Scam letter(s) from Marina Sergeevna Grigorieva to Steve (England)

Letter 1
This is my email, please write here.
Since in my message I promised to tell you about myself more, here is what I wanted to tell you about directly.
My name is Marina.
I am 33 years old.
I have never been married, and I have no children.
My height is 176 cm, and my weight is 57 kg.
You can have a picture of it, looking at my photos, which I will attach to this letter.
I am a very gentle person. I believe in happiness - physical, emotional!
I believe that happiness is in our lives!
And I want him a little more in my life than I have now.
And I want to share my life with a man who wants the same.
I like to go out on the street, but also spend time with my loved ones at home. I love nature, I like to go on picnics.
But I do not go to them as often as I would like, because there is not much I can share it with.
Honestly, I'm ready to open my heart to a man who really can appreciate me.
I hope to see your letter again.
I will also be happy to see your photos. And I hope that you will tell me about yourself, too.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend!
I'm happy that you answered me. I hope you are doing well.
In the last letter, I did not have time to tell you everything about myself.
Now I will tell you more.
I work in a wholesale company. But I really like my work.
We have a very cheerful team.
I live in Russia. The city is called Tomsk.
If you look at the map, you will find it in the east of Western Siberia on the bank of the Tom River.
I love Russia, although life is very complicated here. I am a hardworking person, and I'm not afraid of difficulties.
I already have some experience of living and working in another country.
Several years ago I worked in Ukraine, and I must say I liked it very much.
I was sent there on a business trip, when I was still a trainee. It was a long time ago. =)) We all work a lot, and it takes so long that we miss the most important thing in this life - the relationship of love and family.
But now I want to find someone I could rely on, someone who will be with me and in joy and sorrow.
Several years ago I had a relationship with a man. But I had to leave for another time in another city.
He did not want to wait for me anymore. It was too difficult for him.
It was a very difficult period for me, but I was able to cope with it. And now I'm ready to fall in love and have a new relationship.
I tried to have correspondence with other men and from other countries, but only they found out that I had disappeared from Russia.
I guess they thought I was a liar. I hope that you are not afraid that I am from Russia?
All this is so wrong, so many ordinary people who want to find their soul mate.
And the Internet is a very good opportunity to take the first step to acquaintance.
I am very glad that you sent me your picture. I really liked her. I will be very glad if you send me your photo in each new letter.
I want to know more about you and your work. I would like to know who you work for and what you do.
How do you spend your free time? I'm interested in hearing about your hobbies! Do you have a hobby?
I hope you like my pictures.
I'm not a model, of course. I'm only an average Russian girl who is really looking for her love ...
I hope that you are interested in me, and I will hear the answer from you again.
I write to you from home, but since I work for a long time, I can write to you only in the evening.
Well, I hope that now you understand me better, and I will look forward to your reply.
Letter 3
This is Marina!
I sent you a message, but unfortunately I did not get a response!
Maybe my message did not come? Or hit the spam folder?
I ask you to respond, I expect letters from you!
Letter 4
Hello, my best friend is Sol. How are you? How are you today? How is your health?
I hope you are doing well. I'm so glad that our correspondence interested us both.
I'm happy to have a new friend. It is very important for me.
I'm interested in learning from you something new, something from your life.
It is very interesting.
When you write me a letter or when I write you a letter, we do not have the opportunity to see each other, But we can talk about ourselves, about habits, about desires, dreams and so on.
I hope that you understand everything I want to tell you, understand my ideas. I am happy to write to you and receive letters from you.
I did not know before that it's possible to correspond with a person who is in a different place and very far away.
I learned to use the Internet quite recently.
I would really like to know what you think about it, because I'm interested.
I hope you understand me well. I apologize for my poor knowledge of the language. You can ask me what you do not understand, and I'll try to explain to you.
I understand that between us a big age difference, for me it's not a problem. I think that men in your age more intelligent and serious.
For me the main thing in a man is his qualities such as understanding, respect, attitude towards others.
I would like to tell you more about my family. I wrote to you that I'm not married.
I live alone in an apartment. I have my mother! To be honest, my mom and I do not get along very well.
But still we try to meet and communicate. Sometimes it seems to me that everything is just as good as when I was little.
But still feel that the relationship is not the same ...
But I still love her. It's just that parents and children do not understand each other. On account of my father. My father left Mom, another woman, when we were still little girls. The father left us because of another woman.
And I do not know where he lives now. I do not want to know him. Since he never even visited us.
I do not want to see my father. He did very badly. And I think that God will punish him for this. I'm not when I will not forgive him.
And what is your relationship with your parents? Are you living alone ?
I also have a sister, her name is Olga. She does not live with me. Because she's married.
She is so happy when next to her husband. But Olga does not forget me and calls on me.
We often spend weekends together. Sometimes we go to her garden, where we work in the garden.
It is near the forest. Where we like to go for summer mushrooms or berries.
And there is also a very beautiful lake in the forest. It is very clean and literally transparent. People do not exist there as it is in the forest and few people know about it.
And it makes it even more pleasant sometimes to be there. When you get tired of everything, sometimes you want to be alone.
Does it happen to you? Do you like to visit nature? Tell me ?
I hope you understand me. But still life goes on and we must live on. I will wait for a letter from you.
With sincere respect Marina.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear friend Sol. I'm very glad to receive your good letter.
Our correspondence is pleasant for me! I hope you like it too. I am very happy that I can write you letters.
My dear as I already wrote to you, I work in a wholesale company. I like my profession.
To be honest in my childhood I did not dream about it, but very few people work in the place where they dreamed in their childhood.
Do you have the same situation?
I would really like to know who you studied and what kind of education you have? It is very interesting to me. I hope you will write to me.
But I also wonder what you dreamed of as a child. You thought that everything would be as it is now?
I also wonder if it's easy for you to answer my questions? If anything, you can write to me what you do not like about me. I will understand everything.
As I already told you, I have been working since I finished my studies.
And I never changed my place of work. Everything suits me here.
I have been working in my work since 2007. I remember how I graduated from Tomsk State University and graduated.
And a young girl went to work.
Studying there was boring =))) But now I understand that all this was not in vain. I like to work.
You are a very interesting person. I would like to receive more pictures from you. I really like talking with you.
How are you today, what's new with you? What is the weather like in your town? I hope that all is well.
