Scam letter(s) from Olga Sidorova to Arthur (USA)

Letter 1
Hey Arthur!
I congratulate you merry Christmas!!! I wish you all the happiness and goodness in this new year!
How was your day? I hope all is well with you! I simply super good mood. Our dreams are becoming closer.
Today I finally got all the necessary information. For your name and address have been sent to check on my sponsors.
And as I have found a simple way that you could send me the money after it will be available in your bank account.
I strongly recommend that you used your bank account, because it is the surest way.
As I already told you, together with a package USPS you will receive a check and some paperwork. So I ask you, as soon as I get the USPS package, immediately take the check and bring it to the Bank. If you fail to cash a check in the first day, then tell me how many days it will take, so you can get the money. I hope you all understand. Please ask me if you need any information.
When the money will already be available in your bank account, you will need to find the closest office and MoneyGram to send money to my name.
I'll let you know all the data. ************************************************************ 1. The information on customers who should write out checks:
The check will be from: TODD A BYNUM
The sum on it: 2156.05$ 2. track number is: 9405501699320143509395 3. My full data for sending money via MoneyGram:
Name: Olga
Last name: Sidorova
city: Omsk
country: Russia
zip code: 644022
street: Vatutina 3-9 ************************************************************* I checked on the internet, this is the main usps postal service in the United States.
Do I understand correctly? I've never come across this. I will try to control the processes, but I'm worried.
My dear, when you get a USPS package, please take the check and bring it to the Bank. After you get the cash you need to go to MoneyGram and send the money to my information, which is above.
And now, the most important today when the manager gave me all this information, he said sternly, that since this is an international medical grand, we all have to do as quickly as possible and without errors. We can not waste time.
I hope that you all will be clear and you have no problems at all will understand!
Kind regards, Olga!
Letter 2
Good afternoon Arthur !
My darling, I have told the sponsors that they have sent you a new package of the check. Therefore now we need only to wait. Of course the check is certified by bank!
I am very happy to receive your letter today. I to notice, that our letters are more and more full of love and good mood.
So it is good me that in this world there is a person to which I is not indifferent.
It is very pleasant to me to study, that we is mutual understanding each other is the most important fact in our relations.
It is very good me, as I to meet you in my life. I to not be yet never so am happy. I as though to fly in heavens.
Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letter and you. I yesterday to think of our relations and about our feelings.
I already to become attached to you.
I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared.
I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart.
You to like me and I think that our relations may be deeper. At present my feelings to YOU are very strong me pulls to! you as if a magnet.
Your letters make my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul. I understand that our relations everyone become more serious and more serious.
I shall finish the letter. I love you!!! I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I to send to you the most passionate kiss.
Kind regards, Olga
Letter 3
Hi my love Arthur! Thank for the perfect letter.
When I close my eyes, I see you near to me - two hearts bound in a circle by love. Two bodies pressed closely to each other.
I to kiss your lips and I embrace you is intense. I steadfastly look in your eyes, and our souls are united.
I feel your connection of passion with mine, and we are engaged love with strong passion.
I know, that I can be all man, which you will require ever in this life. I can be your best friend and your fan beloved.
I shall give you all freedom to make regardless of the fact that you to want.
I shall wait for your letter. My prince Arthur!
Yours truly, Olga
Letter 4

Hi my love, my future husband!
My dear, I have told my sponsors that they sent you a new package.
I am happy to read your letter. I am again grateful to you for your love. I so to want be your lady and yours princess in life.
I so strongly to miss for you, my love, that I to not represent life without you.
Today I and my girlfriend Elena to go at an exhibition the French artist. I to see there picture, where the girl kiss with the man.
I long to stand and to look in this picture and to present us with you. I to close eyes and to present, that we to be on a coast the river only two.
The easy wind blows, the summer sun, water in the river very quiet shines. Grass easily shakes and the cane rustles.
We sit a two on a coast the river and we are happy. You to hold me in the hands and us so it is good, That more than nothing it is necessary also we are ready to sit so all life. Then we to lay in a grass and long long kiss. Ours kiss to reduce us from wit and we can not constrain our desires
and we to engage love. I was so is exited my ideas, That I could not look a picture any more and I at once to write to you.
It is very a pity, that to me only my dreams. I to want be with you and to carry out them. I love you also I can not without you.
I very strongly to want be with you. I to trust, that you to want me and to make everything, that we to be together. I shall wait your letter, my love.
I love you my Prince. Your future wife Olga.
