Scam Letter(s) from Maria to Andrew (Hungary)

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Letter 1

Im do not kno you personally, but it does not stop me from starting an acquaintance with you.
I'm sure that you will be able to understand my desire.
I will try to explain everything to you in detail. I want to a strong man in sex with me.
You in fact belong to those men who are able to fuck a beautiful girl, thereby to give her pleasure.
I like sex in all its manifestations. I do not make exceptions for my juicy holes.
I give the opportunity to my partner whom I like to fuck me in any of the available to me like everything that is only possible in sex.
This thought excites, and greatly beckons me. I think you will not deny me your attention.
In fact as it seems to me you, that man which in forces from fuck the lascivious girl.
On the site, I'm known as the bad Girl.
I call myself a lusty girl. Actually, my name is Maria.
I like to suck a man's cock, it so excites me that between my legs always become ist wet.
I decided to reveal myself to you. I want you to know about my dirty thoughts and fantasies.
I am writing the text of the letter and I feel how much my enthusiasm will grow.
All the same recognition - this is an intimate activity.
My heart is beating all the stronger, I feel the heat on the face and neck,
If only you saw my hands, I'm thrilled, like a schoolgirl.
It's because of that what I imagine, a you read all this letter and see my naked photos.
You see my labia they are waiting for your penis to touch.
Your dick certainly stands as a kernel? This excites me!
I'm waiting for the end of the working day, in order to quickly go home and play with my vibrator , he is not comparable to the real live male member.
I imagine tha you are man when masturbating, I invite you to join me in the achievement of sexual pleasure by masturbating together with you.
I lewd018 Registration on this site will not cost you anything.
I wish you a pleasant day! With expectation of your penetration into me, emancipatede Maria.



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