I will be glad to hear from you from your letters.
I'm glad that you like my photos. I try to watch myself.
In the morning I run and do exercises. Just 3 times a week, namely on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I go with my girlfriend to the gym.
And I do gymnastics there. In the summer I like to swim in the river. I really like to swim.
And in the winter I go to the pool. Do you like to swim in the water? I think that you are very fond of. Because everyone likes it.
Sometimes my friends and I ride bicycles. Do you like to ride a bicycle?
And we are also at the rink. We have recently built a closed skating rink so that we can ride all year round.
I think it's great!
I would really like to know a lot from you.
You can write to me about everything that happens to you, because I'm very curious. I'm a very inquisitive person.
I like to cook! I'm doing it well, because I started cooking since my childhood.
I really like to prepare salads of all kinds. I basically like to cook light salads, where there are few calories.
Sometimes on holidays, I really like to eat fried chicken. But I very seldom afford this. Because I care about my figure.
I hope you understand me? Any self-respecting woman follows and cares for her appearance. I give my preference to natural healthy food.
These are fruits and vegetables, natural juices ... and so on. And what do you prefer? What kind of food do you like? What do you most like to eat?
I also really want to know, you know how to cook food? If we could meet, I would be happy to show how I can cook.
You would have liked it. You must believe me.
Now I have to finish this letter and do some more of my business. Although I do not want to finish this letter, today I have a great mood.
I so like to receive from you new letters, I am very glad that you write to me. Write to me, I will wait.
With best wishes Marina.
Letter 6

Hello !
This is a marina!
Unfortunately I had problems with the mailing address and I can not send and receive mail from you! I created a new mailing address and I hope that you can answer me!
I do not want to lose contact with you!
Letter 7
Hello, my beautiful Sol!
How are you? I hope you are all right! What is your mood today?
Today I will continue telling you about my life!
My dear as I already wrote for a long time, I've been to Ukraine.
But I have a dream to visit somewhere abroad, I do not exclude that I will go somewhere close to you. I would like to discuss something with you.
I would like to know how you feel about ***? I think that you are interested in this issue.
This question interests all and everyone in our time, especially men, in particular you. I would really like to tell you my point of view about ***.
For ***, I'm so. I'm just for a serious relationship. *** is possible in the relationship between a man and a woman, only if they love each other.
And if they are fully prepared for this both. Another *** is possible in the event that a man and a woman are legally married. I was brought up like this.
I think so. And what do you think? I would very much like you to think as I did. I want to explain to you that I am not an easily accessible woman.
I am a woman who is interested in serious relationships, as well as marital relations. I hope for your understanding.
Recently, I dream a lot about a serious relationship. About marriage and family. And what are you thinking about right now, what thoughts are bothering you?
What do you lack in life? I would really like to know. And a dream about a man that I would love, and that he was my husband.
This is a very serious decision and we must think about this. How do you feel about love? Have you experienced love before?
For me, love, this feeling that helps all people live happily and joyfully.
I think that everyone has the right to love and find his love sooner or later, but he must do it. Without love, a person can not live.
My heart is free. And I'm free. But I would love to find my love so much.
Maybe it's you?
We need to get to know each other better and maybe we can love each other.
Is it okay if I write like this?
If I do something wrong, you can correct me. I would really like to understand you. What do you think about my letter?
I'm so glad that we can correspond like this. It's just wonderful. We can ask each other questions and answer them.
I really want to see your new photo. If it does not make it difficult for you, you can send me your photo.
I'm glad that you like all of my photos. I will try to send you another photo in other letters.
Well, I finish my letter and go to sleep. I really hope that tomorrow when I receive the mail I will be able to read your letter.
Yours faithfully your girlfriend Marina.
Letter 8
Hello dear Sol. I must say that it's a pleasure to receive letters from you.
I become interested, everything that is connected with you. And with your life. I understand, everything is very good, about what you write. It's so interesting and exciting. Your letters are wonderful.
I will also be happy if you send me a photo.
You also need to understand that it's too early for you to meet, because we need to get to know each other better.
We must prepare for this moment gradually. A meeting between us is possible, but time must pass, and then maybe we could meet.
I hope that you all understand well. How do you think? I'm interested in your opinion on this matter.
I'm very interested in learning from your letters how you spend your work day, your every day. What is your mood during these days?
Today I'm in a good mood, because I received a letter from you. My mood immediately grows when I receive letters from you.
This is so important for me. I hope that you are telling me everything honestly, since I do not want a lie between us. I want us to speak only the truth to each other.
Truth is very good. I'm honest with you, Sol, and I hope you do too. I would really like to bring you joy every day. Do you also like my letters? How do you like my photos?
My day was very full. Today I went to the gym with my girlfriend, because I love to practice this sport, very much.
I also wrote to you that I run in the morning, before work. Do you remember this? Sport allows me to feel very good, and my body remains well-built.
I hope you understand this. That's why I have a wonderful mood and I wish you a good mood too! I'm so interested with you.
Write me more about you, about your business. I would also like to know how you improve your mood? What do you do in the evening? How do you spend your weekends? Are you going with your family and people close to you?
This is so good when there are true family and friends. I feel so alone alone. But all will soon be good, as we hope, we like each other.
I will wait for your letter very much. I'm interested in you. E-mail me.
Until the next letter. Marina
Letter 9
Hello my dear and wonderful friend. Sol I'm so excited to be in touch with you. Today I would like to switch to you.
I hope you will not be offended if I turn to you.
I'm very happy that we found each other that we can almost be together thanks to these letters!
Thank you very much for writing me, you give me a lot of attention. How good that I met you.
Dear Sol as I already wrote to you, I live in the city of Tomsk.
This is not the largest city in Russia, but it is very beautiful.
We have many churches and museums. And on the streets you can always meet friendly people.
Since we do not have a very large city, life does not flow quickly here. And people do not hurry anywhere, as in megacities. I like it.
We also have a very large number of universities in the city, for good reason our city is the oldest educational, scientific and innovative center in Siberia!
And we also have many interesting monuments. Here are some of them :
Monument to the fan, Monument to house slippers, Monument to the ruble and Monument of Happiness.
I'll attach some photos to you so you can look at it =))) I would very much like to know in more detail where you live and what beautiful places you have in the city.
I think that you have many beautiful and wonderful places in the city. This is very good when there is where to have a good time.
