Scam Letter(s) from Elena Sergeevna Mamajeva to Tom (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Tom!!!
I am very pleased to receive your letter. Your letters are very important to me! Tom, you gave me a new life.., love and I am very grateful to you for this. I listen to you, so I love. Tom I want to tell you that I can only belong to you, dear! I can and I want to give you happiness, a holiday, a dream and of course my love! This morning, I woke up with the thought of you, about us, about our life with you and I believe that we will be able to be together very soon.
My dear Tom, I'm very glad that you are trying for our meeting. I hope that your visa will be approved and you will be able to visit Moscow for our meeting. You ask me about what kind of visa my colleagues said at work. We talked about a tourist visa. I can stay for 90 days.
Tom I want what you promised me. that we will always strive only to improve our feelings. I know that we will love and protect our flame of love. Everything will be so. During our communication, I felt that we would be one and my feelings really did not disappoint me. we wanted this and now everything is in our hands. Tom we must treat our love carefully and I am sure that you understand this. I want... I want to see you now!!! I know that we are purposeful people and we will achieve what we want. Tom, now my heart is trembling with love. This is my love for you. In this world there is only you and me!
Next to you, I really feel like a girl! Tom, I want to relax in your arms, dissolve, forget... I can completely rely on you, trust you... Thank you for these feelings and for the love you give me! I love you and I want so that was our whole life!!! Kisses dear!!! I really love you and I look forward to the day of our meeting. Now I need to go, but I will come tomorrow and very much hope that you will write me your thoughts about us. I love you!!!
Yours and only your Elena

Letter 2

Hello my love Tom!
This morning is in my city. A few minutes ago I came from the village from my grandparents. Before work, I decided to write you a letter. I missed you. You were always in my thoughts and heart. I constantly think about you and our future.
Dear Tom, yesterday morning my mother and I went to the village. After our arrival, we went to church. In the church, I prayed for you and our future. I asked God to be all right with us and our meeting was realized. Then we went home. At home we baked various stuffed pies. The filling was made from apples, raspberries. Also from carrot and cabbage. I love to cook pastries. Then we went to the Russian bath. After the bath we sat at the table and drank tea with pies. We talked about many things. Also, I said that soon you will be able to fly to Russia and my relatives will have the opportunity to get to know you. We will live together.
Tom my dearest beloved I so want to be with you near. I can not live without you. I want to wake up next to you and feel your tender kisses to your caress. To give you all my love and affection. I want to be only with you and with no one else. I want to love you, I do not want to live my dreams for you, I really want to feel your love and affection. Very soon we can be together. Now I need to go to work.
I love you very much and believe in you!
Yours, always your Elena

Letter 3

Hello my love my prince Tom!
Once again I receive your letter and in your letters I feel you, your feelings, your thoughts. I feel your heart is my darling and it's important to me. I feel your love and your care. Tom, how is your day today? I am fine. Today it's a bit chilly in the street and it's snowing, but your letter pleases me and gives me the warmth that warms me, warms my soul.
My dear Tom, I love you madly. Very soon we will be together and we will not have to write letters to one another. We will fulfill all our dreams. We will be the happiest couple. I hope that we will meet in December. I pray to God that you will receive a visa to Russia. Tom I will be happy to travel with you to America in August. But I would like to meet you as soon as possible.
Dear Tom, do you like winter? I like winter time. I like to ski and skate. I hope that when we meet we will ski or skate. I like to walk in the winter forest and breathe fresh air. We will walk with you holding each other by the hands. Run from each other and throw snowballs. You're gonna catch me dropping in the snow and kissing. Together we will sculpt different shapes from the snow.
Then we will go home and take a shower together. In the shower we will kiss and make love. We will moan with pleasure. After the shower, I'll give you a massage. I will make you a special massage so that you can enjoy it. We will light scented candles and a smooth melody would decorate our evening.
My movements will be smooth and soft, so that you completely relax. I will start my massage from your shoulders, neck and will slowly sink down. I could massage you not only with my hands, but with my whole body, and even with my breath and my hair. I think that you would have liked my massage. What do you think? Then we will have dinner at home or go to a cafe. After dinner we will watch the movie covered in a blanket. I want to feel how tightly you hold on to me, because I'm tired, and it's easier for us to solve all the difficulties together. I'll kiss your lips. I will feed you with orange from your hands. In the morning I will cook a light breakfast, brew a cup of morning coffee with its elegant aroma. Happiness is to take you to a meeting of a new day and to know that in the evening we will be together again. If you fall asleep on my knees, I will rub your fingers with your fingertips and I will press my cheek to your cheek. I want to fall asleep in your T-shirt, to feel your scent, to know that under your T-shirt there is a secret that is known only to you and me. But these are only my dreams! I believe that we will be able to translate all our dreams into reality.
My dear Tom, I really love you and keep all the love in my heart just for you. Of course, I understand that it takes time that we can be together and I very much hope that very soon this time will come and we will be able to enjoy our love. Tom when you love, the world is filled with new colors and sensations. Do you agree with me? I want to see our new world with you. A world that is filled with pleasant emotions and feelings. This is my desire and I will never forget it! I really love you and very much hope that very soon we will be together and we will have a long and happy life. Do you agree with me my beloved ??? Tom, now it's too late and I have to go home.
Tom I love you!!!
Miss you....
I kiss you my dear......
Yours and only your Elena



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