Scam letter(s) from Olga Vladimirovna Slobodchikova to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Hi, I want to call you - my tiger. I hope that I will not hurt you.
I'll be your tigress Olga
I finished the job. how are you?? did you get my letter?
you got my photo ???
Now we have to trust each other. I beg you not to rush. I want a serious relationship.
My goal: I am ready to create a new family. I am ready to give my heart to you. Now my heart is free))) Hmmmm... you wanna be my man ?? I am ready to continue our dialogue. we have to develop a relationship.
I'm glad I met you. you wrote me the first letter. I was the happiest woman.
I think I'll die alone. the worst - it's loneliness. Do you agree? Ahhh, I will not think about the bad ...
I am now at home. I went to the store. I often go to the store. I buy products only essentials.
I buy cheese, milk, bread, fresh fish. I'll fry the fish and potatoes. what products you buy?? do you like fried fish? I buy mackerel, salmon smoked. I love to eat fish.
I can also prepare salads from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. Then I add the mayonnaise and salad ready. Bon Appetit))) I close my computer. I'm going to cook. I am waiting for news from you. do not forget me. I want you to trust me.

I'm going to the kitchen. write me news. oh I forgot to kiss you. I kiss you
Tigress Olga
I'm sending you a photo. This photo I made in the central park of the city of Zheleznogorsk. And another photo is a morning jog with my girlfriend. I like running around in the morning. So I keep my figure in shape and tone) I hope you do not forget me)))
Letter 2
Hello to my tiger! I'm here, where are you? you lost me? ))) I ask you not to lose me. I'm here. I am writing you again my letter.
I now sit at home. I made soup at home. I prepared a salad at home.
Delicious. I'm a good cook.
I like to drink green tea, do you like black tea? Or do you like ****?? Mmmm, I like to cook meat and a glass of champagne. I love red wine. I also love grapes red. Do you like grapes? how are you? How do you spend your free time? My plan today is: I'm going to go tonight to the movie "Thor: Ragnarok" Do you want to go to the cinema with me?? You must buy 2 tickets to the cinema. Are you a man, are you inviting me to a movie theater? I agree. Ahhh ha ha ha)) now it's already cold outside. winter has already come and soon there will be snow. I do not like cold and winter.
I am so happy that I am writing you my letter. My heart is beating violently, I'm worried. I will have to cope with the excitement.
I will write you my good news in the next letter.
I miss you.
do not forget me. Do not forget to send me 1000 kisses. I'll catch all your kisses. Ahhhh
Your tigress Olga
Letter 3
Hello, my brave tiger, how are you??
I sent you my letter. did you get my letter? you have a computer at home??
I hope that this letter comes to you quickly. How I spent my day: Today I made a new hair style hair. Yes, I'm very beautiful.
now evening. soon I will have to go to bed.
I close my computer. today I drank black tea with lemon. and also I ate chocolate.
I ask you to forgive me if I missed your question.
My eyes are closed today. Now I listen to relaxation music.
I love romantic music to my soul was torn with anguish.
Because I have a few friends.
I want that man was my friend, husband, lover, and always helped me in difficult times. Remember that the Internet - is one step for communication, so that we know each other better.
I found your email address. I went to the dating service to foreigners.
I was given your profile. I took your email. And you wrote me a letter with a photo. I'm so happy that you said. Step 2 - the actual meeting.
Step 3 - family, marriage (we have to decide later). I want to tell you that tomorrow I'm going to my grandmother. My grandmother lives 90 kilometers from my town. My grandmother lives in the village My grandmother got sick. I must urgently take 2-3 days available. Maybe my grandmother already has a big problem. I beg you not to worry. Today I had a difficult day. My phone is broken. my phone flew from his hands. Now my phone is broken. I am very upset and disappointed. now I need to save money to buy a new phone.
as soon as I buy a new phone, I'll give you my phone number. I'm going to close my computer. too late. I beg you not to forget the gentle girl. Your tigress Olga
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, be cautious, I can scratch you today.
I'm going to eat chocolate. and I go to bed.
Goodnight XOXOXOXO (X - kisses, O - embrace) you have to remember))
Letter 4

Hello my tiger, I beg you to forgive me. I want you to write my letter day.
I turned on the computer.
But my grandmother asked me to go to the store. And as my grandmother has friends in the village. We had to go to his friends. My grandmother cooked cabbage salted bank. It was a gift. I had to leave the house. I now have free time. There is a lot of water on the street, because it's raining hard today. I can drown. Help me. I can drown in the water)))) aha ha ha It was a joke... OK now I'm going to do a face mask. I needed to make my skin was smooth.
I use the cream on the name of "Natura Siberica" What is your toilet water? I want to feel your scent men. I want my pillow was soaked with your smell. Do you like my letter ?? I want to tell everyone your passing day. I want to share with you all the events in my life. I hope that I did not create you problems.
I am waiting for your kiss. Let's not be shy... embrace you) Olga I send you my photos more from the village. Do you like my picture?
Letter 5
Hello my tender tiger!!! I send you my new photo. This photo is in the village. Did you get my photo?
My feelings:
I am so happy that I can share with you my thoughts and feelings. I'm so glad that I tell you about my life. I am writing you my letter. I do not forget you. Answer my question: do you want to be with me?? Do you want me to be your girlfriend?
I'm ready to give you happiness. I am ready to give you my heart. DO NOT LIE TO ME.
do not break My Heart. I will make you the happiest man.