In my spare time I like to go out with friends in the park.
In the summer I go to the garden, and work there. I help my grandmother, because she is an old man. In the summer, I spend a lot of time in the garden in nature.
I like fresh clean air. It is very useful. You have many questions, and I will try to answer all your questions.
I hope you will not be angry if I do not understand, something from your letter.
My dear you have wonderful grandchildren, they help you disassemble the bag)))
Cute Sol I'm not in a really good mood today. I had a conflict at work today.
Some rich people in Russia think that they are allowed more than everyone else. And they can say whatever they want.
But we also do at work what we are ordered and nothing else. = ( I felt sad about this. But nothing can be done.
At such times I think I'm already tired of such a life. I sometimes want a change.
And now you have appeared in my life. Your letters to me like a breath of fresh air. It's like another life, she is not saddened by problems at work and in life.
Recently, I often began to think about you and about your letters. I do not know what's happening to me, but I'm very glad that we correspond.
Does it seem like something to you, to my situation? Are you thinking about me?
I'm curious what you will write in the next letter. I will very much wait for your letter.
I do not want to finish the letter, because I want to tell more about myself.
But I will answer you some other time. Write. With best regards Marina
Letter 10
Hello my dear Sol!
I'm so pleased that you write to me. I am pleased that you always find the time and answer me to my letters. I often think about you.
I have to admit that I like you. I would be pleased if you could send me your photos.
I'm glad that you like my photos. I have a girlfriend her name is Katya.
I do not remember when we were not friends. It seems that I know her from a baby diaper =) We went with her to school and never parted.
I am always happy to help her in any difficult situation and she will also do it for me.
I think it's a great happiness when you have a friend with whom you can share everything. Do you think so?
And you, my dear, have such a friend? Maybe you can tell me some story from your friendship?
I would be very interested to hear it.
I'm interested in learning from you something new. I was wondering how was your day?
What have you been doing today ? I'm fine, but recently. When I began to receive letters from you, it's very good.
I always like to do it. All day I spend at work and in the evening when I come to my home, then I can then I can answer you.
It gives me real pleasure. Write to me as often as possible, I will always answer you! !! !!
My dear, but I'm interested. Do you now have a companion of life? Do you write only to me or are you still in correspondence with someone?
I want to tell you that I write only to you my dear, and only your letters interest me.
I'm fine with you, although we are physically far from each other, and there are hundreds of kilometers between us.
But still there is some kind of warm feeling between us.
I think that someday we can meet, but it's too early to talk about it.
I would like to know more about you, and you do not know me very well.
I'm serious about many things, and even more about relationships. I hope you understand me.
I would like to know your opinion about this.
I hope that in future letters you will be able to tell me more about yourself.
And if you're interested in something about me. Then ask. I'm always happy to answer you.
On this I will finish my today's letter. I will wait for an answer.
Your Marina.
Letter 11
Hello, my best friend is Sol.
My dear, you would know how glad I am to receive your letters, every time.
You are very dear to me and I am very pleased to read what you write to me.
Tell me my dear, how was your day?
What did you do ? What is your weather like ? We're fine. In the street quite comfortable.
I would spend more time on the street. But in recent days, too much time has gone to work. Often there is simply no time to take a walk.
I try to always do everything well and feel ashamed of my work. For me, it means a lot. Yes, I certainly get tired but still try to do everything right.
I love my work =)
Because I think that the final result of the work is a person's face!
Of course, my work is not the most prestigious, but still it means a lot to me. Everyone has their own preferences in life. And everyone works where he likes.
What do you think? Do you also think about it?
I did not always want to work in a wholesale company, but with age I had other thoughts and I chose this profession.
To be honest in my childhood, I always dreamed of becoming a teacher.
Because I had a very good first class teacher.
I still remember him and sometimes I go to visit her. She is already old, but she remained the same kind. Her name is Lyudmila Evgenievna.
Do you remember your first teacher? Did you enjoy being in school?
Sometimes I dream that it would not be bad to go back to childhood. When there were no worries and no problems.
And what do you think about this?
I would like to know from you about this?
My dear in Russia is celebrated on January 7, but I still congratulate you on this holiday and wish you all the best!
I asked you already, if you do not understand something in my letters. Then do not hesitate to write me this.
I will try to express my thoughts in other words so that it would be easier for you to understand me.
There is a language barrier between us, but I believe that eventually we will cope with this and will understand each other much easier.
Do you think so?
Simply, I want you to not only see my photos, but also feel my inner world!
The inner world of a person is his soul, his body, his heart!
It is enough to know a person's inner world, and you already know what he is! Of course, many people are hidden, self-contained, but this is because these people have a very hard life or are embarrassed, but even with such people one can find a common language and you soon realize that they are excellent people! That's what I think about you!
You're very good, and I like you!
Eyes are a kind of soul! What do you think?? I'm right? I'm interested in your opinion! And I'm already beginning to understand you well, your thoughts and your inner world!
Your thoughts and your words, now, almost always in my head! I've been sleeping very bad lately, because the thoughts about you overwhelm me!
I see that you are really very brave, noble, honest, strong, gentle and beautiful person!
I ask myself, why did not I meet you before ??? I'm very glad that I met a man like you! In Russia, I've never met such people!
I am very pleased that I met you !!! You brought in my life new feelings and feelings, new perceptions! I thank you for that!
I do not want to lose contact with you! I want us to get to know each other!
Do you want it? I want to know everything about you!
And I'm sure that you also want to know everything about me !!! I really would like to know your ideas about me. What is your attitude?
It's just important for me to know what you think of me.
On this dear Sol, I will finish my letter and hope that I will soon receive your letter.
Your distant Marina.
Letter 12
Hello, my gentle love Sol. I'm so glad to read your letter.
I am pleased to read your words. It is very cute. I'm glad to hear that I'm not indifferent to you as you are to me. I like how you treat me.
You are very open and good person. And I sometimes dream that in the future we could meet. That would be good.
How offensive sometimes. When you meet a nice person, and between us hundreds of kilometers. It is very insulting. And if we lived in the same city?
As if everything was fine. Do you think so?
Then we would have met and would often just walk together and not write letters.
My heart worries for you and for our future. What will become of us? How do you think? It's good that we met with you after all. Are you glad of this?
