Scam letter(s) from Natalia Chunareva to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hey. You remember me ? How are you?
We met with you for a long time at one of the dating sites.
You gave me your email there. But it was so long ago, I do not remember anything of our friends, even the name of the dating site. Previously, it seemed strange to communicate via the Internet, and then I
They did not dare to communicate with you. I was afraid anything. But today I came across your email and decided to write to you.
Now I'm ready to talk, and really want to know you better.
I hope that you are also interested in this.
I hope you'll remember me.
I would very much hope that you will respond shortly. I'll wait.
Letter 2
Hello Jim. Thank you for your letter today:) I'm really happy to see you again. I hope, what you could see my photos and they have helped you to recollect me? I understand, that it is difficult to you to recollect, as our acquaintance was several years ago. You then have given me the email on one of dating sites. I even don't remember its name.
Jim I have recollected you later so a lot of time because I could not find the person whom I can grow fond really. I have counted you as the interesting person. Also would like to learn you better. Only I do not know from what to begin our dialogue. Probably, you can begin? You will tell to me about yourself? I wish to know your present name or your nickname. How you would want that I addressed to you?
Jim I will tell to you shortly about myself. I am 28 years old. My growth - 5'7. Weight - 52 kg. I Taurus. My favorite color - green.
color of my eyes - blue. I never was married. I have no children. I was born and live in Republic Chuvashiya. In the village Ivanovo. I work in a cafe cook. I am very good cooking. I think that if you tried something you liked. What do you like out of food? What dishes?
I dream to find the love. For me the most important thing in the person - sincerity, honesty, trust and loyalty. Me interest only serious relations. As I will tell, that an age difference not the main thing for me. For me the main thing private world of the person.
Jim I don't know that you are still interested. I think that you represent me in the photo. Like it? Today I send two photos. From doing my friend. I hope you like it. It is a good photographer?
Jim I did not communicate through letters to anyone. But could not find a man in his village. And recently in mine Village has again started to work the cafe Internet. They work through a large plate.
They say that the signal goes through the satellite. I do not understand. But I am glad, that we can communicate with you. Jim can you tell me what you like about girls? What would you like to know more about me? I'll wait for your answer.
I hope that you carefully read my letter and respond to all questions.
And as I hope, that my letter has not tired you. And frankly. I like sincerity.
Natalya from Russia.
Letter 3
Jim I do not know how to describe this feeling. I like it when I receive your letter. And I am very grateful to you that you have sent me the new photo. It as very much was pleasant to me. I wish to see more.
Jim I am so glad that you are genuinely about himself. I like you more and more like it. I like sincere people.
Jim if you are disturbed by an age difference between us I can assure you that it not a problem for me. For me private world of the person, instead of its age is important. You agree?
Jim I do not know what to tell you about my family. Because I have, it's not. I lived in a boarding house. This is where the orphans are brought up. Then I found a job, and I was educated. I can work in a restaurant. Cafe. I once went from the orphanage had lived with his girlfriend. We did everything together. We went to dances, movies.
Then she went to the big city. Visited last month and said that she was married. Told how to create email. And said that she would write.
I look forward to writing it for almost a week. Probably not yet arrived. But soon write.
Jim I have met with the guys. But have not met someone with whom I want to be a lifetime. And I keep myself to one whom I will love and with whom we will be happy forever. I love it when communicating with me wholeheartedly. When you do not cheat. Rejoice when you do a surprise. Want that someone was near me. But such a person.
Could it be you? I thought a lot and I think that even this is possible.
Jim I hope you're not tired of my letter. You looked at my photos?
Like it? Today I send you a photo from one of my friends. On other photos I on the nature and I small.
Jim tell me about your family. On close. About her life. I want to know. I had never thought that people can communicate across thousands of kilometers. And now I'm communicating with you. I'm so interesting.
Your Natalya
Letter 4

Hello Jim!!! How are u? I have not seen the letter from you today. I very much wish to learn more about you. I would want that you have asked me many questions and as has learnt more about me. I hope that our desires are identical. It so? I will hope that you will write to me soon. I will wait.
