Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Lipovs to Charles (USA)

Letter 1

Hello! How is your mood?
I am - Tatiana. I am 29 years!
Im a lonely woman. Im have no children. I have a higher education. I'am want to received a person with whom we will understand each other, and share the opinion. I'm want to meet a faithful, reliable, caring guy, leading a healthy lifestyle. For whom home comfort and coziness, which valueswarm relationships and mutual understandingunderstand , are important. Ready for a family! I not going to play games. I'am want to find a serious male who also willnt play with me.
You can wrote me to my e-mail. I am will be waiting for your mail!
Write me on e-mail-box:
Good-bye Tatiana.

Letter 2

Hi Charles! As you already knew, this is Tatyana. I am very glad to receive your letter. I apologize for the delay in my reply. Charles, I'm really happy that you wrote to me! I'm very sorry to learn that you are disabled, but the most important thing is that you do not give up, and this deserves much respect!
I want to tell you why I decided to use the Internet! The fact is that my friend Alla has found herself a future husband through the Internet! I see how much they are happy, and happy for them! I believe that they are very lucky to find each other in such a huge world.
Probably you have a question: why did not I find myself a man in Russia? I will be very serious and frank. I had a relationship: I really loved him and trusted him! But he found another girl, and for a long time met her behind my back. My heart was broken! I was very worried about this betrayal, but now everything is good, because it's been a long time. I think that everyone in his life had such an experience. But let's not talk about it, because life goes on.
I would like to tell about myself. I am a sensitive, kind, cheerful, purposeful and sociable girl. I think the most important thing is that I am an indefatigable optimist and I never lose heart. I have no bad habits! The maximum that I can afford, it's champagne and wine on holidays.
My birthday is February 13, and now I'm 29 years old. Charles, when is your birthday? I'm a Russian girl by nationality. My religion is Christianity and I believe in God. I have never been married, and I have no children.
I also want to tell you about the city in which I live! My city is called Krasnoyarsk. It is very far from Moscow. Krasnoyarsk is a nice and good city, but sometimes it's very cold here. But still I love my wonderful city!
My favorite season is summer! When the bright sun rises and the singing of birds in the morning awakens my sleep! Summer always inspires me! Charles, what do you like to do in the summer?
I studied at the Krasnoyarsk State Medical University. At the university I learned English well, and I can speak it without problems. I am a pediatrician by profession. After studying, I passed an internship, then residency, and six months ago I thought about the completion of a doctor's career. In Russia, as in many other countries, it is very difficult to find a well-paid job in the specialty, especially in the profession of a doctor in our country. Salaries are very low, but still I decided that it was stupid to put up a cross on my career and after much reflection and talking with my parents, I decided not to stop and continue doing my favorite thing. And I seriously think about how to continue this work in another country. And now I'm doing everything for this. I really like helping people. Still, the doctor is a prestigious profession, and I think that I will definitely achieve my goals.
I did not think I could tell you so much! Charles, I am finishing this letter, and I will be grateful if you also tell me about your life!
And tell me about the city where you live, I've never been to other countries! My friend, I completely forgot to tell you that my weight is 51 kg and my height is 167 centimeters! I hope this information is useful to you? ;) I will add my photo, and I hope that you will find it attractive!
Charles, I hope very soon to see your answer!
Yours faithfully,
your new friend, Tatyana.

