Scam letter(s) from Anna James to Jeffrey (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Jeffrey, thanks that has told to me a little about itself. It was interesting to read your message. It seems we search for one and too here. You have involved my attention and I want to get acquainted with you more close, but I seldom here happen, therefore I ask you to write me your email and we will begin acquaintance! It is good idea?
Letter 2
Jeffrey, I am going to close a profile, I will wait your message on my email
Letter 3
Hi Jeffrey, I with impatience waited your letter and hoped to receive your photos. Maybe in the following letter? That has told thanks me a little about itself and about you search for what woman and see near to yourself. I will tell to you fairly, for me acquaintance through the Internet and the Internet dialogue this new. I do not know as it will be better to begin our conversation, but I will try to tell a little about me in this letter. I want to find love, care, respect, trust and honesty! I search for the man for the joint future, For creation of a family and mutual love! Not only for flirtation and games!! I search for serious relations. If I am interesting to you, we should give chance each other to find out who each of us is. I think, nobody knows, where and when it is possible to meet second half of heart. The love can live in next apartment, the house, the next street, in other city or in other country. It is possible! Really! Who can know and tell, what it not truth? Who? I ask that you have given chance to it because it is really interesting to me!
Jeffrey, I understand that acquaintance to the man from other country, with other culture and mentality, it will be not easy, but if the man respects, understands and trusts me his thoughts and his life, then I promise to make all for the sake of him! If I love, I am ready to leave Russia and to live there, where there will be my man!!! It is my decision, I long thought of it, but I am ready to take this step! Probably, having read my words, you will think that I argue as the little girl, But I really want to be happy and I dream of true love!! Now, I want to tell to you a little about me. I do not have any problems with health! I was born February, 9th, 1987. I live in Russia in city Tomsk. 28 years and I very optimistic woman and I trust me in the best in people. I consider that optimistic people live concern problems much easier and easier. We easily endure difficult situations. If to pour waters in a glass on a half, That I always consider that a glass on half full :) I was tired to be one! I want to love and be favorite! Therefore I have started to use the Internet for acquaintance and dialogue with the man. I think that in it there is nothing terrible because all people search for love! I consider that your partner can be in any place of our major planet!!! It seems to me that for true love there are no barriers. Neither distances, nor age - anything! Men from Russia do not interest me as my future husband! I have been some times deceived and betrayed and have told I have had enough! Men here are not serious in living with the woman, to love her and to establish a family. I do not say that all men in Russia such! There are also good men, but they are already married. And I one also dream to change it till now...
I consider that in any relations, it is the important points mutual support, understanding and trust and certainly honesty before each other! You agree? In the past I loved, but have been deceived and betrayed, I do not want that it has again repeated! It was very sick and difficult to me to endure treachery, but I have consulted! Now, I am ready to love and be lovely only for my men!!!! How to you my English? I hope you understand that I write to you in my letters? I know that I do many errors, but you should understand that it not my native language And I long did not practice. I did not speak for a long time in this language and I ask you not to judge strictly for errors. Do not forget, I want to see your photo, please present it in the following letter. On it I will finish this letter, but I hope that my letter will be the beginning something new, which will change our life. All in our hands! I will wait your letter and a photo. With the best regards,
Letter 4

Hi Jeffrey, I am very glad to read your new letter and I like to look at your photos. .. .
You have told to me about yourself and in this letter I will try to tell more in detail about my life. In the first letter, I told you that I live in a city; it is so, but I was born and have grown in village 80 km from Tomsk where there lived my parents and some relatives. I grew the simple rural girl. My childhood was very various and always there was a lot of work. When I left school, I went to a city to study at institute. I studied as trades the teacher and now I work as the teacher of Russian and literatures at high school in my city! In my class there are 19 pupils at the age of 12-13 years, All children absolutely different. The first year to me it was difficult, but now I understand each pupil. And to everyone I have a approach. I can tell with confidence that I will consult with my work!
I consider that my work is very serious and important to a certain extent. In our modern world, it is a lot of alcohol, drugs and children forget the native language. They spend a lot of time behind the computer on the Internet, and see many unnecessary things! Not all parents have time to watch that their children while parents are not present the house do. It is a serious problem! I try to give to children love and respect for a native language and the literature. It is very pleasant to see result of the work, many children begin in another way concerns to world around! I like to see how at schools children address. All teachers and children, reading verses of the well-known Russian writers...
Few times in a week I visit fitness of halls, I like to float, go by horses, and still I am engaged in a rock-climbing. I like to feel small weariness after trainings. I all it do for myself, for maintenance in shape my body. About my parents I will speak to you in one of following letters because it is separate a theme for conversation. My birth was long and difficult for my mums and at she there were problems with an internal. After my births, therefore parents could not have children any more, I the only child. What can you tell about your parents and your relatives? I hope soon to receive your answer. I spoke that I do not have experience in the Internet acquaintance, therefore, if to you something not clearly in my the letter, then tell about it at once, Ok? I only want that we understood each other and we did not have a disagreement. Olga
Letter 5
Dear Jeffrey, I read your letter with a great interest and to me it is pleasant that you have estimated my work and my diligence. I like to learn something new of your letters, thanks that you share with me a part of your life. It is pleasant to me to communicate with you, it is pleasant to look your photos and to read your compliments, it is very pleasant... After our first several letters, we have some idea about each other. You know a little about me and I as I know about you, it is pleasant to me occurring with us... You have told to me about your family, it was curious to me to find out about them and now I want to tell you about my parents. My father call Evgenyi, my mum called Irina. To a great regret my mum has died. She had pneumonia and complications, but could not become healthy. My mum left us 5 years ago. I very much love her, and I do not have not enough her support, councils, presence! But I store light memory of mum and always I visit her tomb. My father is 55 years. In two years after their acquaintance I was born. My parents very much loved each other, it was very appreciable! All life, they were always and everywhere together, even behind products they went to shop together! Worked at one school, nevertheless never were tired from each other. I respect them for it!!! I am very happy that my parents had huge happiness to be together. My father it is very heavy that he has lost love of all him lives. But we have endured this moment of loss, together and we help always than we can each other. The father has worked all life the teacher of physical culture, and mum worked as the mathematics teacher and physicists. They got acquainted, when in school where my father taught the new teacher (my mum). They were pleasant at once each other and started to meet. Now the father lives in the country where I was born and have grown and as you already know, I live in separate apartment which I rent in a city. But every weekend I visit him and I spend time together with my father, I do not want that he did not miss and felt lonely!! I go to help him, I clean all house from dust, I erase ***** clothes on it many forces and time leave, I do not complain, understand me correctly. I am on the contrary glad to see the father and to help him! I the simple girl who has grown in village! I hope, what because of it at you the opinion on me will not change? Dear Jeffrey, I should you tell that I have no own computer, therefore I come to Internet cafe, to read your letters. More often I use the school computer and the Internet during the working day, but in my free time. It is all that in the house in which I rent apartment, there is no Internet. Probably you are surprised, because it is difficult to believe in it, but such still meets in Russia. Again today I have written you the long letter. I hope to you not difficulty to read my letters? I with pleasure will wait for your following letter. Best regards, Olga.