Letter 5
Jim I hope that tomorrow the same way I received your letter. I waited for an answer. Today the street is bright sunshine, and I was sure you write to me. And I am very glad to see your photo. Thanks you. Very much it was pleasant to me. I was glad to see more than your photos. I very much like dogs.
Jim you wish to know where I live? I have told to you that I live in Village Ivanovo. It is in the central part of Russia.
Jim I would like more you learn about your hobbies. What do you like to do. What to play? What movies to watch? Where to go out? Where to walk? With whom? What to do in the company of friends? Do you love to do a photo? You would have been my personal photographer?
Jim I am very fond of walking in nature. In the park, for example.
Just like a lake, river. I do not like big cities. Maybe that's why I was there only once. And returned. I did not like. And maybe because I could not live there alone. I do not know. Also I have a good dance, read poetry. I even know some of your classics. To be, or not to be, that is the question;
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing, end them. You know, from what it works? Jim I love to watch sports channels.
Dance, hockey, aerobics, gymnastics. I also love to play different games.
Jim I hope you you like what I talk about itself. If not then tell me. It's true. And if you have something against it and say it. We must trust one another.
I await your response.
Your Natalya.
Letter 6
Jim I had today very occupied day on work. I had to prepare a lot of meal. But I patiently did all it, for this purpose what to come and read your new message.
Thanks you that you have told about the interests. As all it seems to me interesting. I think, that at us much in common. It would be amusing to have for us a hobby together. I usually spend all vacation in the Village. It not so is cheerful as your vacation.
Jim I am sending you today, the photos. On these a photo I of my the friend and my neighbor. I hope you like them. What are you doing with my photos when I get them? Save?
Jim in our cafe to celebrate the silver wedding. This is when a husband and wife live together for 25 years. And it was a lot of people. I enjoyed it so much. I thought they would be very adult. And they provided for 50 years. And they get married, when they were 20.
They both look good together. I was very happy for them. I love to watch when people are happy. And I love to make these dishes, that would have all liked it. And they told me that everything was surprisingly delicious. And that they will return.
Jim you have many friends? I have many friends. But real friends, only two friends. They, along with me to boarding school. We met with them since childhood. One left. Remember, I talked about it. The second lives in a nearby town. She decided to live there. Basically, with me constantly my neighbor. She helps me with everything, give plenty of advice. She was about 60 years. She lived a hard life and very wise. It is for me as a teacher.
Jim can you tell about your friends? Do you often communicate with him? I used to. We meet in the park. When the weekends or holidays. By the way yesterday when I told her about it. She had a lot of questions. I said that you are very good, and we recently met. And all of you do not know. I send you greetings from her. I'll wait for your answer. Very much. I hope you write soon.
Your Natalya. p.s. To me have liked Florida photos.
Letter 7
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. Again as the sun is my light and I felt warmer. I like you more with each letter. I have never experienced such feelings. I do not even know how to call it. As I very much liked your new photo. I very much like to receive a photo from you. I hope, that you will continue to send them to me.
Jim I am glad to hear that you as well as to me like cookery. I would want that we prepared once together.
I send you photos and I hope that you like. I chose a long time, what to send, and decided to send it. Like it? On these a photo I am in wood, nearby to my house.
Jim I want to know more about what you do every day. Ordinary day.
As he begins what is happening and how to end. How would you like, what would it be? For example, I wake up, wash, assemble the bed. I go to work. Write the menu. That I will cook. Then cook. Lunch and dinner at work. Then I go home. House cleaning to do, watch TV. And sometimes in the morning and sometimes after work, go to Internet cafes. And getting your letter. I am very glad that we're acquainted.
I would like that to every morning I would wake up not one. Cooking light salad. Kissing, and strive to get home from work to a beloved man. And now I want an Internet cafe. And see you, you are very Jim to change my life.
Jim I hope you tell me about yourself.
I'll wait for tomorrow, Jim what you think, when going to bed? What you see in your dreams?
I very much hope that despite your trip tomorrow, you nevertheless can write to me.
I miss ........
Letter 8
Jim I am happy that you did not forget about me and answer my letters.