Letter 3

Hello my friend, Charles! I'm glad to receive your answer! I'm very interested in reading your letters, thanks to them we get to know each other more! I'm sorry I did not answer earlier, I have a lot of work now. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sometimes I get a working computer, sometimes from home. I have a skype for video communication, and I think that when we get to know each other better, we will use this. Deception and betrayal is the collapse of the relationship, and I will never squelch it. And I fully support you in all your convictions, I just the same reason, and we are very similar in this! Thank you for the photo, you are a very nice man and I like you very much. I'm glad that we found each other in such a huge world and have a chance to get to know each other.
My friend, you probably want to know about the purpose of our correspondence? I want to say that I decided to get acquainted through the Internet thanks to my friend Alla. I told you about her in my last letter.
Charles, maybe in the future we will be together, and I want you to know: marriage is very important to me! Is it important for you too? If we think about it, then we should approach it rationally and wisely! I hope that you agree with me and this fact is just as important to you? Please tell me about it, okay? I, as you think, should know more about each other!My dear friend Charles, I want to tell you about my family. I have the most usual family: my mother Irina, my father Leonid. My mom works as a saleswoman in the wedding salon, and my dad is a master at production. Our family lives without conflicts, we have a very good attitude and understanding for each other! My parents gave me a good education and upbringing. I am very grateful to them, for all that they have done for me. I'm very proud of them! We all live in the same apartment. And I think that parents should know about my dating! And of course I told them about our acquaintance! I told them that you are a good man, and they reacted very positively! I have a happy family, and my parents really want me to be happy next to a decent man!
I already told you that I work as a doctor. I'm very interested in learning more about your work, and what do you do in your spare time? My free time I try to spend with my family or friends. But mostly I spend this time reading. I try, all the time to improve my level of knowledge in the specialty. I like to learn everything new and know the history of my country. I like to visit the holidays of the city, it's always very fun, and the people in our city are very friendly. Especially in the warm season. :) It was a joke, I hope you understand! ;)
I already told you that to my regret I have never been to other countries! Of all the places where I was, most of all I liked the city of St. Petersburg. It is a pity that I do not have a photo from this city. This is the most beautiful and most beautiful city in Russia.
Charles, I must finish my letter and hope that we will continue our communication and you will tell me a little more about yourself!
And in turn I will try to tell as much as possible about my life! I try very hard to put a part of me in each of my letters so you can better know and understand me!
"HI" to you from my family. I hope to see your answer soon. Bye.
With care,

Letter 4

Hi Charles! How are you? I hope everything is good, and your day is filled with positive emotions! :) Thank you for your photos, I like you! And it's a funny dog :) Yes, it's cold in Krasnoyarsk now!
Charles, I think it's very wonderful that we write to each other, because of our letters we get to know each other more and more! I am very interested in our acquaintance, because it is very interesting for me to know you, your life and your country! I read your letters with great pleasure!
I hope that you will be interested to know about my hobbies and hobbies. I like to listen to completely different music. Basically, I would say that it all depends on my mood. In general, I like to listen to good and modern music, but I also like the classics. Charles, what music do you like? I will be interested to know it!
From the world of cinema, I like watching comedies, fantastic films, dramas and much more.
But the biggest impressions I have, from such films as "Escape from Shawshank," "Forrest Gump" and "Pride and Prejudice." This list is much larger, but now I remember only these films.
Also, I want to say that I really like reading books, especially Russian classics: Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin and many others. I hope you heard about them ?!
As for eating! I want to start with the fact that this is my weakness! I really love to cook, and tasty to eat with pleasure. My favorite dishes: italian pasta, various types of soups, I also like meat, and I do not want to hide it from you. ;) Especially I like fruits and vegetables. Charles, do you like to cook? I do not want to show off, but my parents and friends really like how I cook! By the way, I cook very well pasta, my friends are always delighted. And I hope that someday you will definitely try, as I prepare. I will try to surprise you pleasantly.
In my free time I really like to go in for sports, to keep myself in shape. Do you like sports? In winter I like to ski, and for this we have many opportunities! But most of all I like fitness. And I like to dance, I'm sure that you would not refuse me in my whim! :)
Probably, in the future, we can not only dance with you, and that would be wonderful!
Charles, by the way, my parents and friends are asking about you. Especially my parents, I told them that you are a very wonderful man, and I like you very much. They are very happy to meet you.
Charles, I hope that you will be interested to read my letter and learn more about me! I would be grateful if you write to me in your next letter about your hobbies.
Okay, I'll finish my letter. By the way, my parents ask me to give you a big 'HI' again from them!
Charles, I'll be waiting for your next letter with impatience! Charles, please write to me as soon as possible!
Your dear friend Tatyana!

