Scam letter(s) from Ksenia Pronchenko to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
It's me again Veronika.
I waited today to see if you have written to me. I was glad to see your message.
How today your day?
Last night, I wanted to see a letter from you, but my laptop at home broke!
My niece didn't mean to spill juice on my laptop, when I watched cartoons! She was scared and didn't tell me!
My laptop is not of the latest models, but I was satisfied with everything! In service they told me that it is beyond repair, I am planning to buy a new laptop when I get paid at my job.
Now I'm at work, I am convenient to write me letters from work.
I hope this will not prevent our acquaintance and that we will find a way to continue our communication with you!
I already wrote to you that I received your email address in a dating agency and I gave them my photos.
The dating agency is called "Two Hearts" and is in my hometown. They work only offline and they do not have a website on the Internet.
I was at their office only once. My friend brought me there.
My friend met her future husband via the Internet. He lives in Netherlands.
I've never had friends outside of Russia, and all I want to know about you, about your country, your culture.
I hope that you understand me.
Now I will tell you about work!
I work every day except Sunday, it is only one day off a week, but I am hardworking girl, I have no problem!
On Sunday, I can't see your mail, sorry...
I started working at 09:00 am.
Also I stopped working at 18:00 in the evening.
I have a College degree. I graduated from the University Of Economics, Statistics And Informatics, Novokuibyshevsk Branch.
I work in a small company in the sphere of housing and communal services.
I am the Manager on work with clients. I usually spend my time in an office behind a computer, in the documents of the company. My responsibilities include, screening of customer applications and requests also the calculation account maintenance in housing and communal services. I like my job.
I think that besides money, the work should bring moral satisfaction. I'm nice, friendly, and kind girl.
I appreciate professional quality. Communication skills, responsibility and sense of duty, is the basis of my character.
If I take something, I always try to bring it to its logical conclusion. So, I direct, I always try to say what I think. That is my nature and my upbringing.
Do you like your job?
I live in the city of Novokuibyshevsk in the last letter I wrote to you about it.
You can see my city on the Internet.
The capital of Russia, Moscow.
The distance to Moscow is about 1100 kilometres, it is approximately 685 miles from my city.
Have you ever been in Russia?
When I decided to get acquainted with the man in Agency of acquaintances, I have considered many profiles of men.
But I wrote a letter just for you. It's hard for me to explain my choice, because I get acquainted for the first time!
Perhaps my heart suggested that I should write a letter to you.
I used to trust the heart. it is important that the man was kind, sympathetic, and that he knew how to treat a woman right.
in the end, age is just numbers, most importantly the human soul, his attitude and his feelings!
I would like to ask you about sincerity and respect. I want to make our communication with you was based on trust.
Now we just got to know you.
I hope that the trust will appear in due course between us.
In the future I can give you a mobile phone, but now I would like to know you better, because calls will be very expensive.
I will a little tell about myself.
Accurate I also love cleanliness, and for me it is important to always be well-groomed and be in good shape.
Your life is interesting for me.
Please don't forget to answer my questions.
What do you do in your spare time? You want to cook a dish?
Today I send you pictures I would love to see Your photos in the new letter.
You can see me at work. I asked my colleague to take this picture. I hope you like it.
I must continue to work now.
Thank you for Your attention!
If you have Skype, write me it, soon I plan to buy a new laptop and make Skype, I not when did not use this program but I know that many people it use also very conveniently, to communicate and to see each other in real time.
I hope that my letter was not boring for you and all you like!
I wish you a wonderful and Sunny day! Veronika!
Letter 2
I am very glad, that you have answered me!
I with impatience waited for your letter. It is a pity to me, that I cannot write you the letter so quickly.
Now I on work and at me am a few time to write to you.
I will continue to speak about a life, tell too about a life, and it is interesting to me to get acquainted with you and all that you do in your life.
What season is pleasant to you?
I like all seasons because in each season there are positive advantages.
My city is located on river Volga.
In the summer many townsmen and to have a rest on a beach. It is a pity, that in Russia the summer lasts only three months. I am assured, that in your country the beach is favourite vacation spot for many tourists.
At me it is a lot of hobbies. I like productive leisure and sports.
I like to float and at leisure I visit pool.
You prefer what kind of rest?
With pleasure has read your letter.
When I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you about everything, that occurs in my life.
But I very modest and I do not know that you to ask, tell to me more about myself.
It is a pity, that between us distance. If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and speak infinitely.
