Romance scam letter(s) from Olga to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello. my new friend!
I am pleased to receive your letter.
I want to inform you that: my age is 26 and the date I was born on the 28th March. My name is Olga. I'm from Russia.
I'm looking for seriousrelationship. I ask you to write a letter on my e-mail. I am very A romantic woman also tries to make my life Interesting.
I dream of meeting myself in my life as a good one person who can love me understand.
Excuse me I'm writing you so small letter now and I do not have the possibility to write for you from the dating site, i grateful if you write on my e-mail! and send me your photos and then you I'll send more of my photos.
Letter 2
Hello. Jim I am very glad to receive your letter. I wrote you in the hope that you will respond to my letter. thank you for your letter ! I
I write to you from the Internet cafe because my laptop was broken in the summer and I I did not buy a new laptop. but I can write to you via an Internet cafe. I looking for a serious relationship built on honesty. I will be happy to know about you and write a lot about me.
send me your pictures. I send you a couple of my photos! this photos were taken this winter. That picture was taken in early January and this in the new year so you can see my Christmas tree. you probably ask me why I start use the Internet to find a man? because in Russia there are many beautiful girls, here it is not uncommon. but few good men. I started looking for a man in your country because I think that men are there value family values. I studied Italian in college. I studied in college for a commodity expert. I work at a local store seller. I'm a romantic girl. Jim Are you a romantic man? my city is called Izhevsk. as I wrote to you, I live in Russia. my the city is the capital of the Udmurtia Republic.
there is a weapons factory where they produce the Kalashnikov assault rifle. you can read about my city in Wikipedia. I live separately from my parents but I visit them very much often. excuse me if I write to you so much. I like to laugh, and I respect people with a good sense of humor. I like travel. I was not far from my house, but I dream about the future, visit different places. I 1-2 times a week, I go to the gym to keep my body in order. do you like sexy girls? Jim I did not ask you too intimate question? Do you like sport? you like a walk in the fresh air? Fishing? Camping? let me know that you love in your life. I would be interested to know about you. write to me in English.
I love the English language! as I reported To you already that to me of 26 years and my birthday on March, 28th. which sign Zodiac are you?
when's your birthday? I'm waiting for your letters. Write me more about yourself. Sincerely, your new friend, Olga.
Letter 3
Hi my Jim. how are you today? I work a lot today. I happen to be
I work a lot on weekends. what are you doing today?
Thanks for your photo! you are a good looking man ! I think that I am more seriously began to have an acquaintance through the Internet. you think about opportunities to find a woman and serious relationship on the Internet? with me?
let me know why you decided to find a woman on the internet. I realized that in
I had no real serious relationship. I decided to find a man on the Internet from another country. I think that if a person specifically uses dating dating service, then he has serious intentions find a special person for yourself. I was told about many games on the Internet. I hope that you are a serious man because I am serious girl. tell me more about your country and about your life. I was would be interesting to know about you! our peoples have different cultures but I
I think every people in the world has something in common. I believe in family values. Jim by the way, I'm sending you a couple of my photos. One made in the past summer and also one the same summer at the birthday my mother. my mother is 55 years old. her name is Ekaterina. my dad's name is Oleg. he is 59 years old. my parents are not working now. they are retired.
very little work now in my city. my mom used to work operator on the tez. my dad worked in the same place. but now everything automated and many people just left without work. Jim I
I think that on TV do not always talk about the truth. for example say that in Western countries, less values and a lot of divorce. it's true? I heard that in your country women carefree reborn to family values. I
I believe in family values and in love. I would like to create one day family. I think this is a great happiness! do you think about it? how are you remember I work as a salesman. we sell clothes and makeup here. at I would like to plan to improve my education. But this it is difficult here and it will take a long time. but as they say - Life is already in itself a school! dear now I need to go home. I will write you tomorrow. Write me. your Olga.
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