Jim I am glad to learn more about your day. Maybe when I'm with you and with you, our actions will be too in this day. I doubt that it is wrong to write this phrase. I hope you understand me. Glad to know about your dreams.
I really very much love sports. I like run, volleyball and tennis.
Jim I hope that everyone will have to happen to you all is well. I want to tell you about their relationship. I was familiar with the guys. First, in a boarding school. But there we just be friends. And after becoming a student, all went to different places. And we are no longer met. When I was studying, then met a guy. And he even said he would marry me. But it turned out that he is deceiving because of all the newcomers. And I do not communicate with him.
Then he met another guy. He was always *****. And good. But then everything started to spend on alcohol and I realized that this kind of life do not want. And have not met more than a single good man.
Jim I do not know why, but I like you. In what you have. Or secret, or wisdom, experience? I do not know what it is. But I like it. I like to communicate with you.
Jim why are you lonely? Do not have a girlfriend? Or is it you have and you still talk to me? I have no one to talk but you. And I hope you're well. Or am I not right? Have secrets from me? Or something?
Jim I think you and I should not have secrets from one another. We know each other and if we have secrets, then this meeting will be a surprise. What do you think?
I await your response.
Jim I hope you see the beautiful dreams and your day will be successful.
Like you my photo?
Your sincere Natalya.
Letter 9
Jim I could not wait today the moment when I will come here. I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad to hear about your culinary possibilities and preferences. And I very much like to float.
I do not know that today, with my mood. Maybe because the weather influences. I'm sad. I can get from you is only one letter and no longer know how to contact you. And so eager to communicate with you more. Maybe you have some way? How long are email messages? Hour? Two?
Or do they just come to you? Maybe try to talk fast? May have a chance? When do you usually get my letter?
Jim may, as soon as you get my email reply to me? I'll be in the Internet cafe to wait for your answer. And if you get it at once to reply. Try? The next time I will send you a letter and will wait for your answer about an hour. I think it's enough that would be getting any email. Deal?
Jim I feel that I can not imagine a day without you. I can not sleep until they think like you. I guess when I sleep you're still only going to work. I fall asleep with thoughts of you. So want to see your point of view, smile, hear the laughter, feel the breath, pull over to you. And understand. We have created one for another or not. What do you think? Jim you want it?
I'll send you today a photos. Jim you like them? I very much love pets. And I like to be photographed with them. All these photos are made in my Village.
What would we do with you, if in the street bad weather, the electricity is turned off, will not want to go. Than we would with you doing? Do you think we could find a way to enjoy life? I think so. I think that with you I'll never be sad. What do you think? I can make you happy? What would you like, what would I have done, what would you be happy? Jim I am waiting for your answer. Hope you're not tired of my letter. And answer all my questions.
Bored and waiting ....
Jim, me that something is happening, I do not know that. Never experienced anything like this.
Letter 10
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I'm very bored. I do not know it was the last time. I was, why it is very sad. I hope you did not become sad after reading the letter. I am glad, that you as well as I love dogs. And thanks for a photo of ******.
Jim I liked your thoughts that we would do in darkness together. I would want that all it was so.
Jim I really have phone. But it I have no connection for the international connection as it is a home telephone number. And my mobile phone is broken now.
I woke up today on what a ray of sunlight illuminate me. I forgot to close the curtain, staring at the sky. I remembered the legend of what people are stars. And that when one star lodges, then there is a big one. This happens when two people meet. When they created one for another. I do not remember exactly how this myth. But he was very handsome. We were told at the boarding school. Today at work I prepared a lot of different dishes. And one of the girls told me that some dishes are even tastier than they were. And she said what. And I remembered that when they do I think of you.
Jim I want to thank you for what you bring into my life that new.
What changed it for the better. I do not know how you do it. But I was much more interesting live. And I hope it will not end abruptly. I really want, what would you and I know each other more and more.
Jim I so much want to ask you. About many things to write. But perhaps you're tired to read my letter. Or not? Do you like? I hope so. Jim what has changed in your life after our acquaintance? Tell me. Or is it a secret? We have no secrets from each other. True.
Jim I want, what would your date was fine. And each day brings you happiness and good luck. You are a very good person. And it is I like you. I did not experience such feelings more than ever.