I do not like being fooled. I want you to be an honest man. I was in the village.
I told you that I would be in the village. I went to see my grandmother. My grandmother sends her regards.
Wow hello from the village. I told my grandmother about you. My grandmother takes medicine. My grandmother has high blood pressure. Sometimes my heart hurts. It's terrible. I ask you to take care of yourself. Do not smoke, do not drink *****. do sport... how are you??? I am at home today. I came home from the village. I ask you not to forget about me.
I will now close my computer. I will be waiting for your answer. Olga Grrrrr
Letter 6
Hello my dear tiger, i wrote a letter this morning. I could not send a letter. Because I was in a hurry to work.
I could not send you my letter. I want to tell you about the accident. Today I was told that taxi drivers are killed in our city. Because in the last 7 days - 4 murders. It's very terrible. We had so many murders in the city. It seems to me that these are just robbers. Taxi drivers are killed and take away money and jewelry. It's very terrible. You know that in my town of Zheleznogorsk there are only
100671 inhabitants. This is an industrial city. I want to tell you that we have such cases become very well known. So I know different cases in my city. These are the stories I learned today. I ask you to warm me with your letters. I want you to love and always write me letters. Because your letters to me are Oxygen. I'll have to get your oxygen. I'll have to give you my oxygen. Do you agree?? So we will have to live our dreams and our letters. Because we need each other. We should be together. I understand that you can not immediately answer my letter. I understand. But I'm still waiting for your favorite letters. Because I want to be the happiest woman Olga. I want to be a beautiful and kind future mother. So my day was wonderful today. I am writing this letter to you after my work. The Zoo came to our city. Do you like animals. This is the first time I've seen a camel. It's such a big camel. And I saw real ****. I was so afraid to approach him. Because a camel can spit on you. It will be very funny and not fun. And so many different animals. A lot of monkeys, tigers, foxes, zebra, wolves, wild boar, bison, bear.
I loved to see so many animals. Do you have a zoo in your city? I think you have a zoo. Today I will have to go to bed early. Tomorrow I will have a difficult day. I have to do the cleaning and washing in the house.
OK. I will now close my computer.

My gentle tiger grrrrrrr
Do you like ice cream?
Do you want to be my man?
Do you want to jump with a parachute?
Do you like flying on a plane? I asked you my questions. I will be waiting for your answer.

I think you should forget other women. All other women can not write you such letters. I wrote you my letter about a pure heart. Your tigress Olga I miss you.
And I'm waiting for your return to me.
Your tigress Olga
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO XOXOXOXO XOXOXOXO (X - kissing, O - embrace) you must
Letter 7
Hello my gentle tiger, I can not write you my big letter. I'll have to cook the food. I'm very hungry. Grrrrr I'll cook the soup right now. The soup is called Borsch Borsch it is vegetable soup.
You should make soup: Water, beet, salt, cabbage, an onions, carrots, meat a beef.
And all this to cook 20-25 minutes. It is tasty. So now you can prepare this Russian soup at home. And it will be very tasty.
I will also cook specially for you soup Russian. how are you? how do you spend your time? Today I worked a lot. I'm tired. I'll go eat. Ohhh my soup is ready. In the kitchen there is a kettle. I need to make tea green.
All I will have to finish my letter.
I will be waiting for your answer. I will now look at your letter. And read.
And also look for your questions and answer. I ask you not to worry.
I do not forget to answer your questions.
I told my friends and my grandmother that I met you.
They are very happy. And they wished me much love.
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for you.
Your tigress Olga
Letter 8
Hello, my favorite tiger, I miss you so much!
I am writing you my letter today. Did you get my letter? Did you get my photos?
I SEND YOU MY NEW PHOTOS. YOU ARE HAPPY NOW? AHHHHH I am waiting for your letter.
Now the window is +2 degrees. Today was the sun. already very soon winter and there will be a lot of snow on the street. I do not like winter, cold weather and snow. I love the sun and warm weather. I'll cook dinner tonight. Maybe my friend Polina will come to visit me.
We have been friends for 20 years together.
Polina works in a travel agency.
Which will trust you 100 percent. You can tell him your difficulties. I can share my women's secrets. Do you understand me??? I'm very tired of being alone. I really want to create a family. Family is the future. We must think about the future.
Because life is given only once. And you need to live a happy life.
I understand that now every person has difficulties.
And it is necessary to solve or struggle with difficulties.
If you live and do nothing. It will be a quiet life.
I like working hard. For me, work is my life. I do not want to talk about life.
I want to ask you two questions:
1. Do you think about me?
2. Do you think that we are created for each other?

My answers:
1. I think about you. I even go to bed and in my belly play butterflies. I press the pillow against my stomach. And I want you to kiss me.
I understand that these are only dreams. That's why I want to try to create a dream with you in reality. 2. I think that God created man and women.
So we are created to love each other. NOW I WANT TO ASK THE IMPORTANT EVENT: 1. I WILL GO TO THE AGENCY. I'M READY TO GO TO THE SECOND LEVEL OF ATTITUDE. 2. I will watch direct flights from Moscow. Because all planes depart from Moscow. 3. Write the name of the airport. What is your airport?
What is the nearest airport in your city? Okkkkkkkk I ask you to write me an email and send me a photo.
Your tigress Olga
I'm waiting for your photos and your letter.
Remember my words: Love will save the world.
Letter 9
Hello to my tiger, today is 17 November. The weather is cold outside +1. I love the sun and warm weather.
tell me about yourself :
Do you want a new life? Do you want me to give you a new life ???