I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams. I hope, that sometime our dreams will come true.
Whether there is at you a dream?
I have hobby, take a great interest in dances and regularly visit employment by fitness.
I always conducted a healthy way of life and I watch the figure.
I do not smoke and I do not drink some alcohol.
I am a supporter of healthy meal and a healthy way of life. Also I like to dance and it is pleasant to me.
From the childhood I spent much time on kitchen with my mum and the grandmother.
I to much have learnt at them and now my mum and the grandmother were proud of me.
I will send you a photo a cake which I have prepared. It is very tasty!!!
In your city there are Russian cuisine restaurants?
I will be glad to acquaint you with Russian in the future kitchens.
I am assured, that you will not give up from my tasty dishes:-) I try to check every day my e-mail when I work. Sometimes because of problems with work, I do not have time to check up my e-mail. To be assured, that I will always answer your letters as soon as possible.
Together with the letter I send you photos and video from mine fitness trainings.
I asked my friend who went with me to fitness, so I took the video for you.
I hope, these photos and video it is pleasant to you, as I very much wait for your photos!
I with impatience will wait to read new messages.
I wish you good mood!!! Veronika!
Letter 3
Hello Greg, at you very beautiful name!
How are things going with you? At you good mood?
I like ours with you dialogue.
I live in the city of Novokuibyshevsk in the last letter I wrote to you about it.
In the mornings I drink green tea and am going to work.
I not always can answer you at once as the laptop at my place has broken and I have not had time to buy yet new, soon I will buy the new laptop and to a smog to make Skype and we can have dialogue in real time.
I write to you from my work. I hope, that you understand me, that on work I cannot use Skype, as my chief very strict woman. And me can dismiss from my work because of it, that I use the working computer to suit the own ends. I hope, you understand me.
I think of you all the day long and I think of your answer to my letter.
It is very interesting to me, than you are engaged at present. It is a pity, that between us the big distance.
If you not against, I continue to tell about the life and to ask about your life.
I wish to tell about my family.
To my mum of 66 years, it already on pension. She worked almost all her life at the plant, which was engaged in the production of spare parts for tractors and other industrial equipment.
As I have sister, at it the family, the husband and a adorable daughter. I the daddy was the good person, I very strongly miss on it.
I think, that you have understood me.
Has already passed about 7 years as we with mum have buried the father. It was a hard time for our family.
I love the family. I try to help my mum as she lives one.
We often meet all family behind one table.
You are pleasant like cinema? What films like you?
I cannot forget remarkable films (Braveheart), (Titanik), (Hachi: A Dog's Tale).
I like different genres, but most of all I prefer romantic films about love, with good end of a film.
To like me various music, sometimes when at me good mood I listen to dancing music when to me sadly I like to listen to slow music.
I like to cook food. What most popular dish in your country?
Russia the huge country. Here very various kitchen.
I think that the national dishes in Russia are cutlets, pancakes and many soups.
In Russia soups are very popular. I am assured, that you will like dishes from a Russian cuisine.
As to my preferences in food. I like different food and I often prepare different dishes.
The main thing that the food has been prepared from natural products.
I like salads from vegetables and as fruit salads.
Sometimes I can eat breakfast, black currant, pancakes with cabbage or plain fruit.
Greg, you have a phone number with which it is possible to do trunk calls?
I have mobile, my number +7(8986)9579213, but I cannot do and accept trunk calls as my mobile to me have given out on my work and at me service trunk calls is not connected.
I wish to buy one more phone in the future and to connect to myself personal mobile number, I hope I will buy it soon, probably we can have conversation with you by phone.
If you tell to me a phone number, I will call to you from public phone in the future.
I think, that we with you can understand each other in our conversation by phone.
When I will plan to call you, I will inform you.
I know, that you the good man and me it very much are pleasant. We with you speak in different languages in a daily life.
Our countries have different mentality.
You agree with me?
Please, tell to me, it is as much as possible about your life. Your life is very interesting to me.
All of us people and I will understand you, but we with you belong to different cultures.
Some things, I probably, do not know. I will be very glad to hear it from you.
Your letters help me to present your world better.
Write to me more likely!
Please, send the photos if you can.
I will wait for your letter! I try to check email every day.
Sometimes because of work I do not have time to check up email, I hope you understand me.
I will always answer your letters. If suddenly I have not answered your questions, I ask you not to think badly of me. Perhaps, I have not absolutely understood, that you mean because of language.
On it I think to finish the letter, it and so it has turned out a little big, and I hope, that you have not got tired with it, now I should return to work.
