Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Tarasova to Takis (Greece)
Letter 1
hello my friend Takis! its me Anna from greekdates. you gave me your Email to I wrote you a letter and sent my photo. Did you recognise me ? forward fast answer!
Letter 2
Hello Takis! Thank you for your reply soon. I waited for you response.
I want to know you better. In this letter, I want a little to talk about my life. My name is Anna I am 38 years old. I am the sign of Aries zadiaka. I have dark hair and green eyes. Do you like brunette green eyes?!!!. I send you my picture and you can to see that I am a good woman!! Now a little about me: I live in the city of Nizhnekamsk. You've heard of Nizhnekamsk? My city is located in 1000 km from Moscow. In Russia they say that the Nizhnekamsk today day, a young and promising city is the largest industrial Tatarstan center..
The plants here are so serious that even rumored to make the city closed as a strategic and important center Russia. About ten years ago the program was launched by construction of the whole complex of refineries. " Everyday life here is not It stands on the site. in my city there are many places for recreation and walk. Russia has always been famous for beautiful girls. He knows this the whole world)) and Nizhnekamsk is no exception. Believe me, there is too much beautiful girls. Have you ever been in Russia? I've never been outside Russia.
I want to visit any country in the world. But while it is power my dreams. Maybe someday I will visit your country!!!. I am a woman who loves life. I have many interests and hobbies. I like cooking, my kitchen is very tasty. you'll like it!!! I like sports, I like to spend time with my friends. But I will tell about my interests and hobbies later. I have an apartment in Nizhnekamsk. I live with my ridiculous cat!!! my cat his name Finik, later, be sure to give you a picture. Do you like pets? Do you have cats and dogs? Now a bit about my work. I work as a psychologist-consultant in a trading company.
This Exciting, interesting and diverse activity. I like my job. my job is not to bring a lot of money. but I I never cared about money. I know that money is not important in life. Because women make excellent psychologists. They know how to listen, to understand the feelings and gently pushes on the best solution Problems. Today, every organization has at least one full-time psychologist. Moreover, increasingly turn to such professionals and ordinary citizens. Private consultants are also becoming very demand. Every person wants to have a number of specialists, which will help you choose the right solution, or to update your wardrobe learn to speak beautifully.. I love children, but unfortunately I do not have children. Now I will finish my letter.
I hope you will like it my letter, and you want to continue our conversation. if you have have any questions, I'll be glad to answer your questions. I will send you my pictures, I hope you like it.
Letter 3
Hi Takis! it's me again!!! I am pleased to receive your letter. I I hope that we continue the correspondence. I am very pleased that our acquaintance Continues! I want to believe that our communication will lead us to the fact I was looking for! For a sweet, bright and true! I very much hope that we We can build good friendships and after true love! What do you You think about this? I want to meet a good man for serious relationship. Maybe it's you?!!!))) But we can see it in future!!! You seem to be an interesting person, and I want to know you better. I am 38 years old and I still have one. Are you surprised?
! I was married, but Several years ago, my husband died in the crash.
It is a sad history. The accident was at work, where he worked my husband. I do not hunt much about it speak. I hope you me you know. a long time I was going through. It was a terrible time for me. but I could test it. my mother and my friends to help me survive my sorrow.
why am I telling you this? I want to be honest with you. Takis, I hope it's not a problem for you? It took several years, and I feel that I am ready for a new relationship. Now I'm dreaming meet my true love!!!! Everyone has the right to a second chance. I must be lucky. I want to talk about my character. I quiet and kind woman. I do not like to swear and argue, drink or smoking. I am a romantic woman, I often dream that I meet my true love, and I'll be a happy woman. Maybe you do me happy?))) sorry for the obsession. we do not hurt? I I want to tell you about a man who I want to meet. I want Meet with a soft and kind person. I need someone who will take care of me and love me, who can substitute his shoulder in difficult times. My future and the closest wanderer! where are you ? I need someone with a good sense of humor. we We should rejoice and take our lives together. Can you give me him. I hope I'm not too much to ask?!!! But I do not want, just to chat. I am looking for a man. And I want to believe that I would find it in you! Now that you know better than me. Are you wondering about the my inner world ? I hope that you will want to talk to me. I I hope that you will answer me, and we will continue to know us better. If you have for me any questions, you can always ask me about it. I wish you a good day. I send you my photos I hope you like it.