I want to say that age does not matter.
That when a man loves a woman, he does not look at age. I want to look into your eyes. You've got kind eyes?
In Russia they say: The eyes are the mirror of the soul. I'm buying strawberries today. I want a strawberry with milk. I like to cut strawberries and pour milk. Mmmmmmmmmmm, very delicious.
You must try. I love strawberry. Now 1 kg of strawberries costs 5 dollars.
This is very expensive for Zheleznogorsk. I know that I can not resist. I'm ready to starve.
But strawberries are vitamins. I do not want to be ill. I will have to eat a lot of vitamins. Berries are the sweetest product. In Zheleznogorsk, a lot of berries can be harvested in the forest.
This is cranberry, cranberries. Do you go to pick mushrooms or collect blueberries? This is a black berry. Very tasty berry. It is useful for the eyes. Improves eyesight))) I'm waiting for your answer. Ok Your tigress Olga grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Letter 10
Hello my favorite tiger! it writes your tigress Olga I'll send you a photo of my city. We have a lot of the church. I'm sending you a photo of an old church. I'm watching TV. *********** Berezovsky, the oligarch. It is a well-known businessman in Russia.
He stole a lot of money in Russia. and I lived for many years in London.
I do not like such people. It thieves.
so now there are a lot of news about exposures in ****** harassment and ****.
for me it's a big shock. I did not think that celebrities and great actors could sexually ****** people. now this is the most important news for the whole of Europe and America. Do not talk about sad things. The good news: today I get my salary of 255 dollars. I earn in one month.
I also pay taxes for 13 of wages in favor of the state.
I will have to pay 60 dollars for rent my apartment. I left on the hands of $ 195. I'm going to spend the money on food. It is not enough money. I have enough to live. I get a little money. But money is not important. I am happy that I live in this world. I am happy that I met you. It's already too late. I'll have to do the cleaning for 1 hour.
I'm writing you this letter. Now I'm going to do the cleaning at home. It was dusty. A lot of things need to wash your hands. my love, I do not have a washing machine. I will should be washed by hand.
It's not a problem for me How are you??? How is your health? Have you been thinking about me? without you miss me? I'm so happy that the Internet allows you to get to know each other quickly. I'm sorry that I can not speak with you online. I do not have Skype.
I have no free time. and the speed of my internet is very weak. and connection to the Internet is constantly interrupted. I'm waiting for your answer
Now the street 2 degrees Celsius. I am now at home. Houses temperature +24. So I'm safe Now I close my computer. And I will wait for your answer Your tigress Olga XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Letter 11
Hello my love, it's morning now
Good morning my tiger)) I made coffee. I will also now make sandwiches with sausage and cheese. Do you want me to make you a morning breakfast? Ahh, I'm a good cook. I can make the most **** breakfast for you) Mmmm OK next ...
I woke up. I will go to work. I need to drink coffee. and then I'll go to work. I'll write you my letter later. I'm waiting for you. I miss you. my grandmother sends you my regards. I kiss you, Ohh I send you million kisses. I hope you've caught all my kisses.
I wrote you my letter in the morning, but I could not send you my letter. I had problems connecting to the Internet.
I am sending you my letter at the re-run from work. I think that when you wake up, you can read my letter. and you will please my letter.
Tigress Olga
Letter 12
Hi my love, i want to send you my kiss. Catch my kiss.
I tell you: Good afternoon. should thank God that we continue to live. Today, I am writing this letter from home.
how are you?
Today I got up very early.
I warmed up chicken soup. I made black tea and ate chocolate.
you understand me? Now on the street -3 degrees Celsius. I'm so happy that you wrote me a letter.
I love summer. I love the summer, i love the sun, sea, beach, sand, I love to sunbathe on the sand.
I'm in the last year, I want to tell you a terrible story: I could die in the water.
I decided to go for a swim. I did not know that the water is a big hole.
I went into the water. and abruptly my body began to sink into the water. I was scared. I began to scream.
Immediately rushed rescue and helped me climb up out of the water.
I was terribly afraid of water. I have did not swim in the water. I was very afraid of the water.
I beg you not to worry. Now I'm not afraid of water. I'm a good swimmer.
I still love the sea. you love the sea?
you have the jet ski in the water (water bike)?
I'm going to close my computer. I'll be waiting for your letter. Your tigress Olga
Letter 13
Good evening, my beloved tiger, today I watched the news on TV. Every day show the internal problems of Ukraine and Syria. Instability of the situation. In Syria, people are killed every day. this is so scary. Because of politics, ordinary people are dying.
so in Europe there are big problems with the emigrants of people from the Middle East, from Africa. More than a million refugees arrived. the flow of migrants to Europe does not stop.
and now these emigrants are robbing and ****** people. this is very dangerous. this is a problem throughout Europe. in Russia there are also many people from the Middle East. and they very strongly stick to the girls.
I also watched news about President Trump. And he begins to fulfill his promises. The construction of a wall on the border of Mexico and America began.
how are you?
So I want to tell you a story. This story happened to me today. Today I went to the store. And when I left the store. I am going home. When I came to the house, I saw an abandoned puppy. I saw a small dog. I immediately began to ask who lost the dog. But no one responded. I know that in your country all people love animals. Because warmth and kindness to animals will make a person loving and kind. I hope that you agree with me? Of course, I could not find the owners of the dog. And then I decided to go to the nursery. And I had to give this little abandoned dog. I'm so happy that I saved the dog's life. Would you also act if you found an abandoned dog?