I send you my photos and video. I hope to you it it is pleasant. Veronika!
Letter 4

Hello Greg!
I'm fine!
As far as religion... My religion is Christianity. I believe in God, but I don't attend Church often. I believe that God is one, just people of every religion call him different.
I think it's very important for a person to believe, because it is to help a lot and give a lot of good hopes!
Last night my sister and I went to visit our mother.
We ate and talked and I played a little with my niece..
My sister's name is Elena. My sister said that lately she began to notice changes in me.
My mother also noticed that I became cheerful and cheerful.
Greg, I told mom and sister that I communicate with you.
The name of my mum Tatyana, she approves of our relationship, and she is very happy to see my good mood.
I always share my joy and sorrows with her. She always supports me.
Yesterday before going to sleep long thought about it and realized that really, my life has changed since I started to talk with you.
I have passed melancholy and now I often smile.
Sometimes I read the letter You wrote me before and I can't believe I met you, I really like our communication.
Now I want to look into your eyes and see your mood.
You like how I write to you, and what I say about myself?
Do you believe that a look can say more.
My eyes Shine with joy when I check e-mail and see your letter. Thank you for the happiness you bring me!!!
In one of the last letters, I told you that my mobile phone does not support international communication!
Today I learned that I need to activate the service "international calls". Since I got my phone at work, I need to write an application addressed to the Director, asking them to activate this service! I'll try to do it soon!
I hope the Director will allow me to activate the service "international calls".
As soon as I do, I'll let you know immediately about this, I really want to hear your voice and I hope that soon we will be able to speak with You by phone.
I have a dream.
I dream about romantic dinner with a beloved man.
But I have no beloved man, I would love to meet the love.
Greg, you are a romantic? You like to surprise the girl?
I love romance...
I love looking at the stars, I love a light dinner by candlelight.
I would prefer to cook a delicious dinner for myself.
I like to dance a slow dance when the music sounds romantic.
I did not have for a long time anything similar!
I'll look forward to your letters and we wish You good mood and successful day. P.S. 1 photo - with my mom.
2 photo - before work.
3 photo - old photo with my sister. Sincerely, Veronika!
Letter 5
Hello dear Greg!
I'm waiting for your letter! Our friendship with you is very pleasant to me.
I used to have to see you had a sense of curiosity. Now I had a feeling of sympathy for you.
In Russia Christmas is celebrated on 7 January. In Russia this holiday is not as well known as your country. Your Christmas tradition is much more interesting.
I have some good news today.
I talked to my boss, and she said that my vacation will be soon.
I need to finish the job and then I can have a vacation.
When will your vacation?
Greg, I look forward to their holidays, so that we can make an appointment.
You want our meeting? You can arrive in Russia for our meeting?
If you want, I can plan to arrive you.
A very long time I have not experienced the feeling that there is in my heart right now.
I have to you feelings of sympathy ...
I'm afraid to tell you about it, but my feelings for you more than just friendship.
I'm really looking forward to your letters.
Previously, I had no idea that feelings can cause a desire to wait for the letter, when dealing in e-mail.
Greg, how do you feel?
I'm sincere with you and telling you just how I feel, I want to share with you all.
Since I told you that you were sincere and now I trust you very beginning of our conversation.
I was thinking about you last night. I think you are impartial and fair to me. You became my close friend, to whom I can open the heart. I tell you all this sincerely, I am not going to deceive you and to play with my feelings, and I hope that you too will be fair to me. I have a feeling that we're known for a lifetime. I have no secrets from you.
I always try to answer your questions.
Please repeat your question for me when I forget to answer your questions.
Tell me, please, how you view your future?
What do you want in the future and if you want me to be a part of your future?
Would you like to your future wife was the rest of your life?
I want to marry only once and be happy.
I have a passport that allows me to travel all over the world.
I really, really want to see your country, and your way of life.
I must see it through my eyes, and I think we're going to have a happy time together.
Today, I will send a letter to my photos and videos, you can notice that I always have a smile on your face when I think of you.
I do not understand what's happening to me, all turned within me, the world has changed for me.
I am increasingly beginning to understand that I more and more think of you.
I get happy when I see your letters, the smile on my face.
I do not want to scare you this, but I hope you understand me...
Please do not forget to answer my questions.
I really appreciate our communication with you.
Greg, you can not imagine how happy I am when I see your new letter!
I am sending you kisses!!! Your, Veronika!
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