Scam letter(s) from Winona Jungman to Mike (Austria)

Letter 1
I'm currently here in Bezigrad District 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia for 10 months for work and i'm business management and secretary to a clothing line company . so are you single or just looking for fun ?
Letter 2
Listen up. First take note of my free access code -----> TAEM35 <-----Don't give it to others okay. it's only access to my link for you to use to get the ( FREE ) Hookup ID Badge account for our safety meet up. Got it?
Use that code to make it free i'm not like those ******* girl you talked before
Letter 3
This is not scam I'm not asking you to pay me only if you are really gonna want to meet and **** me i mean you're not going to pay for ***.. i came up with this verification form cause this is my only way of verifying for my own safety before we meet me
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Name: Tatyana
Age: 40
Name: Linda Powless
Age: 36
Name: Celina Williams
Age: 32
Name: Chloe Carwen
Age: 32
Name: Patricia
Age: 30
Name: Tatyana Rudaya
Age: 22
Name: Olesya Valieva
Age: 30
Name: Georgina Esirifi
Age: 35
Name: Sherry
Age: 28
Name: Tessa Rouee
Age: 24
Name: Lilia Kravchenko
Age: 28
Name: Mary
Age: 29
Name: Mariafe Botanero
Age: 23
Name: Natalia
Age: 27
Name: Ksenia Novak
Age: 42