Jim I believe that you'll be fine. Do not leave me. Okay?
I'll wait for your answer tomorrow.
Your sweet friend of Ivanovo - Natalya.
Letter 11
Jim I increasingly feel that we are approaching one another. You know what love is? You get this feeling? I do not even know what it is. How to identify the man created for the woman, or she for him?
Have you any way? Probably only life. What do you think?
Please, transfer ****** from me congratulations on its birthday.
****** it from me. And thanks for new photos. It looks appetizing.
Jim I as regret, that we cannot speak on the phone yet. My home telephone number is not connected to the international line. But I promise, something to think up.
I will send you a photo. Yesterday the long selected. Like it? What is it?
Jim I already can not stop thinking about how you are. I do not know what it is. I even think about what you eat today. And ate it?
How to sleep? Good or bad? I saw in a dream. What made the evening?
Tired at work? Or not? So many thoughts. And all of you. What about you? You feel that it is the same?
Jim yesterday I came up with a very tasty cake. I'm sure you'll like.
When we meet and I will be able to do it. I will definitely do that.
And you try. I called him your name. Yesterday, in a cafe to everyone who tried it, liked it. It's called, cake "Jim".
I hope you are fine. And the field how do you get my letter, you feel better. And your mood improves.
Smile, think of the good. Imagine that I kiss you. Are you better? How mood?
Jim, I miss ....
Letter 12
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. So I want to feel the touch of your hands, lips, kisses, and passion. And I can only receive your letter. But I believe that everything will change and we will soon enjoy our affection and tenderness. And now happy that I got your letter. And I am glad to see a new photo from you. Thanks. Very much it is pleasant to me. And I like all that you speak about Ginder.
I'm glad you liked the kiss. I wish what would it be for real. I think that this could become a reality soon.
Jim I hope that everything will be fine. What would you like you that we did together. For example, when left alone? Or strolling in the park? I would like to go with me to hold my hand? Or bear arms?
Maybe what I would have carried you in my arms? Joke.
Jim can you do massage? You must have very strong hands. I would like to feel like you do me a massage. How to warm up every cell in my body, and I have the pleasure to fly to heaven. If you want, what I would do you a massage? Today we have come a woman who teaches massage. Showed a lot of different kinds. I thought that you would have been nice if I'll get a massage. What do you think? Or you can teach me this?
Jim yesterday I watched sports on TV. You love to watch sports?
Sports games? What? Basketball, football? Gymnastics? Figure skating?
I love all sports. I am so excited to see how people fight. How did they achieve, any of the results. Or nice ride on the ice. You would have gone with me to the competition? Jim you were in big games? I just saw them on TV. Can come together when they meet? I would go with you.
Probably have many questions and you're tired to answer. I'll know more about you tomorrow. Send with the letter a kiss that will give you tenderness morning dawn, warm the first rays of the sun. And your day will be fine ...........
Jim I already miss you ...........
Your Natalya.
Letter 13
Hello Jim!!! I have received yours letters which has been sent yesterday. I do not understand in what there was a reason and why I have not received yours of the letter yesterday. But I have been very excited by it. I really very much worried. I hope, that such problems will not arise again. I was glad when have come here and have seen all your letters. As thanks for a new photo. But I did not manage to open your video.
Jim I am pleased to learn more about your sporting interests. I am very pleased that we have much in common. I feel like, rather, learn to do massage and try to do it for you. And I am glad to hear that you would make massage to me. I would not like to test once massage from you.
Jim like you my photo? Looked already? What do you think, where I made them?
Jim how you present yourself to our meeting? Have you thought about this? First kiss, first date? The first meeting? How all this will happen? Tell me. I would love to hear from you what you think. And then I tell you about my thoughts. Okay?
Jim I ask about this because I like you very much. And I'd like to meet. But I'm still a little unsure. And when I'm completely sure I go and visit you. We translate our dreams into reality. Okay?
Jim what is your weather? We have sunshine. And the light is very bright. As your letters lit my life.
I miss you Jim!!!!!
And I'm waiting for your answer.
Your friend Natalya. Can I call myself your girlfriend?