I send you a photo of this dog. This is a very beautiful dog. I hope that you like reading my stories.
I miss you. I really need you. Because your letters are my Oxygen. This is my air.
I'm waiting for your answer, your tigress Olga
Letter 14
Hello my love, my tiger. Thank you that you wrote me a letter. Do not forget me. Today I have a problem. Computer slows down. maybe I need to delete the old program.
I'll have to clean your computer from dust.
I need to install anti-virus software equipment. I ask you to forgive me, I could not write my letter to you faster.
I want to tell you what I think of you. every day I wake up and fall asleep with thoughts of my favorite tiger!

I want I want us to be together: as husband and wife.
I understand that we should not hurry.
I will wait patiently for the day of our meeting.
I'm going to take a gift for you. Maybe I'll take a warm scarf.
and thou shalt give me red roses. This is the happiest day.
Our eyes will be bright and happy.
today it's getting dark outside. Now I close my computer. I need to cook a meal.
Your tigress Olga
Remember that I am a very passionate woman at night.
tigress grrrrrr))
Letter 15
Hello my tiger, Grrrrrrr. Good news from Zheleznogorsk.
I am now at home. tomorrow after work I will go for a walk along the street.
today the city is very gloomy and it was raining with snow. I'll go to the park tomorrow. I will buy your favorite ice cream. I like walking in the park. I miss you. my heart beats very much when I see your letter. Thank you for sending me your letter. you do not forget me. we are created to be together. I'm ready to save our relationship my tiger.
I'm your tigress))
you are my tiger)
I kiss you
I am hugging you
I want you. I want you to take me by the hand and we walked with you along the park. It is so romantic. Then you go to the cafe. we will take a glass of Champagne. you will give me flowers. I will be the happiest woman.
now I will have to prepare to sleep. maybe I'll see you in a dream)) your tender tigress Olga
Letter 16
Hi my love, I received your letter. Everything is great. So no wonder this woman!!!!
What do you understand me. That you love me. I know that you have only one woman. THIS WOMAN OLGA!!!
They said they would like to see us together. And that we are looking at each other.
You would be so? It's fine. When your and my dream come true. All these days I kept thinking about you.
I have to work keep asking. Why am I in a good mood. YES BECAUSE YOU ARE MY CUTE TIGER WITH ME! Today me to work in my came friends. We had a long conversation. Nastya She came with her husband. Came Irina c children. I also wish that I had a man. I want to get married. I want to move into your house. I'm ready to leave from Zheleznogorsk. I am at home now. I watch TV show "Let Them Talk". Leading known in Russia Andrey Malakhov. The program "Let him speak," the woman from Russia married a man from Norway. Now they are happy. their child was born. Now the child outgrowth. he is 9 years old. His name is Egor. Egor said, my parents met, when I was not born yet.
My father lived in another country. He lived in Norway. And my mother was living in Russia.
And Dad could not come. He worked and earned money. IT WAS a difficult time.
THEN mother came to the Pope. And he was so happy. That the Pope could not believe my eyes.
His heart stopped for a few minutes. And then Mama touched him.
And he whispered in her ear. I LOVE YOU!!! I saw the love story. My heart was beating very strongly. Can you imagine this child told the real truth.
I do not think that children in low age are already thinking on the adult. I decided that our meeting It like a fairy tale.
IT MUST BE OR NOT implement this tale. Or is it just a dream.
You want to meet ME?? YOU WANT TO TOUCH palm to my face????
YOU WANT hugged me and whispered in her ear: I LOVE YOU??? I YESSSS!!!!
Tell me: How much do you want me???
What did you do when meeting?? WHAT WORDS WOULD BE TOLD ME??
You invited me to your house or WE WERE IN THE HOTEL?
To me it is so important. Answer me these questions!!! I love you and miss you. My heart is always crying when you're not next to me.
I want you and I will be injured. IF YOU ME refuse in our meeting!!! I'm waiting for your answer. I await your decision. Your love Olga
Letter 17
My tiger, my love
tiger tiger tiger Grrrrr
I ask you not to worry
I am going to sleep now. I'm tired. too late.
today outside the window a lot of snow. Today was a wonderful weather. the street is snowing now.
I want to make Snowman out of the snow with you.
Soon there will be a New Year and Christmas. we will meet Christmas together? I AM READY TO ARRIVE TO YOU FOR CHRISTMAS. THIS WILL BE MY GIFT.
I'm your Snow Maiden, and you're my Santa Claus) My life is in your hands. Remember that I'm waiting for your news.
Tigress Olga
Letter 18
My love Stephen, I'm so happy to see your letter.
I just missed you. I was waiting for your letter. You just might not know as now I want to see you right now.
Thank you for what you spend time with me on the internet. Thank you for what you are now next to me.
You are in my heart. You in my eyes.
You're like oxygen, which helps me to live in this world. You are my joy.
You are my air sky. You're everything to me.
Today (5 December 2017). I woke up very early 6:12 minutes. When all the people in the city were still asleep.
I got up and looked out the window. was a very bright light on the street.
I had a dream. I want to tell you about it.
It all began before our meeting. I have already come to the airport, to register their luggage. I passed customs.
Held embarkation point. He boarded the aircraft.
Me said Ms. Olga pass and took a place on the plane.
Your place is near windows. I got to this place and fell asleep. I remember you.