Letter 5

Hello my dear, Charles. First of all, I want to apologize for my long absence! It was a busy holiday, especially at work! How did you spend these days? I'm so happy to receive your answer that I can not hide my smile! My day was much better and brighter when I saw your letter. Tantric sex? Fair? I hear it for the first time, but it's interesting to me. So this is sex without physical contact? Yes, I also hope that we will soon be able to talk to Skype. And this is a beautiful verse, will you read it to me when we talk in Skype or meet?
Unfortunately, today I had a terrible situation with the patient at work. A very drunk and ill-bred patient was brought to our hospital! He was so drunk that apparently his stomach could not stand this load, and someone called for him an ambulance! When he noticed me, he decided that he had the right to embrace me, and spoke insulting words to me. Eventually, our guards and police drove him out of the hospital, despite his sick stomach, but my mood has already completely deteriorated. And as soon as I saw your letter, I was in seventh heaven with happiness! It brightened the rest of the day. Charles, please do not worry about this terrible event, okay? Now everything is all right! The idea that somewhere there is a person who thinks about you, it's very warm. And let this man is very far away. For me, you are always there, because you are in my thoughts.
My dear Charles, I see that we are getting closer and closer to each other. It's great, because now I have a very good friend, and it's you, Charles. In my life there were a few adventures and travel, so it would be great to start this journey from your city. What do you think about that? But I'm too far ahead, and we still need to get to know each other.
My life has become much happier than it was before our acquaintance! I'm glad that you came into my life. You're a very good friend, you can understand me, and support me. Charles, I see that you trust me, because I also trust you! And I think this is a very important part of our relationship! Charles, I hope and with all my heart I believe that you understand me.
Your letters charge me with positive energy, and I feel it with my whole body, as the warmth spreads over my limbs. It's so nice, and it's great to realize that happiness is very close.
Reading your letters I have a feeling that I've known you for a long time, and this is an excellent feeling.
'Huge Hello' from my loved ones!
On this I will finish my letter. Please answer me as soon as possible! Charles, I will wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully,
your friend, Tatyana.

Letter 6

I got your answer, and I'm very happy! Charles, your letters are very important to me, they help me. When I receive your warm messages, I forget about the bad mood, and on my face a smile appears at once, and it does not go off all day. And most importantly, the warmth of your words warms my soul and my heart. Now I just can not do without your letters. You can see how we are, we more and more get to know each other. I think it's very wonderful!
I think that tantric sex is interesting! I would like to try it in the future. While I can not say when I can come, but we will definitely return to this. I do not have foreign passport. But I'll call you in Skype! When will it be convenient?
Now I want to think only about good things, for example, about summer. I have so many wonderful memories of this wonderful season. I like spending my holidays with family and friends. And most of all I like when we organize hikes in the forest. Charles, I hope that you have heard about our forests in Russia, they are very beautiful. Fresh air, birds singing, warm rivers and lakes. How delightful! We always stop near the river and this place is very romantic! We had many unusual stories, and so when we meet, I'll tell you about them.
My father is very fond of fishing, and can sit alone by the river for hours and not utter a word. Do you like to fish? And the food that is cooked in nature is much more delicious than the food cooked at home. The fresh air is always very tasty and the appetite is much stronger. Charles, how do you spend your vacation? I'm very interested to hear about this.
Charles, your kind words, this is the main gift for me! I am very happy that in such a huge world, we met each other, and I am confident that we will succeed. I believe in this, because no one has forbidden it yet!
My dear Charles, I want to say that I think a lot about you, and about our meeting, respectively. I feel that our relationship is more than friendship. And I hope that this feeling is mutual! I feel it with all my heart and soul, because the heart can not be wrong ?! Usually we are only led by reason, but this is a completely different story. I'm very open to you today, and at this point I finish the letter.
I look forward to your reply, as soon as possible !!! And as usual 'HI' from my family.
Thinking of you,
my kisses and hugs,