I understand that we met not so long ago, but you will not deceive your feelings. Anyway, there is a definite attraction between us.
At least I feel it. And you ? Do you think so?
I feel that you have become more than a friend to me. And I certainly like you very much.
And that if I connected life with you, then I would be the happiest person on this earth. And what do you think about this situation, what are your thoughts?
Cute Sol and what is the most important thing in life for you? What do you value most? I believe that the most important thing in life is love. Without love there would be nothing!
Do you agree with me ? I do not need money and do not need wealth. I believe that it is money that often destroys love. I'm glad that you understand everything.
And every person wants to be loved by someone, and me, too. Someone, for example, you, my dear Sol. I write to you openly and honestly.
I'm not what I'm not hiding from you.
I am completely honest with you, I write only the truth. I hope you understand this and believe me. Since trust for me is very important.
This is the most serious in the relationship between people who love each other.
I hope you trust me and say and write in my letters to me only the truth, because it's very serious. Relationships form on trust.
If something is wrong or that you really want to ask, then write to me about it right now. I will try to understand you and write you my answer.
I apologize for your not very good foreign language. I hope you're not angry with me for this. But in due course I am correcting everything.
I hope you like my letter. I will be happy to receive a new photo from you.
I understand your feelings for me.
I feel the same as you. I will be very happy to wait for your next letter.
Be sure to write to me. I kiss you. With all the love Marina.
Letter 13
Hello my love Sol!
Now I will call you that, I hope you do not mind? How are you ?
How are you, my dear and beloved man? All just great.
In the last letter, I openly wrote everything to you and told you about my feelings for you my beloved.
We do not see each other, but we can write to each other.
I'm waiting for the day when we'll see each other for the first time and get to know each other as best as possible.
After all, we are worthy of it. How do you think?
I'm very glad that you can tell all about you completely. You do not hide from me, and it makes me very happy.
I write to you, I try to write to you every evening about myself as my business.
I had a dream tonight and I will tell you about this dream. The dream was just wonderful. There were only you and me. We were together. We were alone.
It was so nice. We sat on the shore of a beautiful lake. It was very beautiful and wonderful there.
Beauty was just really like in a fairy tale. We sat and listened to the quiet breeze of the wind.
The sun was burning brightly and we were very happy. The birds sang their songs on the trees.
The water in the lake was simply transparent and so warm and so clean. You could just drink this water.
There was not any dirt. It was so joyful. We sat and kissed for the first time. I was very happy.
You kissed me very gently. I looked into your happy and happy eyes, they glowed with joy and happiness.
It's so nice to look into your eyes. I looked at you and could not tear myself away. It's all so beautiful. You were very gentle and pleasant.
I did not have this when in life. I told you that I love you very much and you told me too. How beautiful it is.
We are not someone who did not interfere. We were happy together. But then I lost sleep ..
I so wanted to close my eyes again and see the very moment when we were together on the shore of the lake. But not what did not happen.
I could not sleep any more. How bad that I did not see the continuation of my dream.
My love if two people love each other and want to meet, there will be no rewards for them! There is a great distance between us, but still we will find a way to meet one day. I think you also think so.
I want to ask you, it's okay if I write to you so openly.
I just can not do nothing with myself, my thoughts and feelings for you, I can not control. I'm sorry if something's wrong.
I hope you understand me well. I write everything to you, as my heart dictates to me. I'm happy to receive from you tomorrow the following letter.
Be sure to write to me. I'll miss. I kiss you goodbye. With love Marina.
Letter 14
This is my email, please write here.
Since in my message I promised to tell you about myself more, here is what I wanted to tell you about directly.
My name is Marina.
I am 33 years old.
I have never been married, and I have no children.
My height is 176 cm, and my weight is 57 kg.
You can have a picture of it, looking at my photos, which I will attach to this letter.
I am a very gentle person. I believe in happiness - physical, emotional!
I believe that happiness is in our lives!
And I want him a little more in my life than I have now.
And I want to share my life with a man who wants the same.
I like to go out on the street, but also spend time with my loved ones at home. I love nature, I like to go on picnics.
But I do not go to them as often as I would like, because there is not much I can share it with.
Honestly, I'm ready to open my heart to a man who really can appreciate me.
I hope to see your letter again.
I will also be happy to see your photos. And I hope that you will tell me about yourself, too.
Letter 15
Hello, my beloved Sol. How are you doing today? Have you thought about me today?
I just can not sleep normally, I'm constantly thinking about you. And I really like it.
You really are the same person that I've been looking for all my life.
I can tell you frankly about this. I myself can not believe in such happiness, but it's true and my thoughts are only about you and only with you.
If today you have a bad mood, then I think that this is my letter that will raise your spirits and you will be all right.
Do you think so? Were you expecting my letter today? I was very much waiting for your letter. As soon as I got home, I immediately began to read your wonderful letter.
I fell in love with you, and I'm just happy to write about it. I'm glad that I can share this joy with you. I'm happy.
And I see that you are also happy. I understand, and you also understand that this all means to us.
I have everything in order at work, I work. I've written to you many times that I like my work.
I must tell you that at work I've been thinking about you and about the two of us lately. I think not only at work, but at home and everywhere.
Wherever I just went. I constantly represent the two of us together and this is a great happiness. And such a joy in my heart. Is this also happening to you?
Or do not you feel something to me?
We will definitely talk about the meeting when I return home after the holidays!
My love for the holidays I will go to my grandmother, my mother, sister and family decided to celebrate the new year with my grandmother, so that she would not be so lonely and spend this time in the circle of close people! We will leave this evening!
Unfortunately, I can not write to you because of the Internet ((I'll come home about 3-4 January and as soon as I'm home I'll write you a message!
I hope it does not upset you? I will be bored without your letters, but you you understand that on holidays I will be more lonely if I am alone at home!
You will be in my heart, and this I will feel!
I congratulate you on the coming New Year and wish you all the best! I love you!
Today was a special day. Today I thought about many things. How good it was if my dreams were realized in reality.
I really would like to meet a person who will not only love me, but also trust me.
I want to take care of this man and be his spouse. And that this person also took care of me. Do you understand what I'm writting.
I think that trust should be represented in the relationship between man and woman. We must be fair to each other.
That's why I write to you, because you are this person; you are the person who can make me happy.
You're the same person I've been looking for and dreamed of for you for so many cold days and nights. I can say, now completely open. I love you!!!!!
