Scam Letter(s) from Linda Matheson to John (Brazil)

Letter 1

thanks for reading my profile and you also have a nice profile i am new to all this and i am here looking for a serious long lasting relationship i would like to take things easy one step at a time and see where it all goes....

Letter 2

Well, I do believe it is too early to discuss distance because wherever I find my true love is where I would live for the rest of my life. If you find a wicked love close to you and a true love far away, I bet you would wait for the true love to come rather than go for the close wicked love that will end up hurting your feelings. True love knows no bound nor distance nor limit. It doesn't need a map either cos it will always find its way.We should get to know each other and see where life leads us. I am matured enough and I know what I want in life. I mean I am looking for a relationship that would be my last till my dieing days. I've got a million words to say to you but I would prefer a better communication via personal emails as I wouldn't like to come on a dating site all the time. I am a one man woman and so I rather get going with you and you alone. Looking forward to your response / email. Cheers!

Letter 3

Dear ,
How are you doing? I am glad you wrote to me,it shows you are really interested in knowing me.Its good we get it started with some introduction so as to know who and what we want in relationship.As you know that its myriads that someone has lots of interested men in here but its my choice to choose one,the one my heart goes for,someone i can lean on,to give me the love i have always wanted to have.So tell me about yourself,what you do and everything you need to tell me about yourself...and lets see how it goes from here.But anyway,Here`s a little info about me I like to go out to dinner, go dancing, go to the movies, workout, travel, see new things. I enjoy the simple things like the ocean, cuddling at home watching a movie with someone special, I`m a extremely romantic, passionate and affectionate woman.I feel i let you know more about me,my personality,interests and hobbies.Personality, I am an open minded person,trustworthy,cool,loving,caring, understanding,down to earth.I been straight and want same in return cos i wont treat people the way i don't want to be treated.As you know that Greatness lies in Simplicity,don't you think so? nterests and hobbies i like playing squash,listening to music,like traveling,dining out,love attending live jazz concerts.I like reading poetry,novels,arts and crafts.My favorites are:Thai food,French toast and red wine,favorite actor:Angelina Julie,Favorite color is White and Pink
I like people been honest,truthful cos trust is a vital phenomenon.i like people with intelligence and a good sense of humor and I get pissed off easily at people not trying to be real,i hate pretense and i feel trust should be the foundation of any good relationship. I am a lips and eyes person... I heard them say that eyes is the window of our soul... I love to gazed at those eyes that speaks to my heart without saying a word... I am drawn to smiling eyes and lips And why lips? Because I'm such a big fan of a Kiss. There is nothing in this world that can recreate the touch and the feeling of a long passionate kiss that would melt your heart. I also enjoy lots of Hugs, talking, laughing, Holding hands, finding out that we have alot of things in common.........
I am a quality woman who is confident, honest, kind, smart, fun, trustworthy, supportive, loving, loves kids, outgoing, down to earth, friendly, great sense of humor, sociable, respectful (I would always treat you with respect). I have good morals, traditional values, I`m a lady who is a very good listener and someone that you could talk too about anything. I`m looking for a long term relationship and a life long lover. I also want someone that will be truthful and honest with me at all times....You can check on my pics on the folder if you want to see more of my pics ... Let me know if you see my pics in my folder..............Here is the folder ...

Hope to hear back from you.

