Scam letter(s) from Larisa to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
I liked your profile. But I can not stay on this site for a long time. Write me your email and I'll write more about myself. And you will tell more about yourself. Or write to my address I'll be happy to talk with you.
Letter 2
John thank you for having responded to my message. My name is Larisa.
I'm 30. I'm a serious, romantic and educated woman. I feel lonely because I do not have my beloved. In search of a man in my life, I have come to site dating site. It seems to me to communicate through letters is very romantic, and also allows you to learn more about the person. I am a nice girl and I want to meet with you only for serious relationship. I think you will agree with me that a decent girl would never send intimate pictures by e-mail. If a man asks these photos so it's not for serious relationship and only for fun. John I am an honest person, I am looking for only serious relationship, only true feelings. I believe that to build real relationship, it's not an easy task, and if you are ready for it, then I will be happy to continue to communicate with you. John if it's just a game for you, I do not see any reason to continue our conversation. I apologize if I have something to hurt you. But there I do not have time for games. Waiting for your reply! Larisa.
Letter 3
Sorry, yesterday I wrote so little. John I could not answer anymore.
Colleague came to me yesterday and said that at school fire alarm. I at once run in there. John but all is well. It turns out it was just a failure in the fire system. It's just crazy. I am glad evreything has calmed down now, and I can safely write to you. John here are some new pictres for you. This photo from my work What do you think? You like it? I hope you like the way I look. It is important to me. I told you I was a teacher? John I have two classes from 9 to 11 years. I graduated from Teachers College. I received the diploma and the state to give room. I thought I will give a normal apartment. John but I live in a small village. And I have allocated only a room. My village is in Nizhny Novgorod region, named Bor,Russia. I am 30 and have no family. Not even brothers and sisters. I do not know them. John but I have a friends and aunt.My aunt lives in Croatia now. She met a man on the Intrnet and moved to him. They married and happy. So I decided to try to get acquainted on the Internet. I have not used the Internet before. Sometimes came in the Internet cafe to write my aunt. But, now I'll comehere every day, and wait for your letters. With English, I have no problems. And I think that with you I'll know it even better.
Do you understand me well John? And you tell me about you? Describe yourself. Tell us what you love and that love is not. What is importnt to you? Your dreams and plans? John I want to know you better. I'm glad that we meet. And I'm sure it's not by accident. Do you think so, too John? I have to go now. Now, go to bed early. Tomorrow back to work. And then I come, and will be waiting for your email. I hope you will answer. I am waiting for your answer, and maybe pictures. Larisa.
Letter 4

This is again a Larisa. Did you get my message yesterday? I thought you'd want to communicate with me. And I wrote you. But you did not even answer me. I'm not interested for you? Then why did you got to know and gave me his email? John I hope that you want to communicate.
Because you liked me, and I want to know you. I will be waiting for you soon. I need to go now. Larisa.
Letter 5
Usually after work, I go home. John but today I am in the Internet a cafe. Because now I have you. I like this change. John I have long wanted to change something in my life. And you helped me with it. It is interesting to know you more. I love to read what you say. So, I get to know you. not true. And tomorrow you will answer more. Here are some new photos for you, these photos were taken when I was vacationing in Sochi. I like to send you my photos. And I hope that you love to receive them. How do you spend your free time? What do you do for fun John? A with whom? What do you like to do? May have a hobby? John or dream try something new? What are you doing after work?
Meeting with friends? Or to be home? John I'm almost always home. But we meet with friends on weekends. John we do a lot of fun things.
Sometimes we go to the movies and dancing. It's a pity, you need to drive to a nearby town. And still we love to spend time in the park and just a walk in the countryside. In the winter to ski and go to the rink. In the summer we like camping. John us a small lake nearby.
There beautiful and nice beach. Sometimes I watch TV and listen to the radio after work. I love the program about travelers Discavery. Very interesting. John I always wanted to be in the mountains. Probably, it is difficult to describe feeling when you see the whole world in front of him. And you were in the mountains of John? I never. I do not travel to other countries. But, I was sea. Once. I was given a voucher from the school. I was in Sochi. This city resort on the Black Sea. I will not forget it. Would you like to be somewhere together? And where John? And what would we You do? Tell me? I'm grateful that you came into my life. You are like a breath of freedom. Do not forget about me, and soon answer. Larisa.
Letter 6
After work, I go through the park and thought of you. I was hoping you I replied. John and I am happy that you did it. Why do not you answer that, I asked? I thought you tell it? John I hope that you will try to answer all of my questions. And try to be honest? It's important for me. I want to know you better. Please do not ignore it. Ok John? Today chose a photo for you. I would hope that you like it. I try to take a photo for you. But perhaps I have not always impossible to make it beautiful. Or is it normal? Do you like? A You know who makes my photos? John you interested? Maybe you yourself I guess? John want to talk about friends? I do not have much. Of real friends only a few people. Yes, of course, I have friends, colleagues, neighbors. John and we communicate with them. But rarely. We mainly conduct time with 2 bestfriends. Do you have any bestfriends? You tell me about them?