Letter 5
Lovely Arthur !
I don't know who told you such nonsense that I can somehow fool you. I am very sad that you don't believe me and think I'm lying to you.
As soon as you get a check, you need to take that to the Bank and put a cheque for the Deposit. You promised to do it.
And I always read your letters and see what you write. If you don't believe me that he is ready to give the check to another person to "test", do it.
How are you? How is your health? How is your mood? Dear Arthur you know how I want to see you and feel your kiss...
I need your arms, i need your eyes, your lips... I can not wait, it's very hard. Dearest you are my sun, my air, my water...
I wait,when our dreams come true... My everyday thoughts are only about you dear.. Arthur every morning, i wake up with thoughts on you.
I stack hair and I think of you, I impose a make-up and again only for you,e ven clothes i choose for you.
I love you Arthur... I Live only you Arthur. Only our feelings... Dream of our meeting Arthur. You do not represent as much you mean for me...
For love there are no barriers, and you will be with me, in my heart, in my soul. I see you, looking at stars, I recollect your letters and photos. Dearest, we will keep our happiness... Our dream and love. I love you, Arthur. Arthur, we will be together... You and i and our small world...
The love and tenderness World... The World of our dream... Sincerely and truly believing in you with love, Olga
Letter 6
Dear Arthur,
How are things with you? Unfortunately Arthur, I still did not get your photographs. Is anything wrong with me asking for them?
I don’t really want to insist, but it is always nicer to have an idea of a person you write to.
So, Arthur can I expect to see your pictures in the next letter? ;) Well, I am very glad that you show interest in our dialogue and that you sustain this correspondence.
First thing, and I can't wait to share it with you today my lab let me know that I will have to start preparing my visa documents in the nearest future. The agreement has been settled with the receiving party in the US and now it all depends on how soon I get the visa.
Isn’t it great Arthur? I am so excited! I was thinking that my previous email was a little bit banal and that I did not tell you anything really specific. For example I did not mention my family. To make the things plain, I do not have a father, he did not live with us. My mom grew me up, and my grandma helped her. This ladies tandem made us become best friends.
Unfortunately, not so long ago my mom was diagnosed for cancer. They stage was really advanced and she died not long after the diagnosis.
Now it is just me and my grandma, who is very senile but fit. I slipped into a depression after my mom’s death.
That was also the major factor to make me decide on medicine and surgery.
We did not have much means but I am still sure that I was a happy kid, surrounded by love and care.
Since my mom had had this bad experience with my biological dad, she used to repeat to me, that I will only marry a guy worthy of my trust.
Besides my grandma I have two girlfriends Lena and Sveta. They are like my siblings and they support me a lot.
By the way, how about your family? What are your relations? Do you have best friends, fellows you can rely on?
When I have spare time I read books, I have composed my own tiny library at home. In summer time I take care of flowers on my balcony.
Tulips in spring, asters and mini-roses in summer. Arthur Do you have hobbies?
How do people usually spend their spare time in the US? So looking forward to knowing American attitudes and habits!
Have a good day! Olga
Letter 7
Hello, my dear Arthur.
I congratulate you merry Christmas!!! I wish you all the happiness and goodness in this new year!
Also I want to tell you, tomorrow I want to go to telegraph and to call you. Please answer me, I very much want to hear yours a voice.
My dear, I want to tell you that very soon I will give you all the necessary information.
You will receive a check and you will need to take it to the Bank and cash. If you can't cash it in on the first day, then you will need to put it on Deposit.
In the Bank you will need to know when funds will be available in your account. The information I need for my report to the sponsors. With a check you will come to my power of attorney which says that you must send money in 3-5 days, don't worry this is just a precaution of my sponsors.
They realize that cashing a check can take more time, but at best I should get the money in the first 5 days after you get a check.
I tried to explain to you all you need to do. Do you understand?
I love you. Your Olga
Letter 8
My Dearest Arthur !!!
I hope you joke that I am not real.
I congratulate you merry Christmas!!! I wish you all the happiness and goodness in this new year!
Today the weather is good here. I have spent all my day outside. It was very pleasant for me as usual to receive a letter from you, I have been waiting for it impatiently!!!Arthur, your letters always bring me joy and good mood :)
I'm very happy that I’ve got acquainted with you. You are like a wonderful dream that came into my life, I think and dream about you very often! :)
My dear Arthur, I think that there is something between us that make me trust you and open my heart for you, I would like to give you my full trust because I see in your letters how sincere and serious you are towards me.
