Scam letter(s) from Valentina Gennadyevna Artyuhina to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
I am glad to see your letter! And every day, it is just fine. To me it is so good when I can read your letter! It is just joy for me! I think every day of you much. And I am grateful to destiny that you appeared in my life. You begin to influence me and my attitude. I begin to notice trifles which please me. Now rather bad weather, it becomes very cold. But I am warmed by lines of your letters. I am grateful to you that you have given me number of your phone. It is your full number with a country code? I will be able precisely to phone to you.
I would like not only to receive your letters, but also to meet in the future you in reality. I am very sorry that between us long distance.
Probably we will be able sometime to see each other in reality. I want to ask you a question. I would like to learn, you have a dream? If yes, you can tell me about it? It is very interesting to me. I dream to meet the true love. I dream to meet the person with whom I could carry out all my life. I dream of great and boundless love. I want to meet the man with whom I can share my love, life, pleasure and to be near it in the mountain and joy. I couldn't meet the man who loved and respected me. Many men don't want to create a serious relationship. Men use women only for ***. I need the man that he gave me heat, caress and care every day. In exchange I am ready to give most too, and it is even more. I very much lack love, caress and tenderness. I want to meet the man with whom I will be really happy.
Probably, you are that man who is necessary to me. But I am not sure of it. Possibly it is only my imagination. I hope that you are honest with me. I hope that you will never hurt me. I want to meet my second half with whom I will be in a fine relationship. I think that each person wants to meet other person with whom it will be ready to live all life together. I hope that you agree with my opinion. I think that the love which you want to meet not necessarily has to live near you.
She can live in other city or even in other country. I know that the destiny helps to meet the second half. I am an adult woman and I want to meet the beloved. I want to create the finest relationship which I never had. I will give to the beloved love, tenderness, heat and caress every day. I will never hurt my favourite man. I will be, is faithful to it until the end of my life. I think that life without darling doesn't make sense. You agree with me!? I very much hope that our feelings of outlook identical. If you don't agree with any mine of a statement, then tell me about it. I will be glad to know your opinion on it. On it I will finish the letter. And I will look forward to your answer.
Your Valya
Letter 2
Hello my love Sevie!
I am very glad that you have written to me today. And I am very happy that you are at me. And I very strongly love you. And I can't just live without you. You give every day me the love. And I can feel that you always near me. You always in my heart. I very strongly missed you in these long days off. I have spent days off on a visit at my mother and the grandmother. We said about you much and that I will be able to go to you soon. My family is very glad for me. My darling, I see that you waited for my letter. Sorry, that I couldn't answer you very quickly. As I already spoke to you this morning I was in bank. I was late for work as in bank I had to defend in turn. But I have good news. I haven't been sure that you can transfer money for my bank account as I never used my account in this way. I have addressed the manager of bank that he has consulted me on this matter. My darling, have confirmed to me that you without problems can send money for my bank account from your country. The manager has also provided me necessary data of my account for international transfer of money. I send these data to you: Account number: 40817978600000386159
Address of the main office of bank: MOSCOW, LUKOV PEREULOK 2.
postal index: 107045
Name: Valentina, Surname: Artyuhina
My address: 446452, Pokhvistnevo, Berezhkova 14-11 Darling, I have also asked the manager of bank how many days will go your money to my account. But the manager of bank couldn't answer me this question. Also I have told me that it information can tell only bank from which money will be sent. Therefore I ask you to ask in the bank how many days will go your money to my account. Darling, tell me when you are able to give the financial aid??? Also I ask you to tell me the exact sum of money which you will send me. As when receiving your financial aid I will have to say what sum of money I expect. Also I have given to me so many money how many you have sent me. darling, also you will surely have to send me the copy of receipts on transfer of money. She is necessary in order that employees of bank could verify data at receipt of money for my account. It is necessary that there was no mistake. do you understand it? My darling, I hope that in the next few days you will be able to do pass on my bank account. And I will be able to start execution of my documents. My darling, travel agency will begin execution of my documents only after I pay the remained 580 euro. I want to go as soon as possible to you. I believe that this meeting will forever change our lives. My darling, you say that you wait for a photo from me. But I will be able to send it to you only tomorrow as today I don't have new a photo on the sea the working computer. Darling, I so strongly want to you, I so strongly want to be together with you. And me it is so sad that we still not together. And I can't embrace you very strong to feel that you are at me. I want to feel your proximity. I so lack it in my life. In my thoughts only you. And only together with you I will be able to be really happy. Only you can present me the real joy and desire to live.
I very strongly love you. And I want that we were together. This greatest desire for me. I need only you. Darling, I believe that together we will be able to reach much. I believe that only together we will be able to feel all joy of this life. I very strongly love you. And we have to be together. It is our destiny. I can't present nobody else near me you really have won my heart and now it forever belongs to you and only you. My darling I can't present my life without you. Each spent day without you, I very much regret that you are absent nearby. And I very much regret that I can't still be in your embraces. It is very necessary for me. I need you, I want to feel your care and your love every day. I very strongly love you. And I know that we will be together, I know that we will surely meet. As both of us very strongly want it. I love you!
Forever your Valya!
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