Scam letter(s) from Jessica Michael to Vlado (Slovenia)

Letter 1
Yes, we are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and have other branches across the U.S. always at your service The Management
Letter 2
I am writing concerning my goods. I hope you are notify about the current situation of things out here by now, I tried all my best to make things right but am out of cash and couldn't get a good deal for truck on my own before the manager from the storage company told me the only way I can get a good deal is go through the shipping company that handle my consignment from the start this is why am writing to know what the company can do to help as i am currently at the brink of loosing my life if I don't have this goods soon as possible.

Waiting for your reply

Mary Daniels
Letter 3
Sorry for the late respond, Firstly I will like to say sorry to hear your goods as not get to you yet. we received email from the storage company few hours after I read yours and this prompt the company to make contact concerning the consignment and we are brief on the matter after all the discussion we arrive on one solution and only this we see as a fast way out for you before the insurance company will start complaining of spending too much in keeping your goods safe at the scene of the incident. we are able to reach a deal of 200usd for truck and your goods will get to you the next day you make the payment. you can send this payment to the same information you have use in the past and we are going to act fast soon as every necessary info is received

Sorry once again
Letter 4

Good Day,

I am writing to know if the solution we talk about the last time is the the only way to see all this go away and have my goods delivered to me because I won't be able to survive it if any other bills should arise. please I need your confirmation Asap Mary Daniels
Letter 5
Miss Mary Daniels nothing has change so far we are going to act soon as fund is received and your goods will be at your door step.
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