Write me soon, I will wait for your letter. Your Anyutochka.
Letter 4

hi my dear Takis. how are you ? I hope all is well with you. today I went to work in his spare time rushed to check my mail. we need to try to write letters to each other every day. we need to pay more attention to each other, because I have I think a lot lately, and ask yourself the question: why are we still so far from each other ? Dear, do not worry, soon we will correct with you. and we will soon be going to meet and spend days and nights together. Now we just need to properly plan and all to prepare our meeting. that's what I'll be taken care of and in the coming days sure I'll go to the travel company, maybe tomorrow. today on I talked to the boss and asked about the time of my vacation. my boss told me that I can take a vacation in August in any convenient numbers, simply pre-I need to write Statement rental On the determined date. and he promised me that I sign my statement. I am very happy that everything is impossible. dear You must wait for my call? I'll be sure to call you in the next few days.
I need to get to the main office address to call you by a Public Phone. Mail is very far from my house. but I'll try to get there in the next few days. Dear Tell me, how long have you been in Austria.
that you most I liked in this country? where you are still traveling but Austria? on this I will finish my letter and send my photo only you! Kiss! Anna
Letter 5
hi my dear! I was very happy to talk to you by phone. by you a pleasant voice. in principle, I imagined you like this when reading your last letter. I'm very glad you told me a little about your family. I'm sorry that you asked the question about the parents. to me very sorry that this happened to your parents. Dear, we have good development of our relations, and I understand that we will be able in the future have a serious relationship. You asked my opinion about our relationship and I will try to explain everything in simple language.
I believe in fate. and the fate of us I presented the case when we found each other in this big world. we We have some correspondence to which shared with each other stories about our life, destiny, and shared experiences thoughts. I read your letter and understood, you are a good and reliable man, who knows how to care for and understand your woman. and today we're already spoken for phone. I became happier when I heard your voice. at We're all well and do not need to bother with any thoughts nonsense. I know that soon we will meet again. We can be there and understand our feelings really. and I think we love, because I every minute, every hour thinking about you lately, although you so far. but the distance is not a problem, this is a temporary issue that we will soon be able to solve. Dear, tomorrow I will try to go to travel company and talk about traveling to Greece. I can not wait already will soon meet with you, that you gave me a tour of the islands. perhaps it will be very beautiful and unforgettable journey.
gently I embrace you and I wait for your answer! Kiss! Anna
Letter 6
Hello my dear Takis!!! I am glad to receive from you the new letter!
How are you? I hope all is well with you! I want you to have always all is well!) Dear Takis, I'm sorry that it happened to your family.
it is a great sorrow. I also saw a large mountain in the life, I'll write about it in my last letter. but we need build their lives on and look ahead. Takis I am very glad that you want to have a meeting with me, it is very good. I also want to have a meeting with you. I think that you and me it's important to have a meeting. Because you and I need to develop our relationships and get to know each other better and closer). I know you're a very good man! Apparently I was looking just for you)))! I I feel that you and I will be all right! Dear Takis, I was in travel agency today. I said that I wanted to go to her man), then you have to). And I learn all the information as I can come to you in City ATHENS, GREECE. tour without any problems can make me documents for the trip for you and book return tickets. All trip will be ready 10 days. I'm glad that I can come to you so soon. But unfortunately the trip to you is EURO, unfortunately I can not pay a visit to you (((. It is very expensive for me. Yes, I have normal life and a good job. but I am a single woman and I do not extra money.
