Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Jim (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello. I am Ekaterina. I would like to get acquainted with you, you not against? How you are named by friends? Would you like, that I to name you by name or differently? Tell me please. I send you a photo. I hope you like my picture. I would like to see your pictures too, can you send me it?? Do you like my picture? I hope, yes. What do you wish to learn about me? What it is interesting to you? Tell to me. I do not know from what to begin our conversation, but I hope, that you will help us, aren't you? I wait for your letter.

Letter 2

Hello. My friend. I am very pleased to hear from you the answer. I think we can learn a little more about each other. I do not think that the distance between us is so important, and the age is correct?
Thank you for your picture. You are a very attractive man!
Now I'll write a little about yourself. My name Ekaterina, but my friends me name Katya. I live in Russia in city Ulyanovsk. You can see it on the map. I'm not married, I'm a lonely bachelor girl. I live alone and I have no children. my height is 165 cm and total 31 years.
My birthday on May 7th. I worked as a salesman female shoes. I love the sport and active leisure. through sport my figure okay. On weekends, I'm having a jog in the park and riding a bike. I have friends, but mostly colleagues. Friends do not happen! I really like to swim in the pool and bowling. But my job does not allow me to do this often. Rarely did it. I do not smoke cigarettes, and almost do not drink alcohol. I can afford on a holiday glass of wine or champagne. But this is rare and it all depends on my mood. I am a very fair person and I value friendship. I want that you knew that I real and I write to you with fair intentions. I do not wish you to deceive differently I would not write you the letter in general. Tell to me also more about yourself? What kind of man are you? Today I send you my picture. I want you to do I send my photo? ok? for me will be very pleased. write to me about your character? I'm interested to know what you like in women? I wish you a pleasant day. Ekaterina.

Letter 3

Hi Jim!For me it is nice to get a letter from you. how is your day today? Thanks for a picture! I enjoyed this picture!
I have free time and I decided to write you a letter today. I do not know why, but I like my writing. I like to communicate with people who have a good sense of humor. I appreciate this quality in men of integrity. With such nice to talk to people. I believe in love, and I think this is a very important thing. I like it when I give compliments. I think it's like every girl who appreciates and respects himself. I'm ready to write more about myself, I do not want any deception between us ok? And I would always be honest with you, because it's important. I've seen and read many interesting articles on the Internet about how people ask for naked pics, as money .. do not like me. And I'm not that and I ask you not to think badly of me.
Important: In order not to lose contact with you if I do not get a response from you I will send to you my letter again ok? Just in case if you do not get an answer from you. My friend at work, told me that sometimes the messages can be lost, or else ... Most women dream of a romantic relationship, and they want it quickly and immediately. It does not happen, I understand that. I want honest and sincere relationship. I have not met a person that would be held for the rest of his life. Of course, I very much want to meet someone. For me, the family plays an important role in my life. I very much want to have a loving husband and strong family. that's the most important goal in my life. If there is a family well-being, and work to get by. I like my job. if I go to work in a good mood, then people around me to be positive. I'm curious to know what you most of all wants in life? I understand that we are not familiar, but I think this way we can learn more about each other. am I right? if you would be interested, I can write you about my views on life in the next letter. At this point I will finish my letter. I will wait for a response from you. Your friend Ekaterina.

Letter 4

Hello Jim. Your letters to me a very nice and interesting. I am very glad to meet someone like you. Gradually we learn with you more about each other.

I'll send you some pictures, as well as a photo of my family, I think you'll like it! You can write to me about your family? how often doyou meet?

I'm an only child. me and my friend Alena live in a studio apartment.
We rent the apartment for rent. In the future, I have plans to buy his private apartment, so that no one could depend. My parents live in a nearby town. My dad works as a truck driver at a construction site.
His name is Ivan, 64 years old. My mother's name is Elena,. Her age was 60 years. She was a housewife. Since my parents live in their own home. Long it takes to care for a private home. I do not want to depend on their parents, so I left the house. I moved to another city, found a good job. Now we can think about my personal family. My age is ready for it. I look at other families, I see their happy faces, I really do not have enough. We do not often meet with my parents. so very little free time, very much work. But as soon as I have a leave from work, I will make a visit to my parents. I love them so much. My parents love me. when I go to visit them, they are very happy to see me. I badly want to meet a man who will appreciate me and love and respect. For such men, I'll be ready to do anything to we were happy.
I think that the main advantage of the woman - loyalty and the ability to make the family happy, without quarrels and conflicts. An important question yet, I will consider you. I want to argue. if she has no children. then she can have children later. if you already have a new partner - a man with children. then you can not have my children. just take care of other children. you just need to know what is around you have kids. and to love them as their own and it is correct? I feel that I need to have to be with a man. and not only because of age. And also because I want real love. I do not want to have to be one and all the games I do not need. I have a serious girl. I think you understand this is purely my letter? anyway, I will be interested to hear from you the answer. I am very interested to know what you think of my words. with only recommend Ekaterina.

