Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Iakovlevna Voronaya to Moreno (Italy)
Letter 1
Hello my dear Moreno! How is your life going? Thank you for giving me your email address on dating site and for opportunity to know more about you. I wish to start some correspondence between us and to know more about each other. I am serious girl and I am looking for serious relationships there. If you have the same interest please, reply to me soon and write me more about you and your life. I am very interesting in you and I hope that our communication will be pleasant for us both))) Waiting for your reply soon
Take care
Warmly Svetlana P.S. I send you my photo to you and I hope you will like it)))
Letter 2
Hello Moreno;) I know it sounds strange but I want to become better acquainted with you. If you don't mind, may I introduce myself????!!
And then you will decide whether you want to have a relationships, or not)))))) I don't remember the name of the site where we met because i am native user in Internet. My name is Sveta, my parents call me Svetik or Svetlana. You may call me how you want))I was born on 11 of May,1980. My weight is about 53 kg and my height is about 163 sm. As you see, I am like thousands or even million girls in the world, an ordinary, easy-going and optimistic person. Sometimes i can be very stubborn but it doesn't interfere me to make reasonable decision. I live with my mother, my sister and my little nephew.I used to live in Belolutsk, it is an urban village with amazing natural beauty. I was forced to move to Luhansk due to some life's circumstances. Probably i will tell you about it later!!! I like to dance and I did gymnastic many years ago.You asked what is my favourite dish. I have so many. I must say that any dish can become my favourite dish depending on how well it is cooked. My mother makes an incredible stew like no other but I wouldn't say stew is my favourite dish. I work as a cashier at a supermarket and I see a million people every day but I don't find my second half yet and I try to find it there. Maybe is it you?))) I want to be honest with you, and i am not going to play different games and waste my time, hope so are you?! I believe that it is possible to find someone who will breath the life, and this someone can be a man from the net, why not??!! What do you think about it? I have never done it before, but i want to take this challenge and find serious man, who will understand and support me, and will be a man of his words.I want and I trying to do my best in order to create the same feelings of harmony in my own family. I know that nothing can be ideal, still i believe that if relationship is based on trust, harmony and LOVE, you would succeed in your life. I guess this is enough for our first meeting, if i could call it like this))) Hope when i will look through my letters tomorrow i will find your reply!!!
Take care,
Letter 3
Hello my dear Moreno! How are you today? Thanks for your reply. I am very glad to continue our acquaintance. I am very interested in you. I have only positive feelings from getting to know you better and hopefully you feel the same pleased and positive about me. We have the time to learn each other much better, step by step in each letter. I understand you it is very difficult to belive person who to find in Internet. I know many people use the Internet,need a friend or just to scam people,using other photos, models photos etc..then asking for money for passports,tickets and they are not even that person. But I don't want to waste my time I am looking for serious relationships.I think you understand me. I don't know you and as you know the Internet has many bad people. I want to believe that you are good person but I don't know you good and I am not sure in it at all. I want to know you at first and then to speak with you by Skype or phone. I haven't own computer at home and to organize it isn't easy for me and it is too much expensive. I don't want to spend my money on person who I don't know at all. I hope you will understand me if not it is your right. I am honest with you and I hope you will appreciate it. I don't smoke and I never been married. I hope you understood that i am single, and actually i had not very pleasant experiences in my past relationship. Basically all of us who is looking for serious relationship in the net, had been hurt by someone, isn't it? My friends advised me to try my fortune in the net, I agreed cause who knows what will happen. Besides one of my friend got married in a such way, and live happy life. But it was easier to her find a man, cause she knows English. Unfortunately my English is awful, i say many times to myself "Sveta why didn't you learn it at school??????". Now it isn't very easy to learn it, especially when you have a work from 8am till 8pm))) Still i believe that it won't be a boundary for us, cause my kind interpreter will help us to understand each other. Do you agree?? As for my previous relationship, the story isn't very long...I was turned down by a man, whom i sincerely trusted. I was wear my heart upon his sleeve, and all this was in vain. He lead a double life, thus betrayal is something that i will never forgive. Still i can move on, i just understand that he wasn't my man at all. It believes that "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead". So my love is still waiting for me))) Ok,I think it is enough for this sloppy sentimentality)) You know i am a very active last it seems to me that i am active))) I like to dance,this is my "cup of tea" and i used to go to gymnastic school where professional tutors help me to realize myself and to succeed in gymnastics. Unfortunately my dreams broke down due to I injured my knee when i was presented one of my gymnastic exercises. Thus i stopped to practice in a professional gymnastics!!But still i have a very movable body, and try to keep fit.
So this is the accident that led me to such marvelous job as cashier)))) Nevertheless i don't give up!!!! I have many friends with whom i took up new style of dances, i mean safe dance, that helps me to relax of my boring working day. Also i go into the hospital to check up my knee once in a year. Doctors said that it is possible to heal my knee, and i can to take up gymnastics again)))Hope they aren't lie))))) Also i like hiking, i like nature, i like beautiful historical places.
