Scam letter(s) from Margarita Platonova to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
My dream David, salute. How are you? How is your health? What are you doing today? I am at work and soon will go home) Finally this work year finished and I can close this year with great success. It was very good for me and I hope that this one will be also a good one)) How was this year for you, my David? Was it good and productive?
I would like to tell you that for me it was really productive and not because of work. I met you and other words I met a happiness. I would like our happiness to go to the New Year and with new feelings would bring us to real and happy family together. Would you like it, my David? I would like finally to have for what to come home, to hurry home and know that there my half is waiting for me and that I have why to go home and that there I will not be lonely like I am now.
I have all that I wish in this life but I dont have my man close to me, person who will always support me and make me happy and just ask if I eat something today. I know that you are a person who I dreamt about and I would like to meet you in real life very soon and make our life happy! I will do all for this as I am really serious about you, David! I will go now and I would like to get your letter and know that I wait for you and just for you, my David! Send you my soft kisses and warm hugs, David)) Your beautiful Margo.
Letter 2
My dream David, salute. How are you? I am good but I feel so bad morally. Another year is coming and I am alone. Like always I am alone. Yes, I have a good work, I have a car and a flat but I am not happy. I am happy in some way but I am not happy like a woman. I met you here on this site and I thought that then all will be good.
But you are busy with your life there and I am busy here and you know, they tell that if someone doesnt want, so you will never get what you wish in your life. I write you every day few times even if I am too busy. I write you more than 3 times every day and I dont get even answers to my questions.
I know that for you these are just questions but for me they are important. Even when I tell you that I am working on my visa for you, that I have a job offer, I dont see excitement. Why? Am I trying bad or what I am doing wrong? What is my fault, David? Send you my kisses and hugs. Margo
Letter 3
Sweet David, good morning to you. How are you doing? How is your health? I am normal. I didnt sleep this night again. It is almost a week without normal sleep. I dont know why. I think that it can be depression. I need to calm down and change the situation in my life. I would like to change something but I dont know how.
Can you advise me what to do to not have a depression? I dont know what to do. I dont want to talk with no one, I dont want to go nowhere. I dont want nothing. It is craziness. Maybe it is all because I need rest? I dont know. My David, will you be able to chat with me today? I will be online all day, come to chat with me. If you will not come to chat, write me why. If you will not write, I will understand all. I will go to eat something now and I will wait for you.
Please, David, give me your attention when I need it more of all. Write me a letter and help me to feel better. I just feel that no one dont need me. That I am alone in all the World. Maybe these are just thoughts but I have them(( Send you my soft kisses and warm hugs to you, David! Margo
Letter 4

Good evening to you, my David. How are you today? What did you do today? As for me, I cleaned the flat and rested. I spent all day in bed thinking about my life and analyzing all this. I have thoughts that it is all my fault that I feel lonely. I always try to stay at home alone, I dont wish to go nowhere with my friends. When they ask me to come to them, I always have excuses, I dont go to them also. I try to be at home as I dont wish to go alone without you nowhere as I dont wish you to think bad about me. And what now? I havent even who to call. I have friends, yes but they dont call me now as I always was busy for them. So what I wish now? I even dont know how to call them.
Maybe you can advise me something, my David? How to change this situation honey? How to make me feel better and my family and friends dont be angry with me? You are angry with me also? Please, forgive me if I told you something bad, I didnt wish it as I just miss you always. All that I wish, TO MAKE YOU HAPPY! I wish to make you feel special! Let me do that without asking questions and I will do all for you. Time is going fast and I dont wish to lose this time for nothing. My David, we have always bad connection during holidays but I will try to be here and write you))) HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY DREAM MAN! Be safe and know that I miss you! Have a great weekend! Send you my soft kisses and warm hugs to you, my David. Your beautiful Margo.
Letter 5
Hello to you, my dream man David. Happy New Year to you and your family! I wish you this year to bring you happiness and health! I wish you to find a woman who will be always close, who will understand, support you and who will always take care of you and your family. I would like to be this woman for you and I would like this year bring us really happiness, bring us together for eternity)) Would you like it, David?))
What will you do during New Year? Have you some plans for celebration? As for me, I dont have plans. It seems that I will celebrate it alone. My friend asks me to come to her but I dont know what to do. Really, I havent a mood for nothing. Would you like to change it?)) Would you like to change my mood, my David? I would like to tell you that all this situation is because I am alone, I dont have my half close to me, I dont have for who to live. Yes, I have a family, I have friends but I need a man close to me, I need my half who will always calm me down and tell me that all will be good, Margo. Dont worry as I am with you. It is all that I wish in life, to have my soul mate. I wish this year bring me this.
I really wish this to happen and me finally to have a family. What do you think about my wishes? What I need to do to make them come true? I wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR AND KNOW THAT I LIKE ALL ABOUT YOU! I would like you to be a reason of my happiness. Send you soft kisses and warm hugs, my sweet David! Your beautiful Margo.
Letter 6
Hi, sweetheart David! Thank you so much for your romantic card) I am happy to get it from you! I wish to tell you that I am serious woman and I wish finally to be happy! I wish someone to take care of me and make me a happy woman)) I would like you to do it as you are amazing man! Would you like to do it for me, my dream man?)) Send you my kisses and hugs)) Margo.
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