Letter 4

How are you and i hope all is well with you?,thanks for your message and i really appreciate it,And i like everything about you.i think i should tell you more about me as i understand that telling you about me will make you know me more.I am a very active and out going Lady in good shape, honest and trustworthy. I am easy to get along and have alot to offer that special someone. I believe in virtue (always doing the right thing). I'm not into one night stands or multiple dating. I am looking for a partner in life. Someone to share my life with and is willing to do the same. Sharing on all levels and willing to give 100% to the relationship is very important. The relationship to me is more important than self and hopefully you feel the same. Family and Friends are important but a soul mate in life is most important. I like to spend as much time with my significant other as possible. I like doing anything outdoors. Lets make wonderful memories together. If you like the same things, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I am happy within, pleasant and easy-going. Experience has taught me that happiness dwells within. After discovering this first, only then can you fully give to another. Seeking happiness from outside yourself makes you potentially unbalanced. If your outer source of happiness disappears, you'll fall into sadness, this would not do. Simple pleasures are the best. Soul to soul conversations with a compatible partner are fulfilling. The cute of nature inspires and accentuates your inner peace. Good company complements and adds to the joy you already posess as a self-actualized human being. I am single. love and family is very important to me. I like more quiet activities, such as nature, reading, travel and such. I think my friends would say that I am successful, kind and gentle What am I looking for? Looks, background and age are not as important as finding someone who is honest, kind and tender, who is full of life and loves to smile and laugh. I am looking for someone who can be an equal partner in a life together. With an equal partner, the joys are twice as good, and the sorrows half as bad.
Well it started all good and nice....I was lonely after my parents died....I worked hard to stay afloat cause my dad left me with some amount of money and i tried investing but things didnt work out..My Ex started out as friends got to know me and cause i was lonely i opened up to him.....we started dating and it went well....I loved him so much after awhile but i didnt know all he wanted was my money....I opened up to him about everything and after while we made love and just before my son was born he started changing.....I caught him cheating on me twice and i still loved him......One day after i left for work and i got back home i found a letter with him explaining he left with his old time high school lover.....he alway beat me but i still stayed with him.......he took all i had from my account cause i later gave him access to it.....I was left all alone to cater for my daughter and the rest has been history....I was almost on the streets not until my Aunt had me come here to live with her.....I was also emotionally down for sometime i just couldnt do or say anything cause i lost it all.....I had to get back up on my feets just to be able to take care of my daughter and its been years now and i am happy that i am getting better......I just wish i could find that one person that would understand what i have been through and would love me,care for me,stand by me and help me through this hard times cause i really dont know what to do anymore....

Letter 5

I am really a sincere and honest person.I'm caring,kind,friendly very easy to get along with social, romantic,,intelligent,cool headed,adaptive,have a big heart and i do believe in the truth and honesty cause honesty is the only key to human success and with honesty our dreams will just be the greatest and the best of all.I know its hard to be completely honest but i try to be who i am and do what i know how to do best..No one really can change who i am or my personalities cause i believe in myself and my life is based on truth and its all about who i really am cause i know the kind of person i am and the way i treat others.I really do care alot about others who care for me cause i am a very caring person and my heart is so blessed and lovely..I would like to relocate to meet the right man,it will help our relationship work out staying together as one happy family.I have fully decided to be a role model to my children and a good, loving and caring wife to my husband yet to meet,but I don't want to mess myself with the wrong man..
Basically, I am really looking for a man whose completely honest and sincere about his words and feelings whose ready for a long term relationship,whose ready to build up a family with someone real..I want a man who i know i can have faith and completely trust with all my heart cause to make a standard relationship it must really be based on trust,love,honesty,understanding and communication....Well,I believe in devoting my time to my loved ones and making them real happy cause they are my own families and i always do look forward to that day i will get to meet my dream man and i know when he gets to meet me he will be so happy to get along with my kind of person too...Most important, I'm looking for a man of integrity who shares common interests with me and has a caring, tender heart. I would love to find a companion who loves to dance (or is willing to learn) and values staying in shape. You need to be willing to invest the time to get to know me and there has to be Chemistry and lots of it.
Have some questions and need an honest answers .....what do you do for a living ,,?Are you married?Do you have kids /??...would you love to accept me and my daughter as yours and take good care of us ..because i wont want to give you my heart and get hurt again in my life

Letter 6

Okay John i would love to be with you especially when you dont have a child i would love to you to give my daughter a fathery love she deserve because her father was an asshole haven't told her about her father but if you are there for her you will definitely become her step father.......I think we would love to come to you but i dont have the funds to come there only if you can take care of the expenses ,....Thnink about it and let me know your opinion

Letter 7

My darling John ,,,,,
I am very happy you want me and my daughter for the rest of your life ...i would want that to happy because i have been single for 4 yrs after what my Ex did to me and i have learnt from it and that made me stronger ......My daughter's name is Maria and she is 5 yrs old ,.....She likes to go out in the park and loves her mom too .....Well i have Lawyer/travelling agent he is a family friend to my dad......He will be the only to handle that aspect and also find out how much and when its going to be okay for me to come to you .....i hope you would like that idea....Here is his email address below he said you should contact him as soon as possible so as to make things easy for me and you .....Love to hear from you soon

Letter 8

Thanks John anything you need to know you ask from the lawyer okay ....but i would be needing some funds too to buy things while i will be coming to you and also pay some bills that i am owning ....Hope i am not asking too much from you .....Dont wan to hide things from you that why i am telling you this so you will know more about me ...

