Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lipovetskaya to Jon (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Tatyana. I hope to find man with who i will be able to find sincerity and real love, happyness. I hope that you also looking it. I will be happy to learn you closer. So I decided to write you. Hope I will be lucky. I'm 32 years old and i live in Russia. I do not think that the age and appearance is so important though I am rather pretty.
I send you my photos. I hope that you like me. If you are interested in acquaintance with me, write me on my email:
I still hope for your reply. Have a good day!!!!!!!
Letter 2
Hello John.
It is Tatyana. I addressed in dating agency in my city and to me gave your email, to me spoke that you look for the woman for the serious relations. I will thank dating agency for their help! I am very glad to talk to you, I like that we have started to communicate. How are you, is everything fine with you? I really hope so. I am feeling fine and now I am writing the letter to you with pleasure, I like to communicate with people. I think you are asking the question from yourself: Why I decided to write to you, I like you and may be I am just a bit disappointed with the men here. I heard a lot about the people who have found the happiness far away from the place they are living. So I decided to try, who knows what it will give me in the future. But telling really I am new in this way of communication and I do not even know what to tell you, but I will try. I was born on the 15 of October so now I am 32 years old. I am 176 centimeters tall and my weight is 55 kg. I am not sure how much it is in inches and in pounds, but I hope you can understand me. I work of Nurse. I like my work. I am happy when the people recover. I help in it. I live alone in flat not far from center of Voronezh. I am living in the city of Voronezh, I do not know if you heard about my city and where it is, but I will try to explain you a bit. My city is about 990 kilometers far from Moscow. I like the city I am living in very much, it is cozy, but sadly I was not able to find the right man here. I like to walk in the streets here some time, I like to go to the cinema in the free time. I like to walk in the parks or just go to the cafes when I have the free time. And I like to read the books, I like Russian poetry very much. Please tell me if you are interested in the sports? I like to go for the sport, but I do not have much free time for it. Usually I can walk to the swimming pool, I like the volleyball and tennis. And please tell me if you like the picnics in the nature, I like it and I like to have it when I have the free time. I prefer active way of life spending. I like to be cheerful and open, and I like fair, kind, sincere people. So please tell me more about yourself, I would like to know more about the place you are living in. Please tell me what do you like to do for fun? Telling really I would like to know almost everything about you, because I think that only knowing each other better we will be able to come closer. And please fell free to ask me anything you would like to know about me. I will finish my letter here and will be waiting for your answer. Yours Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello My love John.
Thank you for the nice letters. My love John, I glad that you agree to help me with money for the tickets. I paid the documents 200 pound sterlings. Now I need money for the tickets 420 pound sterlings. I have asked about the paying for the tickets for my coming to you from your credit card and they told that they do not work with foreign clients, they work only with Russian tourists and they can not accept the payment from foreigner and more so they can not accept the payment from your credit card, I was told I will be to pay for everything myself in cash, this way I will have in my hands the document which shows that I have bought the round trip tickets here and it will be required for getting the visa. John I will try to learn about ways of the help to me. I love you very much and missing you so much. I dream of being with you as soon as possible. I will have the best event this year, it will be our meeting. I am waiting for it with impatience. I dream about it and think about being with you every minute. I am happy every time when I can come here to the internet cafe to write you the letter and to read yours. I am imaging us together and think it will be really good. My day is perfect when I have something from you. I think about you hugging and kissing me softly. I dream about it and wait this dream to come true. I kiss you tenderly and will be waiting for your letter with dream of you...
John, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you always,
Forever yours Tatyana.
Letter 4

Hello John. I am girlfriend Tatyana. My name is Svetlana. I write to you from Moscow. Please excuse me for my English language because I badly know this language. I write through the translator. And I hope that you will understand me. I have specially come to the Internet cafe to inform you that happened with my girlfriend Tatyana. Now Tatyana lays in hospital. When she (it) was in exchange office at it (her) the head was ill, to it (her) it became bad also she (it) has lost consciousness. And her (it) have immediately taken away in hospital. I only today have arrived to Moscow. The doctors told me that she (it) will lay in hospital until Monday or Tuesday and the doctors have told that Tatyana health good, the doctors told me that she (it) has received a brain concussion when it (her) have attacked criminals, they told me that she (it) better with every day and with it (her) of anything serious. Please John do not worry and do not think badly of my girlfriend. She (it) informed me that she (it) misses very much and love you very much. I am very glad that you have found each other. And I thank you for your patience and for your strong love to Tatyana. I shall be happy to give my girlfriend to your hands. I know that she (it) will be with you as behind a stone wall.
Tatyana will immediately write the letter to you or will call. And she will explain you all that with her happened. She (it) has told that wants to hear your voice very much. She (it) misses very much. I am very glad that very soon you will together. Please John remember always that my girlfriend Tatyana loves you very much. And nothing will stop her (it) to be with you as soon as possible. I hope that you have understood me. God bless you.
Letter 5
Hello my honey John.
I am sorry for the late answering and I am hoping you are not mad with me, I am sorry, I made you worry about me. And you told me worst words. And I understand you. I am guilty very much. And therefore I am not feeling fine really now. I was near the bank I felt the hit to my had and I swoon, when I woke up after it I felt that my had hurts very much and I had a blood from my head, it is awful, then I saw that I can not find the bag, I had my money in it. The criminals could to steal at me all money (1800 euro). I shouted with hatred to them. I hate these people. I roared long time. But the policeman told me that they can find criminals who have made it with me, It only a matter of time. I was in shock. I had to call the medics from the bank. Medics took me to the hospital and the called to the police. Police was here and I told them everything, they told me they will be looking for the criminals, As I was told that they can find criminals who have made it with me, It only a matter of time. Because we have many witnesses who saw it. I was in hospital a long time. I has left from hospital only today. Please don't worry about me. The doctors in hospital told me that I am fine , they think I will be fine. I am kissing you million times and hoping to be with you soon. My lovely I will to call you as soon as I can and I explain all. Because now I tired very much. Please don't worry we will be together. I promise you My Lovely husband John.
I feel so rejoiced. I feel happy. From the first letter to now, I felt a trimmer in my heart that felt so wild for you. My heart beats fast for your love and I will always take care of you. Till my next letter, sweet John, I dream of you and I kiss you so many times.
Yours Tatyana.
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