Letter 6
Hi from Russia ;) I am very glad that we continue to correspond Jeffrey!!! First of all I want to tell to you many thanks for your new letter and a photo! All very much is pleasant to me. Each time when I read your letters, in each word I feel your emotions and thoughts. I represent that you somewhere nearby, about me read these letters, but I understand that it not so! You are very far and from it becomes sad! You very much the handsome man and the pleasant interlocutor! I all am more strongly convinced of it from your letters! To me has carried to be familiar with you! You write me letters, support me, tell about yourself, I appreciate all it! Believe dear, our dialogue and acquaintance is important for me and I want to continue dialogue with you! ... I think that has come time to tell you about my last love. Jeffrey, it will be the big letter, believe, it is difficult to me to write about it, but I want that you knew this history. Four years ago I got acquainted with the man, it has occurred casually in cafe. He approached me and decided to get acquainted - his name Nikita. We got acquainted and once a week, started to see then more often. And later 5 months both of us have solved that we well enough know each other and have solved that we need to move further and to begin more serious relations.
Relations it is work for two people. And both persons should do persistent work to make relations fine. Ideal relations do not happen, but to make stable and strong relations at us it turned out. We together went to park, on walk, went to the cinema. All free time from work we were together. We resolved that following joint life will be step to our relations. And we rented apartment and have started to live. All it became fine and has started to feel confidence of the future! I was very happy and thought that our relations will proceed all life. Certainly, such can be only in films about love, but very seldom happens such in life! After the first year of joint life, him have reduced from work, in the country there was a crisis. I supported him as I could, said that it not for a long time and that he will find other work And I will help him with it. But he so was upset because of it that has soon started to drink alcohol! I said that together we will solve this problem. Job search will occupy some time. But after 3 weeks, he surrendered and lowered hands and started to drink more alcohol! I did not like it at once, but I suffered, because loved him. Every day he was *****. He spent our money on drink! We saved money for travel. I very much was upset! I did not begin to tell him anything. Once to me has bothered that he constantly drinks. I told him that if he stopped to drink alcohol that we will establish together a family (both of us wanted it)! But in reply to it he shouted at me and told that he knows when to stop to drink. As a result of it, he started to shout at me constantly and to accuse, that it I am guilty that him have dismissed! I him calmed and tried to stop him, but He did not listen to me, him shout all became more furious and stronger every day!!! And someday, I was tired that he constantly shouts at me, I him have told that any more I do not want him to see, and that I was tired from his shouts. At this moment he struck me!!!!!! This **** was so strong that I have fallen to a floor and was knocked. To me it was very sick!!! I did not expect him ****. And during that moment, I have understood that these shouts will not end also all will be worse and worse. And I have left him... To me it was sick from him ****, but more to me it was sick in heart and on a shower!!!! I never thought that He can strike me. I have thrown all and left home to my father. Only there I felt in safety! And a month later when I calmed down I arrived back to a city, rented other apartment and found work in other school (that he has not found me on last work). I am so glad that I did not see him more!!!! My dear it was so sick for my heart. His **** was strong! But more I have felt this pain heart. It is not pleasant to me to remember it, but I do not have secrets from you! I hope that there will come that day when I will come from work, home and will see such picture, as my lovely man will sit and play with our children, will train their lives. Sometimes I represent you on this place! But at present, while early about it to speak, we know about each other only some letters, but I hope that all ahead! I hope, what at you and I have not spoilt fine mood to you in this letter? Forgive if it so, simply I have opened to you my mental anguish which held long time in itself. Also you know, now to me it became better! Probably it from that I to you have told about it! I really like to keep in touch with you both to find out who you and to become closer to you! You should know that I do not compare other men to that last man. But I do not want to establish a family with the man from Russia, and now you understand why I do not want it to do. The main problem of Russian men that they drink much alcohol and lose over itself control! Some of them are capable even of ******, it is awful!! I do not want such relations, constantly to live in fear because of that that the man drinks. I want to be happy, I dream of children and the careful man near to me! From this that I know about you, it seems to me, you could be him... Do not worry about my access to the Internet. My care and I will not cease to write to you if itself you will not ask about it. Whether I was outside of Russia? My answer - is not present, but at me is international passport. Some years ago I with friends were going to fly to Turkey during holiday. But I had to refuse during that moment. My mum became bad and her health worsened with each new day. I could not leave her and the father of one and have refused.
On it I will finish this letter. It is time to start to work. I will be very glad to receive your new letter.
Best regards,
Letter 7
Helloooooo dear Jeffrey, I feel that our acquaintance becomes more and more the best. I am glad that we continue to find out each other, we have already some progress and it is pleasant to me! ... Thanks for your new letter! I want to tell thanks that you have understood me and my situation. Your words give strong support, it is necessary for me! Maybe, being near to you I will forget all bad that happens in my life! I want that so there was also I trust you my dear!! I see that you really serious, fair man both your care and support to me are very pleasant. Yes many people hurt, but any pain will not be compared to a sincere and warm pain. I am happy that my the history remained in the past! Now at me new life! Life from a blank page! I would like to begin new life together with you my dear!! I understand [it is] now early to do any conclusions about us and about our future, but if we try to find out each other and we will understand that we love each other, I was assured that we could [be] happy together!! But for this purpose, both of us should make all our efforts! And now I feel huge interest to you, I feel an inclination, I did not test for a long time the similar to any man and now I like this feeling. I am very glad that both of us have decided to change our life if we have not made such decision, we never could get acquainted and learn [from] each other! I believe that all event - is not casual! So should occur! Maybe that in the future we were happy together!? How you think?
We have got acquainted recently, but it seems already we have some interest to each other. You the interesting both pleasant interlocutor and the soul mate. We move forward and it is pleasant to me. It was interesting to read and learn about your work and about that as passes your day. Excuse me, this letter will be short, now I use the school Internet and at me not enough time. Therefore I will shortly tell about my day.
Day begins at 6:30 AM. I take a shower, I make a breakfast, usually I cook porridge, I drink coffee and I gather for work. I do not eat on the way to work, it is harmful! Any fast food! You know that I look after myself and I try to behave in the good form :) And consequently I try to go on foot for work, it occupies about 15-20 minutes (depends on weather).
In 8 AM begins my working day and comes to an end in 5 PM. You remember, I wrote what some times in a week I visit fitness of halls? I go there on Tuesday and on Friday and I am engaged about 2 hours. After that, I go home and I prepare for tomorrow. And in the days off I try to improve my English, I go on courses. And in weekend I go to the father, but you already know about it. I think that the first meeting should take place in your native elements. I hope, what at you all is good also my letters lift your mood? I wait your following letter!