Dear, I do not know what should I do. I really want to come to you, because I want to be with you. Takis, you should know that I never asked anyone about help. and are uncomfortable to ask you for help, because I'm afraid lose you. now I do? I am very worried that the money may be a problem for our meeting. I hope you understand me. Now I'll look expect from you the answer. I'm sending you a photo), and I hope that you like pictures). I hope all is well with you and I hope that you have a nice day! Cuddle and gentle kiss, Anna. P.S. I will think about you)
Letter 7
Hello dear Takis. I am pleased to receive your response. Sorry about a long time could not answer you. you wrote me many letters. I I understand that you miss. I also really miss you. Today I my parents went to the cottage. I had a great time today, we my mother did a lot of things around the house. here are some photos, which I did in the garden. do you like? By the way, I told my mom about you. She was very happy and asked you to you She took care of me and protected me. you and me together in one The dream of the meeting, I have the same feelings you have, I have that I am attracted to you. I'm glad you feel the same as I do. I will soon to leave and I'll be ready to go to your country to meet with you. my Dear Takis, I have a problem, a trip to your country is very expensive to me. full travel package to your country is 500 Euro. in that package includes plane tickets, visa, insurance, foreign passport. unfortunately I do not have that kind of money. you can help me for this A trip to your country? If you can help me, very soon I can come and meet with you. I'm very sorry that these circumstances have occurred, but I do not much money. Dear I have average salaries. I get 20-25 thousand rubles. but I need to pay the bills each month. 13 thousand rubles I pay every month for the mortgage apartment. another 5 thousand rubles I pay for housing and utility bills. in Russia it is very expensive, and wages small. Well, the rest of the money I spend on food and personal expenses. so I do not have extra money to to pay for the journey. but I really want to meet you soon. Euro exchange rate in Russian banks about 1 Euro = 72 rubles. You're a good man, and I would be happy to see you in my life, and I look in your eyes to go with you to bathe in the sea and a lot of more. I wanted to meet with you. The first meeting on airport looking into each other's eyes, I was a little worried, and suddenly I see, You were waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers. There is a smile on our faces and we are going to meet each other, you hug me, we talk and laugh together, we reserve the hotel. In the evening we go for a walk, we a lot of talk and get to know each other more and more.
We are only two of us, no one, all so romantic and the evening continues. i.e How do I imagine our meeting, you like my idea? Now I I finish my letter, and I will be your early reply. Kisssss! Anna.
Letter 8
hi my dear Takis! I am pleased to receive a letter from you. but today I little time to talk to you. very busy at work So I only just managed to check my mail. You're very responsible person, I was not mistaken in you. I need to hurry to get your remittance to the bank's closing, so I will assembled very quickly and go to the bank. I will write you tomorrow normal letter. gently kiss. your Anna
Letter 9
hi my dear Takis! I'm so glad that I met it with you. I I was not mistaken in you. you are my hero and defender of the future. I gave your words mom and she praised you and said you were a good man. I am very glad your sister thinks well of me. I want to pass hello to her and say that very soon we will be able to meet. I think , that your sister is a very remarkable man. perhaps soon we you will together.
Dear, I have good news! yesterday I was in the bank, and I received your remittance. Today at lunch I went to travel Company and paid in full journey. I spent a lot of time to communicate with Travel Agent, because I had a lot of questions. 7 days will be ready all my documents and tickets. I'm so happy that soon we will be able to enjoy life and to keep each other's hands. Takis, a few days ago I will need to revisit Travel company and I will tell information about my flights. how are you doing today ? than you do you do? write me a speedy answer. I miss. Kiss! Anna
Letter 10
Good morning my prince Takis! today I slept well at night, because yesterday in the evening we had a conversation on the phone. you talked to me and He reassured me that all would be well. I believe you. how are you Today ? how is it that you are involved in an accident ?
Are you alright ? I'm sorry that you broke the car. but the most important thing to you all was in order. car can reestablish. Dear, today I received your letter. you wrote , I did all that he had promised. Now I can easily sighed. now I sure that everything will be fine and I will get the visa soon. but now I have a small question about money transfer 500 Euro. what kind data you have in the administration of this translation? you just sent photo transfer form only 700 Euro. and photo transfer form 500 Euro you are not sent.
