Romance scam letter(s) from Latifa Hisham to Brad (France)
Letter 1
My Beloved ! My dear, thanks for your kind respond hope you are fine with your family; please I really need your urgent help to get this box out from the company custody Regarding my previous mail, note this is my dream do not play with it I have hand it over to you for you to fulfill it. Try and get this box from the United Global Security Company Burkina Faso (GSC) and use it to build an orphanage home in your country, I hope you are God fearing someone, and do not inform any one about it, let God be praise not man you will succeed if you keep it within yourself as a secret before the fund been release to you in your country. For your information, the company did not know that the box contains cash for security reasons; I marked and register it in their custody as a family treasure in the company so you do not need to disclose the content to them for our own good and the security of the fund. Well, i may not be able to be responding your email always because of my treatment, but God knows everything. Please I want you to do all in your power to make sure that you receive this box from United Global Security Company, Burkina Faso (GSC) and do as I have told you, to help my soul rest. As I have promised, i attached on this email is a scan copy of my passport which you are to send to the company so that the company may not have doubt releasing the box to you as I have instructed them that anybody who can provide my passport to them will be the person that they will release the box to. I pray to God to give you the straight to fulfill this assignment, please I beg you do not be discourage no matter what i will always be with you in spirit before you accomplish my dreams, note that you are my only hope for now to release this box out from the company custody. It will be very important for me to you, reciprocate same gesture when responding to my mail. You have no reason at this point to make any more delay if you are really willing to go through with me with what I have requested from you, but if you can't please you still have better chance to state it clear before things will get wrong. Don’t forget, the name of the Company is United Global Security Company (GSC) Ouagadougou. When contacting the Company, you should not also fail to mention to them that you are my beneficiary that you what my family treasure box in their custody. to be release to you as soon as possible, that they should let you know what to do for the box to be deliver to you in your country before this week end. Below is the company contact information and the box information, contact them immediately...
United Global Security Company Ouagadougou
Box marked : GX/KHM-OOI2
Mr. Sani Dan Ladin
Tel: +226 674 387 69
United Global Security Company Ouagadougou If you have any further concern, you can ask them to address it for you. I will be waiting patiently to hear from you soonest. That is after you might have contacted them. and make sure you always be in
phone contact with the manager Mr. Sani Dan Ladin, try make him a friend and ask for his help I know he will help because he is a very nice man, always ask him to direct you on what to do, that is why you
have to be calling him on phone to hasting up everything. Call me on this line i need to hear your voice to have some words from you...

+226 639 875 70 Your unable sister
Mrs. Hisham Latifa
Letter 2
good day my dear brother, how are you togerther with your family ? i hope fine
please i been waiting to hear from you to know if you have contacted the company as i have directed you please i need an update as soon as posible thanks
Mrs. Hisham Latifa
Letter 3
My dear I thank you for your kind respond and your promise to help me to donate this fund to the charity and less privilege people as I instructed you in my previous mail, that the 50% of the total fund will be your own share for your well done job, and 50 % of the total fund, you will use it and donate to the charity people you know my situation here in the hospital as a victim of cancer is very difficult for me, and I will like you to send all your personal information as stated below through my mail so that I will know more about you, and to enable me to give you the contact of the bank where my late husband deposited the said fund ADB :

so that they will start the procedure of the transfer in your country as I already instructed the bank manager about you as my foreign partner. Your personal information required is below... 1) Name
2 Phone
3) address
4) Country
5) status
6) age
7) occupation
8) picture Immediately I receive your personal informations correctly I will give you the contact of the bank so that the bank will effect the transfer immediately and, I will like you to send me your picture or your copy of identity card so that I will know more about you, remember I have already inform the bank about this transaction and I have some of my late husband documents that will enable the bank to transfer the fund in your account without further delay ,the statement of account and the death certificate of my late husband. I am waiting for your urgent if you are ready to assist me in this proposal, and I want you to promise me that you will not betray me once the fund is transfer in your account in your country, I attached my picture for you to know me and I am waiting for your own picture. Yours faithful sister in the Lord
Mrs. Biyu
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