Best regards,
Letter 8
Hi again Jeffrey, I am glad to read your new letter and I very much like your new photos. I see that you were the lovely and nice child. Even later so it is a lot of years, you have not changed. Please, do not think that I am ideal, it not so. I am assured that on this planet there is no ideal person. But me it is pleasant that between us there is a big sympathy and interest to each other. There is a chance that between us can arise feelings or even love. I trust in it... You want to know negative sides my works? The most unpleasant and difficult, is conversation with parents of children. Often happens so that parents are indignant with estimations which are received by their children. They come to school, to find out, why I have put a bad estimation. All say that their child cannot study badly, that he clever, but their this subjective opinion. And I put estimations for knowledge. I try to be objective. It is difficult to explain it to parents. But I will not overestimate an estimation to children. Maybe, you will think that I am strict, but it is impossible for all to get this life. I cannot put to all children good estimations that their parents were happy. I cannot so to arrive. It against my principles. You think, what I strict with them? Reading your letters, I feel that between us much in common and we think equally of those or other situations. I can agree with you in many respects... Now I can tell nothing about a meeting. I thought of it, but still too early and we should us [know each other] better. I never was outside of Russia and you know about it. I have no relation to a policy. Also I hope, if we decide to meet, this problem in any way will not concern us. I would like to travel. It my dream. I think, what you would be the fine guide? ;) On it I will finish the letter. Tonight I will go to the father on weekend and I can write other letter on Monday. I hope, what you can have some rest from work in this weekend? Olga
Letter 9
Hi dear Jeffrey, I only have read your letter!!! Excuse me that have not answered earlier.
Your letters became an important part to my life! You should know, I get used to you. I think it not bad. Even more often I notice that between us it is a lot of general and our opinions coincide. Maybe therefore we so easily have found common language? You understand many moments and my relation to work. And thanks that you do not condemn me. It is pleasant to know about your support. Also it was interesting to read history, which you have written. Here too there can be such situation and the decision for the teacher can be same... .
I want to tell to you a ridiculous case which has happened with me the day before. Last night, I did capital cleaning in my apartment. I washed floors, wiped dust, washed the clothes and cleaned carpets. And after all it I am very strongly tired, I have decided to watch TV and have lain down on an armchair. I remember that thought of you and present, I at all have not understood, how I have fallen asleep in the same place :) I have woken up this morning, and have understood that I have fallen asleep when watched TV. I have tried to rise but my back and a neck was ill, this unpleasant feeling! Suffering, I moved on apartment it was ridiculous and during the same moment painful. I have told about happened to my girlfriend, I know that she is able to do massage and she has offered me the help. Tonight she will come to me on a visit and will make neck and back massage, I hope it will help me and tomorrow I will feel better! We correspond with you already some time, and I am glad to it, I am happy with that to me have given advice to try the Internet for acquaintance, after all only so I could meet and learn [about] you Jeffrey! I could not meet you in a random way in streets in my city, only thanks to council to use the Internet I about what I am not sorry have got acquainted with you. I look ahead and I represent you on a place my men. If we meet that we will speak each other? What our first words in general will be? It so is disturbing and so is mysterious. I will not hide that I think of you often! When in the afternoon I am on work, I represent, what you do now? And you think of me??? When I go to bed I think of you and I speak: "Sweet dreams my dear Jeffrey". I hope, what you have not thought, what my imaginations and dreams too frankly? Simply I look ahead and I assume our meeting. My mum spoke: "If the destiny has connected two people then in it there is a sense" and I trust in it!!! It again my long letter, I hope that to be pleasant to you it! I look forward your following letter. Best regards for you!
Letter 10
Hi dear Jeffrey, thanks for your letter. Your letters become very necessary and important for me. Each [of] your letters for me are a drink of pure air of which so did not suffice long time! Therefore I with impatience expect each your new answer and your photos. They very much are pleasant to me.
Today my neck and back is not ill so strongly as before, but I think, that I feel after massage and thoughts on you, thought on you, as a medicine for me is better. They calm me and give me force and energy for life! I am very happy that have met you! At us really is much in common and from it I feel ease in dialogue! I feel that I can trust in you and thus I will not suffer! Maybe therefore you seem me naive.
You wanted to know, whether the deceit in Russia is extended? I think not only in Russia but also worldwide. Many people deceive each other, but I negatively concern lie. I think that it is better to know truth, what it would not be, than to live in lie. I always prepared honesty and did not deceive at examinations. Jeffrey, recently I often think of you! You to me are very interesting and pleasant! Sometimes I have thoughts to visit your house, to see where do you live, to find out as you live, I would like to get acquainted with your friends. I want to find out better you! I understand what now early to do any conclusions about us and about our future, but me interesting your opinion, whether there can be we together? You could love me and care of me? Whether there can be I that woman who will make you happy? ... Now I have presented, will be remarkable if in the future we with you do romantic evening: Candles burn, the good meal and a little wine, pleasant and quiet music and we with you together... I like to represent such moments! I often think of it and during such moments it seems to me that we have a chance to be together! Chance of the happy future... There are many films about love, and many novels and books about love are written. And I so would like that one of these novels became my life that it was real!! It will be interesting if we together write the novel about our acquaintance as all occurred between us. We wrote what first words each other as we have decided to meet. And we will think up the name of this book? There can be "a Love without borders" that you think of it?
I hope, what at you all is good and my letters lift your mood? I look forward your following letter. I want to send you a kiss on your cheek ;-) Olga
Letter 11
Dear Jeffrey, I am very glad to read your new letter and [am] very glad that we continue to correspond. I like all your photos. At you the remarkable and cosy house. I want to tell that I already thought of a phone conversation and some days ago went to the company of cellular communication that I use. Also said that I want to speak with the person from other country, On what serving to me has answered that it is not possible for me. I cannot accept a call and text messages from other country because at me corporate communication also is restrictions. I can talk only inside my areas!! Therefore we cannot hear each other. Sadly. Yes, all Russia celebrates Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) and tonight, I will go to the father and I will prepare for him pancakes. I can prepare any kind of pancakes. Mum has taught me when I was the little girl. Maybe we will meet you once and I will prepare for you sweet pancakes, I hope to you it will be pleasant. :) With each new letter I feel that we become closer and closer to each other! We know about each other not much, but I feel that we are on the right track. I start to feel that you [are] that man whom I searched and waited all life And now I understand, why last relations did not turn out. Yes, I would not be against kisses during a meeting. But I know that I will be confused strongly at first. Some time is necessary to get used to you, to new conditions, and I hope you with understanding will concern it. We have a little told each other about our life, but the most important ahead! It is our future meeting! It is possible to write 1000 letters, but thus not to understand and learn really that person. I think that only at a meeting we can learn each other even better. Only conversations face to face will help us to understand us and our feelings to each other! You agree? Olga.