I think it opened my eyes and i will have in your hands. When i opened my eyes around me people began to run to the aircraft.
I ask what happened? They tell me that the planes do not fix it.
WHAT HE may at any time fall. I am very much jitters.
I wanted to tell you the last word (I love you my one and only my brave tiger Stephen) All people run and worry.
But I'm not worried, I just prayed. I say the Lord helped me survive.
Suddenly, the plane began to fall. The door opened and people began to fall in air.
I kept own hands his body. I kept asking the lord helped and saved me.
The plane crashed into the woods. There was a lot of blood and my arm began to move.
It was very painful and I could not move. I was screaming HELP ME.
SOMEBODY. But none who have not found. Suddenly, God heard me. I saw a man.
But I did not know who it is. In my eyes, there was so much of dust and ash.
What i was hard to see who was there. I cried ... I'm here. And you cried me i am here my Olga!
But when you came closer my heart stopped. I finally saw the man of her dreams! It all started very quickly. And so it ended quickly. TELL ME OUR MEETING WILL NOT SO SAD? I went to a fortune teller. And I wanted to know if I will find my love.
The fortune teller predicted my future. I would meet men who WILL LOVE.
And that person to be from another country. And that soon, I will be the specified character.
How do i do next.
And she said that your dream - THIS IS YOUR WAY!
I took a very important decision in my life. I'll be ready for our meeting.
Your half heart Olga
Letter 19

Hello my tiger, today Thursday. I am happy to read your past letters.
I decided to read all your past letters today. I hope that you love me.
I want you to keep me warm. I want your love. I want you to give me your love. I can not live without warmth and affection. I want to kiss with you every day.
I want to have *** 2-3 times a day. I love *** in the morning and in the evening.
Ohhhh I'm excited right now. we will not continue to talk about ***. I do not want virtual ***.
Only at the meeting we will have ***. I promise you. it is important to give each other love. trust is very important in respect. I'm tired now to communicate virtually. I do not want to send you 1000 Emails. I do not want to endlessly communicate on the Internet.
I want you to meet me at the airport.
you must buy red roses. I love red roses.
Question: Go to level 2 of the relationship. Do you agree??
I am waiting for an answer to my question.
tomorrow I will go to the travel agency. I will learn everything necessary for our meeting.
we must move to the second level of the relationship. and meet in real time.
what do you think? I'm a faithful woman. I trust only you. you hear me I love you and I trust only you. my heart Belongs to you. I'm cooking cutlets now. I'll fry potatoes. I bought milk and cucumbers. I will make a salad (tomato + cucumber + sour cream) I'm waiting for your answer. Today it was cold outside, it's real winter))) I soon have a vacation. and I'm waiting for our meeting! I'm closing my computer now. I miss you.
You are in my heart. I think only of you. Your tender tigress Olga
Letter 20
Hello my love Stephen. How do you? How was your day? My affectionate tiger I have good news for us!
I found out in the travel agency what is required for our meeting. This agency is very famous in Russia. The name of the agency "Coral Travel" They are engaged in tourism around the world.
I learned that to obtain a tourist visa, you need to provide the following
documents: * International passport
* 2 color photos
* Document from the place of work

My love visa is issued for 3 months. You understand me?? We can be together for 90 days.
All these documents I will have to submit to the Embassy in Moscow.
My expensive visa processing will take 5-6 working days. I have already signed a statement today with the travel agency "Coral Travel". This is a contract for the execution of a package of documents for our meeting. Coral Travel will be engaged in my trip to you. I decided that the entire procedure for processing documents will cost me 960 USD. Passport registration and registration of papers will cost 130 USD.
So I will also have to do a visa at the Embassy. You understand me?
Only in Moscow in the Embassy. So I will have to fill out a lot of papers.
And pay for the visa 230 USD. I will arrive by train to Moscow. The ticket will cost exactly 90 USD. This is the train ticket to Zheleznogorsk - Moscow. I will fly out of Sheremetyevo airport. I ask you to write me to which airport should I arrive?
In which airport will you be able to meet me?? I was told that a plane ticket from Moscow would cost about 510 USD. And also I will have to pay for the services to the travel agency. Because the agency will deal with the entire preparation of my documents! So now you can add up the full amount of all costs for a passport, a visa and a train ticket. TOTAL: 130 + 230 + 90 + 510 USD = 960 USD So you now understand my costs? I have only 400 USD now. I paid 400 USD today in a travel agency!
I will receive my international passport on Monday, 11 December. It's a good news! My love, I really want to be with you. Tomorrow I will go to my friends and try to borrow money.
It really upset me. I thought that I had enough money to travel to you.
But I have not lost faith that we will meet. I think that my friends will help me. But I do not want to talk about it right now.
I thought about you tonight. It became very lonely for me. I want to see you as soon as possible. I want to hug and kiss you.
I want to be with you, I want to go with you, touch your hair, Hold the hand of a strong man ......
I've been looking for a dream of my heart for a long time. I've been looking for a knight for a long time.
I can not believe that I found the man of my dreams! you are the man of my dreams!
Probably I'm dreaming? Probably all this is a dream? give me a hug :-))) If this is a dream, I want to sleep all my life. This is a very sweet dream!
My favorite tiger, I'm slowly going crazy! Probably both of us are crazy?
We will be together once! And all will be well.
All my and your dreams become reality. We will be together!
And any troubles and grief can not prevent our happiness!
I love you my brave tiger Stephen
You asked about my phone. My phone has broken. I should give in repair. In phone water has got. And the display does not work.