I can not imagine life now without you and without your letters. This feeling is stronger than me and it is so strong.
I feel that every day I love you more and more, I understand this, because I feel very bad without you.
You are very far from me and I feel bad without you. My life and my heart are for you! I tell you now my love, because I began to believe you.
I realized that your feelings for me are also serious. And you, as well as I love. You trust me? I trust you and it's all very serious.
I would not want to be wrong about this. Since my heart tells me that you are really my love. I will be very happy to wait for your letter.
I want to get your answer right now, it's so important to me. I have revealed myself to you and this is a great happiness for me.
I wrote you something that prevents me from sleeping. Write to me my love.
With love your Marina.
Letter 16
Hello my love Sol. How is the weather there? How are you doing today? How did you sleep tonight? I am fine.
I want to tell you something now. I have not told you this yet, but today I decided to do it.
I wrote to you that I have no relationship, but before that I met with a man from Russia.
I met him on the Internet and over six months we corresponded with him via e-mail.
I loved him and trusted him 100, I just was confident that this is the person I was looking for so long and now I found him.
And one day he invited us to meet. I certainly was very happy and said that I will definitely come to him.
And in the end I agreed to meet. I was in seventh heaven with happiness. It seemed to me that I was the happiest woman on earth.
Feelings overwhelmed me, I was ready to scream all the way that they loved me !!
I thought that this, the man I was looking for so long, this man is my destiny. But, he was not like that.
Our relationship did not last long. After a while he began to drink.
And from time to time he beat me. This was the last straw.
And since then I do not want to know about him anymore.
I did not have any more strength, it seemed to me that my life would end there, I just could not stand it, I thought that love does not exist !!!
I was afraid of every man who started courting me and I kept everyone away from me, I just told them that you are not my type, it's all because I had panic fear! But, time passed and I realized that not all people are bad.
And again, I want to find a man who REALLY will love me and RESPECT.
I just wanted you to know everything about me.
Forgive me for not telling you this earlier, because, I was afraid of myself. I was afraid of something, I do not know what. But I realized that it's silly to be afraid.
I'm waiting for your next letter.
My love, I had a very good time with my family, we had a very good rest! All my family sends you a huge hello!
And especially my grandmother, everyone congratulated you on the new year and wished you all the best!
I told you all this frankly, because I trust you. I hope? you understand me.
I trusted you the most expensive. I believe that you are not like that.
Understand this. Your Marina.
Letter 17
Hello my love Sol. I received your letter. How are you today, my beloved?
What did you do today?
I'm all right, I thought of you my beloved. I told you in my last letter my most frank story from my life. Do you know why I did this?
Because I fell in love with you and trust you completely. I recognized you very well.
I believe and I know that you are not that kind of person! You're completely different! You are very honest, kind, intelligent and very caring person! I understood this from your letters!
How do you imagine our meeting? My feelings for you are very strong. I understand, it's more and more every day.
Every evening before going to bed, I dream about our future, about our relationship with you. What do you think about? What thoughts bother you?
I also really want to know, you are really serious with me at the expense of our meeting with you. Do you really want to see me?
I thought and thought a lot and came to the conclusion that I want to meet with you. I think that I will be happy with you. And that you are a special person.
I wrote to you earlier that I want a serious relationship between us. I think about the future with you. You are very interesting to me.
You write that you liked me very much. You write that you feel great feelings for me, as I do to you.
With every letter I receive, I understand how I would be fine with you.
My love, you can tell me what you think is necessary, it's always good to hear from you!
Yes my dear our company started working on January 3!
I understood everything. I told you about my relationship with my friend, she is very happy for me and for you.
She is glad that I have found such a wonderful person like you. I also spoke to my sister and told her about you.
My grandmother Marina Vladislavovna, is happy for us.
Grandma at first doubted you, but after she saw that my life became better and more fun and all this after I met you.
All doubts have disappeared. She changed her mind and rejoiced with me. My sister is insanely happy that a man has appeared in my life.
And what happened to me in the past, I wrote to you about this in a previous letter. I forgot about it. I know that you are not like that.
There is no past, only the present and the future. In the world not all people are bad, there are good people like you. With you, I realized what happiness and joy means.
With you my days are not so empty and lonely. My life was filled with joy.
Because I love you, and this is very serious. Love is a great feeling.
I love you. Do you love me? Are you really glad that I appeared in your life? Answer me with all seriousness, since it is very important for me.
It is important for me to know. Our future depends on this. I ask you to answer seriously and do not joke with me. I'm being frank with you.
Understand this.
I love you. I will wait for your next letter. Be sure to write to me, I will wait very much. With love Marina.
Letter 18
Hello my love Sol.
I'm glad to receive a letter from you. How are you doing today, my love? I thought about you, but did you think about my love today?
I miss you very much without you, my beloved. I wrote to you that I really want to see you very much. But there are so many kilometers between us.
How good it was if we could meet once. I can only dream of our meeting with you. What did you do today, my beloved?
I feel fine today, I'm all right. But only one does not make me happy to the fullest. Only one thing worries me very much.
This is what, you are not near me. I imagine if we were together, then I would have great happiness, and joy.
I sleep and dream, as we are having a good and happy time, we get to know each other better and better. I want to tell you in my letter.
That I want to rejoice with you to every day. I want to share with you the days of joy and days of sorrow together.
I think that in one very nice fine day my dreams could come true, I would meet with you. I really want to see you.
But I also want to know if you want to see me, you are ready to meet with me, do you really want this?
For me, the answer to this question is very important. So try to answer it.
I hope you understand the seriousness of this situation.
I'm glad that I could love you. I like to share this joy with you. You are the man who will bring me happiness. I trust you.
My love, I as well as you want to meet with you, but unfortunately I do not know when I will have a vacation, I will definitely talk with my boss about the holidays in the next few days!
Today my grandmother told me the story of her love, she is very similar to our story. This was when my grandmother was very young.
My grandmother, when she was young, went to relatives in the summer to another city, which was very far away. And there fell in love with a young man.
After the summer was over, my grandmother left for home. But she corresponded with this young man, with the help of mail.
And after a few weeks, after they started sending letters to each other, they met.
And then not when did not leave and lived together, so I had a grandfather.
But then the grandfather died.
It's all I told you that people can communicate at a distance and then meet and live happily ever after. I hope you understand me well.