Letter 12
Hi again Jeffrey... As to phone. I have read that article and should tell that I could not change this situation. It my corporate communication, that is I the worker and I can use only in territory my areas. Yes, I [have] smart phone, but there do not have access to the Internet. Why for you it so is important, explain? You want to speak on Skype because you do not trust me? What doubts at you is? ... I think of you recently much! I want to be with you!! All time is interesting to me, than you are occupied in throughout all day. I write you now the letter and my soul overflow [with] emotions and feelings!!!!! I already have some feelings to you, feelings of pleasure, and necessity. It is very important to feel necessary for other person. This feeling brings forces and energy! You help me words and councils, you have a sense of humor, you kind, careful, it are very pleasant! ... And I want that you knew that listing all qualities about you Jeffrey, I tell truth! I do not joke now! I see you such man. I hope, what you were not frightened of my frankness? I want to speak to you openly and fairly always! I have nothing to hide and I want that you knew all! Honesty, trust and openness for me the most important thing in the relation! And I consider that I arrive correctly, speaking to you about it. I very much hope that we will meet in the future, it will be the happiest moment in our life! I feel that my sympathy for you grows with each new day!!!! ... I represent you on a place my men and I want to be yours girlfriend. You are not frightened it? I want that you knew all that occurs to me and in my thoughts, I do not have secrets from you! You have appeared as if a ray of light in my dark world!! I am happy that have met you! I hope you have not frightened my recognitions. I think that it is not necessary to be silent about it and about the feelings. We live only once and to hesitate or wait for silly something any right moment. Every day can be the last and it is necessary to seize the moment now, instead of to postpone on then!! I do not know as you will react to my letter. I send you a sweet kiss on your cheeks. I look forward your answer. Have good day and I will try to make some photo for you. I think of you! Yours Olga
Letter 13
Hi dear Jeffrey, I am grateful that you remember about my mum and put a candle for her. This means much for me. With each new letter I feel that my feelings to you grow also I do not want to resist to it. You very gentle, kind, careful, interesting, pleasant man and I want to develop our dialogue. Now I understand, why Skype and conversation by phone so are important for you. You are right, I will agree with your words. But I have read many real stories when people saw only photos each other and between them there was a communication. I do not mean physical contact, and that they understood that each other despite huge distance between them.
They met also anybody from them was not sorry about it. These are happy and true stories. There are also other stories which have ended unpleasantly for both people. But I think that at all of us it will be good. I wrote time and again to you that I have no Internet and the computer, therefore I use the school computer. I risk, because the boss have forbidden to use the Internet to suit the own ends. But I read your letters. Also I try to write the answer at leisure. I do not want to stop our acquaintance. I have made some photo, I will send you them, but now it is time to me to start work. On it I will finish the letter and I will wait your new letter. Olga
Letter 14
Hi dear Jeffrey, I was upset, when have read about your feeling sick. You need to avoid a finding in public transport. Always there is a risk to be ill. You have a temperature? It is a pity to me that between us such big distance. I would like to appear nearby to care of you and to help to recover. I hope, you will cope with it? You will not go for work? At first you should recover and make toilet. I endure about you and yours health. Please, keep me informed news about your state of health. Olga
Letter 15
Hi dear Jeffrey, very much it is pleasant to me and it is pleasant to read your letters. I want to tell that you differ from those men whom I knew and met earlier. You another. You very attentive, quivering, gentle, interesting—both pleasant man and the interlocutor. I like to communicate with you. I do not regret that have taken advice and started to use the Internet for dialogue and acquaintance, Otherwise I could not get acquainted with you. You are pleasant to me Jeffrey. You should know about it. You wanted to know, whether were at me a favourite toy. Certainly was. I think as well as at many people on this planet. I had a small toy hedgehog. Once, in the childhood, I have met the present hedgehog and he had sharp needles. I wanted to touch it, but he was protected and published strange sounds and have pricked me. I was guilty. It my inquisitiveness. And my toy hedgehog was completely not prickly and it was pleasant to me. And what at you was a toy? It is a pity to me that you have not passed interview. Maybe it to the best? I believe that all in this world not casually. All goes as should be. I trust in destiny, and you trust? It is time to me to start to work and I want to warn you that today I leave to the father. I can write other letter on Monday. Please, do not worry about me, all will be good. I promise. Dear, I wish you the prompt recover and excellent mood. Hugs and kisses, Olga
Letter 16
Hellooooo my dear Jeffrey, I very much miss you and kept mind only about you!... All weekend I thought only of you! And it is pleasant to me to find out about your love. I have the same feeling to you my dear. I have told to the father that [I have] found the real man in the Internet! He knew that I use the Internet for search. I long told my father about you and that we know about each other! Spoke about my feelings to you. The father has said: "I see that you have changed, I see it, at you happy eyes and fine mood “ Also that I constantly have a smile when I speak about you! The father says that I became cheerful and [to] him you seem that really good, kind and real man, because I spoke about you so much and with such good mood!!! ". I spoke him only about you, and the father has understood that you really worthy man. The father is very glad for me! He is glad that I have met the man who really is pleasant to me. I am very happy that my father so has well reacted and spoke about you so much kind words! After that, a case with the last man, the father always worries about me! But now at he there are no doubts in you Jeffrey!! I am very happy and I hasten to share with you news! My father asked that I have told to you "Hello from Russia" :) I asked his blessings for our meeting and my trips to you and the father has agreed. He saw in me happiness and said that he is glad that you [make] me happy! He only asks that you do not break the heart of his unique daughter and always cared [for] me. I very much hope that we can meet you and I hope, what it not to deliver to you of inconvenience? I am ready to arrive to you. I am ready to risk this trip. I very strongly want to see you, I want to speak with you looking in your eyes, I want to feel heat of your hands and tenderness of your lips and kisses!! I dream of it, but whether want it as well as I? Whether you will refuse me!? It is the most serious step in my life and I do not want to regret about it!! You understand me? I could arrive to you that we could better understand and find out [about] each other, therefore, please, write the airport name. I want to visit travel agency to find out the information on travel to you... I wait your answer and again I send a gentle kiss.
Forever yours,
Letter 17
Hi my dear, at last I have received your letter. I worried because of and thought of much. For example that I was too assertive in the last letter and have told about my thoughts on a trip to you. I did not want to frighten you. But there is you have normally reacted and want the same. Thanks for your words about the father. I am assured, him it will be pleasant and as soon as I will see or I will hear his, I will tell yours "hello" and that you will not cause me a pain, only happiness, love and laughter. But dear, the father wants to know your full address and phone number to be on 100 % assured. Excuse for it... Jeffrey, it is a trip the most serious step in my life and I need your support. I am assured that together we can be happy and I believe that we have a fine future together. Thanks that has written the airport name. Within the next few days I will visit travel agency. When there will be news, I will inform you them, ok? I very much worry now and such sensation, as if heart will jump out of a ******. I have presented as you meet me at the airport, you press me to yourself, We kiss also people look back and envy us because they see as strongly we waited for this meeting and as is strong we are happy together. I often represent such moments and I would like to appear more likely near to you. You very pleasant and romantic man. I am grateful to God that He has given the chance to us to find each other among billions other people. Maybe it is ours with your destiny? You trust in it? As to date I should co-ordinate this question with my boss, and meeting place in your city. Ok? You have any offers of date of our meeting? Now I should start to work, but I will wait your new letter.