Do not worry. I shall soon repair.
With love, your tender tigress Olga
Letter 21
Hello my love Stephen. I am very pleased to receive your letter. My love, I have bad news for us.
I tried to borrow money from his friends, but unfortunately my friends do not have the money now. and then I asked for money for our meeting with my grandmother. My grandmother could give me only 100 USD.
My love, I do not know that now I do, and where can I take the rest of the money. I've done everything to ensure that I was able to come to you. but unfortunately this is not enough.
I have no choice how to ask your help. Can you help me with the money? My love and I hope you to help you.
You're my only hope. Now the fate of our meeting lies in your hands. I look forward to you.
I entered into a contract with a travel agency! and wrote a statement the contract for the provision of services in obtaining documents.
I have already paid part of the money for their documents. I paid 400 USD +
100 USD!
I have to pay 460 USD more travel agencies.
This money i will have to pay up to 29 December. My love Stephen i can remain with you for 3 months My dear you see I've done everything to ensure that I was able to travel to you. I am open and honest with you. My love is you have to trust me.
I very much hope that you can help me. My dear you can send money through Money Gram. This is a global company that is engaged in money transfers between countries.
Have you heard about the Money Gram? Here's what I learned about how you can send money through Money Gram.
In order to be able to send you the money, you will need the following information about me:
Name: Olga Vladimirovna
Surname: Slobodchikova
Country: Russia
City: Zheleznogorsk
Street: Gagarina 8
Apartment: 24
Postal index: 307171 I also send you a copy of my passport!! Is my passport. Now we move closer to each other.
When you send money you will have a reference number of 8 digits. For that I was able to get the money you'll have to tell me this number. I also write your full name and complete address.
As soon as I get the money, I would immediately go to a travel agency and pay them money. I'll get my documents and then I fly to you. But it depends on you.
I very much hope that you will help me with money and will not leave me alone. I believe in you and trust you. I see my future only with you.
I will finish my letter and wait for your answer. Your Olga
Letter 22
My love Stephen
I'm so happy to see your letter. I just really miss you. I wait when our faces and our eyes see each other. I'm ready to scream for you all over Russia. I LOVE YOU, MY LIFE. WE WILL LIVE LONG AND HOW DEATH WILL NOT DISAPPEAR US WITH YOU. WE WILL ALL AND START ALL THE PEOPLE SEE OUR LOVE. Because they did not meet their love.
but I met you. And you met me.
It is a great happiness for us to be like one cloud in the sky. Like two pearls in the bottom of the sea. And let us not who can not separate us and make us forget each other's friend. only you and I in this world. And in this life. SOON WE WILL BE TOGETHER
Stephen I ask you to wait for our real meeting with you and then you will be able to see my body. and you will not need my photos. I will give you the hottest night of love.
I send you my tender kisses on your body and your lips.
I'm waiting for your news.
Your love Olga
Letter 23
Stephen my love I am writing you my letter as soon as possible.
Today I went to a travel agency. I had to take my documents and passport for my visa.
my love for the money I need to provide my passport. and now my passport is in the agency.
I ask you to send your money transfer to my grandmother's name. I will give you a name my grandmother.
I was told that in order to receive a money transfer it is necessary to show a passport.
my love I gave my documents to the travel agency for visa processing. and now I can not receive your help without documents.
Stephen I ask you to change the name of the recipient.
my love I ask you to send a transfer to my grandmother's name. I will go and receive your money transfer from my grandmother.
you understand me???
Stephen I ask you to change my name to the name of my grandmother. my grandmother's name: Name: Tatyana Nikolaevna
Surname: Shaburova
Country: Russia
City: Zheleznogorsk if you need to specify the address to transfer money. then you can specify my address.
Street: Gagarina 8
Apartment: 24
Postal index: 307171 my love I will wait for your news. I love you Stephen I send you my tender kisses on your body and your lips.
with love is your tender tigress Olga
Letter 24
Stephen my love I am writing you today is another one of my letter.
my love, I ask you not to send your translation to my grandmother's name.
my grandmother feels bad today. she has high blood pressure and a heart problem.
perhaps it happens because of the change in the weather or a strong excitement.
My grandmother was very worried that she could not help me with our meeting.
but I told my grandmother that my love Stephen will help me with the money for our meeting.
my grandmother sends you thanks. Stephen so I spoke with my girlfriend. and she is ready to help us with the money. my love now I will send you information my girlfriend Yuliya: Name: Yuliya Emilevna
Surname: Safiullina
Country: Russia
City: Zheleznogorsk my love I very much hope that you will have time to receive my letter before sending money.
I loved you Stephen. I will wait for your news.
Letter 25
Hello my love, my tiger Stephen
I am very happy to read your letter. I miss you.
I just do not find a place for my happiness.
every moment I think about you. I can not eat peacefully, I can not sleep peacefully.
I have a feeling that the dream of my life is coming true, Soon I will be next to my great love, I will be with you.
And no obstacles can prevent us.
We will be the most magnificent couple and let everyone envy us and our happiness.
I think that together we can see many beautiful places in your homeland.
Our separation was a very long and powerful test for us, but through all this time, my feelings for you have only intensified.
You are the only man in the world for me. I love you so much.
my love I will wait for your help on Monday. Stephen I will send you a photo only in a swimsuit.
I will not send you a ***** photo. I do not have a bare photo.
I wrote to you in my letter that my phone is broken. and I can not use the phone right now.
