Scam Letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Brad (France)

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Letter 1

Hi dear new Friend,
How are you? Guess you are fine and living good, my name is Miriam Ray, i was born in 1986, i am just there looking for a better friendship, i am at this time looking for a real man to share interest and lot more with.
Because i love discussing all issues and learning other people's cultures and languages, probably we can still be friends to get to learn more good things from each other, friends are like cloths, and life is naked without one, i like to do anything with someone who is fun! i like the beach and i like the mountains too.

I am a really an easy going person that gets along with everyone, i welcome friends, the real good friends, someone that is loyal, trusting, funny, out going, hardworking, family oriented, not afraid to get their hands dirty to get their daily meal, confident in himself, and good in communicating.

About me in a brief, my names are miss Miriam Ray, i am from Houston Tx, USA, i think it’s enough for now till i hear from you, now tell me more and everything about yourself, attach here is my pictures that you requested, and hope you send to me yours as well, expect to hear from you.

I will be expecting to hear from you soonest, till then bye.
Your new friend,

Letter 2

Hi my Dear,
I want to do something simply to show you how proud i am of the love you have for me and that i am not afraid to announce it to the world, i will even like the world to know how i have started developing the love for you and how much you now mean to me, every day my lovely feeling for you keep growing and it gets stronger and stronger, it is such an overwhelming feelings to me, and to be this much in love.

I know i may not tell you this everyday, but you seems to have become the man with the most beautiful heart that i have ever know, both on the inside as well as the outside, i must confess, your beautiful heart is so captivating, it is not even possible for me to stop thinking about you even for minutes, you are always on my mind, i must confess.

You are doing something to me something so indescribable, there are no words that i can say that can even give you the slightest clue as to how much i have started loving you now, you have truly made me the happiest girl, i have never been this happy, i have no clue as to what i did to be so, so lucky and i will be eternally grateful for you and the love you are sharing to me, i will never stop loving you.

Without you i would simply be surviving, but with you i am now living life to the fullest, because of your love my spirit has been rejuvenated, sometimes when i went to sleep, as i rest my head on my pillow a smile seeps through my soul, knowing that you, and you alone is making me whole, hence i have realize that you are the kind of my admired future husband, i think that was the reason i told you in my last mail that if we really determine and nurture the relationship it will become a fair tale romance, and we can become lovely husband and wife.

Meanwhile on the issue of the mail you forwarded to me which you received from the barrister who have already promised to help, you know it has be my desire to search for a trusted someone to carry out my intending humanitarian assistance to the less privileges and to the poor in the society, as well as to partner with any company to invest the fund.

And when i met you and trust that you will be a good person and play a good part to assist me in setting up a lucrative business in near by future, because it will be my pleasure to inject a big sum of the money to a business so that the business will be a renowned business of elite standard that can generate good income to live on with in the future, if you can be able to assist me on this cause of transferring the money to your bank account for safety.

I am explaining this to you in view of the fact that you could be of a great assistance to motivate, encourage and guide me to execute this wish, in developing a cordial relationship both towards humanitarian work of God to help the less privilege, the poor and the needy and put smile on their faces, and as well as to set up a lucrative investment which you will play a very big role in managing the money and the business in the future, and you will be my guardian, and you are 100% sure of immediate our life turn around for good.

I really want to re-profile the funds my late Dad left behind to establish a charity assistance in my family name to keep the memory of my family alive, i am seeking your humble assistance as my only trusted person who will make sure the aim and objectives of the assistance is duly executed to give hope to the hopeless and downtrodden.

I will have to thank you for your sincere assistance that you exbibited, so always be on the constant communication with the barrister, as he has promised to help ok, please do have a lovely moment over there and do take care of yourself also.

Your quick and favorable response is highly expecting for this gesture.
God bless you,
Your lovely darling,



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