Sender data transfer 500 Euro same as translated 700 Euro? write to me soon answer. and I hasten to get your transfers to the bank, then go to directly to the embassy. I tenderly embrace you! Kisss! Anna
Letter 11
dear Takis! I need to know the full name of the sender, which you have to transfer form for 500 Euro today. I look forward to a speedy answer. to make things right. love you! Anna
Letter 12
dear Takis! ok! Now I understand everything. I'm going to go to the bank. I will write to you at once when it's OK and I'll get the money.
gently hug you! Anna
Letter 13
hi my dear Takis! I decided to write to you as soon as the bank. I have all is well. however, I had a long walk, and went very tired.
first I I reached one bank. it did not work MoneyGram system, and I went to another bank. other bank was a great place, but I waited until the last and got all the money. Now lunch, so I decided not to go immediately to the embassy. so now I went to the internet cafe and I write you a letter. I want you not worried. now I'm less I worried.
All should now be well and we will soon be together. I now have the cash to show up in the embassy. already Soon I'm going to go to the embassy and get my visa. after Embassy I just write you a letter and tell you all the news. my dear I'm so glad I met you in this life. On Saturday, we we shall be together. we will be happy! gently hug you!
your Anna. Kissss
Letter 14
Hi my dear Takis! I know you probably waited for a very long time my letter. but I you could not answer for so long, because I was a trouble. I am very hard right now. and I thought for a long time as to you all tell. Today at lunch I wrote to you last letter from internet a cafe. I told you that I received your money and was going to go the embassy. the way it was. So I went outside and walked in Embassy. I thought I would go walking unsafe. all Moscow still I did a strange city. so I decided to stop the taxi and go to the embassy by taxi. I stopped a taxi. driving was Man. he asked "where to go madam?" I said that I needed to Greek Embassy. he said that no problems will be able to drop off me Embassy. I sat in a taxi and off we went. We drove for about 20 minutes and then I I began to suspect that I was not driven to the embassy. I asked the taxi driver, "what is it? Where are you taking me? Stop the car," but he did not stop. I was scared. and he turned into one in which the old courtyard, and stopped the car doors are locked. I was very scared. he turned to me, took out a knife and demanded give him all valuables and money. I'm speechless. with me such a bad situation occurred for the first time in my life. I could not say anything, I just cried. he took my gold jewelry , My purse, where had all my money and documents, opened the car door and said, I "go out of here, is alive", I got out, I was very badly. I was crying and I was dizzy. I was shocked. across time, I was approached by a passerby and asked me: "What happened the young lady? "I He told me that I had robbed a taxi driver. passerby took out his phone and It helped me to call the police. Police arrived just after 10 minutes.
the police asked me to all told. and I told them. I showed them a place where I dropped the taxi driver. they are all inspected and removed the prints taxi wheels from the ground. Then I was taken to the police department and questioned as injured. I told them, and wrote a statement. they said that in this case Moscow is not the first. Police have long been searching for a taxi driver who rob passengers. Police said that I will do everything possible to catch this thug-taxi driver. they They asked me, what do you remember? signs of a taxi driver? number of the car ? but I was so shocked that nothing is remembered. at that moment I was afraid for my a life.
after a while the police came into his office and said, that they viewed all the cameras in an area around the crime time when it happened. and they have a suspect taxi. they already looking for this car. I was told that everything would be fine and that I did not experienced. about an hour later, police detained a taxi driver in this another district of Moscow. he was taken to the department, and I was invited to confrontation. I identified him. it was the bandit taxi driver who He robbed me today. I was summoned by the investigator and asked to do a couple signatures in the case. the investigator told me that during the arrest in this taxi driver found my documents and tickets, money the sum of 200 Euro. rest of the money and my gold jewelry this taxi driver someone had to pay. This thug already had somewhere to spend all the 1000 Euro. the investigator told me that this bandit will now sit long in prison. I returned all the documents, tickets and 200 Euro. I went to side of the hotel. by the way, I went to the internet cafe and now I write you this letter. Dear Takis, I'm sorry that all this happened. What happens now with our meeting? now I do? I very worried about everything. What happens now with our relationship. I I will wait for your answer in the internet cafe.
Dear, write me soon. kiss! Anna
Letter 15
hi my Love Takis! I was waiting for your letter from 14.00 in the Internet cafe. and so I have received your letter and was very happy.