John that you like to do together? Where to go? How common? John and other people besides bestfriends? A lot of friends? Colleagues? Maybe many different friends and people close to you. A family? you support relations? John you have a lot of relatives? Neighbors said that I change. I was told that I have to shine eyes and an enigmatic smile.
John I feel it. But I did not think, that is noticed by others. John and you? Would you introduced me to your friends? Do you want to meet my bestfriends? You would love my friends quickly. I guess I'm tired you? But, I love to talk to you. And I hope that you will force that would answer my questions. Answer me quickly. I can not wait for your next letter John. Larisa.
Letter 7
I have not received your email today. We communicate with you on a dating site. and I answred you. Did you get my email yesterday? Why are not you answer me? You are intersting to me and I want to know you. And I hope that we will talk to you soon. I have to go now. I will wait your letter tomorrow. Larisa.
Letter 8
I'm glad you told me. I guess I'm a little tired, if you He did not respond today. But, I'm glad that I can read your email. And why did not you tell about your friends and family? John is important to me with whom you communicate and make friends. I hope that you find the time and tell me about them. Ok? Or you do not want to say it? By the way, the photo did my girlfriend. Almost all of the photos she did.
John she likes it. And said she would try to help me with this. So what do we do more pics. Maybe you make a new one? I like to communicate with you. You know, it seems to me that we had little contact John? You do not think so? John I have tried to find other ways that to communicate. But I did not find it. Maybe you have some ideas on how to communicate faster? I do not know how to do it differently. In addition to emails. John I would like to talk to you by phone. But we do not have cellular Us in the village. The school has a phone. Stationary. However, the director does not It allows to use it. She said that the phone is for emergency communication. The internet cafe is also denied. John I asked the administrator call to their phone. And even offered money. He said that it Internet cafe, not a negotiating point. Maybe you know other ways of communicating?
Through the Internet? John if you explain, I will try do it? What do you think John? I'm not good at this. Because, I have no experience with computers and the Internet. But, I will do as you say. John and can we talk to others, the easy way? I want to communicate with you more. And not just to communicate ... I want to keep your hand and talk. Do you think we will like it? John although too early to think about it. We need to know we are better. John I hope, you know, how we communicate more. If you know, necessarily Tell me more about this. Ok John? I need to go now. John I hope that tomorrow we will learn other ways of communicating. I will think about you...... Your curious, Larisa.
Letter 9
I was hoping to get your letter. I waited your letter more than an hour. But you did not answer. John why do not you write me? Perhaps you did not have time. But I really want to see your letter tomorrow.
I hope that you will write me. And answer my questins. I look forward to your letter... Larisa.
Letter 10
Your letter made my day better. John thank you for answering to me. I always look forward to when I get your emails. John I hope, what do you say, what other ways are there to communicate. Or learn about it.
Good? John I would like to communicate more and better recognize you.
I was always amazed at the man's logic. When you walk down the street and see a beautiful woman - you say: "I would marry her." And then when you get acquainted with such a woman, you do not trust her.
Because it's "too good for you." I think it's ******. What is the logic? If a woman responds to your words, then she likes you too! Do you think all beautiful women are looking for beautiful young men? If you think so, then you are mistaken. But who needs these young ****** men? They are selfish, narcissistic and ******. They think that they can ****** any woman. Yes, they can only ****** a naive fool. They never think about serious things. That's why I was looking for a mature man. And how are things at your job John? What are you doing in there? It's okay in there? And how long have you been working on? John you have a good colleague? you often communicate? And what's your team? Big? Or small? how many human? Who you working? Women? Man?
Perhaps you have fans out there? Honestly? John you have a good relationship with them? It may meet after work? You have the corporate parties? Or not? John I love my job. We have a good team. Director - elderly female. She likes to joke. We often drink tea with all the teachers and a lot of chatter. All tell a different story, we argue, to remember something to think about the future. But today, I blabbed about you. John they said they understood why I changed. Big questioned. I told him everything. They are happy for us, and asked to speak you Hi. I want to share with you a photo with my director. I hope you like these colors, we give students the holidays and I am very pleased to receive bouquets from their students. But that changed after I came into your life? John you you feel well or not? John say?
I wonder. What are you do you think? And when you answer me? Soon? I hope that yes. I look forward to, and even a little bored. Your thinking about you, Larisa.
Letter 11
I am waiting... waiting... waiting... But did not see your letter. And I am a little sad without you. John I hope you do not have any problems. I hope all is well. I'll look forward to your letter tomorrow. I beg you to find time for me. I miss you... Larisa.
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