Honey Arthur, I can’t describe you all of my feelings,the thought that the person like you have appeared in my life makes me feel so excited!!!
You are far from me now, but I feel that my happiness is somewhere near me.
I hope that we’ll be happy together. Sweetheart, all I’ve told you is very true, all of my words are coming from my heart and soul!
I wish you and the people who are close to you to be healthy and fine. I'm finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply.
Kind regards, Olga
Letter 9

Hello my sweet!! I can you so name?
Today it was very pleasant for me to find your letter today. At me all is good. I hope you too stay in good mood.
Today at me difficult day at work was. And I am very tired but when have seen your letter weariness as a hand have taken off.
Now, I'll cook dinner. I'll make a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and also cook "Borscht".
When I come to you, I want to cook for you. I hope that you love Russian cuisine, and I would be very pleased if you'd like.
Today I shall be all evening of a house I shall read slightly. And then I shall look the TV set.
Will show today interesting film it " Indiana Jones " refers to as.
It is adventure film. And I very much love them. I with impatience wait your answer.
Sincerely yours, Olga
Letter 10
Sweetheart Arthur !
Your letter brings light in my life. How are you today? I think, that life not so bad if there are people similar to you.
Many thanks for that that you is at me. I see, that you have very kind heart, and it may do us by warmer.
It is very pleasant for me to hear you my good!!! I lived very simple way work, the house.
Sometimes I leave on walk in park with my girlfriends. But sometimes, I am sad, because near to me there is no loved man.
And now, when I have you in the life I believe, that my life will change and becomes bright, kind for us.
I think, that everyone in this world requires heat and love. I would like, that my loved person smiled to me each morning and each evening.
I shall smile to you it there will be a big happiness. I am ready to do all for this purpose.
I kiss you my honey. I expect your following letter. Love for ever. Have a nice day..., Olga
Letter 11
How are you today?
My darling, please tell me what happens to the check? Do you have already carried it in bank?
My love, of course I read your letters! I saw a photo of your grandsons and they very much were pleasant to me! Your grandsons very beautiful!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I very much love all your letters my honey.
I very much appreciate your honesty my love. I shall find out you all better and better. And I am very happy in it!
I very much like to speak with you on an email it allows me to express all emotions and ideas and to not be timid.
If we have met first time in a bar I do not think, that we would find out each other so well you see it there was only a fine conversation.
I am very happy, that in letters we may divide our confidential emotions. To receive news from you brings to me the big pleasure.
It is so pleasant to have the loved person whom while it is far, but in too time so it is close.
I very much appreciate their private world in people. And my intuition speaks me, that you are created for me.
I think, that strong relations are based on trust and respect.
I love your letters. I wait with impatience of your answer. Yours truly,, Olga
more mail and photos of olga
Letter 12
Dear!!! How are you doing today?
My dear, the USPS website says the package was delivered to you on December 27. I ask you to contact usps and find out what was going on and why you haven't received a check
Today I had a very hard day and I'm very tired. I have to finish a lot of work and paper records because of my departure to the United States.
Recently, I was very tired. So now I'll take a hot bath. It would be great if you could take a bath together ...)
Very soon we will be able to do it. I'll be waiting for your letter . 10000000 kissing Best wishes,, Olga
Letter 13
Lovely Arthur!! How do you feel?
My dear, of course I read your letters. I don't know what to advise you. I never had brothers. I really don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry, what's going on with your brother.
At me simply excellent mood, as all my thoughts only of you. I think that thanks to you I began to smile often.
My fellow workers noticed it and constantly ask what in my life changed. My eyes shine as stars and mood always at height..)
And I with pride say to all that I found the good man with whom I want to build the relations.
I love you Arthur!!! Now I will watch transmission about the USA.
Though already late, but I want to look at this transfer to learn as much as possible about culture of your country.
I hope that you to me will help to adapt as soon as possible in the USA.
And now it is time for me to finish my letter. Yours sincerely,, Olga
Letter 14
Dearest Arthur!
How are you today? Arthur I very much missed on you. Yesterday I thought of us and about our joint life much.
In general these ideas very much frequently visit me. They cannot be banished.
I hope, that you understand feelings of the woman, feeling of the in love woman.
I did not think, that our attitudes in the Internet will get so serious turn. Inform me that you think, your ideas of dream?
You see our future together? It is possible, that you think that I very naive, but it not so. You it is valid my dream, my meaning of the life.
I love you Arthur! Your bride in Russia. Have a nice day!, Olga
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