Scam letter(s) from Natalia Putria to John (Brazil)

Letter 1
Hello! I saw your profile and something made me stop. Maybe you will become an important person in my life. But for this we must know each other, who knows. In any case, if you give me your email, then I can write you more about me, send my photos. I think this is a good idea. let's try.
Letter 2
Hello! My name is Natasha and I'm pretty girl from Ukraine. I live in the East Ukraine in small city Zolochiv. I'm tall brunette with brown eyes. I'm 30. My height is 165 cm and 50 weight. I'm dance teacher in school. It's my passion, work and hobby. I live with my sister and don't have any pets. I live positive and happy life. All in our lives depend on us. We are creators of our happy and beautiful life. As for me, I liked nature, sea, kindness and all this world. I have many hobbies and interests. I appreciate in people kindness, respect for other people and open heart because I'm the same. I can be different: serious, playful, pretty, ****, gently. I'm real woman with all its accomplishments and weakness. I'm present for my man)
Looking for good and real man for serious relationship and family. I hope my man seaks me and I will meet him very soon. Or already?) I don't want any hero for me. Like normal and kind man with good soul and big heart. Sense of humor is very welcome.
Letter 3
Hello John! Thanks for your answer and photos.
I like that you open and honest man. I'm so sorry about your bad family excperience but it's good that you already free and ready to another relationship. People should not be lonely and without love. I am very pleased to speak with you. My common wish in future I want to meet my beloved man and have serious family, love and serious relationship. It's my common wish and I hope my wish be real very soon. Woman must not be single. She must have beloved man, family and cozy home. I want to have serious relationship and therefore I've decided to meet with a man in internet because I think that it's not important where my beloved man lives, it's common that we will be together. We are always find compromises. If I live abroad it will be cool, because for my man I'm ready for all.
I already wrote you that I'm a teacher in school. I like my work. I think that children is our future and they do our life better and happy. They always delight me with their spontaneity and originality. When I tired or have sad spirits their optimism and laught to colour my life) I don't have my own children yet. We are learning dances, positions in dances and forming sporting and beautiful bodies. I think that dances in childhood develop endurance and feeling of beauty. I like my work because it's very interesting. But it's only my beloved work
I'm also to find myself hobby or occupation because I'm very active girl. I like cooking, dancing, read books, decorate something, walking on nature and many others) Natasha.
Letter 4

Hello John! Nice to meet you. Nice photos!
Yes, I can cooking very good. I want that you know about my past life, my intimate life. It was part of my life in past. Now I'm divorced without kids. I was married 2 years and already single 2 years. My husband was not bad man but very greedy. I'm not material girl, but he was greedy. Our first meet was when our friends orginazed our meeting. He is good looking, family-oriented and serious man. We were together 1 year and got married. But in our family life I saw his flaw more feature. He doesn't let me to buy elementary things. He thinks that girl must not buy many cosmetics, to have only nesessary things and not spend on friends, small present for parents and others things that are very important for happy life. He wanted new car and all our rest he saved. All my life then I had 18 years I was working and for me his egoism was very sad. He rarely consult with me but we were one family. I was tired and we divorced. Don't think that I'm material and like money. It's not important for me because in life there are many things that don't use money it is Love, friendship, attention, trust, etc. Hope you agree with me. It is my experience. It's not bad, maybe now I'm wise. That experience wasn't sad for me, I was not lucky with that man and I met not my man simply. Now I hope to meet my beloved man and my soul and heart is open for this. Also I've decided to try my fortune in the internet. It's not important where we meet people because good people and serious man are everywhere. Take care, Natasha.
Letter 5
Hello John! Thanks for your letter.
How are you doing? I'm so sorry about your bad family excperience but it's good that you already free and ready to another relationship. People should not be lonely and without love.
I had never been abroad. But I dreaming about travels with my beloved man. Today, on the morning, I'm thinking about that I like summer, warm weather, sea, sun and many other pleasure things. Summer is my favourite season of the year. It's time for singing of birds, rustle leaves and green grass. When I always thinking about summer it is only positive feelings and emotions. Maybe you like summer too? I like very much sea and warm waves. Then go to the beach and sea foam cover your legs it's unreal feeling. It seems that my soul is flying. Sea creatures universe and we are part of this. Sea can be different such as we are: quiet, raging, gently, wise. This is how people and their feelings. When I was a small girl, every year I went to the sea. Maybe by the sea I'm learning, I learned to be the way I am. And you? Do you like going to the sea-side? If you do, maybe, we should go together one day;) Well my history for you shows that I'm a romantic girl. Hope you do not mind of such feature of me)) Are you a romantic man too?) O.K., will be waiting for your reply,
Letter 6
Hello my dear John! Thanks for your answer. I will be very happy meeting with you in real life. I want be with you always!
This would be great. I would love to see you and hear you, and feel you in real. This will be wonderful. We know each other quite good already and have corresponded here for a while, and it's really time to put our meeting into the next stage and meet. If you want I can find out some information about our meeting and how we could realize this idea. We can start making plans already and actually meet. This would be great, I'm sure! I'm excited already:) Today is very good day. It start after cup of tasty coffee and small roll with fruits. I like sweets. It makes our life positive. I've heard somewhere that people who like candy and other sweets are kind, happy and smily. Also I'm a good cook and often experiment on kitchen to make some culinary delights. I think that such woman must be able to cook many dishes. Woman is a homemaker and home atmosphere and mood depends from her. Her beloved man when he is comes back home after work and feeling comfort, quietly, love and eat tasty dinner with his woman. Then I live with my man he will be happy and pleased. That is what I want for my future.
Do you like home dishes and sweets?)
Maybe because my day starts on this positive note and all day had such positive and good.
Hope you had also a good day. And if it not maybe in the evening you should eat something tasty, or listen some good song and all be good) hope it will be like that. Kisses, Natasha.
Letter 7
Hello my lovely John! Thanks for your letter and my photo with rosesin Christmas time)). I found out some information about our meeting in future. I have been in travel agency and have find out everything that I would need to come to you. First of all I will make my international passport. To apply for passport, it will be done for around 5-7 working days and this is will cost 300 usd. During this time they check all information about me in different services and if with my documents all good they execution my passport. When I have international passport then I'll need a round trip ticket. I will fly from Kiev, Ukraine to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two way ticket will cost up to 1100 usd. Anyway I'm very happy that we are meeting soon. It is very exciting for me. I'm waiting such day when I see you and touch you. It's such an exciting and pleasant feeling, I'm just overwhelmed by you and our plans and all I think about is you and I would give anything just to see you! And I'm thinking about us and it makes me feel as bird. It fly to you on her wings. Kiss you, Natasha.
Letter 8
Hello dear John! Darling, I'm very happy and thankful to you for your wish to help me with my trip to you! I'm so excited! And I can't wait! It'a be so wonderful to finally meet, baby! I'm being very impatient! And Darling, we can already start making documents for me, so that we do not loose time that is so precious for us. Today I was in bank and explaine our situation and bank worker told me that it's not problem. You can send me payment for my trip to you use money transfer systems Western Union or Money Gram. It's a fast, reliable and secure way do it. For it you need to know only my full name and my adress. My full name: Putria Natalia
My adress: Ukraine, 63701, Kharkov region, Zolochev, Sadovaya str., 3/13 I like you more than words could ever express. From the moment I knew you I like you so much and now that some weeks have passed, our feeling has only grown. I just want you to know how happy am I to have you in my life and thank you for the emotion and the joy you bring.
I have such a hunger and desire for you, I love hug you now for a moment and sharing sweet moments together. If we would like each other I want to spend my life with you. Kisses, Natasha.
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