Letter 5

Hi Jim. With each your letter I would like to open your heart You completely. With me the first time this happens, I usually I am not ready to talk about the profound ideas. Sometimes it is necessary open face and fully trust him. for me, a good man You become. it's nice for me.

By the way, I I told my parents and friends about you. I was curious to see them reaction. My parents were positive about it. My dad has long waiting, so I introduced him to his friend. I told him that everything takes time. I think it will take time and familiarity. My mother always supported me. She always thought that she daughter deserves the most expensive and valuable. Unlike Dad, Mom and I talked one on one. as a daughter, mother even closer. My mom is a very positive person and always She supports me in a difficult situation and helped me make the right choice. Unlike my parents, my friends reacted differently. I have some colleagues with whom I am on friendly terms. They told me that we are very far from each other. It is our acquaintance will not last long. I do not Argue with them. everyone has an opinion. I silently listened to them. Supported me, but my friend, with whom we live. I wrote to you about this. My best friend told me not to listen to them. You said do it. There Cases when dating online, and then was wedding. for me, these words were very much needed at this time. I always knew that one - the one who will support in difficult times. I do not like when people tell lies. I just know it. and in general any tr. I like it when people can always say hello. or always happy or maintain. Main happiness self confidence. I think people need to trust each other with respect. I have always seen to support partner. and if I have the attitude - the love and fun activities, of which I will smile. I think that Do you think, as well.
You through the Internet. I'm looking for a man to be gentle with me and a lot of love! For me differently. I have to get to know you Better all round! Must understand the seriousness of your acquaintance !!! You must understand that you are a man? So I want to know, more your character? I think that I will not lose contact with you. I'm afraid of it! And so at night I can only think of - with See the next letter is your daily schedule? I am curious... Well, I say goodbye and wish you all the best. Your Ekaterina.

Letter 6

Hello Jim! Is very glad to see your letter again! I very much resemble to write to you The letter and conversation on my bottom! I do not know as you Jim, but for me Starts to have importance our exchange e-mail. They - new emotions In my silent heart. For me it not usually to get acquainted with The person on e-mail, for many miles from me and probably to have Relations.

Today I have risen early, around 5:30 morning. As I should make a hair, and I used hair curlers... These are hair. I also should was prepare to eat! As in the evening I sometimes do not happen forces.
Sometimes I prepare in the morning, It is enough for me within 2 days was direct. And then I can relax only after work. You understand? I have an important question.

What precisely is in your kitchen, you are pleasant like you the cook directly?

As to food: it is pleasant to me to a fillet of fish of meat mainly as to fish - in general, as, very tasty. Garbusha especially red meat and a salmon., and some salads. As it is easy food! I like to eat with healthy food, and a drink always - a tea cup. Even in the morning I do not drink coffee, thus I think, that it is bad for your heart! I hope, that you read my letter carefully, and you like the small description of what I love? I always try to speak the truth and is fair with people. And also, I can not absolutely lie so do not do it! As even the small lie then goes to growth of serious lie! In a life there is a various good and bad situation, but I will never turn the back to my girlfriends And they will never betray me. It is better, than I can help instead of to helping! Trust - fund of strong friendship and good long relations! I think in the future, I will have children nevertheless or to be the children's beloved of mum. But I wish to live, where there is a favourite, and to name it love and happiness!
What do you think of love? A family? Gravity. What is important for you in relations? I hope, that I do not set to you many questions, and I wish to receive news from you fair answers because I really wish to construct relations with you! If we search each other, we wait for the best future! For me it is very interesting feelings - to learn the person With other culture, reflexion, traditions. It is One of things - which Involves me in you. Not the main thing, - But new and interesting. It is probable, if our relations are strong also you Jim, you can Learn the mysterious Russian woman. I hope, that for you it Interesting to learn and check up love to such woman? I I think, road That you cannot resist to a deposit during long time to female magic, If happen so, that we will be face to face. On it I finish mine The message to you Jim. Yours Ekaterina.