I know you very well and understand all your letters. It would be nice if my grandmother's story happened to us. Do you also think my love?
I'll be waiting for your letter. Write to me. I kiss you wholeheartedly.
With love your Marina.
Letter 19

Hello my love Sol. I love you very much. I'm glad to receive your letter today. I want you very much to see and meet with you my love.
I hope you also understand this and really want it, too, as I do? I'm glad that my feelings for you are so strong and reliable.
I'm completely confident in your openness to me. I'm completely serious with you. I write to you so openly. I write, just like I really think.
Today I received your letter, my heart was just ready to jump out of my chest. I very much waited for your letter my love.
How are you today, are you all right? What did you do today? It is very good for me to become in my soul, from what you write to me.
You write such letters about love. In your letters a lot of good, gentle and soft words. I understand you perfectly.
I'm happy, more and more every day, that we met on the Internet. And very soon we will be able to meet you live.
How much I want to see you. I understand. My relatives and friends understand me well. Everyone is just very excited about me.
My grandmother said that such a love can only be once in a lifetime. Such a chance can not be one and the other. Do you understand this is my love?
It's all so serious. I could not imagine that I could fall in love like that. But I could love you. I do not want to live without you anymore.
I do not need to live without you. I really need you now, at the moment. I want to live with you my love and enjoy life with you.
I understand everything, you are not a rich man. I'm not rich either. If we are together we do not need wealth and money.
I just need you to love and respect me, that you care about me. That's what I need.
I really need your love for me. I will give you happiness. I want to love you very much.
I hope that you and I will have a very strong and reliable family.
I will wait for your letter my love. You should know only one thing, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH !!! Your forever Marina.
Letter 20
Hello my dear Sol !!!
As always, I am happy to write this letter to you :) Today, my letter to you will be somewhat unusual. Today with me there was such event which very much has excited me.
Lately, getting to know you has become very attached to you.
I've been thinking about you lately. There used to be something that you dreamed about me. It was always very beautiful.
We walked talking. I was always very worried about these dreams. In my life there was not a person who so much excited my heart.
But today I did not have a dream at all. My dream today was not like the others. It was very similar to reality and so I was very excited about it.
I did not dare to write to you about my feelings for a long time, but now I can no longer hide it. And my dream only convinced me more.
I dreamed of our meeting. It was just fine. I went down the ladder and immediately saw you with a large bouquet of flowers. These were roses. 7 red roses.
These are my love flowers. I was so impatient to come down to you but people were coming down very slowly. At last I was on the ground and immediately ran to meet you.
I fell into your arms and we kissed .. We did not say a word to each other.
We did not need words. We just enjoyed this wonderful moment of happiness.
I still can not believe that it was a dream. He was so real. Unfortunately, then the alarm clock rang and I had to go to work.
I could not wake up for a long time. I did not want to wake up. Only after this dream did I realize how much I want to see you.
Only now I understand that I can no longer be far from you. I do not know what you did to me. I just can not find a place for myself.
My love, I fully agree with you, as long as there is a chance for us to be together they need to take advantage! I perfectly remember your explanation!
And I also remember that you are ready completely to develop our relations and I fully agree with you!
I keep thinking about you all the time. At work, my boss is a very good person.
I did not take leave for a long time and my boss told me that now is the time to take a vacation and rest.
I was very pleased to hear it. I just wanted to ask for a vacation and my boss beat me.
He is a very good person and always feels very well what employees need. I gladly agreed to take a vacation :) Last time I just could not work since all my thoughts were just about you. I could not concentrate at all at work.
Now I'm sure that I need only you. I'm sure that I've been looking for a man like you all my life. I'm so glad that I still found you.
I think that with you I can be happy. I do not even believe that soon I can have a family and a loved man next. That's all I want.
Only this I dream about now. And what do you think about this? What do you think about what I dreamed about? Maybe my dream was prophetic.
They say that if sleep is very real then it comes true. Maybe we'll soon actually meet. What do you think about this?
I'm so excited when I write this letter to you. I did not dare to write to you about my dream for a long time. But I just could not help telling you about him.
I'm glad to have met you. now I know for sure that this is fate. You are my Destiny. Only with you I can be happy.
I need only you. The rest of the men stopped interested in me. I'm only thinking about you. Only with you I can be happy.
I hope that you will not be shocked that I openly write to you about my feelings. I think that we already know each other enough to talk about such things.
I can no longer restrain my feelings. Never in my life have I experienced anything like this.
Only you made me understand what love is. I am very grateful to you for this.
I really need you. I love you, I'm looking forward to your letter.
With love Marina. P>S My love, I congratulate your team on winning!
Letter 21
Hello my love Sol, my sun is my ray of light !!
Today I have a very good mood but I miss one person without whom I can not live, which for me is just like air !!! It's you!!
Today I have had sun in the sky since the morning !! I so much want to spend such days with you ... But why? why are we still not together ?! I dont know...
I believe that we will have a future together. But it is really possible to speak about this only after our meeting. There are many things left that we do not know about each other.
But also many things that we already learned about us. But to develop relationships at a distance is very difficult. That's why I want to meet you.
I have long planned to have my vacation. And today I had a conversation with my boss about the holidays.
As I already wrote, I did not take leave for a long time, because I did not see any sense in it.
I used to spend my holidays at home. These were not the most fun days. Of course, I was happy to spend time, but still I felt lonely.
I will have 4 weeks of vacation. My vacation starts with 17 January.
I wanted to postpone my vacation for a later time, but I did not succeed.
They just told me whether to take a vacation now or not.
These are our rules :( but where to go is life.This is why I very much want to meet you on my vacation and spend it with you.
During our meeting, we'll be able to get to know each other better, get to know each other and solve all the issues concerning the future.
After all, the Internet does not replace a real meeting.
My love you in the last letter asked to send a ****** photo, I did it, but I understand that it did not like it ??
My dear, do we have problems with you ???
I think we are all right with you, we are normal with you talking and developing our relationship with you!
Darling, I think that when we meet we could get to know each other better.
I think that our meeting will be an excellent option for you and for me. But the question is different. You can come to me.
I would be very pleased if you come to me. If you can not, then maybe I'll come to you. But my opinion is just as important to me.
I think that if I come to you, we will be able to get rid of many of the problems associated with our meeting.
