Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Patrick (Ireland)
Letter 1
Hi my awesome friend. I'm Tatyana. I'm a lonely woman! To me 35 years old. I'm from Russian Federation. I'm looking at for a serious relationship with a fellow. Ye Really enjoyed you! decided write to Ye. will send you my photos. If you are look for a serious relationship with a female, write me and answer. Then I will tell about itself in detail. I be satisfied become acquainted ye. Tatyanchika,
Letter 2
Hello my new friend!
I am very pleased that you have responded to my message, I'm glad that we can begin our acquaintance.
This is not my first acquaintance on the Internet, I already had a negative experience with a man from another country, but more on that later.
My name is Tatyana, I'm 35 years old, I live in a small provincial town Sarapul, with a population of about 100 thousand people.
I have lived in this city since childhood, I was born in a small village, not far from Sarapul and moved here after school.
I have studied for a teacher, and now I have been working as a senior educator in the kindergarten for many years now, since I graduated from college.
My parents still live in the village and I try to visit them whenever possible, try to do it as often as possible, because I miss them.
I live alone, or rather with my cat, I rent a small room in the hostel, which is provided to us from work, to those people who do not have their own housing in the city.
I have never been married, and I have no children. I had a relationship in the past, but they ended unsuccessfully.
I love an active and healthy lifestyle, I go in for sports, go to the gym, and my work is very active, it's not so easy to keep track of small children.
My height is 168 cm, my weight is 55 kg, I like listening to music, sometimes I like to watch movies, but mostly I like reading books.
It seems to me that I have read a lot of books in my life, although I plan to read even more, do you like books?
I also would like to learn a little about you and your life, on this I end my letter, I'm very glad to meet you!
I will wait for your reply, your new friend from Russia, Tatyana
Letter 3
I am glad that our acquaintance continues, and I would like to answer you more often, but so far I do not have such an opportunity. I write to you from my work.
My laptop requires expensive repairs, I understand a little, but in the repair shop I was told that the main board was burnt and it would be easier and better to buy a new laptop.
How did your day start today? What do you plan to do? Today I'm as usual at work, and I like my job.
It's very fun, although sometimes there are times that children start to cry and you can not understand what happened, but we try not to get lost at such moments.
For many years of work, my colleagues and I began to understand how to calm children. Do you like your work?
As I told you before, I have parents, and they live in a village and I'm the only child in the family, do you have any brothers or sisters?
My cat lives with me, her name is "snowflake" and you will understand why, when you see her photo, she is completely white as snow. Do you have a pet?
As I said before, I like sports and try to visit the gym 2-3 times a week after work, besides that I like running, cycling, skiing and skating.
I have been very active since childhood, and my parents constantly gave me to sports sections, but in the village such sections were not very developed.
And my sports future remained at the stage of development of my skills, but it was useful to me in life.
I once returned home late from work, and two young men tried to rob me, and the ability to run well saved me.
You would see how quickly I ran from them, I never ran so fast, they tried to catch up with me, but they did not work.
now I again have to go to work, I want to wish you a successful and good day and I will wait for your reply!
I really am very pleased to meet you, I hope that our friendship will develop. Your friend, Tatyana
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend!
It's already becoming a tradition for me to check my mail as often as possible to see your letter!
As I already told you, I already had a negative experience with a man from another country, more precisely from Turkey, I want to tell you a little about this.
It's just that I do not want such a story to repeat itself, and you understood that I'm looking for a serious relationship, in which there is no place for games.
I also met a man on the Internet, we started talking and everything went pretty nice and we had feelings.
We decided that we should try relations in the real world, and not in the Internet world, and after a couple of months he came to my city.
At first everything was fine, we had a wonderful time together, but my happiness did not last long, then he seemed to be not himself.
He became very nervous and rude to me, I did not understand what was happening, but he said that he was called to work.