Letter 9

Okay sweetheart i would be needing $550 for bills here and also pay for my tax too ....You will be sending it through my uncle address because he volunteer to help me with anything i want not to stress my self .....So i will send you the address were you will be sending the funds to thanks for wanting to help me out sweetheart i will always love you till the end of time .....Have you emailed the Lawyer yet let me know what he says to you ....
Name : Daniel Kennedy
Country :USA
State : Pennsylvania
City : center valley
ZIP code 18034

Letter 10

Sweetheart remember i can get the funds if you send it through Western Union or Moneygram that what my Uncle told me ......hope i a not asking too much from you now babe .....Love to hear from you soon

Letter 11

Babe thanks for wanting to help me find love again ....the lawyer will send you a mail as soonn as he gets to work .....those are my recent pics of mine love to see more of you too sweetheart

Letter 12

Tell me honey ,.,...You know we dont have to hide things with each other more that we are lovers ...
Love to see more of your pics too sweetheart

Letter 13

I love you from the bottom of my heart .....That would be the most happiest day of my life finally with the person i really love ....And also be the father to my daughter ....Have had from the lawyer ....You know today is Sunday they dont work on today ...He will reply you tomorrow......
.Just be patient ...Love you too

Letter 14

I understand babe you know we cant have it when we not together babe

Letter 15

I know I really love you from the dept of my heart i havent felt this way for a long time and now that i am feeling good talking to you i want to be with that right and that you .

Letter 16

Good morning sweetheart was your night??Mine was Nice and also thinking of you and when we will meet so we can have both of us alone with each other and also giving the fatherly
Love my daughter deserve ....
John .....I want to start off by telling you how madly, truly and deeply I am in love with you.
I love you so very much, with all my heart and soul, always, forever and ever! Having you in my life is truly a blessing.
You bring so much happiness into my life and so much love into my heart! I do not know if I tell you this enough but I want you to know it each and every day. And with every moment, my love for you grows stronger and deeper.
Honey, I never knew I would be this happy. But you know what... it is the greatest feeling in the world to be content and might I say, I am very, very content with you and only you. No one else can make me feel the way you make me feel.
Your caress, your kiss, your touch, your words, your understanding ways, your everything means the world to me and it can not and will not be replaced........Sometimes I truly feel like I get on your last nerve
but despite it all, we are still together.
And that is what is most important. And we will always be together because we will always have this amazing love for each other.
I promise that to you. We have been through the good and the bad but the good times definitely makes up for the bad times.
And I know I am speaking for both of us when I say that. So babe, let's make some real good times and enjoy each and every moment we have together...........And from what I said, I truly know that you are my one and only, my partner for life, my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, and I will love you forever and ever!
Love always,

Letter 17

Good babe he is going to send you a reply message today i promise have you went to the bank and send me the funds i asked for ....i am counting on you on this babe ....hope to hear from you soon

Letter 18

Okay honey i think the lawyer should have sent you a message now .....babe please go and send it now you can go tomorrow if the lawyer tells you the amount ...i am counting on you honey

Letter 19

If you dont hear from him now maybe he is busy but i assure you he will honey ....You have to get going now so i can get the funds today babe ....maybe tomorrow you will send the amount that the lawyer tells you .....Please would you do that for the Love we have for each other sweetheart ...Love you very much and take good care of your self and also drive safe

Letter 20

Okay honey i understand ,,,,,,,The lawyer told me its an first class Airplane i will be using to come to you and its cost a lot ....But he said he is going to tell you the amount ..

Letter 21

Okay babe you know its cold here and i have to keep my self warm always because of the weather here ...but i will find a way to take some pics for you ....its very cold here...Hope you wont be mad at you

Letter 22

Hun babe you make me happy and made me laugh ....Honey check now because the lawyer told he has sent you a mail ....