I thought for a long time about where it is best to have a first meeting.
In fact, if I come to you, I can see your house, meet your friends, your family and friends.
In addition, you will feel comfortable. And for me it will be a wonderful journey and an opportunity to see a new country, and get to know you better.
In addition, your friends and family can also form an opinion about me. In addition, I think that I will not have problems with the language, because I know English.
But these are only my thoughts, my Sol, these are my dreams about us and about our future.
Maybe you have a different opinion about everything, but these are my dreams about which you should know. We must think about our meeting if we want to have the future together.
I want to have a future together with you, my Sol. I want to be yours.
This is an important letter. I hope that you will pay attention to my words.
Now I will finish writing and I will wait for your answer. Please, think over my words, my Sol, and make the decision as soon as possible.
Your Marina.
Letter 22
Hello my gentle Sol !!!
Today at work I had a very difficult day, there was a lot of work and I was very tired.
But now I have gained strength and write you a letter, because I know that you very much wait for it.
I am warmed by the thoughts about you, I am very pleased to know that there is such a person who thinks and cares about me.
My love I do not know how to send you this photo that you ask me, my phone is broken and I can not take a photo, maybe I'll ask my sister that she helped me with this!
I hope that with you all is well, I'm very worried about you, you are very dear to me.
how was your day??? how are you???
Yesterday when I went to bed, I thought for a very long time about my trip to you, it's not easy to decide to go to an unfamiliar country but my love for you is stronger.
My dear, I am very glad that we decided to meet with you. This is a very serious step for our relations.
It is better to meet once than write a very long time.
Because the real meeting is much better. so we can get to know each other personally.
this will be the next step in the development of our relations.
But we have already talked with you about this several times and I'm glad that now our relationship will be able to continue.
After all, the development of relations at a distance is not possible.
And now when I think about our meeting, my heart freezes. I read a lot of articles on the trip abroad.
but I think that it will be much better to go personally to the tourist office and find out all this personally.
Today at work I asked the boss to give me a day off for tomorrow.
on this tomorrow I will go to the tourist office and I will learn about the trip.
I think that no problems will arise.
I know that you need a visa and tickets to come to your country, but probably there are also other documents for this.
Now I do not know much about it, but tomorrow I will spend a lot of time to learn about everything. and of course I will tell you about this my love.
I want to be with you, I want to touch you, catch your warm look.
I represent our meeting with you, as I arrive to you, you meet me at the airport, gently take your hand and we go with you to walk around your city.
You show me the sights of your city, then we go to your house.
I cook dinner and we have dinner with you by candlelight, and then we go to you in and spend an unforgettable night of love !!
it is so romantic. Do not you think my love?
At work, I was given leave. I already told you about this. Darling is a very good opportunity to meet.
I think this will be the most unforgettable vacation in my life.
Tomorrow I'll go to the tourist bureau and find out all the details about my trip to you, as soon as I know everything, I'll write to you right away. I look forward to our meeting with you, my beloved.
I look forward to hearing. With love your Marina.
Letter 23
Hello my beautiful !!! I am very glad that our relations are becoming stronger.
I want to tell you good news. Today I went to a travel agency and signed a contract!
The manager of the travel agency told me all the necessary information.
In order for me to come to you I need to have: a visa, a passport, medical insurance and a ticket for the plane.
Registration of all documents takes approximately 5 or 7 days. After all documents are ready I can fly to you without problems.
The travel agency will arrange all the documents for me and book tickets.
This is all included in the contract that I concluded with the tourist agency. I was also explained that I must definitely book tickets through the travel agency otherwise they will not register me documents (visa, passport, and other documents). I have to buy a full package of services.
In Russia it is rather difficult to issue documents for traveling abroad and this is only possible with the help of a travel agency.
My love I want to tell you about the cost and the date of your arrival to
The cost of a tourist visa is 7100 rubles (112 euro) Passport to me costs - 7250 rubles! (116 euro) Medical insurance will cost me - 5670 rubles (90 euro) My love plane tickets - 37170 rubles (590 euro) Tickets for the train Tomsk - Moscow - 5920 rubles (94 euro) The work of the travel agency is 9,387 rubles (149 euro) My dear January 17 evening I go to Moscow to take an interview in the embassy! In the travel agency I have already registered for a reception at the embassy!
The visa will be made 2 days! January 21, I'm flying out to you!
My love all the trip to you is 1151 euro, My dear, I paid 791 euro to a travel agency, unfortunately this is all that I could find so that we could be with you and we could enjoy our presence!
This is a very big amount for me.
I do not know where I take this balance of the amount that I will pay the remaining amount. I asked my friends, but they told me that they do not have that much money, because they need to feed the family. Darling, now I do not know what to do.
Under an agreement with a travel agency, I have to pay the balance of the amount! If I do not do it then I will be a big fine!
I love you so much and I want to be with you. I really love you very much !!! Every day I sit and imagine us together, I represent our life together with you. I'm all in tears, because I understand that now our relationship with you and our future, our happiness and love is under threat.
My vacation will begin soon, and the worst thing is that if we do not meet on my vacation, then we will not have this opportunity anymore, because my next vacation will be only after 1 year.
I can not wait that long, I will die. My heart can not take it. dear because it is better to meet 1 time than write
1000 email. Our world is so unfairly arranged that we sometimes have to limit our desires. But I still hope that in the near future we can be together. All I need now is just to be near you. I love you. I look forward to your letter.
Your Marina
Letter 24
Hello my love Sol.
How are you doing today? What is your weather like?
Today my friend Katya came to visit me.
We sat with her for a long time and talked about everything, it's all because I have not seen her for a long time.
I told her a lot about you. I told her about the development of our relations, "That I did not even think of finding such a person as you !!!" And Katya, in turn, said that I'm a good fellow.
I quote her words: "Marina, you're doing well, that was not afraid to get acquainted on the Internet.
The truth says the proverb: Who seeks, he always finds! And you found your love!
I'm very proud that I have a friend like you. "And after these words, tears appeared in my eyes.
But these tears were not from grief, but from joy, for yourself, for you my dear and for the fact that I have a friend like Katya ... Because in our time it's very hard to find a good friend and certainly a husband.
And I found a friend and my future husband! Guess who it will be? Of course my little teddy bear is Sol.
