Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Zubatova to Phil (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello Phil! Nice to hear from you. I'm glad that your letter came to me!
I understand that you are older than me. But you should not worry because of age. For me, the difference in age does not matter. For me, the inner beauty and soul of a person is important. Therefore, for me, age does not matter in a relationship.
I joined the dating site to meet that someone special. My name is Ekaterina. I am 43 years old. I work as a physical education teacher at school.
I like gardening, swimming, recreation in nature. I would love to know more about you.
What do you do? Where are you living now? I have many photos! I'm sending you some of them.
I look forward to hearing from you and maybe getting your pics. Ekaterina **
Letter 2
Hello Phil! Thanks for reply. I'm glad to continue our acquaintance.
Thanks for the compliment! I am very pleased that you like me. I will send you my new photos. I hope that you too will send me your photos.
You ask about religion. I am a believing woman and sometimes I go to church. In Russia, the main religion is Orthodoxy. I am an Orthodox Christian. I always go to church for Christmas and Easter.
Well, a little about me. I like to spend time outdoors, in the countryside. I like walking in the park, riding a bike, communicating with friends.
I'm looking for a serious relationship. That's why I was at a dating site. I want to build a relationship with a man who will be caring and gentle with me. I believe that the main thing in a relationship is mutual understanding. What is the most important thing for you in a relationship?
I live alone in a small apartment. I had a bad marriage. I divorced my ex-husband. For 3 years I had no relationship. I have an adult daughter Masha, she is 21 years old. She lives with a boyfriend in a nearby town.
I live in Russia. In the city of Saratov. You can find my city on the map. It is a small beautiful city. In the following letters I can send a photo of my city. Have you ever been in Russia?
It is unusual for me to communicate with a man through the Internet. Usually, I used my mail only for work and for communicating with my daughter. I'm glad that thanks to the Internet we can communicate even at a great distance. It's so cool! Our conversation intrigues me:).
I look forward to hearing from you very soon
Ekaterina **
Letter 3
Hello Phil! I checked my mailbox and saw your letter! Thanks for your letter. It was great again to hear from you.
Thank you for your photo. You're a handsome man. I like your looks! You have a very nice smile. Also I like your beard. I'm very glad that you also like my photos. I will try to send you more of my photos.
I was surprised that your daughters are Russian! Did you have a Russian wife? I really want to know about this.
You wrote that you do not have much finance. But it does not matter to me. I'm not looking for a rich man. You should not worry about it. For me, the most important thing is mutual love, good attitude. Do you understand?
For many years I have been working as a teacher in school. I like my work and I love children. I like to communicate with children, give them knowledge and take care of them.
I have one sister of my own. She is 3 years older than me. We are close and always support each other! My parents live in a village not far from my city. They are already retired. What about your family?
I want to have a loved one next to me! After all, every woman wants love and affection. After the divorce, I tried to build a relationship. But I did not succeed. It's hard to find a good man ... I'm an optimist and I hope that I will still be happy.
I want to know more about you! What are your interests in life? I like dancing. I often watch programs about dancing :) My most favorite tango dance! Do you like to dance? I lead a healthy lifestyle. I try to do sports in my spare time. I do not smoke and rarely drink alcohol.
... I'm interested in continuing our communication. I'm sending you a photo with my sister!
Take care and keep in touch!
Ekaterina **
Letter 4

Hello Phil! It's great to get your email response.
I was very surprised when I read your letter. You wrote that you saw my photos on another site? Or did I misunderstand you? I made 2 profiles on the sites. Maybe you saw my second profile. I have already deleted all my profiles on dating sites. Do you understand?
My name is ZUBTSOVA. I have no secrets from you. I understand that there are so many women who want only money. who seek only an easy life, rich men, with big, expensive and beautiful machines. I can not understand such women, because happiness is not in money, but happiness in love. Do you agree with me? I despise such women. because because of such people, then they do not have confidence in normal, decent women. who just want to find a man, find love with which they want to share their lives.
I'm glad that our communication continues! Now I have a friend from another country! I could never imagine that I will communicate with a man from abroad :).
Many Russian men do not appreciate women. I had a bad marriage. But now I'm a free woman and I really want a new relationship. I became much wiser after a failed marriage. Now I look at life differently. I want a clean, sincere relationship! In the evenings, I often sit alone at home and miss ... And I want to walk in the park, go to the cinema, go to a cafe. I want to devote more time to my man and get mutual love.
I like my job. We have a friendly team. But sometimes there are difficult days at work. I want to come home and relax. I like listening to the radio in the evenings. I'm interested in learning news and listening to music! I have an interesting hobby! I love to knit beautiful lace napkins :) My mom taught me!