I will try to look for a call center and call you. I ask you to write me your phone number.
I will be looking forward to your reply.
My hottest kisses, with love, your tigress Olga GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Letter 26
hello my love Stephen
how are you ????
I got up very early today.
I warmed up the chicken soup. made the tea black and ate chocolate. I am now at home. I am writing you my letter. Now on the street + 2 degrees.
I'm so happy, soon we'll be together. Do you like to sunbathe?
it is very unfortunate that the summer has ended in Russia. I want to go to the sea with you. we will undress. you will see my beautiful, tanned body you will take the oil and you will smear my body. I will feel your strong arms around me))))))))))))))))) Ahhhhhhh no. no. I do not hurry. I just dream and plan to meet with you. I want warmth and romance. I want to give you my love from the heart. I want to open my heart.
I want to feel the male power next to me. I just want to live fully. And we will just live together and give each other happiness and spiritual warmth.
now we are separated by a large distance. but I hope that very soon we'll be together.
I'll be waiting for your transfer tomorrow. I ask you do not forget to send me information about the transfer of money.
and just do not forget to send your help to a name:
Name: Yuliya Emilevna
Surname: Safiullina
Country: Russia
City: Zheleznogorsk I love you with all my heart. you are my man. For you and for you I can live.
My heart is empty without you. Only you are now in my heart. Only for you and only with you I will be a happy woman on the whole planet.
Stephen, I beg you to wait for our meeting. I do not have more photos in my underwear.
Your little girl Olga
I await your answer. And I ask you to take 10 minutes. And again, read my letter.
And I ask you to listen only to your heart. Only the heart will tell you the right choice and the right decision.
Letter 27
Stephen I read your letter. I think you just want to see my **** photo! you want to see my photos in your underwear.
I will send you my photos. but this is my last photo. I have no new photos.
now I will wait for your help. I do not want us to set each other's conditions.
yet we must now meet. and then I'll be with you. and you will not need my photos. I will be with you.
I'm waiting for your news
Letter 28
Stephen my love I sent you a picture in a black swimsuit. you asked me for a picture. I sent you. I will not send you my photos any more.
enough. I do not want this game. I do not need your money. I will not send you photos for money.
you make Me Feel sad.
Letter 29
Stephen do you want to tell me that you do not trust me ?? and you doubt my reality ??
I sent you a copy of my passport. I signed a contract with the agency. I spent my last $ 500 money to meet you. and this is not a guarantee for you?
for you the guarantee is photos in your underwear or topic ?? it's you who **** my love and break my heart. I wanted to come to you, because I love you. and you just do not trust me. my heart is broken.
Letter 30
you understand that my phone is broken ?? I do not have a camera, how will I make you self? I can send you photos that I have on the memory card.
Letter 31
Stephen I will not send you a photo any more. if you do not want to help me with our meeting. then I will not come to you.
I'm already tired of these photos. there are no more photos. you can only see me in reality.
if you want me to prove your love. then you can fly to Russia. but we only have time until December 29th.
Letter 32
Stephen, of course I want our meeting with you. you must fly to Sheremetyevo airport. this is in Moscow. and then you must go to the Kazan station. and take a train ticket to the city of Zheleznogorsk.
I'm waiting for your answers. but I ask you to arrive before December 29th.
because if I do not pay money before December 29th. then I will never be able to fly to you. because the Embassy will deny me a visa.
Letter 33
Stephen I send you my letter of my feelings.
you will be the happiest man on planet Earth. In the first I meet a person like you.
I'm amazing, but you're dragging me more and more.
I just can only dream about what you offer me.
Yes, I really want this, but I just can not believe if you're telling the truth, I just can not believe what you're saying.
You know I most appreciate honesty and kindness in people.
I have never met a man who was so similar to me, it's amazing that we have the same goals and the same perception of life.
I believe that this is love at first sight.
Do you believe in love at first sight ???
I believe that if you are older than me it means that you will be able to teach me a lot. I like to dance well.
But I do not see a person here who I can completely trust.
I hope that this person is you and if we trust each other then we will have an excellent dance.
do you like theater ???
I also like to go to the opera and theater from time to time, but I have not gone anywhere for a long time because I have no one to walk with.
Maybe you someday bring me to the theater, I can only dream about the fact that we spend time together.
I will close the computer now. I love you Stephen write me some good news. your tigress Olga
Letter 34

Stephen I will be very glad to meet you in Russia. I can spend time with you. and I will stay with you all this time.
Stephen you already have a visa to russia. because to fly to Russia. You will also need a visa.
have you already received a visa ?????
my love, I ask you to arrive before December 29th. because December 29 is the last day when I can pay for my documents for our meeting.
I'm waiting for the details of your trip.
I am very glad that we will spend Christmas and New Year together.
I loved you Stephen.
Letter 35
Stephen is my love, I received your answer. I see that the amount for the flight to Russia is very large.
and now you decided to send me your help ??
Stephen well I'll be waiting for your money transfer today. I hope that you do it. I ask you not to forget to send your help in the name of my girlfriend Yuliya I will wait for your news.
Letter 36
Stephen is my love, I am now on the Internet. I'm waiting for your news. my love, you told me that today you will send me your help for our meeting.
I'm waiting for your good news. I love you my tiger Stephen.
Letter 37
My love Stephen
My angel and my destiny
I was waiting for your letter with impatience. I was very worried about you.
I really love you and it's too bad for me to be so far away from you.
I beg you, I do not want to stay here. I want to see you as soon as possible, I ask you to help me get out of here.