I love you. I love everything in you. Your eyes, your smile, your thoughts, your feelings (which you feel for me) and for what you are. I really love you very much and can no longer imagine my life without my teddy bear Sol.
My love I do not think that I will spend a lot of money when I arrive in Moscow, I just have a credit card just in case, I can not withdraw money but I can pay for my own housing!
My dear, I do not have enough of 360 euros, I already paid the donated amount and this is the whole amount that I need!
I really hope that you can help me. My dear, you can send money through MoneyGram. It is a world company that deals with money transfers between countries.
Have you heard of MoneyGram? That's what I learned about how you can send money through MoneyGram.
In order for you to send money, you will need the following information about me:
Name: Marina
Surname: Grigorieva
Middle name: Sergeevna
a country: Russia
City: Tomsk
Street: Lebedeva
house: 57
apartment: 72
When you send money you will have a control number of 8 digits. In order for me to be able to get money, you must tell me this number. also write me your full name and full address.
As soon as I receive the money, I will immediately go to the travel agency and pay them money.
I will receive my documents and after that I can fly to you. But it depends on you.
I really hope that you will help me with money and do not leave me alone. I believe in you and trust you. I see my future only with you I again represented us all day together! I thought that how wonderful it would be.
We will be very happy when we first see each other in a living and I'm sure that we'll have tears before our eyes, but tears are not due to grief, but from joy, from boundless happiness. Do you know such an expression?
"A man does not need much for happiness" you know? I understood this expression only when you appeared in my life.
I realized that nothing can compare with love.
My happiness is you. And I'm happy because we found each other! I love you!
And I know that you love me and it makes me happy! Agree that It's nice to realize that someone loves you and is waiting!
But when you love, you are happy, and when someone loves you very very far, it brings great suffering.
But we both know that this distance is not a big problem! The main thing is that our feelings are strong in relation to each other.
I want to spend time with you, that we are always together!
I love you my dear, my love! But now I will finish my letter.
Your Marina
Letter 25
Hello my love!
Unfortunately I'm writing you a small message, because I'm writing to you from work, unfortunately at work I can not use the computer for personal purposes!
My dear, I could not write to you on Saturday, because I was with my sister, Olga fell ill and I had to sit with them with the child, the opportunity to read and answer you for the message I did not have (( My love unfortunately I do not have a bank account, because the maintenance of a bank account in Russia is very expensive, and it is not profitable for me to have my account!
I can not call you, my phone is broken and is under repair, as I will be repaired, we will definitely talk! I think that one of these days I will be able to get the phone from repair, as well as I will receive it, I can send you the photos that you want to get;) My love I will not be able to check the mail any more at work, as soon as I am at home I will read a message from you, so I can then immediately go to the bank to get the amount of money!
I love you my prince, until the evening!
Letter 26
My love is greetings!
I told you before that I'll ask my sister to take a photo, but unfortunately she's sick and I'm not comfortable with asking her!
I do not like that you have any doubts about me! I can write to you only from home, I was not at home on Saturday, I was with Olga!
Do not you think I'm cheating on you, are not you not trusting me ??
I'm going to visit you, I take a big step to meet each other!
Why do we have conditions between us ???
I do not like that you do not understand me, I must pick up my phone this week, on Thursday I'll go check whether I have repaired it or not!
I specifically gave it up for repairs, so that I would not have any problems on the journey !!!!
Tomorrow I'll call you, but so far I do not have such an opportunity to do it!
Letter 27
My love I was very pleased to hear your voice, but you spoke very quickly, and I did not understand some of the words! But the main thing is that we heard each other and I'm very happy!
My dear, you have my data, but I can not get the money, my passport is in the travel agency and I can not take it away yet, it is necessary for me to complete my documents!
I asked Katya to help me with this, I told you about her! You can transfer to me the amount of money in Katya' name, we are with her nearby, as soon as you transfer the amount of money we go to the bank and will receive the amount of money, after I will pay the rest of the amount to the travel agency!
Name: Ekaterina
Surname: Anikaeva
Middle name: Eduardovna
City: Tomsk
Street : Tverskaya
House: 75
Apartment: 3
My love all this needs to be done faster, because soon the banks will be closed, I will wait for you from the letter!
I love you!!!
Letter 28
My love, did you get a letter from me?
Letter 29
Hello Sol!
You know perfectly well that I did everything possible for our meeting, and if I could find the rest of the money, then I would not ever ask you for help, understand that I have no other choice, I asked for help from all my friends, friends, now in Russia are not very good times, because of the sanctions that other countries imposed, In Russia there is very high unemployment, and it is very difficult to find any job now, and very many people were left without financial income, we have increased prices for food and for living, we can not understand what this is connected with, and I saved my money a lot of time, and when I took a serious step, this trip to you, I did not even think about anything, because I'm completely sure that you're my man and I want to be with you and everything else does not matter to me, do you understand me?
I am very disappointed that there is no trust between us! I see only empty words that mean nothing!
I did not say that I'm 45 years old! I'm very upset that you come up with such words! You spoke quickly and you did not say a word about age!
From the beginning, you blackmailed and asked to make a call, and now I made a call and you continue to do blackmail and ask for ***** photos, I'm not a ********** and I will not make such photos, I do not believe in your intentions if you love me and you have serious intentions , then go to the bank, if you do not love me, then do not continue the relationship!
I did everything for our meeting, and now I'm just losing all my money ?????
And I'll stay without everything ?????
Nobody will return my money to me, which I already paid!
I do not believe anything anymore, and I will only believe in actions!
If you want to play further, then I ask you to tell me about it!
If you are seriously attuned to our relationship, you must do everything so that we can meet with you!
I feel that you're playing with me. I do not feel caring love and affection.
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Name: Natalia
Age: 41
Name: Anita Amponsah
Age: 30
Name: Emma Oliver
Age: 29
Name: Hannah Mc Clellen
Age: 25
Name: Cabrera Hidequel Vasquez
Age: 21
Name: Irina S.
Age: 31
Name: Inga Goncharenko
Age: 21
Name: Victoria Tori
Age: 25
Name: Natalia
Age: 27
Name: Priscilia Bonsrah
Age: 29
Name: Vera Maistrenko
Age: 24
Name: Linda Nyarko
Age: 34
Name: Grace
Age: 24
Name: Oksana Butovchenko
Age: 21
Name: Linda Powless
Age: 36