Scam letter(s) from Roseline Hook to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Dear My sweetest heart I thank you for your email sent to me. Honey am very glad to see you and have a kind of your person in my life. Though we have never seen before or known to each other but i really believe we must see each other soon. Honey may our first meeting brings EVALASTING LOVE. I love you with everything including my bodies. As i told you, am mrs Roselin Divorced for years and i need a MAN who will make me happy for my rest of live, i did not need a man that will hurt me,or deceive me. I have decided to love you with all my life and there is nothing that will change it,unless you are not truthfull to me.I love you so much honey and please i would not want you to break up my mind honey,always be truthfull and kind to me honey and i promise to give you everything including all my bodies ok. As i told you earlier,i want you to put in new life in every of my body and i promise to keep all the whole of my bodies to you untill when i meet you in your house in your country hope you will like to receive me when i come? Honey i love you so much please do not let me say had i known.
Honey you know i have never understand or know you too well and also you have never know me too,so that i will let you know about me and i can never hide anything for you my sweetest heart that is my promise Kindly get back to me honey and let me know where you are from and occupation, so that i will also let you know mine too as i told you that i will never hide anything for you, sweet heart, i would want you to also send me your photo or picture so that i will no the person i am getting married to. I love you so much my baby and by the grace of God we shall soon see each other my sweet heart. I am hoping to see your email soonest, have a wonderful kisses. I love you my baby. Roseling.
Letter 2
Good Morning Mr John, I thank you for mail and i understand you my beloved Honey. I saw your photo you are fine, you look simple, all am promising you will never regret knowing me honey, i love you so much, Honey as i told you, i can never hide anything from you, am very honest woman and always busy, sometimes, i checked my mail late due to the nature of my work, Firstly let me tell you about my self, am a nurse working under army , we always busy honey and we moved around that is the nature of my job. Now i would want to collect a leave and rest small, the leave will last like two or three months, so i know we will be able to talk very well or we can even see my honey? Do you want to Receive me in your country? please honey i would want you to open your mind to me, do not hide anything to me if you know that you really love me. I want you to let me know your country and also the job and other information as you said, My honey i love you and you will soon know it that i love you, you can never regreting knowing me, i remain for you so let me hear from you honey, I am waiting to hear from you my honey. Roseling
Letter 3
Hello Mr John and good morning, I Thank you honey i read your mail and i really happy for the mail. i was very glad for it, am promising you that you willl never be alone and i promise to come and with you because i am going to have a leave very soon, Mr John i have promise you to be honest for you and nothing will change it my honey. Honey now that i will soon go for leave, i would want to suggest if possible,you contact our instructor, or our command and let him know that you would want me to come and be with you for few months. You must know me well, do not worry when i come, we must know ourselves and we are going to share things in one accord, i can never hide myself for you and am going to respect you so much so do not worry, i shall definitely come and be with you soon. Honey i must come to your and also i would like to share everything with you even your private bed if you permit me for that my honey. All is well with me and you, so i would want you to send me mail once again, and i would send you our commander email address so that you will contact him and let him know that am your wife that you will want him to try and make sure he approves the leaves so that you will come and see me. I believe he will do it for you since you call me that am your husband. Happy Christmas my honey, so honey try and email me immediately. I am waiting to your email. Roseling.
Letter 4

Hellow Honey Happy Christmas my Honey, i pray that God will protect you for me, Long life will be your portion, Honey is like i have aready with you in your country,All am promising you is that i can never disobey you honey, i promise to share everything i have for you including my bodies, your bed will also be my bed that is my promise to you my honey,honey i would also like you to take care of me when i come to your country, please honey you know that we have not seen or known each other like that so we have to be honest to each other please honey, try and understand me please. Now concerning about my commander contact, am going to give it to you now, please try and contact him and let him know that i am the one that gave his email address to you. Tell him that am your wife that i told you that i will soon have a leave in our work that with due respect that you will please allow me to come and be with you in a little short time like four to five months he will definitely aggree with you,but honey you know you must address him with a respect. This is his email address contact He is our general commander, so please try and contact him immediately and get back to me and i will also email you back and send my other picture to you my honey, i have a good slim body am not *** because i do sport honey. yours lover Roseline.
Letter 5
Hellow John Honey how are you? honey did you received my mail? i have sent you mail with my commander email contact so i did not know if you received it or not? honey am waiting to hear from you and let me know if you received the mail or not, again am sending you my photo that i take when i went to swim at swimming pool,hope there is swimming pool in your country? because we shall be swimming when i come. So i am waiting to hear from you immediately honey. I love you my honey and try and contact the commander. I love you my honey. Roseline
Letter 6
Honey How are you? am really sorry for not contacting you since, i would have sent this since yesterday, i tried all i could do but the net work falls, since yes yesterday i could not contacted you honey, again you know am always busy so if you know that you love me, you must find a away in your heard to understand me honey am always loyal to you and you really know it, again, God should bear me withness, if i did not love you i can never take this pics, but in order to show you my feelings that is why i did it because i believe your bodies are mine too, so i do not have to hide my bodies to you honey, i really love you my honey, honey money is nothing for me and you now, i only want to come and spend months so that i will satisfy you **** and caring you my honey,so honey i can not delay your mail only the net work is the problems God in heaven is my withness,so honey am waiting to hear from you please am feeling you now send me photos and flowers money is nothing honey.
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