Letter 18
Hi dear Jeffrey, I am very glad to read your new letter. I like your photos and want to tell at once thanks for the address and phone number. I have written [them] down and when there will be with the father in this weekend I will transfer him. This letter will be short. Excuse me for it, but today [I have] mad day. It is a lot of work. You know, I as well as you, sometimes come back home on foot after work. And often I represent that you go with me nearby, we about something speak, we laugh and during such moments I feel happy. I very strongly hope that to us it will be easy in the future. After all between us there is a respect, trust and honesty. As to a copy of my passport, I am a little shocked by your request and I will not send it now, ok? At first I want to visit travel agency. I will make it today or tomorrow and when I will have news, I will inform them. You are right. My basic vacation begins in June and 3 months last. But I can take vacation at any time because at school there is one more teacher of Russian and the literature. It will not be a problem. I should agree only about date and I want to know, when you can take vacation? I want more time to spend with you and I want to learn [more about] you... Dear, I will try to make for you new photos ;) it is time to me to go. If I have news from travel agency, I will write you the letter.
With love, Olga
Letter 19

Hi Jeffrey,
I have received your letter and after reading I had a tear. I condole with your loss. It is a pity that between us such big distance and I cannot embrace you, I cannot support. I would like it. I like that as you write, you have a style. At you correct thoughts on relations and love between the man and the woman. You the romantic, polite, attentive, sympathetic and careful man. I searched for these qualities and have found them in you. I am very happy that I have possibility to communicate with you. You are pleasant to me and there are feelings. I think that we can be fine pair. We can do us happy, but it is work of two people and I am glad that you realise it. All over, as soon as I will have news from travel agency, I will inform you them. I think that the first meeting will be the most important for us and we should better learn [about] each other. Therefore I plan to go for 2 weeks. You will not be against it? Today I will go to the father, I cannot write some days. I do not want that you worried because of my silence, therefore I warn you about it now. Olga.
Letter 20
Hi my dear! At last I have possibility to read your letter and to see new photos. They very much are pleasant to me.
Jeffrey, I condole with that in 2016, you have lost many friends. It is sad, but it is life. Unfortunately nobody knows, when there will come his last moment in this life and nobody is insured from death.
I know, it painfully to lose close people, but such is life and nothing can be done with it. Though, in a situation with concussion of a head, death it was possible to avoid, if the doctor was more professional. Such too happens in life. But it is single instances. It is a pity to me that you have faced all it. But life proceeds also we have found each other. Today I will go to travel agency and when there will be an information, I will write you other letter. I thought of you all weekend much and is happy that you are in my life. It is pleasant to me and it is pleasant to communicate with you. You differ from those men whom I knew earlier. It is time to me to start to work. Once again thanks for new photos, they are pleasant to me.
Letter 21
Hi Jeffrey, I have news from travel agency. But before I will tell to you them, I want to tell that you are pleasant to me also I want to be with you!! You are interesting to me as the man and is pleasant as the interlocutor. I feel that you my the significant other, but as the fates decree, We could be born at various times, and now we have found in the different countries each other and it is our destiny. I trust in it, and you? You have asked me many questions in last letter. But now I want to tell to you news. Yesterday, I spoke with the agent of travel agency and have told him that I want to travel in Amsterdam. The employee has listened my to wishes and has told that the best type the visa to me tourist. Certainly there are other kinds of visas, but they do not approach me, therefore a tourist visa, it is most favorable, but thus reliable and fast type of the visa to me!! I should collect many different inquiries and documents, should pass check in embassy to receive the visa!!! It will be difficult, but I am ready to pass through it, to see you and to spend with you some time. I am assured that it will be the best holiday in my life. But first of all, I should sign the contract with travel agency and then the travel agency incurs connection with official registration of papers for my travel and will make all obligations instead of me!! So it will be more convenient, because I still work and I cannot find due time and attention of preparation for a trip. After all necessary inquiries and documents will be ready, I should go to embassy on interview, on personal conversation with representatives of your country here in Russia, in Moscow. But I do not worry to it to an occasion!!! I am assured in my forces! I have a dream is a meeting with you!!! I will make all for this purpose!! I travel for the first time and consequently to me there will be special requirements and control! The employee of travel agency has warned me that nobody should know that I go in Amsterdam to [see] man, instead of for tourism!! If someone learns about us and about our intentions and plans, because of it I can have problems in embassy with the law and law enforcement bodies of Russia!!!! To me can close an exit from Russia and will not let out to you!!! Understand Jeffrey, it is all very important and I ask you to trust me!! It not a joke!! There is one more moment, I go to your country as the tourist. I already wrote to you that I do not want to have a problem with visa reception! Nobody should know, what I go to your country to meet you, you understand all gravity of a situation? Therefore I should reserve independently hotel in your city. And when I will arrive there, I will refuse number, also I can return a part of money. All it becomes that I could receive the visa and without problems to take off to you. I should hide our acquaintance. I do not want, that because of it I had problems with a forthcoming trip. But there are also other news which to me has informed serving that travel agency, they not so pleasant!
After the employee of travel agency has told to me about conditions of travel to your country, I have asked him to count up cost of all my trips together with official registration of papers, The air ticket in airport Schiphol and hotel booking. The total sum makes 960 US dollars!! This madness!!!!!! When to me have informed travel cost, I very much was upset, because I do not have such sum!! At me is only 310 US dollars the saved up money, but it as you understand will not suffice for travel!!! Yesterday, I could not conclude the contract with travel agency!!!!! I did not think that travel to you will so cost much!! I cried all night long and just now could calm down and write to you about all it! All the evening long I searched for variants independently to solve a problem with money. I addressed in one of bank in my a city to take the credit for a trip, but there to me have refused!! They think that I will take money and I will hide in your country and I will not pay this debt in bank!
I proved that I not such person, spoke to them that very responsibly I concern such things, But I have not received the consent. Then I tried to borrow money at friends and colleagues, but nobody could help me. Now all have difficulties with money. It has upset me even more. I am strongly upset Jeffrey!! I hope you will not refuse me after these news?!?! I will try to think up something!! I promise!! I will not surrender. It is very a shame to me to speak to you about all it, but I am very lost and upset till now!! I thought of much what to find the decision to arrange our meeting, I very much want it!! I will try to visit other bank and to take there the credit. I ask God that at all of us it has turned out... I have to you feelings!! And I with impatience wait that day when our first meeting will take place. I do not want to lose chance to meet you! For me it is very important! We live only once, And I cannot live with that thought that I have surrendered and have missed chance to be happy near to you. Jeffrey, you became an important part my to life! I do not want that, our dialogue were is stopped and without having opened all potential of our feelings and thoughts and I do not want that our dreams remained only dream. Last days, my thoughts only about you!!! I fall asleep and I wake up with thought on you and on a meeting!!!!!!! It is very unpleasant to me that money, became a barrier on a way of our dream, but I will not surrender!!!!! I promise to you!! Now I wait your answer my dear, I very strongly worry and I worry about your reaction!!!! Write more likely the answer!!