Actually i haven't seen very much of it, but when i see a pics with unbelievable view it bewitches me!!! I dream to visit such famous historical places as Paris, Italy, Israel, to see The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You might think that i want too much?????!!!! I hardly believe that i can realize my dreams, but as people said it is never hurts to dream))) Have you ever seen at least one of the seven wonders? Moreover I like cooking, especially for someone. As the natural result it always looks very tasty but not always really taste))))))))))))))By the way what is your favorite dish? I can made for you everything you want)))))) All in all, i think that it is not my last letter to you, and we will exchange our interests, and try to find something in common. Now is your turn to tell me about your hobbies, and i will read it very carefully))) Waiting for your letter and for your photo soon
Have a good day
Take care
Letter 4

Hello my dear Moreno. How are you today? Hope everything is all right.
What the weather is in your country? Thanks for your letter and for your photos, i like that you are so kind and honest with me. To tell the truth i haven't even expected that i will write someone through the net. And this someone will be a man whom i really like))) My dear, I want to tell you more about my family and I hope you will interesting in it and you don't mind.As you remember I wrote you that I live with my mother, my sister and my little nephew.My father passed away when I was 5 years old. He worked as a driver and he had a heart attack when he was repairing a car. My mother loved my father so much and she didn't find another man. She still devoted to my father. In spite of that my father died we live, we miss him, we never forget him, all in all he lives in our hearts. When I was at school I had some friends in my class and we spent many times together. There were many boys who I thought were good friends.
But one day I knew that one of them spent many times with my younger sister and they loved each other. In a year after that I knew that my sister was pregnant from him and he left her and then he went out from my town. My sister gave birth my nephew and now we live together. As truth I feel the guilt for this incident with my younger sister and I try to care about them all time. My nephew so nice boy and I love him very much. It is so pity that his father never seen his son. It is very difficult to rise a little baby without father's help but from other hand maybe it is better for us. I think that when people don't love each other even child can't keep this family. What do you think? That's why I move to Lugansk and now I try to help my family as more as I can. There I found my job as a cashier at the supermarket. My mother couldn't teach me at the university or something like that, so i finished the college and got the seller diploma. I used to work at the Belolutsk's shop , but salary was really small. This led me to Luhansk, when i came here my friend Nina offered me this job. So this is I am))))))))))))))))))) I hope to hear your family story, will be waiting for your reply)))
Take care,
Many kisses to you,
Letter 5
Hello my dear Moreno! How is your life going on? Hope everything is fine with you! I'm writing to say that I am very glad to receive your letter! It is very interesting to read about your family and your life. To tell the truth I don't know English but I wish to learn it in the nearest future. I studied English but on the primitive level at school. I am a very single-minded person and I believe that everything is possible if you really want to achieve it. I go to the Internet cafe and I use the help of an Interpreter there. She translates your letters from English to Russian and my letters from Russian to English. Of course, I pay for translation but I understand that every work must be paid. Am I right? When I wrote you my first letter I tried to translate it with google translator or some other on-line translators but when I translated my letter again in Russian I got only empty words without any sense.
English differs from Russian. English language has another grammar structure and word order. That's why the translation from English to Russian is a hard job. As for me it is very important to understand each other and to communicate in one language in order completely understand each other. I hope that the language barrier isn't a problem for you and we will continue our correspondence and we will keep in touch. Waiting for your reply impatiently
Have a nice weekend
Take care
Letter 6
Hello, dear Moren.How are you? I really thought that you're a good man and that you need me like I need you...I would never believe that you can leave me in troubles but you did. Why are men so prostitutes? While you pay for his letters, he is with you, when you don't have money to pay for the letters, he is so unfair(( I would never think that you're one of them... Svetlana
Letter 7
My sweet Moreno, hi again!!! You can't imagine how happy I am when i get a letter from you!!!! Thank you very much for your attention to me. You know something is melting in my soul when I come to the Internet Cafe and get a letter from you!!! who knows maybe you also wait for my letters impatiently? I hope so! I haven't any friends who know English and who can help me with translation your letters to me.I haven't international passport yet. I never been in abroad and I haven't need in it. I plan start to make my international passport. I must raise my funds for doing it.That photos I sent to you before I was made in my home!I don't have a big house-Flat because I am not a rich girl as you think at all! I prefer more your photo where you on moto bike. The better we get to know each other the more sure I become that you are the man I was looking for!!!!I am an realist, I guess you will not want to relocate to my country. So I don't mind to move to your country because I want to be with you only. if you don't mind of course and wish to build serious relations!! My sweet i am so sorry for my short letter today. you know I really need to run to my work. I must work a lot in order to pay for our letters to be translated. I get a small salary only and I can't find any other ways to earn more. I make some money on the side from time to time but it happens rarely. You know my family can't help me. I am very upset about it. Our correspondence is very important for me. I don't want to loose you. It scares me that one day I will not be able to pay for our letters. You are the best person who I met in my life.
I hope you will think of me like i think of you) I send you millions of kisses, waiting for your letter soon, yours
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