Letter 23

Honey if he said you should do it through Western Union there must be a reason..Maybe its the only way he can get the funds for you so he can proceed ....But you are going to send the $550 Western union right ...if i am getting the funds from you through Western Union He can get it too

Letter 24

Hope you got the pics i sent you honey ,.....Dont be sad between couple of days i will be in your Arms just be patient ...

Letter 25

Yes Honey i trust him because he has been taking care of me since when my Dad dead for about 7 yrs now ,,,,I believe anything he says to me cause anything he says is the fact and the truth .....So babe you dont have to worry about anything ....Once he gets the funds i will in your Arms within days he promised me that ....He is even happy i found a loving man like you that want me to be his wife ....he is very happy for me ...

Letter 26

I have asked the same question from the lawyer and he told me that the company account has issues and so many problem from other people from other countries because of the festive period that why he said you should send it through Western Union because dont want to delay me here because i told him you are my future husband and want to be with as soon as possible ....Honey you dont have to worry about anything i trust him and please dint think otherwise about him ....

Letter 27

Honey but you told me you wont ask for naked pics ...why asking for it now ...babe why cant you be patient and send the funds to the lawyer so we can be together for the rest of our days ,....but you just made me sad and unhappy ...

Letter 28

Honey the lawyer just got back to me now telling that he has an account to give you so you can send the funds to him ......please do it as soon as you read my message

Letter 29

Honey he has gotten an account were you can send the funds to John please dont make things hard for him ...he has been running everywhere just to please you and you say don't trust him ....i bet you dont know him that why you saying that ...he has been the lawyer to my dad for the past 25 yrs and now you say you dont trust him .....just email him and ask for the account were you will be sending the money to and lets be together for the rest of oru self with my daughter living an happy family life

Letter 30

Okay babe will you do that when you not going to the bank any more.....Well i will tell him right away and he is going to get back to as soon as he gets my message ......

Letter 31

Well babe you dont have to worry about that any more ....he has so many transaction going on his account so usng another on would work out well babe ..but if you dont want to send it to him probably send it to me through WU

Letter 32

Honey are you saying you will go to the bank to send me the funds or to the lawyer if he send you the account

Letter 33

Honey i am going to send it to you when you send the funds to me or the lawyer remember that was our deal

Letter 34

Honey please sont break my heart this time .....
i have been heartbroken before i am begging dont break it for me again because i wont forgive my self for this.,,,,Love you hear from you soon

Letter 35

Love you too sweetheart .....the lawyer is going to send you the account and when you get it i want you to send mine to the address i gave to you

Letter 36

Good morning Mr John

I hope your weekend was good??In connection to Miss Linda Matherson she is the daughter of a friend of mine that is deceased now and i have been doing my best to take care of her has her dad's Lawyer when she was alive,Linda has told me somethings about you and she has said she wants to visit Brazil i have looked into things and came up with the flights amounts for first class or club class and for first class they would be paying $6,347.86 and for club class that's $5,985.90 i also drafted out the economy class and thats $2,758.56 so think of what you want in these list and tell me how best you want both of them to fly

Meanwhile,Its going to be for a week so you tell me what next you want me to do to make things easier for you and for her have a nice day.

(BARR/FLGT AGN) Ronald Hemsworth

( Code:4289 )

Letter 37

Good Morning Mr John,

Thanks again for the email so sorry for the late response i have been busy here working things out all the way i got your email and u said u are wanting them to fly first class and that shows they will be paying $6,347.86 with taxes of $378.66....Now the means of payment best for the flight agent here is Western Union Or Money Gram accounts are valid if passengers are more than 4 or 5 since they are 2 the best is western Union or Money Gram.....

I prefer Western Uion Or Money Gram Cause it is faster and reliable Get back to me ASAP

Letter 38

Hi there Mr John,

Western Union And Money Gram is the best here,If you are wanting to pay directly to the airline u can check online and make the payments yourself and then you would get how much it is to pay first class down to Sao Paulo i am trying to help you and Linda out here that was why i made some calls to be able to make things get cheaper and that was how i got charged $6,347.86 with taxes of $378.66.

Western Union will be here also in seconds also,Accounts need verifying since its the end of the year balances are needed to be ascertained its almost christmas so things would get delayed get back to me asap