He said that he has problems at work, that's why he behaves this way, and he urgently needs to return to his country in order to solve all problems as soon as possible.
Blinded by the feelings and desire to continue our relationship, I did not pay attention to what. I escorted him and he flew away to his room.
We continued to communicate and he apologized much for me, and he called me to his place in Turkey, and of course I immediately agreed.
He asked me to pay my trip myself to him, I collected all the accumulated money and issued the necessary documents for the flight.
He promised me that he would return everything I had spent on the trip, but for me it was not important, I wanted to come to him sooner.
When I flew to Turkey, no one met me, I spent at the airport the whole night, just sat in the waiting room and waited.
I had some money for food, but the food at the airport is expensive, so I ate only once a day.
After waiting for several hours, I realized that no one would meet me, I had to transfer my return ticket and fly back.
When I was in Moscow after the arrival, I did not have any money at all and I had to turn over my gold ring to a pawnshop, it was a gift from my father.
But I needed money for the train to my city, so I had no choice, and I returned to my city with nothing.
After my arrival a few days later, I found out that I also had gold earrings and a bracelet from my casket, which my parents gave me.
And I have no doubt that he stole them, I'm sorry that I noticed it so late, because I do not often look in this box.
I think that he came to Russia with only one purpose, to profit something, but I'm not rich, so he was so upset and flew away, taking what he found.
Only I do not understand why I needed to call me to my country, and just do not meet me? I do not understand this action.
I spent all my savings on the trip to him, and I stayed absolutely with nothing ... After that I did not dare to get acquainted on the Internet for a long time.
This story gave me a great life experience, but I still believe that I the world have good men, and I hope that you are one of them.
I hope I have not exhausted you with my story, I will wait for your reply with impatience! Tatyana
Letter 5
How are you doing? How are you today? I am very glad to see your new letter, our fellowship gives me pleasure!
Today we have a rather difficult day in kindergarten, because today we will have a concert that we with the children have been preparing for a whole month!
Children are very worried, and it is noticeable for them, and my colleagues and I try to encourage them with all our might, but for whom this event takes place for the first time.
The concert will take place at the end of the day, but for now we have time for us to be able to rehearse with the children.
We try to conduct such concerts more often, and we invite all parents to see the progress of their children, which we have in our upbringing.
This helps children feel free to speak in public, as well as develop memory, because they teach poems and songs, as well as create miniatures.
Usually such concerts are very funny, it's funny to look at small children, and then they also try to remember what they taught.
But I also worry, because usually many parents come to such events, and they want to see what their children have learned.
I hope that everything will go well, and the children will be able to do their best to show what they are capable of.
In addition to concerts, we constantly hold various games, trips to museums, trips to concerts for children and much more.
Now I must finish my letter, since I need to go to rehearse, I want to wish you a good day!
I hope that you can tell me about how your day went by and how your days are going? I will be very interested to know about this.
I will wait for your reply, your friend from Russia, Tatyana
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend!
How did your day start today? I hope that you are in a great mood, as well as after I saw your letter!
Remember, I told you that there was a concert in our kindergarten? And one girl there read a poem, called "Dream", a poem about what the children are dreaming of.
And I remembered an amusing incident, which my parents told me. They told me that as a child, I always wanted to become a doctor, I wanted to help people.
We had two cats and a dog, and I constantly tried to treat them, although they were completely healthy, it was very funny!
When my parents were ill with a cold, I always pretended that I was a nurse and gave them hot tea and did not allow me to get out of bed until they were healthy.
Now it's so funny to remember, but it's so cool that there are such memories, is not it? And what are your memories from childhood? Childhood dreams?
Everyone dreams about something, although maybe he does not want to talk about it, but what are you dreaming about now?
I dream to meet a good man with whom I will be happy and comfortable, and most importantly, that he was honest with me and did not lie to me.
I do not want to go into the past again, but I already burned about a lying person on the Internet, but it seems to me that you are completely different, you are quite different.