Letter 7

Hi my beloved man Jim! Today, the fine weather, how are you? I am interested to read your letters. I hope that you're interested in reading my letter!? I have to tell you - that I can understand people!
I see - that all your words are sincere, and you tell me a lot out of you. I know - that we know only through the Internet, but if we trust each other in these letters, then we have much to gain. You agree with me? I want us to have a trust between us, a lot! Today I want to send you some pictures. I hope you will like them.
At you very good room cuisine.
I feel that you are a good man and I can not trust you at all!! While I can see that I am not mistaken, and I am glad, if you believe me! I think - that just trust - the basis of relations, without trust our relationship will develop. I believe you, I can say it! I feel that you are a good man and I can not trust you at all! Can I ask you - do you write a letter just me or do you have another girl?? I just want to know that! I just do not write letters, nobody else. And I would not want to see you I was not the only one. I wrote to you, I'm looking for a serious relationship with a man. I try this with You and I write everything that I have in my head. I know you better! And I want you to recognize just me and no other girl. I can not tell you allowed to write to them, but if you write me a letter like that. It is better to give up the other girls, you know? I want you to be always with me sincerely, spoke the truth and never cheated! I promise you I will never tell you a lie! So the best way is to tell the truth, and be clean at heart. What a lie, and then at home to lie in bed and think - what I said is a lie! And always ask - and if he finds out the truth, then I would be bad! You know, I think it is also? ! Therefore, trust is almost the most important thing in a relationship, after love! So I'm better than you can first learn, and second - to be in trust and hope for the best! The only way I can know your inner peace and a habit for you, and I can fall in love. I already have the feeling that I'm falling! I often dream of a romantic evening with a loved one, it can be a supper or simply walk. I think that in This has a lot of charm. You're a romantic person? You think about these things sometimes? What would you like to spend the holiday road? Does that for you comfort and peace? You are my very dear friend, my dear ones!
I would like to write to you all the time and get to know you better, but still needs more time to work to leave, than to write for you! It is a pity, I would have written to you for days on end is what I think, what I feel. The letter did you get in a shortened form, but you should know - now I think of you always. And is always what you do and how you spend your day! What are you thinking at night before sleep! You can share this with me? I will now finish my letter and soon to see your answer! Then I say to you and write you more of course! I already want you to write about more valuable in life.
Because my feelings for you have a big increase! I would like you to answer me every day! If you did you go, then I'll be very anxious and upset! I would not want to. So many kisses ...
100000000000000000000000000! Your here, Ekaterina!!!

Letter 8

Hi, my lovely Jim! Thank you for writing to me again tender letter! I was glad when I saw him and my eyes just sparkle, and I myself - shine! But I'm afraid.

What you might not want to have to write to each other such sensual letters with openness? or? If you think so, do not be afraid to tell me about it! We have to be sincere with each other! I want to be certain that you want to build with me real serious relationship! You want to do this? I tell you about my life, the whole truth. I reveal myself from the inside! My character, my feelings and my desires, my love for you! I'm not telling you a lie, because sooner or later the truth recognizable. Maybe some people are trying to letters to show their best side and hide their negative qualities, perhaps so. But you have to be sure that I write to you very seriously, and there is no exaggeration! I think about you every day and you are to me my man I want to know the way! Today I was at work, and my head was part of the thought of you. I do not know as I continue to work and my hands were shaking a little bit of excitement. I do not know what it was, but it tells me, and I tell you that I care about you! I wish you a wonderful future with reach! I have a lot of good ideas about the future! I can present it to you. Last night I went to bed alone, about 23 o'clock in the evening, in my cold bed! And I thought about us, and wanted you to lay next! Since I do not want to live alone. When my life you came from letters, then I think the relationship has changed. I have already started to provide, if you and I were together! I think that if you are now going with me, we can talk to you all day and night!
And we can tell each other the most wonderful words in the eye. If you were next to me - then I would hold your hand and would look you in the eye! And do not miss to your sight! I would have looked at you and trying to understand what you're thinking about me. In your eyes, I immediately knew it would be. I think your eyes were shining like, and you'd be smiling. We would be even more fell in love. You're a very good man, with an open mind and a big heart. Only a part of your heart, you must give up his girlfriend, I think! I know already - you're a real man and strong.
And you can always take care of me. I think you're a man who could have told me the joy for life and to provide just to be together forever. Always love and respect, always support and help. Never disappointed and will never cheat. As I - as a girl needs care and affection. Every time I dream at night, when I get tired very much, so I can just put my head to your shoulder or chest, and just be close to you. To then go to sleep and after sleep - and you're there. And that you watched over me and protected! I very much love to dream about it, because it is what I strive for! And tell me please, what will you do when you come home very tired? we live in the real world, and to be aware of our actions! I think that you and I have a lot in common interests and views on life, and unite us alone! I am confident that we will be very interesting together! Now I really want to ask you - yet what do you prefer to stay with his girlfriend? I hope you answer me that! Still a lot of thoughts in my head there on the course of the future with you! But if you think that we have to hurry, please tell me. But if in your heart as I have - very serious and great feel and a lot of thought. Then I write is true. I imagine our lives! But I think it should be! The letters we know each other figuratively - but even these letters can create the beginning! The beginning of love, relationships. Start a new life in which you can forget the past!
Where you can start a bright future. And the ability to create a family! If we both want it - it's possible! It needs to aspire to. And that would be the best moment in my life, unforgettable joy and responsibility! Now I finish my letter and I will be exciting to wait for your answer! It would be nice if your thoughts were similar to mine. Here, I am sending you kisses 1000000000000000000. Please take them! Your Ekaterina!

