Scam letter(s) from Audrey Thomas to Harold (USA)

Letter 1
Sorry for the late response, how are you doing? Thanks for the message. Where do you live? I hope you are really having a nice time.. I'm new at this online dating cuz I was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online..I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself. I am Bridget, 5ft 8" tall, hazel eyes blah blah blah. I am single with no kids and currently seeking a relationship, but not rushing myself. I quite have a diverse background, My dad is Australian and mom is American. I'm presently working with CSF(Children Support Forum), that's a bit for now. I will tell u more when i get your reply. Tell me more about you too. What do you want from a woman? Hope to hear from you soon Bridget
Letter 2
I am Bridget. Do you remember me? You left your contact on AFF, I am just checking if I have the right one. Bridget
Merry xmas to you too. So far I really love all you have to say about yourself, I see you have a really bright prospect and I like your outlook on life. I can see you have such a wonderful focus, that's really good and i pray you achieve all of your goals real soon. What are your goals?

Well I'm sorry I cant give you a proper reply now as I have to go on duty in about 3 mins so I will have to send you an email when I get off duty. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't send me an email back when you get this:). I'll have to spank you if you don' have to go now though...Take care of yourself! Be safe. Please send me some pictures of you.

Letter 3
How was your day? It's been a very busy weekend for me. Writing back to you makes me miss home even though I am enjoying myself here, the people here are so lovely. It feels bad to know that they need so much help. At the moment, you are the only person I am writing to back home. I have just one friend I tell things about me but she has a lot of friends. Her friends are not my friends, of course we hang out but we don't talk much afterwards. My dad is dead and mum left me me after dad's death and got married to another man in Mexico which I don't get to see her again. I was raised by my aunt who is now caught up in drugs and alcohol, i really love her and it pains me that she chose to live that way. I see this charity work as a way of relaxing and doing to others what I was supposed to do with my Aunt when I was more younger. I just had to tell you about my personal life because i will like to know what you have been through in life too. I believe human beings are what they have experienced, the past presents the future. But anyway I'll not and I'll never allow that to pull me down or back in life. I just have to be strong and move on in my life..I pray the Lord guides and protect me and lead me through the right path.
This is my first time ever in Africa. I was introduced to online dating and this site by a friend out here in the camp. You seem to be a very nice person and I hope you will not hurt me. I want to be your best friend and I also need your advice in life and your support as well to achieve my goals and I don't want to be hurt any more. I care,
Letter 4

lovely seem like the quiet type, are you? lol, I can see the ***** side of you, I guess everyone likes a lil spanking. I went around town when I was on break from work with some of the natives out here and I was really surprised and shocked about how people live out here,everything I'm seeing out here everyday makes me thank God and it makes me appreciate my status of being American. I mean having a different background compared to theirs. I'm not saying that because I'm a racist or anything of such but just to express what I'm saying to you so you can understand. I have to say that talking to you has been the best thing I have been doing so far since I got here. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.
Moment of honesty please, I want to ask you three questions that I need honest answers to here.
1. Are you seeing anyone at the moment? The reason I asked is I don't want to be a distraction.
2. Do you have high *** drive? lol, I do
3. When last were you so close to a woman? I asked because talking to you has really brought out some feelings. Now I feel like I want to be close to you. Tell me about your past, my last relationship is something I dont really like talking about cuz I don't like to remember it but I'll definitely tell you about it cuz I believe it's a way of knowing each other better. The relationship lasted for 2 years, he got tired of me and decided to try new things. He was getting fastidious, finding fault for everything I did and, I tried my best to make things change because I have expended a lot in the relationship (Time, Money and energy) but he just made things worse. He showed me the way out when he started having an affair with another girl which I got to find out and that was when he told me he doesn't need me anymore right in front of the other girl I caught him with. That made me very very miserable and I just couldn't believe such thing could ever happen to me. I like being honest in anything i find myself doing. I have always been very honest in my past relationships but what hurts me is that I don't tend to get that honesty back in return from my partner, it really ***** me out but it teaches me more about life. I was very honest and loyal to my ex and everything was going smooth until he started changing his attitude, I talked to him to stop that cuz I made him know I understood what was going on then but he didn't and I figured we weren't compatible anymore so we had to call off the relationship cuz he wasn't honest to me. I really wanted to have something serious with him but he was not ready for that.
I have been single for some a while now and I dont want to rush into any relationship cuz I don't want the same thing that happened in my last relationship to happen again, I want someone that I can always call mine and mine only cuz I'll be his only one too. I want someone who's really ready for a serious relationship and ready to prove to me that it pays to respect, love and cherish a woman and I'll definitely prove to him back that it pays to be honest to a woman. I want my next relationship to be my very last one which I have been praying to God about and I'm sure he won't let me down. Well, I hope that makes sense to you. I'm feeling very weak and sick now. I really need some rest and then find something to eat. I'll be hoping to hear from you real soon though but until then take good care of yourself and have a nice time and fun filled week even if i dont. I think i'll have to go and see the doctor if this persists. I have to go now though. Be safe and talk to you soon! I Care,
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