Scam Letter(s) from Joy Kweku to Soren (Denmark)

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Letter 1

My dearest love soren,
I am very happy to hear from you. Yes my love, please send the $135 for me to get my visa and after I get it, I wll scan and send it to you as i have promsed you before so that you can see it. My love, about how you can send the money to me, I went and ask someone how I can receive money from your country and she told me that it is by western union money transfer, that all I should do is to send my full name, city and country to you which you will use to send the money, she said after you have sent the money, you will let me know by giving me the details of the money you have sent or you will scan and send the transfer receipt to me which I will take to the bank to collect the money for me to be able to go and pay for the visa. My love as for the ticket, I don't know if it will be cheaper for you to buy the flight ticket from your side, but like i have told you before about what was told in the ticket office, I will be able to get a cheap one-way ticket for that price sent to you. So my love, I will be hoping to hear from you. Love you and many sweet kisses to you, below is my full name to send me the money my dearest and darling angel.

Name: christabel boniface
city : banfora
country: burkina faso

Yours only

Letter 2

My dearest love,
My love, we don't have postal number, so you can use the name in the passport or you can use this detals to send the money:

Name: Joy Kweku
Address: Secteur 26, Route du Marche
Cty: Bantogodo
Country: Burkina Faso

I will be waiting to hear from you my darling angel. A million sweet kisses from me to you.

Yours forever

Letter 3

My love,
I have been very worried and sad since yesterday, I have cried and cried because of what is happening. My love, what is happening is not good for us, I have read your mail and I do understand how you feel. My love, ths is why I use to say the way things are done here in Africa is quite different from how it is done in Europe or America. My love could you beleve I have to tell my aunty about this and she took me and we went to the airport authority to complain and to know why I must declare and confirm to the immigration authority the 900Euro which is the traveling allowance for me to be able to board my flight tomorrow? My love, when we got there, my aunty went to see their boss and he told my aunty the same thing the lady officer told me. The boss made my aunty to know that what there are doing is for the safety and protection of any citizen of ths country traveling out of the country and that the money we are talking about which is the traveling allowance is not for either them or the government, that they have no right on the money, because the money rightfully belongs to you and that after I have been cleared and the traveling allowance has been confirmed, I will be given my boarding pass to go and board my flight. He said even if anybody wants to travel to a nearby African country and the person wants to travel by flight, he or she will also declare his or her traveling allowance before he or she can be allowed to board his or her fligth, that the traveling allowances is different from continent to continent.

So my love, we just came back now and I said I must let you know about this. My love, I am really sad and confused and I don't know what to think anymore, all the happiness and hope that you have given to me is going down gradually, please do something my love. My heart is beating very fast and I don't know what will happen to me if I am not able to board the flight by tomorrow, like I have told you before, I am ready to drink poison and die because I cannot stand the shame as many has know that I will be traveling out of the country tomorrow. My love, you are my only hope and trust, I am sincerely begging you to help me so that I can board the flight tomorrow and immediately my legs touches the ground of your country in the airport, the first thing I will do is to hand over the money back to you, I promise you and I swear with my life. I will still try and come back this evening to check if you have replied to me. Until I hear from you, I want you to know that I am sincerely sad and unhappy as I never knew this will happen to me at this time, but I still love you so much. I still love you my dearest and darling angel, so please prove to me finally that you sincerely love me and you want me to come to you and spend the rest of my life with you my angel. Lots of love, hugs and sweet kisses I give to you especially your lovely and good looking penis that I am missing seriously. I cannot wait to come and suck you and to have a very sweet and long sex with you the first night I will spend with you.

Yours forever



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