Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! :) My name is Ekaterina! Can this letter seem strange, but I saw your profile inadvertently on the site.
If you want to write for me. I hope for your answer and that we will become friends, and we can also more.
I send you my selfie, I hope you like it! :)
Letter 2
Hello, I want to congratulate you on Christmas and wish you with all my heart happiness and good health! In Russia celebrate Christmas on January 7, and a new year night from December 31 to January 1. When I met you, I changed. You have opened a new world for me, a world of love. Now I rise in the morning with a smile on my personality, because I know this is not one. In this big world there is a person who thinks about me. I want to thank you. With you I feel like a woman who wants to be happy to love. I lost hope for happiness after seeing the rude Russian men. When I met you, you gave me hope for happiness.
My love even colleagues at work say that I have changed. They say that I smile more often and my eyes burn with the light of pleasure. I am very grateful to you for this. I am very glad that you do not leave me and evaluate our correspondence. You are a real person who is not afraid of problems that can be taken care of. I'm very happy that you chose me and gave me a chance to give you all the love and tenderness.
I think of you. I will finish this letter, I wish you all the best and good mood on this wonderful day. I really look forward to your reply, and I send you a warm embrace. Your Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello! Sorry that I did not write to you for so long, as there was a lot of work and festive efforts. First of all, I want to congratulate you on the New Year !!! I want to wish you and your family happiness, pure and sincere love and good health. How did you get to know this new year? I hope that you have a good New Year holidays? I Love New Year. I think this is a very beautiful holiday. Streets Decorated with wonderful and bright garlands and lights. Very high and a beautiful tree of fur stands on the main square in our city; this has a party of good and wonderful New Year's toys. There are many of the lucky ones children on the street who play with snow, have fun and laughter. it so interesting and good to see that the city comes to life and worried during this holiday. It is possible to see so many smiles on faces of people. People take great pleasure in celebrating this, laugh, and have fun - spend a very good time. They visit each other, Give gifts to close and dear people, and congratulate everyone other. We are waiting midnight, when the New Year arrives; we are waiting for this with a very large impatience. And when it comes, we pick up glasses with champagne, We congratulate each other, we wish great happiness, and we are so happy and pleased. And I realized that the main reason for my happiness at this moment - that all dear people for me are next to me. it so wonderful. I expect a letter from you. And a good new year. Your Ekaterina.
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