Lets talk again soon
Please look after yourself
Ekaterina ***
Letter 5
Good evening Phil! Seeing a message in my inbox from you brings a smile to my face and makes me happy. I am really enjoying myself.
Thank you for your new photo! You look very nice without a beard. It seems to me that without a beard you look a few years younger than your age.
Unfortunately I do not have a profile on facebook. Therefore, I do not have the opportunity to communicate on facebook. I hope that we will be able to communicate in letters and get to know each other well.
I'm sorry that you did not manage to maintain past relationships. It's always difficult to part. We do not have to live past relationships. After all, life is given only once and we must live it so that later we will not regret anything. Therefore, I think that the main thing is to look with optimism in the future.
I was interested to learn about the fact that several Russian women who moved to New Zealand. I'm very sorry that these women used men only in order to obtain citizenship in New Zealand. I understand that because of these vile women you have a bad impression of Russian women.
I'm an adult, a decent woman, I've lived more than half my life. I want only women's happiness. I want to find a man with whom I can feel a happy woman with whom I can live my life. I do not want a game. I'm not the type of woman who has only jewelry, money, expensive cars, expensive clothes in her head. I do not need all this. I have very different values in life. Do you understand?
Today was a busy day: ( Yesterday I could not sleep for a long time, sometimes I have insomnia ... At such times I feel even lonely ... My thoughts and feelings do not let me sleep. I really want to fall asleep in the arms of a beloved man, talk before going to bed , wish "good night." I think you understand me?
I am pleased to realize that our correspondence is developing well! I'm glad that we
met. Tell me about your everyday life. Can you iron clothes, repair furniture? Do you like to cook or eat more? :)
I miss talking to you. I am going to work ******* building this friendship to ****** and better things, for us both, happiness & honesty in a relationship is so important and what we both need.
I wish these feeling to grow stronger so we become closer.
I'll write to you tomorrow! Here are a few of my new photos. I'll wait for your answer.
Ekaterina ***
Letter 6
Hi Phil! I hope you well and happy today. What do you planed for today?
I'm glad you liked my winter photos! We have very cold winters in Russia. In winter the temperature in my city was reduced to -35 degrees !!! But I like winter weather. I really enjoy skiing and skating. I like to walk in the winter forest, when you walk on the snow, and it crunches under your feet. When I was little, I loved sledding on the slides and sculpting snowmen.
Thank you for telling me about your usual days! I was interested to know about this. I'm glad that you can do all the housework and cook well. I really appreciate these qualities in a man. I think that you are the perfect husband :)
I'm glad that you have a very big interest in cars. You wrote that your eldest daughter Vika is fond of motorsports. She has a very beautiful powerful car. I've never seen such beautiful cars in Russia. Unfortunately, I do not have a driver's license: (Because I never had my own car, I need a lot of money to buy a car.) I have a small salary and I can not afford to keep a car.
I have a passport. Several years ago I issued a passport. Therefore, if we plan our meeting, I will not need to issue a passport. This can greatly simplify our meeting. What do you think? Do you have a passport for traveling to Russia?
It seems to me that with each letter we are getting closer. A little time has passed since the beginning of our correspondence. It seems to me that I can talk to you on any topic. I'm interested in communicating with you!
Yesterday I went to the store and bought food. I really wanted to cook a baked chicken with potatoes! This is one of my favorite dishes! It turned out very appetizing! Fingers lick you :) I'd like to cook my own specialties for you! I think you will like it very much!
I want to find a good man and build a new relationship. I want to change my life. Every woman dreams to be next to a man who will give emotions and love. This little woman's happiness:)
Today I thought a lot about you. It seems to me that you are a good kind man. Our correspondence is developing well and I am very happy about it!
Several of my summer photos on the Volga River. With impatience I will wait for your new letters! Ekaterina ***
Letter 7
Hi Phil! How's your weekend? I hope that you are doing well. Today I have very good weather in the city. I have a day off and I can take a break from work.
I wanted to sleep longer today, but for some reason I woke up very early, and I did not want to sleep at all.
In the morning I cooked breakfast and cleaned up a little in the apartment. I washed the bed linen and did household chores.
I like it when my apartment is clean and tidy! I plan to spend a quiet evening at the TV. It's pretty boring, but I do not have other options.
Today I had problems with the Internet, so I could not load the inbox. I decided to write you a short letter and tell my weekend.
I hope that tomorrow the Internet connection will be better, so that I can open a folder with incoming messages and reply to you.
Good weekend Ekaterina xx
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