Never a lie leads to anything good, anyway sooner or later it will open, and someone will suffer, do you agree with me?
I'm glad that I met you, I am pleased that we can discuss any topic with you, it's really very easy for me to be with you.
By the way, today my parents came to me, they need to buy something for the house, and at the same time visited me, because they had not visited me for a long time.
I missed them so much, and I'm glad that they visited me, I hope that we will have time to walk around the city together.
Now I must go, I finish my letter and wait for your answer. Your Tatyana
Letter 7
Hello my dear friend!
Your letter as always gave me only positive emotions, I'm glad that you find the time to write to me.
How do you plan to spend today? How are you doing? I hope you are doing well, and I wish you only a great day!
As I said in my last letter, my parents came to visit me, they spent the night with me, and left the next day.
I did not have time to go shopping with them, and met them only after work, we left my purchases with me and decided to go to the cafe together to have a delicious meal and chat.
They do not travel to the city so often, but we have a favorite cafe with them, where we go when they come, because they cook surprisingly delicious there!
During the conversation, my parents noticed that I had changed, and immediately asked if a man had appeared, and I told him that I was communicating with you.
My father pricked up his ears, and told me to be more careful, and that he was very worried about me and perfectly remembers the past case.
I told my parents about what you are and about how I like to communicate with you, and they said that they noticed right away that I had changed for the better and began to smile more often.
I myself do not notice this behind myself, but apparently my parents know me so well that they notice all the changes that are happening to me.
And I'm pleased that thanks to you I change, and my parents said they were glad to see me like this, but they still asked me to be cautious, and I understand them.
I hope that you do not mind that I told my parents about our communication? For me it is important and I wanted my parents to know.
My parents are good people, and no one has ever supported me like they do, and they are really glad that I changed when I met you.
I have to go again, and I finish this letter and will look forward to your reply, your Tatyana
Letter 8
Hello my dear!
Recently, I've been thinking about you a lot, I have not had a similar feeling for a long time, nobody has filled my thoughts so long, like you did.
I was late for work for the first time, because I slept and did not hear even how my alarm clock rings, never that was!
Last night I could not concentrate on anything, on watching TV, or reading another book, I did not even remember what it says!
And all because in my thoughts were you, and I thought that you are a very good man, and I'm glad that I met you.
With each of our letters, I understand that we have more and more in common, and that I want to see your messages more often, and that I like you like a man.
I could not sleep for a long time ... I imagined us together, I imagined, and what would have happened if we had been together now?
I was a little embarrassed by these thoughts, but still they did not leave my head, and every minute I realized more and more that I had met really someone I had been looking for a long time.
I do not want to rush things, I just want to share what happened to me last night, when I was left alone in my room.
I write this letter with a smile on my face, and I hope that this will make you smile and spend the day on a positive wave.
I hope that I did not frighten you with my words, and I hope that you will take seriously what I told you, because I really have not experienced anything like it for a long time!
How do you plan to spend today? What will you be doing? Tell us about your plans for today.
Today after work I will go to my friend, with whom I am friends since childhood, she asked to look after her child while she can walk on her business.
So today I have an evening of games with my godson, and it's great, because I do not often get to see him, because I'm almost constantly working.
I hope that your day will not be less good and fun, in any case I wish you this!
I will wait for your reply, your Tatyana
Letter 9
Hello my dear!
I hope you do not mind that I call you dear? I hope that we have become closer than just friends and I could address you not just as a friend.
I hope that you will not laugh at what I'm saying, but it seems to me that our correspondence draws us together, do not you think so?
From the very beginning of communication you have hooked me with your thinking, what you say and what you think, I like your life position.
I like the fact that in many respects our opinions are similar, I like to miss your letters, I like to wait for your letters, and I like to answer your letters.
We communicate not so long ago, but to be honest, I can no longer imagine my days without our correspondence, it has become an integral part of my life!