Letter 14
Jim, last photo which I have sent you which is made in cafe in which I work. On a photo I with my the friend. And today, sending photos which is made in my apartment.
Jim I hope you tell me how you represent our meeting and we can think together about what else we can do. What do you think?
Jim I think a lot about us. That would be, and how. I thought about what we do every day. Wake up, work, go to bed. What else? I want to wake you with a kiss. See how you sleep. I want to feel like you're hugging me. I want to see how you enjoy the food I cooking. Together with you to go swimming. Dancing, swimming. Play. We will do this together?
Jim I wish that we had with you were the happiest man and woman in this world. If we are together, between us there will be no cheating, no secrets. Because it is very painful when learning that deceive you.
I hope you will agree with me. What do you say friends and family about me? They do not mind if we together?
Jim all of my friends and colleagues at work are already asking when we meet. That they would like to see a photo where we together with you. Jim and what are your relatives? They are glad that we are familiar with you?
Jim I am sending you my kisses. Light as a feather, soft as silk, sweet as honey. And I hope that when you read my letter they warm your heart.
I miss you. I really miss.
Jim are you?
Your sweet friend Natalya. p.s. I have no video of.
Letter 15
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I was bored and waiting for your answer. I really thought a lot about you and me. I think that we would be happy if met. What do you think? I would like to see you and get to know you better.
How do you like my photos today? Like it? You like horses? These horses belong to a local farm.
Jim I know that I trust you as myself. I have no secrets from you.
And I know that I can always tell you the truth. And I love you for it. For what do you understand me? I do not like it when the hype. It hurts so much. I cheat a girl. I do not call her a friend anymore.
Another girl. So tell me about it. She said that she had found his own mother and she needed the money that would go to her.
Jim I give her. It turned out that she just lost it all in the cards. And then came to ask her. I did not say not another word to her. And I know what the pain of cheating someone. I hope that you will never deceive me. I like your sincerity. And it seems to me that I feel the warmth of your sincere heart my heart. I think we complement each other perfectly. And we'll have a good time together.
Jim I right? Or not? I hope so.
Jim I think of you. Think about what we do? What are we going to do. We can communicate as another way? Not just email? Do you know another way? Through the Internet? I have little understanding of the Internet. But if you say - I know.
Jim I miss you and await your response. I hope that you will say the answer soon.
Your gentle and dreaming of your kisses Natalya. p.s. When I go to sleep I dress a pyjamas.
Letter 16
Jim yesterday I was in travel agency. I learnt about To trip to your country. Also it has appeared, that cost of my arrival to you Very big. I do not have such money right now.
Jim I've thought a lot about what to do. As we meet. I do not want to wait that long. I want to meet you and have to live on. Life is short, it can. And we'll keep living, not met? It's wrong? Am I correct saying? Need to do everything to be happy. And for that we should meet.
Jim I have decided, that all necessary for my arrival to you I will make. And after two or three weeks may be with you. How do you like this idea? I thought about how to find the money. I will be able to sell the room and the furniture, take out a loan and ask friends to help. I think I'll be able to collect the necessary sum. And I'll be with you. Are you glad? Jim will you meet me?
Jim I'll know what to do and I will tell you everything that is happening. I think they all turn out. I do not want to live alone. I want to be with you. And you're the man who opened my eyes to the world and I think it worked out. I know everything about everything and I will do Jim soon we will be together. Can you count the days and iron suit that would meet me at the airport. I'll do it. I love you Jim!!!!!
I am sure that when we meet, we'll be happy. Because your letter brings me joy. And you give me happiness. And I'll do anything, what would you, too, was happy.
I adore you Jim!!!!
Soon I'll be in your arms.
Letter 17
Jim me have very much liked a photo which you have sent me. And our weather here as the cold.
Jim I really miss you. I miss that could not immediately come to you. But I gathered all the documents in his room, and give everything to check. I put it on sale and I was told that I had to buy about 1000 dollars. But this money is not enough and needed to wait. I think what to do. I have to sign papers to sell. And go to the bank that would like to know about credit. Just try to ask for help from friends.
