Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello dear Ioannis!!! My name is Tanya. I am from Ukraine.
I live in a small town in the east of Ukraine.
It is Makeevka. Although my town is very small I like it very much. I was born here and I opened the life just here. Makeevka isn't so well-known but a lot of people who come here to visit somebody or for business admire it very much and always return here once more! As for my personality I am 26 years old. I don't have children, I am single because I didn't meet the right man yet. I am sorry if I won't be modest but everybody says that I am very beautiful girl, I look like a model and, of course, I am proud of it but unfortunately almost all men want to use my beauty, my body, sorry for sincerity. And I hate it! They all tell me fairy-tales, they promise me gold mountains and brilliant life, and I hate it too. I am not idiot and I do understand that all these stories are just sweet lie in order to force to make *** with me and then to leave me even without remembering my name. It's so unpleasant for me, because I am clever girl, I have open heart and kind soul. My beauty isn't only on my face and body it's inside of me too. And I have very rich inner world, I like literature very much, I adore sewing and cooking, I like animals, I can paint and drive a car(my father touch me). Why aren't men interested in it? Why? That's why I am still single and to tell you the truth I prefer to be alone than to live with such crazy men. But, of course, like any woman I do want to have my family, to bring up children(I adore them)and I decided to come to Internet. I decided for a long time if it's worth to do it or not and at last I am here, I don't know if I am right or not to be here but I do hope that it's my chance and I'll meet my soulmate who will love not only my body, but my soul too! Sorry for my boring letter.
If you are still interesting in my soul, you are welcome,
I will be happy to hear from you
with best wishes
Tanya from Ukraine.
Letter 2

Hello dear Yanni!
Well ...I may be good looking...but I have personality too, and I have a nice physique too(have been working out for a few years).but being good looking is not a guarantee to a successful relationship.
I am looking for my soul mate....a man that has love to give, communication, friendship companionship....I am not looking for a beauty king...I am looking for personality. personality is a major quality!
Well, dear, I'll tell you more about me.
I work as a nurse in the hospital. But I am not a usual nurse! I am a nurse in the gynecologist department. I help the babies to be born.
You can't even imagine how much I adore my job, how much I enjoy it! There is no more pleasure in the world to observe how babies born and a new life is appearing! When I look at this small creatures I feel that I am the happiest person in the world! I am sure if I help this small baby to be born I've done something very important, something very necessary. And it makes me even more happy.
You see, dear, sometimes, when I am in bad mood, or I am upset, I am down, I rush to work even if I have a vocation and it brings me high spirits immediately. As soon as I look at my small babies I am full of energy and wish to live, to help them, to take care about them. Sometimes my mother tells me that I am so crazy about my small babies because I don't have my own family, my own children. Of course, there is some true. But still I disagree with her, I don't think so. I can talk to you endlessly about this subject I am afraid you'll fall asleep, but I can't describe you with words how happy you are observing the process of bearing a baby. You should see it with your own eyes. Only then you'll understand me.
As for my family, I live with my parents, mother and father. I don't have any brothers or sisters, only cousins. My parents are old enough, they are retired, and I try to take care about them too. They are lovely old people and I am very grateful to them that they brought me up. So one day I hope you will meet my parents and we'll have wonderful time together. I do hope so.
Well, I don't want to take much time from you reading my letter. If you still like me, I'll be very happy to hear from you!
Letter 3

Hello my dear Yannis!
I am so sorry that I didn't write a word for you but, dear, the Internet Cafe was closed. You know that we celebrate New Year here, and everything is closed for now.
I miss you very much and I do hope that we will meet very soon. How did you spend the New Year??? I spend it with my family, you know here it is biggest family holiday. But I was so much lonely without you at this holiday. When the clock started to strike, I was thinking about you and you know what my secret wish was??? Try to guess, but I will not tell you, because otherwise it won't be fulfilled. I only can tell you that it was about us. I was drinking champaign and thinking that next year we will be sitting together and looking into each other's eyes. Honey, I need you very much!!! I kiss you and I send you million kisses
Missing you terribly
Letter 4

Hello dear Yannis!
What I like is a man who is not shy to walk hand in hand in public or to sometimes kiss or something like that. I also like having a bath or shower with my partner and to rub his the body lotion, to massage and to be massaged. I also like making love with electricity lights on so I can see his face. I like a man with a natural smell perfumes. Perfume in the bedroom is nice. As long as it is not too much I have no trouble with that. A **** dress on me an evening out is okay. I am not too particular about dressing. Intelligence and the calmness of heart are more important to me.
I like also a man sleeping on my legs in the sitting room or at the beach.
Do you like my email? I hope i haven't written something bad for you.
I am very curious about our telephone talk! And thank you very much that you want to call me! I have a very kind best friend and she can help us! She has a cell phone and you can contact me, because we are together with her almost the whole day! So, darling, the phone number is: +38-0661961708 .
But first, we should arrange the time and day. What is convenient for you?
Bye dear,
Letter 5

Hello my dear Yannis! How are you, dear? As for me I am not so well because the weather here is so, so horrible, you can't even imagine! It's huge snowfall here, the streets are full of snow, it's impossible to move, transport goes very bad, crowds of people are on the bas-stops and it's impossible to get on a bus. So, I'm sorry that I couldn't write you at once. Here even children don't go to school. I decided not to go out that not to make it worse. That is why I couldn't write you, but I am thinking of you all the time.
I missed you very much. If you were here I would feel much better.
We would go somewhere to the forest or just outside to make a snowman:))
Did you make snowmen when you were a kid? I'm sure you did.
It would be much fun. Then we would go to a nice and quite place to have tea with small cakes. We would sit there kissing. You know, not far from my work there is a small cafe. It is kind of expensive, but I don't eat there, I take a cake and a tea. They have fantastic cakes there, strawberry with jelly toping:)) Do you like jelly? I love it. How is everything with you, my darling? Tell me, I missed talking to you. I was waiting so much when I could send you a letter. I hope you keep warm and everything is OK with you.
What have you been doing recently?
I can't promise, but maybe, I will send you couple of new pics in several days, OK?
I send you my passionate kisses
Letter 6

Hello dear Yannis!
Yes, I do like painting. And I like to have pictures in my flat. I like landscapes very much. It's my favorite kind of pictures. But unfortunately I am not an artist and I don't have any talent to paint. This letter won't be a long one, because I'm down with cold. There are a lot of people and children at my work carrying the flu and contaminating the rest of us. Now it's my turn. I feel tired and weak. I have fever and pain all over my body.
As soon as I feel better I write to you. I just wanted to make you feel that you aren't alone. I think of you and my mind makes up a lot of fantasies about meeting you, being with you, touching you, kissing you, making love to you. Even when we are separated, I feel you very close to me.
Take care my dear
See you soon
Letter 7

Hello my dearest Yannis! Thank you very much for your letter and your warm thoughts , but I am at the hospital, I have Bronchi-pneumonia, I probably got some infection. Tonight I left home to change my cloth and to take a bath, because at the hospital there is no hot water. My sweetie, I'm so embarrassed to ask you, but can you lend me about 200$? I need this money to buy some medicine and right now I have a lack of money. I will return you this sum in 3 weeks' time when I get my scholarship. Can you help me? I am very sorry for the asking, but I just don't know what to do. If I am really important to you, can you help? My sweetie, as I told you before, I cared and care about you very much and want you very much in my life!!! Please, don't leave me alone with my problems. Love you, and wait for your letter very impatiently, Yours
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