With each letter, I increasingly understand that I met exactly the kind of man whom I wanted to meet, maybe this is fate? Do you believe in destiny?
Even if you are far away, but I feel your support, I feel that you are close, and to be honest, most of my time I start thinking about you.
And I like it, honestly, I'm talking about what I'm thinking about, talking about what is happening inside me, about how I changed after I met you.
If earlier my days seemed to me quite ordinary, now, thanks to our correspondence, I realized that my life can still acquire bright colors!
I hope I did not scare you with what I said, but I really wanted to share my thoughts with you.
Today we have a meeting with parents, usually it does not go very fast, as we discuss problems in the upbringing of children and their parents.
This helps parents to see what they do not notice, and we, as educators are obliged to see it, and sometimes we have such meetings.
I hope that your day passes well, and my letter will be able to give you a smile and a good mood!
Letter 10
Hello my dear!
I am very glad that I met you, and I am very glad that I confessed to you about my feelings, about what I feel for you.
I'm glad that there is an Internet that helped us to get acquainted, thanks to the letters, we were both able to be a little liberated and could tell about each other.
I like this format of communication, but do you think we can meet? I think it would be great to spend some time with you in real life.
It would be great to get to know you better, because it seems to me that most of the things in the letter do not convey, but you can convey the most important thing.
I see how you treat me, even if you are far away, then I feel your concern and your support, and I like it immensely.
I have certain feelings for you, which every day only grow, and I thought that it would be great if we had the opportunity to meet.
I do not want to rush things, I'm just talking about how it would be great to be together next to each other and look into each other's eyes, do not you think so?
At a meeting you can learn about a person much more than in a letter, you can chat in the evenings, you can learn tastes, you can learn the habits.
You can also check if our feelings will grow, although I think they will, because I'm already in love with you!
It would be interesting to spend time with you just walking in the parks, just sitting in a cafe for a cup of coffee, just sitting on the couch near the TV.
I would be glad to meet you, and you? I'm generally happy with what's going on between us, and even if you did not want to see me, then I'm glad that I know you.
I hope that your day is wonderful, I want to wish you a great day and I'll look forward to your reply!
I'm giving you a gentle kiss, your Tatyana
Letter 11
Hello my dear!
I am very glad that our desires coincide with us and we both would like the same thing - spending time together.
After I wrote you the last letter, all the time I thought only that I really had a very strong desire to come to you.
At work, I should have a vacation in the near future, and it would be great if we could spend at least some time with you.
This would give us a better chance to get to know each other closer and better, do you agree with me? I think that this is a very good idea.
If you are not against my arrival to you, then tell me the name of the nearest airport where you could meet me, so that I could find out about the cost and details of the trip.
As soon as you tell me the name of the airport, I can immediately go to the travel agency to find out how I can come to you.
Every day I think of you more and more, you just filled my thoughts, and when I think about you, I smile, because I'm happy with what's going on between us.
We met in a very unusual way, and can we really be reduced by fate? We both searched for a relationship and found each other, and we have much in common.
I would like to try something more than just correspondence, and I hope that we have the same mutuality.
My dear, now I need to go, I will wait for your reply with great impatience, your Tatyana
Letter 12
Hello my beloved!
You really filled all my thoughts, and I feel like I'm more and more willing to continue our relationship, I'm sure that I met a real man!
Yesterday I was at my director, and found out that I could take a vacation for the near future, I explained to him that I was going to go abroad, and I could get another vacation.
According to the law, I should be given one month's leave, but I can take more time, if necessary, you just need to say how much time you can take me to.
Now that I know which airport you can meet me at, I will be able to find out about the details of my trip to you, I'm glad that you are ready for this meeting!
My dear, despite the fact that our feelings have grown rapidly, and I'm really very nice to you, yet I have some anxiety!
Excitement is normal, and maybe I'm worried just before our first meeting, but in any case, I know one thing, if I do not come to you, then I can regret it for life.