Jim I know everything, and very tired. But for the sake of meeting, I prepared to everything. I so want to see you. Jim what do you do today? What to do? How to wake up? What to eat? What are you thinking now? I gathered all the necessary documents required for processing a passport and visa. Still need to make some inquiries and everything will be fine. I was told that you may need to hear from you. The fact that you invite me to visit. I hope that if need be, can you write?
Jim I am sending you a photo. Jim I hope that you like. Or not?
Would you like to be with me for a photo? I send you my kisses. What would they warm you and you feel better. Now go home and see what else needed that I could be with you. Jim I miss you and await your response. I love you Jim!!!
Promise me that you have read my letter, then I dreamed.
I'll wait.
Loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 18
Jim forgive, that I have not written to you yesterday. I had to work yesterday very long and I at all would not have time what to write to you. I hope, that you understand.
Jim I am pleased to tell you the good news. I got 1000 dollars for his room. I was told that I would have to release it next month. I'm so glad that I could find a large portion of the amount needed. All will receive, and we will be together. I'm sure of it, because I saw a beautiful dream.
Would you like to tell? Already evening, and you can tell. I walked along the road, I saw your silhouette. Jim I ran and stumbled and then see your hand is to catch me. And we hugged. I felt so good. I felt your concern and tenderness. And you kiss me. I probably even in my dreams licked his lips. I so want to try your kiss!!!
Weather at us here as very snow and cold. In the dreams I constantly see us together with you.
Jim I am so bored without you. I was told that a letter from you will not be needed. I will arrive without them. Only need to gather information from the employer. And everything will be fine. I'll be able to make itself and we will be together. You're looking at the stars? Got my kisses? Well, how? Want to try this? I am sure that you want.
Jim I have a contract and pay the first part. The rest. Part of the need to pay after the date will be known and the airport where you fly. Can you tell me? At what airport you will be able to meet me? I was told that you need a better city and name of the airport. Or code.
I do not know what it is. Tell me what I know and I'll tell them.
Jim I am so happy that I could start. If everything turns out well, it means that everything will be fine. I know what it is. Because we created one for another. Because we will be fine together, and we can make one another happy. What do you think? I can make you happy? I know that you can. Because I am happy that you met.
I think that everything will be fine.
Jim I miss you and want to see you.
I love you Jim!!!!
So want to cuddle up to you soon!! Very very!
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 19
Jim I am glad to receive your letter. I'm very bored without it. I believe that today you write. I saw a beautiful dream about us with you on the island. I would like what would it become a reality. And I'm sure it will happen.
Jim it was pleasant to me to a photo which I have received from you today in the letter. Thanks you for it.
Jim thanks for letting me the name of the airport, tomorrow I'll go to a travel agency and tell them this information. I hope the tickets to you is not expensive, and I can find the money to pay for them.
Jim I just asked if I have friends who can meet me. I said I have.
And I was told that I would write down a phone number. You can tell your phone number? I was told that the airport is no problem to call And I could do it even from Moscow. And I do it as soon as the chance.
You can tell your exact address. Whatever I could tell where and to what address to go?
Jim I hope you meet me at the airport and nothing bad happened. And it is not necessary. But it's better that I would have this information. What do you think?
Jim I learned about the progress of documents. Said that everything will report later. What I would come in two - three days. I so want more already feel your hugs and kisses. And I'm sure it will happen very soon. And we'll be together and happy forever.
I love you Jim!!!!!
Jim soon we'll be together !!!!!!
I really want to be with you.
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 20
Jim today I broke down and go to the agency to find out what and how to travel to you. And they told me that is still being processed, which will soon be answered, and knew all the time. I so want to know more, when will I be able to try your kisses, passion and tenderness.
I as well as to you do not like snow. And I very much would like to spend in such bad weather with you all the day long in a bed.
Jim I am even a bit thinner. But I hope that you will not be disappointed. Really? I really want to be with you. I dream about what we with you were together. I hope that you will not be upset when I arrive. I think I can surprise you and make happy. We will be happy together.
Jim you have a camera? I think we should do a lot of photos of us together. What would then watch them and remember. I do not have a camera. I hope you have it. Or we can buy it, when will be together. I think we're going to look good on a photo together.