I kiss you,
yours Olga.
Letter 22
Jeffrey, I hoped to read your new letter, but you have written nothing. Maybe you did not read the last letter? I strongly worry also I in despair. Please, answer me more likely. Only be not silent!! Olga.
Letter 23
Hi my dear Jeffrey! I have received your new letters ... Now about travel. Thanks you dear, that you take part in it. I appreciate all that you do. I very badly slept at night. I had many thoughts, including that you can refuse me. I could not endure it of the quiet. Now I have a headache because of frustration. I take tablets, but they do not help. My Jeffrey, you the best man in the world. I am proud that you my man!! You really want to help me and want to send money? It would be remarkable, but at me is not present bank account. I always cash the salary. But if you want, I can speak with my best girlfriend and ask her bank details, that you could transmit there money. What do you think of it? Believe my Jeffrey, your help much means for me and it will be invaluable!! Write to me more likely. I will wait your answer. With love,
Letter 24
Hi Jeffrey, I have written you the letter this morning and hoped that by this time, you will write the answer, but you still are silent. What has happened? Please, give we will discuss this problem and we will find the compromise. I worry because of all this situation and my the headache does not pass. But despite it, I do not want to surrender!
I wait your message dear!
Letter 25
Hi Jeffrey! What happens??? Why, till now, you have written nothing to me!??? I do not understand as to concern it. At you all is good? Why you are silent?! I worry because of this situation and thought that we together should find any decision. Write to me! Be not silent!! I start to worry even more strongly!! I wait your letter!! Yours Olga
Letter 26
Hi Jeffrey!! At last I have received your letter!! I knew nothing about your work and earlier you always answered quickly, Except these last days. I had all this time because of your silence and could not find a way to calm down. I very badly sleep recently, it because of news from travel agency. But I appreciate your care and anxiety on it. I want to tell other news. Yesterday I was in other bank and today they have told that have approved to me the credit. I have a little calmed down and was very glad to it. I think, you will be glad? ... Dear, you want, that I have opened the bank account, but it will occupy 2-3 weeks. It very long and in it is not present necessity. And why you have refused to use a name my girlfriends? You that, doubt me? Be fair with me. Also tell to me for what the copy my passports is necessary to you? I am afraid to send it in the Internet. There are many swindlers who can take my personal data and use them in the bad purposes. I can have problems because of it. I do not want to be a bait for criminals and I do not want problems. I hide nothing from you. I hope you can understand that I try to explain to you. My day was awful because I kept mind about this problem. But now to me it is better. God on our part seems and He wishes our good luck. Now I will go to bank to receive that money, And after that I will go to travel agency to include the contract and to begin preparation for interview. You are glad? ... I will wait your new letter.
Yours, Olga.
Letter 27
Hi Jeffrey,
I understand your employment but while I have visited travel agency and have told to you news, I strongly worried and waited your letter and hoped for support. But you were silent also it demented me. I madly worried and thought of a current situation much. But all has dared also I is very glad to it. You seem the account is strongly surprised by my last answer about bank. But in Russia for many citizens, it is a usual situation. I wrote to you that I receive a salary cash and I pay products in shop, I pay a rent and other moments, too cash. In it there is nothing surprising. It is usual situation Jeffrey, therefore I do not have bank account. And I cannot understand, why for you it so is important? I feel your mistrust and it is unpleasant to me. If between us will be though a doubt drop we cannot correct it. You understand? About the passport, you want and ask, that I have sent you a copy through any ciphered server. You know that I understand nothing in it and I cannot make it. If it so is important for the owner, that after arrival to your country, I can show him my documents, and at first live in hotel. Understand correctly, I do not want to risk my personal data. I only try to be careful because of swindlers.
Yes, I have understood your request for travel agency. I will wait for 10 days your answer about holiday. I wrote that I will issue a tourist visa which will operate 90 days. You have forgotten about it? To both of us it is difficult, but we should hang together to cope with problems. Only together we can suit our meeting. I am grateful to you for support and care! You the real man and I are glad that we have found each other.
By the way, today I leave to the father. I will write only on Monday. I will miss you and remember you always in my thoughts. Whole, yours Olga.
Letter 28
Hi Jeffrey, all weekend I thought of you and about our meeting. It is very important and risky step, which I did in my life. And I feel your support. I want to tell to you thanks for it. You really real man and I do not think that you the swindler. If I had such thoughts, then I would not dare at this trip. What for to me to risk life? I trust you my Jeffrey! Also I want to thank you that with understanding has concerned to my words about documents. I only try to be careful. You know, I yet did not sign the contract with travel agency. To me offered a tourist visa for 90 days. It was the optimum variant for me. But if to consider the visa of a repeated input in your country, that it costs much more money. I do not have such sum. I hardly could find those $650. I wrote that was in several banks and everywhere was refused. When I was in despair, I have received the consent and have felt that God on our party and that he supports us. I still wait when you will name date and then I can go to travel agency to sign the contract and to begin preparation for a trip. I very much worry, but I feel your support and is assured that all will be good. As to the bank account. Jeffrey, in one of my the first letters I wrote to you that I live in Tomsk, in a rented apartment. My residence permit in other place. Officially I live together with the father, in village. Therefore I never needed any card or the account. Now I hope, you will understand me. I understand, you try to help me and I appreciate it. Once again I was convinced that you the real man. I will send you new photos and I like yours. It is time to start to work. I miss you.
Letter 29
Hi Jeffrey, I am glad to read your new letter. You wanted to know, what I baked? It were cookies from flaky pastry with cherry jam and it was very tasty, I would think to you it was pleasant :) ... Each new day I wake up with thought that very soon we will meet and we will be together. It gives good mood and forces. And after reading of the new letter, I want to meet you even more strongly. You have made the fine plan of carrying out of our joint time. I completely leave it to your choice. I like everything that you have listed. I always felt that between us much in common. Once again I was convinced of it... But Jeffrey, this program will manage in not the small sum of money. I do not want that you spent money for me. Certainly, all it to me is very pleasant both it is very lovely also I appreciate your care, but to me it is awkward before you. Excuse me, but on it I will finish the letter. I should start to work. I will wait your new letter.
With love,
yours Olga.
