Scam letter(s) from Mary Lessy Deff Bobband to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Thanks so much John, How are you doing ? im new here, please can we ave a nice chat ? You can write direct to my private email address, so we can get to know more about each other, or what did you thinks ? Here is my email address... lessydeff46 at gmail dot com, Or you Text me. My number in letters.....Three, Three, Four, Two, Five, Nine, Nine, Three, eight, Seven
Letter 2
oh so sorry for the late reply, i ave a little problem with my server here..................So How was your day......i just hope you aren't working off your ****.. and thanks for replying my mail soon enough i really do appreciate it.. ...So how's everything been with you?... so for a start of us getting to know each other...I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself... :) I am Mary L Bobb 30 years ,beautiful brown hair,blue eyes.. also I am single with no kids and currently seeking for a relationship, but not rushing myself..and come to talk of my about my background, I quite have a diverse background, My dad is from Valley AL USA in and My mom is from Mel,OZ i grew up mainly in AL and had all my school days there and even my primary school days ..Had to move down here in Austin,Texas with my aunt after i lost my parents in an auto crash some years back and moved down here 3 years ago... I like having fun and i enjoy going to beach to watch the ,going to the beach for a long walk,swimming,cooking,hanging out with loved ones,watching movies, dancing mostly salsa, playing video games,swimming,hanging out with loved ones,playing basketball, reading magazine and novel....I don't know what you still wanna know, but I'd be glad if you ask.. Talk to you soon..and i would love to know about you as well..just like i stated about me in brief or more than that....TTYS
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Name: Grace Tettet
Age: 33
Name: Julia Sergeevna Mosunova
Age: 35
Name: Elena Marchenko
Age: 22
Name: Ekaterina Domracheva
Age: 28
Name: Valentina Vladimirovna Ausma
Age: 41
Name: Tatyana Kirikova
Age: 24
Name: Svetlana
Age: 24
Name: Maria
Age: 26
Name: Lou
Age: 32
Name: Rose Lilian Smith
Age: 28
Name: Kristina Barova
Age: 24
Name: Alena Afanasyeva
Age: 32
Name: Ann Welson
Age: 32
Name: Nadezhda Saveleva
Age: 28
Name: Julia Tanigina
Age: 31