I always thinking of you, my babe!
And in few days will be Christmas! This magic time i need you with me, very close to me!
I love you from all my heart and all i want - is to be happy together!
I want to meet with you in real life so much!
My love, you are the most important man for me, the most important person! And only with you i dream to share ny life!My heart is a full of emotions and i am so happy of it!!!!!!!
Sunshine, i wanted to ask you something!!!!!! As soon will be holidays, for me will be extra pleasant to feel myself a girl who is loved and taken care of her! I will be happy also to give you a nice tasty dinner on this day! And i hope it will be possible soonest time!
I dream to buy a new boots, my old one is very worn and i want to buy new pair! Can you make me this gift on this holiday? Boots which i want to buy is costing 200 USD, can you help me with this sum, my honey?
I dream to see you very soon, and right now i wish you very nice day!



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