Letter 30
My dear Jeffrey, now I know that you love sweets and when we will meet, I will indulge you my batch and the prepared meal. I hope, you will estimate my culinary abilities. You want to know, how I keep a figure in such form? All is simple. I do not eat much and seldom sweets. But the best way, is fitness hall. There I leave all negative emotions and superfluous calories. Yes, I understand that there are some difficulties with work. If I arrive to you it is necessary to me to wait you from work and to sit in loneliness all this time. I would like more time to spend together, More to speak, because only so we can better learn and understand each other. I hope you will accept for new work. It is assured, you will consult and soon we can agree about date of our meeting. Yes? To me it is pleasant that you plan our time. I see that at you really serious intentions and it brings happiness. I in general am glad that we have found each other... And as to your request of a photo I cannot make it without the permission of each parent. It will be considered as intrusion into private life of the child with the parties and I do not want problems, which can arise because of it. I hope, you will understand, that I try to tell. With love, Olga.
Letter 31
Hi my Jeffrey, at me was a lot of work, therefore I could not write to you earlier. I hope, you do not become angry about me because of it? Weather here the remarkable. Approach of spring is felt. Every morning I wake up in fine mood and I think of you. I am happy that you are in my life! As to meal or batch preparation. I will be glad, if you participate in it. To me it will be pleasant and I think that it would be amusing. We could play the fool with a flour, jam, and then to kiss each other and to pinch this jam. Probably it is cheerful :) ... You have thought up the remarkable plan for us a two. If I had a possibility, I would sit down today in the plane and have arrived to you. I want to see all those places about which you wrote. It will be the best holiday and all thanks to you Jeffrey! You the best man in the world!! I kiss you. Today I leave to the father. I can write other letter on Monday. I will miss dear! Yours Olga.
Letter 32
My dear Jeffrey, I strongly missed you and all weekend I thought of you. To me it is pleasant that you remember date of our acquaintance. I did not think that you focused attention on it. But now I see that for you our acquaintance really is very important also I appreciate it. Thanks for a joke. You have forced me to smile. I am very glad that you are in my life. I too worry about you when I need to leave to the father on weekend. But you know that I should visit him. I do not want that he felt lonely. Therefore I ask you Jeffrey, with understanding concerns it... With love,
Letter 33
Hi my dear Jeffrey, I very strongly missed you, but could not write earlier, there was a lot of work. But every day I thought of you. You always in my thoughts, do not forget about it, ok? Certainly I thought of how there will live further the father if I move to live in other country. We spoke with him about it much and he with understanding concerns all event. He wishes me good luck and love, therefore not against my departure. I wrote to you that I will not throw him also I will keep in contact through calls. And from time to time we could go to him on a visit. You seemed not against it. I appreciate your quivering and kind relation to me. You the best! ... I miss you, yours Olga.
Letter 34

Hi my Jeffrey, I am glad to read your letter... To me it is pleasant that you are ready to accept and arrange my father in your house if he will want to leave Russia. Or I can fly to him from time to time. These words and this gesture mean much for me. You the real man. Once again I am convinced of it. Well. I have understood a situation with work.
Excuse me, but I need to start to work and on it I will finish the letter. I will miss you my Jeffrey!
Letter 35
Hi my Jeffrey, I am very glad to read your new letter. It is pleasant to me to know that you think of me. It is mutual my dear... How much I remember, documents for a trip will be ready in 2-3 weeks, after contract signing. If you suggest me to arrive in the beginning of June I should sign the contract not later the beginning of May. To be assured that all documents will be ready also I will have time to be prepared for interview. It is very disturbing and most serious moment in my life. I very much worry, but all will be good. I ask you to support me. It is necessary. To me it is pleasant that you speak about my father, worry about him, but he all understands and wishes me good luck. He only asks that you care for me and love me... I should start to work. Remember, you always in my thoughts. I kiss you,
Letter 36
Hi my Jeffrey, You know, I too have got used to you and I dream to break more likely this distance between us and to meet. I think of you much. In weekend I miss you and I wait for Monday to read your letters. When I should pay the loan for a trip? It needs to be made next week. Why you ask about it? Do not worry about, whether we can find common language or understanding. I think that all it is at us already now. After all we so easily understand and we get on with each other. Unless is not present? The most disturbing for me is the first moment of the meeting, the first words, touches and sights. And further it will be easier, I am assured of it. You are pleasant to me, you are interesting to me, all will be good... Yes, I know that my letters became shorter, but it is all that at me is not enough time. I try to write to you of the letter during a break between lessons. I hope for your understanding. I kiss you, Olga.
Letter 37
Hi my Jeffrey! I very strongly missed you and every day thought. To me I am madly pleasant also is surprised by that you know when here there will be Easter. And still to me your congratulations for me and fathers are pleasant. I appreciate your care and your attention. Yes, in following weekend we with the father will go to church and I will ask God that he has helped us to meet and in the future, always accompanied us on ours with you ways. That preserved us against all problems. You the best man in the world and I am glad that we have found each other... Whether I trust in love at first sight? Earlier yes, but with the years, I understand that love to the person, this realised feeling and it cannot arise spontaneously. It my relation and opinion on love. At first I should learn and understand the person and if he to me it will be nice and interesting, yes, I can love. To you Jeffrey, I test huge sympathy and inclinations. I want to know about you more also I want to speak with you concerning your hand, feeling heat of your body and seeing eyes. You are pleasant to me. Do not forget about it. I hope, I have answered your question? About the loan. I took money in bank and it disturbs me. I understand that I should return them. I do not want a problem. This week I should sign the contract with travel agency and begin preparation for a trip and our meeting. I should be prepared for interview in embassy and the thought on a debt in bank does not give me rest now. It is a shame to me to tell and ask you, but dear, maybe you can help to return me that money in bank? Excuse me for this request. If you do not want to help, I will try to understand it. But write the answer... You very lovely Jeffrey!! I am glad that you are in my life. It is time to me to start to work. Was not so a lot of free time. I hope at you all well? What your health? I will wait your new letters and maybe a photo ;)
Embraces and kisses,
Letter 38
Hi my Jeffrey, at last I can read your new letter and to see your photos... My the loan. Certainly, I have all documents from bank, but there is and my the personal information. I speak about passport data. I do not want to send them through the Internet. I know that it is dangerous. Swindlers can intercept my data and use it in the purposes. I try to be careful. I hope, you will correctly apprehend my a position. I should in bank 700 us dollar. And I have learnt that there is a fast and safe system of remittances, Which is called moneygram. You heard something about this company? Maybe we can use it? If you agree and will send that sum, I will close at once a debt in bank and to me will be quieter. I will be madly grateful to you for the help. What do you think of it? ... Your care, love and support to me is madly pleasant!! You very good person and you have a correct education. I know that near to you I will be happy and in safety. And I will try to make everything that also you were happy together with me. You differ from those men, which I knew before. You and me pull another to you!! I know that it, it is love!! I did not think that it probably and was sceptical about acquaintance to the help of the Internet, But now I have fallen in love with you and all I wait day of our meeting more strongly! This miracle any... I am happy that have met you my Jeffrey! You and my father the best men in the world!!!!!!! It is time to me to go and I will try to satisfy your request for a photo. I kiss you! Love Olga
Letter 39
Hi my Jeffrey! How are you? I hoped to receive your letter today, but anything is not present. Something happens? At you all is good? I worry because of your silence. I leave to the father and wanted to read your letter before departure, But you are silent. I hope with you of anything bad there was no also you as it should be.