Letter 9

HI sweetie Jim! how is your day today? I think everything is ok.
Today, my life and my day is filled with joy when I read your letters my heart stops.

Yesterday I had a nice evening with my colleagues, by the way. We have reached cafe-bar and there were a few hours. First a nice dinner, then bowling. I looked at happy couples and people had from her a little jealous. At this point I thought of you also had a dream that you're beside me. What you hug me and whisper sweet words in her ear. I have heard that you have a wide range of bars and restaurants. How often do you go to these places? When you In such places, women approach you meet? Now I ask questions while I have a sense of jealousy. While I understand that I have no right to say this to you, I often think of your messages, and maybe I can make a conclusion that you are serious about me, I really need you, and it's great. I do not think that our dialogue is just entertainment. And so I say you some personal ideas as to the loved one. I would also like to tell you that I am glad that I have such a person - just like you!

Do you know - is more and more desire to be together. Really make our words! Yet last night I thought about the good. I can tell you what - I imagined as we meet. Still life with you I liked in my understanding. I'm aware that not all will be in my mind, but I thought of a possible life that may be! I start with the fact that I am leaving Russia, and say goodbye to my friends and mother, father.
Then all at once get on a plane and fly to you! And you buy a bit of a red rose, and stand at the airport you have, and wait for me! I would really like it if you meet me at the airport - or in any way :)
Otherwise, I'll just get lost and I would be unpleasant! What do you think? Then we meet, I run to you with open arms and hug you. You raise me in your strong, masculine hands! And make a few turns of joy.
Hug and kiss me! You invite me to transport, taxi or car to open the door for me, and yet we can sit together on the bus or tram. And then we go to your house and we can talk, we will go quietly, so were able to enjoy the first sight of each other. So I can touch you a little bit! Feel you, and also your touch! My smile is a big and exciting at the same time - but do not have fear, if I see you! And when we come to your house, then you can just show me your home. Still, I very much want to see it! Since then I can see how you live! And what do you have room. Still not a small role for me to play kitchen! Because if you let me make you eat every day. For me, it will only be a joy! I will always want to make you go always full! And I hope that it will be just you like, all that I'll be ready! I would also like. So sometimes you helped me with this. If for example, I do not have the strength to carve meat - then you hug my arm with his hand. And just helps put pressure on the knife! So that we can together and quickly make us dinner! Every dish I want to try to decorate greens to give it more flavor. I do a lot of cooking on the secrets that you will learn gradually, I'll tell you! Since we can to prepare various dishes. You can write about it very much, I just want you to know! I will try to do so. So you can never go hungry! And the rest of homework should not make much difference. Since we do your house much more comfortable and cleaner. That even if the guests come to you, have a very caring feeling! You like that? Now I very much miss you, because you would like to see better today than tomorrow and the day after!! Since so much sadness in my heart, and my heart aches to have those dreams! I want this in reality some day!! I think you are all great - and if you can write it like you would do if you see me??? Now I want to name you my prince - since you're a man, I dream about!! And I was looking for you all my life and why only now found? But I know that happiness comes unexpectedly!! Favorite, tell Have something in your life like that? Or our relationship with you an example of this? I love you, I already have many desires concerning you. Believe me always! Please write to me in your next letter that you think! And maybe you're also going to tell me about your dreams. I think you love to dream of a beautiful but workable, as I do. I'll look forward to your letter, here, your forever Ekaterina!