Letter 7

I'm very happy to see your answer! I'm sorry that I did not answer you for a long time, after the new year, a lot of work! I thought only of you all these days, and woke up with a wonderful mood. I feel great. I always look forward to your warm letters with great anticipation. Oh, to be honest, I do not know when we can meet on Skype, but I think that soon, and we will choose the time! As for the passport, I can find out all the details, but I have a question. Are you planning to meet already?
What you write and tell is very important to me, this is part of my life and this is the source of my pleasure and joy. Your appearance is an important part of my life, and your letters bring me happiness and joy. Charles, I say all these words with sincere care and my respect for you. My dear, I thought a lot about our feelings, and came to the conclusion that together we can be the happiest in the world!
It was very hard for me to fall asleep last night, because I was thinking about us, about our acquaintance, about your kind words and about you, my Charles! Now I'm thinking only of you, and I want to say that I can not live without you! I want to admit, I fell in love with you. I love you, my dear Charles !!! It happened so quickly and suddenly that I myself did not expect, but this feeling is so strong that I can not without you, my Charles. I love you my dear!
I feel to you the greatest and strongest feeling on earth, and this is my dear Charles. From your letters I see that we are not indifferent to each other and I hope that you agree with me! Charles, I sincerely hope that you feel to me the same great feelings that I feel for you. It is a great happiness for us that soon we can be together, and we can have a normal family! I want it with all my heart!
Most of my friends have long established their families. And I was always happy for their happiness. But I could not understand when I myself could be happy, no less than the others.
Now I understand that all this time, I was waiting for you exactly Charles.
I talked with my parents about it, and I wanted to listen to their opinion. And the joyful news is that they support me, and are very happy for us. In their eyes, I saw happiness.
They hope and believe that I made the right choice in my life, and wish us much happiness!
They asked me just one question about where we will live. I boldly told them that I wanted to live in your home, my beloved. I'm sure you want this too! They will miss me, but on the other hand they understand that I have already grown up.
My dear Charles, I want to say how much I love you, but no letters and no words can convey all my feelings to you. After all, sometimes one look or one touch can show and say much more. But I try very hard and put a little bit of myself into this letter! I do not need anyone else, because I love you, and only you! I trust you with all my heart and soul, and I want to always be sincere and honest with you.
I love you Charles, and I can not without you my dear! I'm sure that we should be together, and that we will be happy people. I really miss and look forward to our first meeting. In the near future, I will learn everything necessary for our meeting.
Charles, I'm sure that it's not long to wait, and all our wishes will be fulfilled. I believe in this and most of all I want this, my love!
I love you, and I really miss you! I look forward to your letter and warm words in it. A greeting from my friends and my family.
Gently kiss you,
your Tatyana.
PS this is my adress 17 st. Svetlogorskaya, 14, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Letter 8

I'm very glad to receive your warm letter! First of all, I want to apologize for my long absence! The thing is that my grandmother fell ill, and I had to go to her to be around and take care of! It was an unforeseen circumstance, and I'm sorry that I could not warn you about it. She lives in the village, and the Internet does not work there. But now everything is fine, and I'm back. I want to apologize again and I hope that this does not affect our further communication. And I want to say that all this time I've always been thinking about you and I really missed your words. My love, please understand me. I want to be only with you, and from this day on I'll write to you all the time. Even if I'm in a deep forest, I'll still find an opportunity to write to you! As for our meeting, I dream that it took place in your house, because I want to find a job by profession! And we will always be together! I want only this! I'm sure that we will be able to discuss all the details in skype, okay? Do not swear at me, darling, I really all this time thought only of you, and I was very lonely!
My dear Charles, in the last letter I told you about my feelings. I could not hide my love, because my soul and my heart urged me to do it! Because it is very difficult to hide such strong and deep feelings. I love you, my man is Charles. I love you, and it offends me that we can communicate only through the Internet, because I want to see you for real, I want to touch you and feel your breath. I want it most of all, my love!
My love for Charles, I want to say that my parents and my best friends are very happy for us, and I am pleased. And I found the meaning of my life, I love you and really miss you!
I really love you, and every day I fall asleep with thoughts of you and wake up with them. I find myself thinking that I wish you good dreams and you do the same. Every day I want to be stronger with you, I can not live without you, my Charles! You are necessary for me, and I really love you, Charles !!!
I'm ready to put all my strength into our meeting. I think we should have a meeting anyway, because this is a big step forward. Do you agree with me? I am very determined, and I will try to find out everything as soon as possible. I am very excited and understand that I can not hide the tears in my eyes at the first meeting. Just do not pay attention if I cry on the day of our meeting. Good? Promise me, they will be tears of joy and happiness!
I rather want to feel the touch of his man's hands. Your tenderness is necessary for me. I want to feel your care and then I will be the happiest woman in the world! And I will do my best to make you the happiest man in the world! I think that our meeting will be the first step towards our unlimitedly happy life! I want the union of our hearts to be strong, I want to take care of you and I want to fill every day with love and good.
I do not want anything to interfere with our life, but without this it's impossible, so we have to overcome all obstacles. Our love must overcome everything!
My favorite Charles, on this I will finish my letter, and I will wait for your reply with all my great love and desire to be with you! You must know that I feel infinitely happy when I read your letters, my dear! I will think about you! I love you, and I want to be with you, as soon as possible, my one and only!
hugs and kisses
your love, Tatyana.