Now I can read your letter only next week. I will miss you my dear!! Remember, you always in my thoughts. Love, Olga.
Letter 40
Hi my Jeffrey, in Russia we celebrate Easter and at me will be free from work [for 4] days. Today I will go to the father and there will be all these days near to him. I warn you in advance about it. I will try to make a photo these days and I will send you them in the following letter, ok? ... Now again about the loan. I read your words and I feel that you do not trust me. You ask to make all it to be assured in me??? I am right? You doubt in my intentions? Be fair with me! I want and should know truth!! On it I will finish this letter and after weekend I hope to read your new letter. Hugs and tender kisses, Olga
Letter 41
Hi my Jeffrey!
At last I have possibility to read your letter! I very strongly missed you!! You should know, I am happy that you are in my life. I know, I wrote to you about it and earlier, but now I understand it even more...
Now I have understood, what for you spoke to me about work. I am very glad that our meeting is not transferred. I wait this day and very much I worry, but this pleasant excitement. I want to see you in a reality. Often I represent as there will be our meeting and on my body runs creeps. Now about the loan. To me it is insulting that between [us] there are disagreements because of this question. I do not want to quarrel with you and to sort out relations. But I feel your mistrust and it is not pleasant. Understand, I cannot struggle with your doubts. That I have not made, you will not believe to me. And why you say, what I did not send a photo my apartment? I have made about 10 photos in that apartment also sent them to you. Look again my at letters and a photo and you will be convinced of it. And what about a photo in a class or with my pupils, you do not trust in my words? It is too much doubts. Because of it we can have serious problems. I can send you the address, it is not difficult. Russia, the city of Tomsk, Gogol's street 44. My name Olga Kliashova. And the rest at me is not present. Why you so essentially against are adjusted on Moneygram and Western Union? Explain to me. Olga.
Letter 42
Hi Jeffrey, I have received your message and at me the mixed feelings. To me very pleasant your attention and your surprise, but on the other hand I am upset by that, That you have made this gesture without having consulted to me. I am assured that I will not receive that package. You do not know as the post service in this country works. At it awful reputation. And you know that I live in the rented apartment, I am not registered there and actually I there am not present. Therefore be not surprised, if your parcel comes back to you. You were to write other letter. I will wait for it. I hope at you all well? Olga.
Letter 43
Hi Jeffrey, how are you?
Letter 44
Hi Jeffrey, Yes, I understand your surprise when you have received my the message. You wrote nothing long time to me And I have decided to break this silence, therefore have written to you. I wanted to learn as you live, what the new? As to your parcel. Not truth that such address does not exist. I live in this house some years. I said that it is the rented apartment and that it is not necessary to send any souvenirs. I very much appreciate your act, but I have appeared the rights. Your parcel is not has reached me. How has passed your summer? What did you do? Maybe you have found other girl? I all the summer long, my holiday have spent all in village. Tell to me why you have ceased to write? After all I trusted you. I dreamt of our meeting. I even could find money to arrive to you, But you have estimated it and now I pay that debt in bank. To all fault your mistrust. I needed your support and the help, but you have refused me. I do not think that you were serious. Olga
Letter 45
HI Jeffrey, I agree with your words about support. It should be mutual and mutual. But in our case, it seems both of us doubt in each other. I said that it can cause a problem. I have appeared the rights. I hope, in due course we can solve this problem and adjust our relations? I am glad to know, what you have got new work but why you so work much? What exactly you there do? Tell, to me it is very curious. Yes, I again work. Weather awful here. It became cold, every day it is raining, in streets all dirt. I do not love such weather. But anything with it you will not do, only to suffer and wait winter.
Letter 46
Hi dear Jeffrey, you very clever, frank and brought up man. These qualities always were pleasant to me in you. Once again, I agree with all your words about relations between the man and the woman. I hope we with you we will not surrender and throw all halfway? We should go up to the end... My mum if she was [here], would wish me love, happiness and a lot of children. She would like to see me happy, enamoured and strong that I struggled for that to me expensively. What does the father think of us? He saw that in May to me it was bad that I have been upset. He supported me and said that all will be good. Then I have steeped in work, it has helped to distract. Vacation has begun and all the summer long I have spent in village. I have written to you some days ago, because wanted to learn as your affairs and that new in your life....
It is time to me to start to work, on it I will finish the letter.
I wish you pleasant day. Nearly has not forgotten to tell, I like you a photo!! Olga
Letter 47
Hi Jeffrey, I do not have with themselves any photos and I cannot send anything. Excuse me. Another time, I will make it for you. I read your letter and I wanted to [ne] near to you in the evening. To wait for you from work, to make a tasty supper for us two and to help you to forget about weariness. I know, at you difficult and responsible work. I know that you are tired not only physically but also morally. You should take care and not get tired. It can weaken your immunity. I want that you were healthy. Especially weather to spoil. Please, take care. I worry... But why at us it has turned out nothing last time? You think, we can change something now? We can speak again about a meeting or only we remain pen friends? For certain you thought of it. To me interesting your thoughts. Share them. With love, Olga.
Letter 48
Hi Jeffrey when I can, I will send you some photo. Do not worry about it.
To me sadly to know that you do not want to come back in empty apartment after work, That you feel lonely. We could correct this situation several months ago. Now if all of us still want to be together, we should use the best efforts for this purpose. I do not want to quarrel with you, I do not want conflicts. All it for a long time spoils my mood, I know, yours too. Let's agree not to spoil each other mood? Dear, I like to read your imaginations about ours with you ideal evening. I would like, that all was so, except the moment in the morning. I would wake up together with you and made to you a breakfast while you wash, have a shave and put on. I want to care of you and I think that we in forces suit such life for us a two. Olga.
Letter 49

Hi dear Jeffrey, Yes, I remember that you wrote about the woman from whom you want to spend the life rest. How you think, I can be that person? I can be your friend or still there is no trust? Be fair with me. I want to know only truth. I am very glad that we have again begun dialogue. All that time, did not suffice me you, I thought much and missed. I would like to pass to new level of our acquaintance and if I had a magic God fairy, I would think of desire to spend together with you at least one day. I think, that day would help to make instantly all decisions on us and on our future. But it only my imaginations... I with anybody do not compete also to me there is nobody something to prove. I do the work, it is pleasant to me. Jeffrey, I receive a high from that that I do. I see as children grow, I see their abilities and it does me happy. Olga
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