Letter 10

Hi my dear Jim! I am happy, That in our relations there is a development and we every day become Closer people.

My most gentle and caring man on this planet. My sun, my happiness and my love! I get pleasure from your letter, read it now. That's all I wanted to today, because your answer was waiting with great impatience. Since I'm not your letters as the engine without gasoline, like soup without salt and like tea without sugar. This comparison is of course, because I really can not live without your letters. You write very gently, just as I like. And always want to hear from you these words to me. Always and everywhere. I do not care where in we will be and how many people will stand beside us. If you can pronounce all these words - words of love, then I'll be the happiest girl. Only you have to say it with sincerity and conviction that it is you want me to say it! I am confident. What I'm going to kiss you all the time, I'll never be upset with you because you are my light, for which I want to live and strive for the best, to the future!!! And all that I dream, When we meet in the future will be for us!! Yesterday I was not seen with friends, because I wanted as much as possible to dream about us. About our love and affection that I want. I dream about this very romantic. You will be like? If you're going to come to work? And I'll be waiting for you already, Always!! Every day, and only you, because what I really really do not need anybody!! If we met now and would have together. Then when you get home - and then I meet you with open arms and hands. You undress and took place in a bathroom. To wash you to sit at the table is clean, and change work clothes. Then I sit down at the table! I think I'll never dine without you, always waiting for you, and we sit down together. So it will be more pleasant for you to have dinner with me, I think. Yet when we have dinner and tea, we talk then about us again. We tell each other the most wonderful words that we want. I call you my prince, and my love - my ideal and dream. After all, the way it is! You are the most kind and gentle people in the world! I think you are ready to do everything for me, and I appreciate it!! I feel your great love for me, your kindness and your gentle hands, your body and your breath. I go ... when we after dinner - we can relax a little bit, and then still a little walk! Can you show me the most fabulous places in your city. As I already said - I want to know everything about you, you showed me just everything related to you. Perhaps you'd like some place, maybe it would be romantic! It please you remember. And then we walk together down there to spend time with. You tell me anything about this, and I will listen to you very carefully! We can then immediately return home or go somewhere else! We can go where people will sit, there are places with you, I'm confident. Then we'll walk together and hold hands. Then all the people will look at us and smile. Since I think we will be an example of a beautiful couple that fit together. This couple, who has a goal in life, we will always seek that what we want to achieve together. I do not even doubt cute!! You're my favorite man, very caring, and I never will not give you. the main thing that you would not go away from me, or I just can not keep you! But I do not think about it, because you are a man, and he must choose a life partner! With the mind, and with the desire!
My dear, just as I'd like to make love to you. I really like you and I am in love with you. Perhaps it's the fact that I really have not had sex. I live without sex for about 1 years. Because only with you, I want to translate into reality and doing all my dreams. And I think that if you are helping me in this - will have absolutely great! I want to. You to understand - I am very sweet and want to start with you always with gentleness. I want to massage your back, a little to relieve tension. At the same time feel your regular breathing. Every man loves a massage from a woman's sensitive hands??? I know how to do it, and you'll have to catch lots of fun from it! When I finish, I let to you around your back my breasts, if you want it!! And then I just have to iron in your ear and tell you quietly that I love you, honey!!
You are my good and gentle! My hand then go slow at your pants and I touch your penis! First through his pants and stroking it very gently!
When I have my hand between her legs you will - it will be good for you very! I think that by the time your body will already be up and does not suffer anymore! is this true? Then you just turn around and we're looking face to face and look straight in the eye! To be aware and have all the same contact, that is just an invisible thread - which connects us. Our minds! You bring your hands to my body and make me feel too great desire to make love! And then you start to take off my clothes so I was naked. Next, I think the same thing that you also like this! Then all the same what your fantasies? I continue to take your penis and start to dream, gently touching the tip! You get from most excited to just simply hug me and are already beginning to love!
But I just want to pinch my breasts. To its heat and massage! You tell me if you want more! When we will be in a state maybe I can get his lips to kiss! From this you will be more fun? I'm ready to do it just for you! And I must say - that never before did not do it, but I want to try it with you! Only with you - a man whom I love very much I do not want anyone else to give! But I want to tell you all my fantasy talk!! Just so you know, and then waited for this moment! So when we both have an excited state, then you have me real pleasure! That he was ready to give me pleasure. Here's what I would be like in sex cute, so I see it!!! To bring you up to the maximum of the possible states, that you will never forget it!! I want you always been good to me so you went satisfied. Since this is important for me too! I think I've also always be with you satisfied. And I said - yes, it was something nice, this has not been with me such pleasure and love test!
I want this, and I think that I could tell you what what I think! What do I think at night! What I dream deal with you! I think you write me your opinion? I look forward to your letter again. And I will answer you always! Always tell me what you think and how you imagine! Can you imagine life with me and all that, as I wrote to you today? Do you want this? Do you want now? I love you darling! I'm always for you, here's your princess Ekaterina.