I thought all the time about you and our meeting. Now I am sure that all will be well. Now I'll go to the police department and ask for the police, so that they accompanied me to the bank, and before and after the embassy. everything will be fine, do not worry. I love you. I just write you an answer when they good news. I really miss you.
Kiss! Anna.
Letter 16
hi my dear Takis. Yesterday I was a little worried that you have not answered my emails at night. but today I saw your two letters and realized that you slept last night. Sleep refreshes and calms the nerves. you had a good sleep after these unfortunate events. What happened to your car? We began to repair your car? That's all I wanted to say OK. Yesterday was a great day. I did all the works without problems, because there was a safe in the company of a police officer.
today Friday and today I need the night to go to the airport. Dear, not worry everything will be fine. I understand your request and ask hotel administrator to find me a taxi to safely reach Airport. Now I return to the hotel to sleep. because that it is necessary at night to go to the airport. for about one in the morning I You need to be at the airport because my flight registration begins three hours before departure. Takis, I'll try to call you Airport. it's probably my last letter to you today, because Tomorrow we'll be together. my thoughts overwhelmed my mind. I just happy that I met you was in this big world. tomorrow we We will be able to embrace each other and talk about everything. this I finish my letter. I'll see you tomorrow at the airport. Kisss! Anna
Letter 17
hi my dear Takis! I did not come because I have to problem airport customs. at the first opportunity, I will write to you or I call. love and miss! I hope see you soon. your Anna
Letter 18
Hello my love Takis!!! I am glad to receive your letter. I'm sorry That I could not come to you today. Today I bad news. There are some problems. But they can be solved, if we act quickly. Now I will try to explain to you all the details. Tonight I arrived at the airport and took a turn for registration Flight and deposited his luggage. It was all good, until I went to the post Customs, to undergo a final check.
it was the last stage before departure. customs officer checked my passport and made a call by phone. Then he asked me to follow him into a separate office. I asked him what was the matter? he replied that explain everything and I asked again to pass him in a separate room. there with me was conversation and explained to me that I have a debt on the loan for an apartment. I was in shock. how did they know it? do I have little debt on the loan for an apartment, which remained after the death of husband. Remember, I told you in the first letters of it. but I I never thought that the customs authorities will be interested in my debts for the loan. I thought that this debt can not hurt to my trip to you. the customs officer told me the new law, that the court police officer can impose a ban on travel to another country to physical a person who has outstanding loan or debt. I was very loss at that moment. I asked to let me on the plane, I was sad, I cried and begged. I said that I was waiting for my beloved man in Athens. all to no avail. these people with performance, they have no sense of compassion and understanding. they did not listen me and said: "The law is the law." I knew nothing I can do at the moment and I'm very upset. Dear, I understand, I am very guilty before you. I really am very sorry that it happened. we have experienced so much with you together and today we have should get together and hug each other. I was in your mind arms lately, and thought only of you. but a black stripe again crossed the road our relationships. The customs officer said me that I could not cross the border of Russia, while not pay completely debt on the loan. Dear, I understand that you are very upset Now. but I have never played games with you. I have a real and sincere feelings for you. but on the way to our happiness I encounter problems. I do not know it so hard to be happy in Russia person or I just have bad luck? The customs officer said that I should remove it the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, to me it will be taken to court order. and my apartment could seize. I'm sorry , I believe that all this happened. My thoughts are always about you just for you. each day, I think only about you and meeting with you. And nothing can make me stop thinking about me to you, from now on I'm only thinking about you. As if any forces do not want to release me from you. My Takis, you took over my thoughts, my feelings, you took over my heart for my whole life. And I hope that you will keep my heart and they will never be broken. Takis My dear, write me, I I look forward to letters from you. Your love Anna.
Letter 19

Dear Takis. As for the fact that the bank, which, in your words may just confiscate my apartment, then you're wrong. because for confiscation of my apartment, I the amount of debt should exceed 30 percent Unit Stake from the apartment. and should be on the subject of the court decision. at my case, the debt is much smaller, and the court's decision no. bailiff Executive vetoed my departure from Russia, because I It has a debt on the loan. I did not know that in Russia came into force this law. but it is so. and I can not do anything now, not yet I pay the debt.
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