I'm really in love with you, and maybe fate gives both of us a chance for a normal future, for the future that we want and which we can build!
My dear, today I will go to the travel agency to find out how I can come to you, and while you are able to decide for what time you can accept me.
My dear, so I'm going to report our decision to my parents, I can not hide it from them, and I hope that they will be very happy for us.
I'm glad that you support me in everything, and I once again make sure that you are really a real man and the one I've been looking for a long time.
My dear, in my next letter I will try to tell you about what I managed to learn at the travel agency, but for the time being I am finishing my letter!
I will look forward to your reply, with love, your Tatyana
Letter 13
Hello my beloved!
I chose words for a long time to start my letter to you, but to be honest, I could not find the right words, and therefore I'll write to you as it is.
As I promised, I was in a travel agency, and found out how much the trip to your country would cost, and it turned out to be quite expensive for me.
I am very ashamed before you that I gave you hope, and above all to yourself that we can meet and continue our relationship.
I'm ashamed that I can not pay for the trip myself, and frankly, it's hard for me to think that our meeting will not be held.
I learned that the trip to you will cost 55 000 rubles, and this is a very decent amount for me, since I work as a simple tutor.
I have small savings, about 21 000 rubles, but that's not enough to pay for the trip completely.
In order for me to be able to come to you, I need another 34 000 rubles, which is about 500 euros, I think that it will be clearer to you how much money I miss.
My dear, this meeting and the continuation of our relations are very important for me, and I really want to develop what is happening between us.
I'm ready to spend all the savings that I have at the moment, but it's really very small, and I need help.
I can not find such a sum, and the only one for whom this meeting is just as important is you, so I would like to ask you for help.
I'm ashamed to do this, but I do not see any other way out, and if you have the opportunity to help me, it would be very cool!
Together we could pay for the travel agency expenses, and I could come to you, how do you look at my offer?
I'm really embarrassed, and honestly, I do not want to send you this letter, but I have no choice, because I believe that we should meet.
Between us, we began to have feelings that we both had not experienced for a long time, and I do not want to lose what started between us, and you?
My dear, my hands are shaking, and I am sending you this letter with shame, and I will look forward to your reply.
I love you and I really hope for your help, your Tatyana
Letter 14
Hello my dear!
I'm very glad to see your letter, but even more happy to hear that you are ready to help me!
To be honest, I was very worried when I sent you my letter asking for help, and for a long time I could not fall asleep yesterday.
But today I'm happy, because I read your letter, in which you are ready to help me, it is very important for me that we can organize our meeting together!
This is the first step towards our relations, the first joint event that we are doing together, I'm glad that you are ready to help me!
I'm glad that you have the missing amount of money and now we can be together, you just can not imagine how happy I am!
My dear, I have a bank account, but the fact is that I can not receive money transfers from abroad on this account.
And especially since I am a social worker, and any cash inflows to my account will be checked by the tax authorities and I may have problems.
None of the social workers can receive money from abroad, so I do not know what to do now.
I do not know what paypal is, but maybe I could find another way of sending money, do not you think? Can you send money in another way?
Or you can ask one of my friends that I can use their bank account and you can send money there.
What do you think? I think that this is the only way out at the moment, I hope that my friends could help us.
I did not think that transferring money would be so complicated, but I hope that we could find a way to send money from your country to mine.
By the way, I will fly to you from Moscow, I understand that you found information that I can fly to you from the city of Izhevsk, but it will be much longer.
In addition, in addition to tickets, I need a visa and insurance, which is also worth the money, so I wrote you the full cost of the trip.
And so I do not have enough 500 euros, so that I could come to you, I include in this cost not only the cost of tickets and the cost of a full trip.
My dear, do you agree to send money to my friend's bank account? If so, I could ask one of my friends for help.
I will wait for your reply, I hope that we will be able to find a solution to the problem, with love, your Tatyana
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