Scam letter(s) from Rose Ajuzie to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
My sweet love , Good evening honey , I have missed you so much , my phone fell in the sink and spoilt..gotta go get a new phone now,I miss you so much my love , I am very worried about you, I hope all is well
Letter 2
Good evening my love, i miss you so much more than words can explain, i havent received a reply from you, i guess you havent read your mails, i miss you so much Robby, Rose loves Robby
Letter 3
Baby, i feel like my whatsapp has been hacked, if anyone sends you any message on my account, it is not me, i just found out that my messages on facebook were being replied to, and it was not me, i feel the same has also happened to my whatsapp account, i will teell u when next u call me , i cant wait to hear your voicce honey and also send me your whatsapp contact, so i can chat with you on my new number
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