I really love you and now I want to be in your hands. I really love you and I'm ready to fly to you as soon as possible.
It's a great pleasure for me to see your letter. I'm glad that very soon we will be together. I look forward to it with impatience. I'm waiting for our real meeting with you.
I love you and I'm ready for anything for you. Soon we'll be together.
I love you and I wait for a letter from you. my love I will also wait for your help for our meeting. do not forget to write me the translation information.
Your favorite tigress Olga.
Letter 38
Stephen is my love, I am now on the Internet. I'm waiting for your news. I do not know the exact time difference.
but I think that soon you will have a lunch break.
Letter 39
Stephen my love I am now here on the internet. I was waiting for your news. but you never wrote me.
maybe you're busy at work. and you have a difficult day.
Stephen I really want our happiness and our meeting.
Letter 40
Stephen now I go to bed. you never answered me. I've been waiting for your letter all day.
now it's too late and I have to go to bed. kiss
Letter 41
Stephen my love I received your letter. I understand that you had a lot of work. and the boss came to your work.
I'm very glad that you are doing well at work and your reports are in order. I hope that today you will have free time at lunch time and be able to send me your help.
I'll be waiting for you today for good news. I loved you Stephen and send you my tender kisses.
Letter 42
Stephen my love I'll be waiting for your news today! it's already evening in Russia. I hope you will soon come home and send me your news.
Letter 43
Stephen my love I received your letter. and I just cry.
you just deceived me! you write me all this dirt. You want to say that I'm fooling you ???
and you listen to your friend ?? Are you going to listen to your friends in your friends ???
you must make your own choice. because you will live with a girl, not your friend.
Stephen now I want to tell you. you send me all these links, why ?? you want to tell me what it is I ?????? I went to all these links. and there is not my picture. these are all different girls who are they ???
Do you write to all these girls ??? and each of them wants to deceive you ???
you did not see that all these girls from Ukraine ??
and you look carefully at these photos. these photos are of high quality. and they were made by an agency of acquaintances or a professional photographer. and this is the first thought that this is cheating. Stephen I am writing you my real letters. I send you my ordinary photos. I sent you my passport. I am honest with you.
I'm already tired of asking you about money and our meeting. if you do not want to help me then we just can not be together.
Merry Christmas.
Letter 44
Hello my affectionate tiger Stephen. I received your letter. I was so sad, after your words.
You do not want to help me with money for a flight to your home. Many times I have told you that I want to come.
Just not as easy to leave Russia. But now I have the opportunity to come to you.
And I ask you to plan with you our real meeting.
Once I wrote you a letter, you can write 1000 letters. But the real meeting can replace 10000000 letters.
You understand that?? if you are a serious man, and willing to be my husband.
Then we need now to meet. The only way we can plan our lives with you. And our future with you. Do you agree with me? I am now sad without you. My heart is now lonely. My soul is just empty. Only you have to be there right now.
All enough to write long letters to each other. I'll take lots of pictures.
And when we meet with you, I will show all my pictures. You will know everything about me. If you're not a serious man. Then why are you writing me letters???
Then why are you telling me warm and warmed my heart?? Why???
Then why are you writing all the words you ??????? You're just playing with me??
Oh my God, I will go to church and to purify his soul from deceit. you just lied to me.
You told me you wanted a date. But now you're scared !!!!!!! you're scared.
I will ask God to help me to save my soul and my life.
Because I have given you every part of my body. Only 2 hearts can live only spiritually. Remember ::::::::
You can not love a man and a woman for money.
It is impossible to love a man and a woman for beauty It is impossible to love a man and a woman is physically Remember ::::::::
You can love a man and a woman spiritual. Only the heart can love.
And all my life to live and one day to die together. It is eternal and true love.
And no one can not live such a life. Just you and me.
Your girl Olga
I am waiting for your answer.
Letter 45
Hello, my brave tiger! I want to congratulate you and your country MERRY CHRISTMAS.
I am writing you a letter sooner.
I congratulate you on HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS I did not forget about the holiday.
I love you so much
I wish that we met with greater probability I want to come to you, I'm ready to make a big step for our future Do you understand me???
Today is Saturday in Russia
I'm sending you a photo with a Christmas tree I'm waiting for your answer Your tigress Olga
Letter 46
Stephen I received your letter. I see a link with my picture. my love I do not know how my picture appeared on the dating site.
Do you understand that this is a dating site ???
maybe this dating agency posted my photo on the site.
I am very upset. you tell me that you saw my profile on a dating site ???
maybe it's a fake. Someone stole my photos and created a page.
I kept all my photos in the Internet storage. this is called a Yandex drive.
it seems I was hacked for a long time. my love what now do I do ??
I will go to the police. I will write an appeal to the police.
I only wrote one man and asked for my ***** photos. but I did not answer him. I told him not to write to me and call him a pervert. he also sent me photos of the member.
and then I blocked receiving mail from him. maybe now this person wants to spoil my reputation and defile me.
it all scares me very much. I am very excited.
you can see on this page: Account created: 17 Aug 2017
Last Online: 128 days ago
Yulia, girl, 26 from Ukraine I'm from Russia, not Ukraine. I sent you my passport. Stephen now I do not know how to tell you that I'm a real girl and I loved you. I ask you to think well. because I'm being honest with you. and I want our meeting with you.
if you do not want to help me. then we can not meet with you. you do not want to go to russia because it's expensive. And now what i can do??
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