Letter 11

Hi my darling Jim. At the sight of your letter my heart is beating very strongly, more than one, and the feeling - it just jumps out soon! I want to give you my mood, love and joy dear.
With New 2018 my darling!! I wish that in new year all your desires were granted!
I wish to tell you dear, that for me it is very pleasant to know, that there is a person who waits for me and wishes to hold in the hands.
Ideas on it very much excite me. Therefore, thanks you That you have allowed me to feel it. Tell me what is your mood today? I think that all is well and you write as you spend the day and night? I still last night and closer to the night was already thinking about us again. I just did not even look at the TV and not distracted! I suddenly thought that if all of what we write can occur in reality, as well as our words! That is so fast people can fall in love on the letters. I write to you the truth about all my feelings and my love for thee! But as for sex - I do not do any masturbation. I just think a lot of us and fantasize. What I think, and I absolutely can not display it in words! So much I want relationship with you. Closer to you, I fell in love with your inner world - what's in your heart. And you tell me about it, and I think that you're the right man I need. Yesterday I was thinking about us and a lot of planning. What still is not live without you. Letter - this one and you do that you know, that very well, we will not know each other. And if we can meet one day - then it will be a moment that immediately show that we approach each other.
I did not drop no doubt - that if I see you really - is all well between us. And if I am in your eyes I can see I see everything, all their brilliance, which will go from your eyes to me. Then I just smile, then I'll understand everything at once, All your feelings and love for me. Yes, just by the look! And if I see all of your actions, which have shown concern about me or courting. It is necessary for me to know and see in you! I am confident that I imagine you just so you would like to see and what you really are. I would like to start a new life with you, that I would allow to completely forget all the past, which is happening! To then just do not remember it. I still do not think about it, just telling you. Now, all my desire to meet you - in me.

If I come to you my dear. Then I have the right to leave Russia, and then to build my life as I want it. You understand all that I write?
In my head I can not think of anything else. All of those things, the apartment, the parents, my family and my work - it's all you can leave! Although friends and parents forever in my heart and I will be able to visit them one day, with you! If I come to you, then I can go to work, and work with you. And I think that you're in this to help! I think not hard to get you to work. Professionals who know how to work with people. I already want to work with people to try. Who are not from our country. That to me is a very interesting and attractive.
This is not the problem I think, if I had the citizenship! In any country, you can get citizenship, but for this I think you have to be husband and wife, right? All the same - but first we will discuss this at the meeting. If we want, we create everything with good intentions.
That is, I want to tell you that at first we can meet for a while to learn - can we be together or? What do you think?????? And if we see it, and have 100 confidence will approach each other, thus living together. Then we'll talk about the wedding to go! I love you very much and would love to meet you too. I'll be waiting for your answer to this cute!!!! Yet when we meet. I say - that's different, it's not writing. Letters to bring a lot of joy and a lot of desire, a lot of dreams!! But they can not all the feelings that I have to carry with you. All those emotions and my mind! You can not look at my eyes.
That's why I say all this to you now! If we meet - then all that we write to each other can do and we can put into reality. We can make love in bed and we can walk around the various streets and most beautiful dreams. We can every night to bring each other pleasure to be happy. I would like you to massage all the time, every time as when you tired. I would like to have sex with you, with each of our common desire and want. All that you write as you could do it! You write as you love me and you want a great love. We can do it soon! I thought yesterday that last dream, as it is more a desire to meet. I have so much to wait your answer! In general, what do you think? Tell me your thoughts, and then we are dealing with! I'll eagerly await your letter! And I want to say again that I love you!!!! Here, your forever Ekaterina!!!!



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