Jim my friends and a neighbor asked to teach them how to use email that they could communicate with me. But I do not know what is your keyboard? I can write on it in Russian? They are poorly know English.
And therefore will not understand. We can do it?
Jim I'm bored. When I go to bed imagine that you're with me. I hug the pillow and fall asleep. I hope that it will soon change.
I love you Jim!!!!!!
Kiss a sweet tenderness. Feel?
I await your response.
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 21
Jim I am surprised to hear that you had such snow storm. I hope, what you have not suffered?
Jim I am today to create email friend and neighbor. I'm so tired. I did not think it is so difficult. But now everything seems to remember either. And I can easily get away with you a letter and a photo. Want to write to them? They said they will check the email after I leave.
And what would I tell them.
Jim I believe that everything will be fine. We'll be together and happy. Nobody will ever be able to separate us. Our happiness will never end. We will do it. I can not tolerate and I go and everything to learn from them. I hope they will tell me more about what is happening and when will I receive the documents and when I fly to you.
Jim I have a lot to think about what things to take. I will never fly an airplane. I'm scared. But I'm willing to do anything that we would be happy with you forever. I've even overcome this fear. I'm afraid that I'll be in the air. I never fly. And you? What should I do? Can you tell? What should I do? What to do? Where to take a parachute, if that?
Jim I have a lot to think about it. And when you realize that at the end of the path I'll be with you. In your arms I forget about everything. Because I'll be with you.
I love you Jim!!!!
And it's fortunate for me that is so good, intelligent, beautiful, and the best man on earth waiting for me. And I'll soon be with him.
Jim I dream of your kisses. Can you send a couple in the next letter? I'll wait.
I love and look forward with genuine affection for your answer and kisses.
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 22
Hello Jim!!! Yesterday in the cafe Internet there were preventive works, therefore I could not write to you. I have been very upset. I hope, that you understand and do not take offence.
Jim I'm up all night to prepare for the interview. English better? You do not notice on my letters? I write more clearly? Or not? I learn more colloquial English, and therefore probably change little. But to say I got better. I think that when we're together, then you can understand me without any problems. I really wish that we could understand one another. It is most important. What do you think?
Jim I can well speak English without problems. Even better than to write. I studied English language at university and visited additional employment.
Jim you like my picture today? Like it? Soon we will have photos, which we will be together. And this is the best days for us. I think so.
Jim I was at the agency. They say that I would come tomorrow or the next day. They let me know your flight details, which I will come to you. I'm so happy. Never fly the aircraft. The most important thing for me when I get that you were there. And wait for me. Most do not want anything. Just to be with you. And in your arms forever.
Jim I am counting the days before our meeting. I was not happy for many years since. A recent months for me months of happiness. Because I met you. And I will do everything in my power. And we'll be together. I dreamed to touch your lips, feel your hands, lips, passion, tenderness, affection, hugs. I want to be only yours!
I love you Jim!!!!!
Jim I am waiting for your answer. I hope that your answer can not keep waiting. Already write me an answer? I'm waiting ...
Your letters give me strength and energy that we had to you could be together.
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 23
Jim I am pleased to inform you pleasant news. I am approved for a visa, and I can come to you. Only need to get it in Moscow and have an interview to which I am so prepared. They gave me a flight on which I will come to you. Departure to Toronto Tue, Feb 27
2:40pm - 11:35pm16h 55m2 stops
KLM SVO - YYZAMS, MSP 2:40pm to 4:10pm 3h 30m
Moscow to Amsterdam
Sheremetyevo (SVO) to Schiphol (AMS)
KLM 3179 operated by Aeroflot-Russian Airlines 5:00pm to 6:50pm 8h 50m
Amsterdam to Minneapolis
Schiphol (AMS) to Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl. (MSP)
KLM 655 8:20pm to 11:35pm 2h 15m
Minneapolis to Toronto
Minneapolis - St. Paul Intl. (MSP) to Pearson Intl. (YYZ)
KLM 7716 operated by Dl /expressjet DBA Delta Connection Jim I am so happy that soon I'll be with you. There are very few, and we will be together. From these thoughts I want to fly. To flap wings of love and to be in your arms. I love you Jim!!!
Jim I will only find $ 700. Tomorrow I'll go look for the money.
How to find the right pay and will come to you. I think it will succeed. My friends and acquaintances had promised to help. I think I can collect all of tomorrow and pay. And we're together !!!!!!!!
Jim I sell everything and how many do not regret it. Because I'll be with you. And for what to feel your tenderness and affection I am ready to give it all.
I love you Jim!!!!!
I miss you and await your response. I hope that you will be able to meet me. I am sure that your days are good. Soon to be even better.
Because we will be together.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Jim you are my man and I want to see you!
Your loving and gentle Natalya. p.s. You the first and unique man with whom I communicate on the Internet.
Letter 24
Jim I'm sorry for the short letter. Nobody can help. Collected only 250 dollars. I will look for more. You need to go to her friend in another city that would have to ask her for help. Then everyone will tell you. Do not worry. We'll be together.
I love you Jim!!!!!
Jim I believe that all turn out. The main catch to pay for a few days. I do everything to be with you. You're the best. Our dreams will come true.
I just yours, loving and gentle Natalya. p.s. I arrive in Toronto - Pearson Intl. (YYZ). Please, look attentively the information which I have given you.
Letter 25
Jim I wish to congratulate you on the Valentine's day!!! It is a fine holiday. I hope, that once we will celebrate this holiday together.
Jim I do not know what to do. I have been at all. We all ask for help. No one else can help. Left to pay 370 dollars.
Jim I do not know what to do. Maybe you can help? I give everything and do not know what to do yet. Even I have nothing to sell. And do not feel like that would be our dream is collapsing. Am I wrong to sell the apartment, borrow money from all who know. Is it all in vain.
If you can help it succeed. And we'll be together. And what we dream of these days will become a reality. I feel so bad. As if the earth went from under my feet and I can not do anything. Jim I ask you not to be offended. Please understand me. And help. And we'll be together.
Jim you'll be able to do this?
I hope you can help. And all we can do it. I have not slept for 36 hours. I want to sleep. I hope that when wake up, go on the Internet in a cafe and get your answer.
And you can help. And after a few days, we will kiss in the arms of one another, make love, walk together. I've been waiting for this. And it really will collapse.
The only hope for you. Our happiness is in your hands. I did what I could. What else do I do not know.
Jim I am waiting for your answer tomorrow.
I love you Jim!!!!
I can not live if we are not together.
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 26
Jim I am glad that you agree to help. I never heard about the western union. But I certainly will send you tomorrow a copy of the passport, for this purpose that you could give it in bank. As I learn all about the western union.
I want to cry and cry from what you and I can not be together. But now everything has changed. I'll do anything for what would be our happiness never ends. I'll be with you. From this idea, both from happiness, to feel dizzy. I want to be with you forever. Only with you. And no I do not need.
Jim I do not know how to describe my feelings. But I'm happy. I've been in my dreams it represented. And there is not much and it's going to happen. I'll be in your arms, I can see you, be in your arms, I can cuddle up to you. I could kiss you. I can feel your kisses. We enjoy, and make love. What do you feel? Just imagine that all this will become a reality very soon.
Jim I want to say thank you. Thank you for that not to die in our dreams. For that help make this a reality. I'll find out. Everything and I will tell you. And soon we will be able to talk, hug, kiss, stroll along. Imagine how it will be cool! " I'm so happy. This does not describe in words.
I love you Jim!!!!!
Jim will soon be together. I was not in vain to sell the room. I can not do everything wrong. I'll be with you. WITH BEST MAN IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!! Enough for me to be with you together. And I'll be the happiest woman. And I'll do anything, what would you be happy as well.
I love you Jim!
I love you Jim!
We'll be together soon.
Your loving and gentle Natalya.
Letter 27
Hello my Lovely Jim. I send you a copy of the passport. I hope, that it it is enough to you what to help for this purpose to me with funds and that I could arrive to you. I very much wish to be very fast with you. I very much love you. I hope and I trust in you my love.
Yours and only your love forever Natalya. p.s. my full name - Natalya Chunareva.
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